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We're seeing some evidence of what I wrote about last week concerning this Falls last Saturn/Uranus square push that's in play end of August through the last week of January, then breaking altogether as Saturn exits Aquarius for Pisces March 7th. Again, this will be the most volatile mid-Sept through Oct by way of the crazy ups and downs with our money and systems/establishment. I'm mentioning it today in context with more crashing markets as we saw yesterday, we are not out of the woods yet as up and down, unstable, unpredictable Uranus is pitted against solid, establishment Saturn. Uranus is influencing in the sign Taurus about our money, possessions, food, the things we build, purchases, or products, while Saturn is influencing in the sign of Aquarius about groups, society at large, the internet, freedoms, and aspirations. Sorry to write almost the same thing I wrote last week but for new people here heed this alignment, it's wrapping up what it perfected in 2021 and we are in it for several more months-and this is highly volatile, unstable energy. One last note for those in the US, since the United States house of money, possessions, food, purchases, and products is ruled by Saturn and the Moon rules the investments, taxes, insurance, loans, or other financial markets/topics, along with death and transformation, we might buckle up a bit more when the Moon passes through the fixed signs each month until this is over: Moon in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius.  So, for today, we sit between the Taurus Moon conjuncting Uranus and squaring Saturn, so things continue to be crazy today until we pass the Moon's square at 8:30pm Eastern with these topics, (the Moon was in Taurus starting yesterday morning). We then start to move into harmonic with the Sun in Virgo the rest of the night which shifts our flow to what we can do about our health, work, animals, paperwork, hired help, or co-workers that is in accord with our money, purchases, possessions, the things we build, or our products. If you didn't share this info from last week's post, please consider sharing so more people are informed about what is at play here, these two planets will not square again from these signs in our lifetime. PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May we find grounded center through life's chaos.' Peak time is 6:30-6:35pm Eastern/3:30-3:35pm Pacific, see you there!

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