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Zoe Moon WEEKLY HOROSCOPE Sept 12-18

VOID MOON CHART for our week:        Monday-no void moon Tuesday-12:53am-7:39am Wednesday-no void moon Thursday-8:59am-4:16pm Friday-no void moon Saturday-5:52-midnight Sunday-12am-3:59am 

This week I am bringing you the general overview for each day of the week but I don’t have individual signs, please listen to the Weekly Show for that! (link below)

We have good energy to help us with work or health needs on MONDAY or we can use it towards animals, paperwork, hired help, cleaning, organizing, or with co-workers. We’ll want to be adaptable when it comes to authority types, goals or online needs in the mix. This same adaptation could extend to a friend or group.

TUESDAY – THURSDAY turns our attention towards earning, purchases or possessions and what’ we’re doing about these things. TUESDAY this means some give and take with clients, partners, specialists, representatives, or others. WEDNESDAY it means pushing ourselves or dealing with some frustration regarding authority figures, goals, online needs, or social influences. WEDNESDAY, we find our groove and flow with the boss or other authority type, set or reach financial or intimate goals, deal with third-parties, research, work with institutions or connect this to artistic, romantic, or spiritual interests.

FRIDAY through SUNDAY then tilt you back towards work or health, animals or paperwork, hired help, co-workers, cleaning, or organizing. FRIDAY this ramps up regarding the love, income, beauty, or pleasure in the mix and what is going on locally, on short trips, with words, sales, meetings, or decisions in the mix. It also puts you one-on-one with another regarding artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, or research themes. SATURDAY it starts out a bit wonky thanks to weird sleep or substances, but soon moves into more of what we had on FRIDAY with the news, talks, meetings, sales, short trips, local activities, or decisions that push or test us. SUNDAY it is in flow again, powerful, deep, connected to others, aimed at goals, financial interests, sexual attractions, or third parties. There is also a big Mercury Retrograde talk or bit of news today, so we are readdressing past or ongoing situations with a partner client, specialist, representative, or other key player. This is big, can involve us personally or physically, and looks at the happiness, prosperity, growth, adventure, travel, legal, educational media, ceremonial, religious, or political interests in the mix.

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