Tuesday, November 22, 2022



Once a month for the last almost 3 years, since April 2020, the Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius so we've been working with this challenge for some time. I decided to talk about it today since it is occurring today and only 3 more of these months left before Saturn exits Aquarius and enters Pisces, ending this test in our lives for good, or until his return here in the year 2050. What exactly has it been about? The Moon in Scorpio is intense and deep, it wants to connect on all levels with others-no surface stuff here, it has an emotional need to control, to empower or disempower depending on needs, it wants to uncover that which is buried, it wants to experience true intimacy, it has a voracious appetite for sex, it has needs in financial arenas, it obsesses, is jealous, profound, is seeking understanding of the mysteries, of life and death, and it tends to Machiavellian machinations/working through third party situations. On the other hand, Saturn in Aquarius is seeking finite solutions about freedoms, aspirations, what is unique and original, the balance between independence and the collective, the rebellious nature, what is going on online, with friendships, groups, associates, clubs, astrology, aviation, charities, or gatherings. Saturn wants us to focus on time, effort, endings, commitments, responsibilities, limits, rules, authority types, goals, or ambitions in these areas of life during his passage here. So, really think about it, look at the Scorpio Moon needs and the Saturn in Aquarius needs, there has been this push/pull challenge somewhere in your life between these two areas and we are quickly approaching the end of this story, is there still anything you need to do to in your process forward between them? Each time this has occurred since April 2020 it's also involved Uranus in Taurus which has been about us reinventing ourselves in some way regarding how we are valued or how our values are evolving, what is going on with money, purchases, possessions, or products in our lives. So, this has added to the friction of the story and is active today as well. These are all in fixed energy meaning not budging, stubborn, so what can you absolutely not take anymore and what can you take, where's your breaking point? It's best to use this frictional energy to figure it out so you don't live a life of stifled emotional needs. Finally, the Sun moved into Sagittarius this morning at 3:20am Eastern so we now have 30 days of spotlight on a more optimistic, generous field of energy. This is about having fun and going big, seeking happiness or prosperity, experiencing personal growth, or expanding our horizons. It means we are now more likely to show up to travel or be involved in distant situations, to learn or teach, to be involved in media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, or publicity, to be at or in the ceremony, or in religious or political pursuits. This is where the Sun is shining and where we will feel the light of the Sun and can pursue our interests. Enjoy! PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May we value ourselves at the same level we value others.' Peak time is 4:20-4:25pm Eastern or 1:20-1:25pm Pacific, see you there! If you’d like to inquire about booking a reading to look into your personal chart and what’s on the horizon, email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com and I’ll send you the information about what a reading involves, the rates and when we might get started!

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