Tuesday, November 15, 2022



Leo Moon squares Uranus in Taurus in the first part of the day so expect unusual situations, last-minute changes, surprises, excitement, or shake-ups when it comes to what you value, being valued, income, purchases, possessions, or products and a friend, group, the internet, lovers, kids, creative ventures, or recreational pursuits. The moon sits opposite Saturn, so we are getting more serious or looking at rules, regulations, limits, endings, long-term commitments, responsibilities, or ambitions with another in this story. The Sun in Scorpio adjusts to Mars Retrograde in Gemini. So, we are showing up or more personally involved with financial, sexual, reproductive, mortality, divorce, or third-party stories and being adaptive when it comes to talks, meetings, sales, writing, offers, moves, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, short trips, or local activities and our do-over here. This may involve someone or something exiting, returning, or a reworking of things. Finally, Venus and Jupiter are still coloring the day, helping us still experience the hopeful, expansive, potential of where we are when it comes to deeper understanding or changes with love income, beauty, pleasure, travel, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, political, institutional, research, or artistic, romantic, or spiritual interests. Late tonight/early tomorrow morning, at 10:09pm Pacific/1:09am Eastern Venus moves into Sagittarius. So today is our last day of her influences here, make the most of it. PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May we purge that which no longer serves and evolve that which does.' Peak time is 4:35-4:40pm Eastern or 1:35-1:40pm Pacific, see you there! If you’d like to inquire about booking a reading to look into your personal chart and what’s on the horizon, email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com and I’ll send you the information about what a reading involves, the rates and when we might get started!

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