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Perhaps it's because I'm ruled by Mercury as a Gemini Rising that I awoke at 4:30am Eastern this morning and came downstairs or perhaps it's just one of those crazy things but Mercury Retrograde did kick in at 4:35am Eastern this morning, shifting into reverse for the weeks ahead, and I'm thinking I felt it on some level, did you? We are now heading back into past or ongoing stories to reassess, revise, rekindle, release, or rework now through May 14th. We are focusing this on our possessions, purchases, products, income, values, being valued, the things we build, or our pleasures because Mercury is Retrograding in Taurus. We may run into past people, ideas, opportunities, issues, or situations to put this on track one way or the other. We may experience slow-downs, exits, mix-ups, miscommunications or malfunctioning items associated with these topics as a way to show us what should stay, what should go and what might be revamped. It's a DO-OVER. Let's make it count. Stand-out days during this Retrograde were given during last night's show in the beginning overview so make sure to note these if you are trying to catch the most powerful days to make use of this period, link below. It may be more likely to lose objects/items during this Retrograde since it rules such things so try to be conscious of this and keep an eye on your stuff. It may equally be possible that something lost long ago comes back your way so that's a nice side effect. Uranus is tied very closely to this particular Mercury Retrograde, not a usual situation, so we may have spur of the moment, sudden, exciting, or shocking moments playing out around this reassessment with values, being valued, income, purchases, gifts, possessions, products, pleasure, or the things we build. Uranus can bring more innovation to the situation, help us with spontaneity, make it social, involve a cause, play out online, bring astrology or charities into it, or be rebellious or freedom-oriented and today should show us what role Uranus will play in the story. There is also an opportunity with Neptune at some point before days end which means we may bring artistic, romantic or spiritual interests into our day as things open up in one or more of these arenas or we might involve an institution, our research, rest and recuperation, or our dreams and imagination. If there has been something going on with secrets or addictions, we might find some opportunity to deal with or address this that moves things along in a better way as well. Remember, double check facts and figures, try to make sure you are hearing things the way they were intended, if you don't hear from someone don't think the worst, perhaps the email went astray or they genuinely lost your number, and try to go with this new flow with the intention to stay in flux until you have more of a handle on it, it's a retrograde, it's a retrograde, it's a retrograde, lol. Love you guys, let's rock this thing. TUNE IN TODAY for the MAY MONTHLY ASTRO SHOW, live at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific: PRAYER TODAY is 'May we remain open to shifts in direction, a reappraisal of the past, and a new perspective on our current circumstances.' OR 'God, please show me where my values may be off course and help me to correct them.'  PEAK TIME is 4:30-4:35pm Eastern/1:30-1:35pm Pacific, see you there! If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                                                  Buy Me A Coffee

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