Thursday, September 22, 2022




We are in an all-day Void Moon that springs from Leo Moon opposing Saturn in Aquarius. This runs from 7:07am Eastern this morning until tomorrow at 3:57am Eastern. So, we have 2 people across the zodiac from each other, they are in perfect balance or opposing each other between these two arenas, or we are mirroring two different sides of something today. If this is about balance then it could be about where things are today regarding true love, children, creative ventures, or recreational pursuits, and how ambitions, getting serious, putting in the time, making it about friends, gatherings, groups, or online pursuits comes together between you or for you. The two of you, (or you) may be coming together to bring all of these things into balance. If it is oppositional then one person wants to be more frivolous, light, seeking fun, love, creativity, or time with kids, or they are determined to play out a drama or are acting out entitlement issues, while the other is shut down, focused on more serious matters, limited, isolated, or about ambitions, aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, or freedoms, (or these two sides are playing out within you), and these two sides are butting heads. Either way, it all occurs within a Void so nothing is going the way you anticipate today but that might be a good thing, hands off the wheel so to speak. Besides whoever is driving this thing today, I always like the teeter totter as an example of the opposition, it can go either way when you are sitting on a contraption involving another person facing you. Do you both lift your feet off the ground and watch while you shift just enough of your weight to be in divine balance or are you on that totter with a slammer, 'My way, no my way, up, down, up down, slam, slam, slam?' Void Moon days on the other hand are generally like having the stars influence your energy patterns as you drive down a highway and they sparkle down upon you, but then you have to drive through one of those long tunnels and that connection to what's up above is cut off temporarily as you zoom past all those overhead manmade lights, you don't really know how the interplay of the heavens is impacting the world around you until you exit the other side of the tunnel and feel their rays upon you again. To this end do you try to control the way things are playing out up there while you race through the innards of this mountain or do you trust it is being handled for you by something bigger than yourself and you'll have more guidance once out the other side, trusting the day? Ok, that's all I got, I will be doing a show tonight in the Void, oh boy, so do pop by if you'd like to hear about next week, I'm sure it will be interesting (link below)! PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May we trust both sides of the equation, lifting our feet off the ground and taking our hands off of the wheel with courage and faith.' Peak time is 3:55-4pm Eastern/12:55-1m Pacific, see you there! 

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