Monday, November 14, 2022



All energy flows nicely today. Leo Moon has taken over the emotional drive of the day with a focus on creativity, love, children, or recreation, and this is in free flow. Mercury sextiles Pluto tonight so we build towards news, talks, meetings, sales, writing, offers, or decisions that focus on financial matters, sexual interests, reproductive needs, a birth, a death, or third-party stories. There may be a goal in the mix, or it may be about going deeper with these topics, or it may involve a boss, parent, judge, leader, mentor, or other authority figure, or lastly it may be about career needs, doors are open. The Sun and Venus in Scorpio harmonize with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. So again, we may be showing up regarding financial, sexual, reproductive, mortality, divorce, or third-party matters, but now it is about our own involvement or interests, and the love, income, beauty, or pleasure here. There is potential for spiritual or magical influences to flow or for artistic involvement or for romantic interests to flower, or there could be something going on with research, recuperation or institutions that is working easier or better in the mix. I know this is asking you guys for something personal for me but it you might, my dear Chloe kitty passed away last night so I'd like to dedicate today's prayer to her and other souls recently passed.  PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May sweet Chloe and all other fur babies who have crossed this week find a swift and safe journey home, with love.' Peak time is 9:25-9:30pm Eastern or 6:25-6:30pm Pacific, see you there! 

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