Thursday, September 1, 2022




Happy September everybody (the monthly horoscopes link is below)! Today the big energy is about Mars and Jupiter aligning. Mars in Gemini has been a bear so far with verbal attacks, accidents in the local environment, triggered peeps, and crazy things going on with our electronics and vehicles, however, it has also brought tons of passion and motivation for us within that local arena or on short trips, with moves, involving siblings or neighbors, vehicles or electronics, our writing, sales, talks, and meetings. Jupiter is under the influence of Mars in his turn through Aries, so he's heated or inspired to go big, seek happiness or prosper on an individual level. This has urged us to focus on our own needs and to include travel, distant, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political themes in what we're doing. So, today there is an alliance between these two arenas of life, the door is open, it's opportune, so plan on diving in, although of course doing your part to avoid the nasty side of the story. As far as Scorpio Moon energy, the first part of the day is in flow, guiding us to focus on financial, sexual, transformational, evolving, or third-party interests that flow with what we're doing with work, health, paperwork, hired help, co-workers, or for animals. Examples could be purging a lot of paperwork, helping an animal who is giving birth, hiring someone to help with the loan or debt, or sparking up a flirtation while working on a project. As the day winds down this drive around finances, sex, power, control, jealousy, transformation, or third-party stories moves into more chaotic fields that test us a bit so perhaps consider letting it go for another day or hitting the hay early in hopes of avoiding it all together.  PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May our actions match our generosity of spirit.' Peak time is from 7:50-7:55pm Eastern/4:50-4:55pm Pacific, see you there! If you’d like to inquire about BOOKING A READING to look into your personal chart and what’s on the horizon, email and I’ll send you the information about what a reading involves, the rates and when we might get started!  

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