Sunday, June 5, 2011


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We ride into the week ahead on the still active New Moon Eclipse energy in Gemini that is helping us formulate new ideas, writing projects, meetings, and agreements. This ride now includes the solid, expansive Jupiter in Taurus energy that is just beginning to open up our world monetarily in some new way.

Monday the Leo Moon is aligning with Saturn and the Sun in aspects of opportunity so get ready to talk about the love, kids or creative ventures and ideas with those who can help you. The square to Mars will motivate you over the money flow here and help you to tackle any obstacles in your path.

Tuesday Mercury and Saturn align so any talks begun yesterday may meet with signed documents or handshakes on the deal today. This is very solid, positive energy for agreements with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, or anyone else who is significant in contributing to your idea. Virgo Moon is going to meet with Jupiter today in very fortuitous alignment as well so mind the details, tackle the work or health issue at hand and find ways to expand that income flow!

Wednesday Jupiter is meetings with Neptune! This is the first such meeting between these giants since April 30, 1858, yeah, so you haven’t really had an opportunity this lifetime to know just what this is going to mean for you but I can give you some idea. This is the lord of major expansion meeting the lord of the limitless sea, one a bringer of luck and prosperity, happiness and over-the-top moves, and the other the bringer of magic, the muse, the mystic, and inspirations, coming together in an OPPORTUNITY aspect. Let the universe carry you out on the tides, deep into the dreams you are just beginning to see appear in your perception, trust your inner voice, allow for those who are ready to go to depart, join hands with those who are dancing on air, flowering in music, film, fine art, poetry, meditation, yoga, psychic and spiritual pursuits, healing arts, hospitals, retreats, and development on projects that are near and dear to their hearts. This combination is going to work as a bridge towards monetizing your dreams in ways you could not possibly have seen coming (Neptune in Pisces is going to do a lot of that kind of thing). Because the Moon is squaring Mercury and the Sun there may be some information coming in today that will push you to make a change or deal with some work, health or pet matter that challenges you to refocus. Don’t lose site of the hand of god at work behind the scenes in your life and others today, trust and flow.

Thursday Venus leaves Taurus and moves into Gemini, sweet! This means that our love and income focus will exit the slower, steady, pleasure principal zone of the bull and wake up today in the flirty, chatty, extroverted sign of the twins, ready to take on two or more subjects at a time here. You could get news today about a love interest or income matter, meet someone who opens up these areas for you over the weeks ahead, or find that a woman is entering your life in some new way now that will affect your outcome in matters of the heart or wallet. Push to get income/spending matters taken care of in the first part of the day while the energy is behind this. Once the Moon enters Libra you will find you are talking, meeting or negotiating with partners, representatives or advocates on some issue. The stars are good for this as long as you are willing to bend a bit over hospitals, art, film, music, spiritual issues, retreat, or secrets.

Friday Venus squares Neptune which is like entering the day wearing a hopped up magic cloak and rose colored glasses that make the day surreal/unreal. This can bring great inspiration to romantic interludes, starting a weekend getaway with a lover early, poetry and notes of longing, sparking musical compositions and dreamy film sequences, but it is very much in the realm of the gods. In other words, once you come down from this your mere mortal will be just that, mortal, so enter into dalliances with this in mind. It can have the effect of pushing buttons over the amount of romance or hidden issues that are lingering in the realm of love as well. This combo can also bring up nostalgic or weepy feelings over loved ones stirring sorrow in heavy doses so if you need to release the tears, pencil today in for the flood and know that this too shall pass. The Moon in Libra meets Saturn and squares Pluto which can be very obsessional or highly ambitious regarding a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. Maybe opt for Netflix and a nice chocolate mousse.

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Monday cements something with a partner or representative regarding love, kids, recreational outlets, or creative projects so open up, meet, talk, pitch ideas, write, connect! You ruler is amped up over earning money or what is being spent so expect to see what needs tackling here and to go for it.

Tuesday is one of the best days you have had in a long while for coming to terms with others. Use this to make commitments, sign agreements, send out papers, or sign someone up to represent you. The income is aligned beautifully to your work efforts, health and anything involving animals.

Wednesday begins the fortuitous alignment between Jupiter and Neptune that is opening a major door for you to earn money through film, music, the arts, poetry, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, prisons, development of projects, research, investigations, or through strategies you set in place now. You may also decide to spend on something big in one of these areas. News today about the work, co-worker, employee, health issue, or pet will challenge you to rethink something or to get a better handle on the paperwork or details.

Thursday Venus enters your third house which brings more money into the local scene and opportunity to meet love while out and about at your local haunts. This can mean income through writing, declarations of love, a female entering the routine environment, an easier time with agreements and meetings, siblings and neighbors, as well as an easing with vehicle or electronic issues. You may spend on these items now. Today is a good income day so put in time to work. Connections with a female partner, representative or specialist should go well if you are willing to adjust to any artistic, spiritual, hospital, or romantic issue on the table.

Friday is VERY intense so pace yourself. There is amped up energy behind the scenes, at hospitals, over film, music or other artistic ventures, regarding secrets, clandestine affairs, retreat, hidden enemies, addictions, or spiritual pursuits that may be reflected in the news you hear, a meeting or talk, or an agreement you are dealing with. There is more energy around a partner, rep or competitor as well as you deal with any major goals or ambitions, reputation or fame.

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Monday will open some doors for you through work, health, income, and what is going on at home. You could find you are earning more today or setting up a home business, tackling a renovation or move, or handling a real estate deal. It’s all under positive stars for you. Just watch how hard you push yourself physically and that you keep your anger impulses under wraps as Mars is a bit of a wild card in the mix.

Tuesday is very solid for you and may bring a contract or other income opportunity. This could be work coming your way, a great day to interview or audition, or it could mean you are getting money tied to a health or pet/animal matter as well. If you need to spend on your work or a service you are offering to help get it out there, this is favored as well. Jupiter is bringing luck in love or creative expression today.

Wednesday is major for you with a friend, group, astrology, the internet, a charity, or one major aspiration you hold dear. The Jupiter/Neptune dance is favoring your luck and expansion, dreams, and mystical, magical, artistic expressions here in big ways. If there is something you wish to launch with or through one of these fields, set it in motion now! Income is in a challenging position today so you will see clearly just what you need to deal with involving the lover, child or creative outlet.

Thursday Venus exits your sign and moves into your income zone. This is a wonderful place to host the goddess of love and income as she will help you over the next few weeks to earn doing things you love, to spend on love and pleasure and to possibly meet love while making your living. Your ideas and concepts are gold at the moment, take advantage of this now. The love, kids and creative flow is back on track today and once the Moon moves into Libra there is more open doors for working with a partner or garnering work through a representative.

Friday Venus and Neptune square to amp up the magical energy around income and friends, groups, astrology, the internet, charities, or aspirations. This may bring inspiration or it may act as a challenge to point out any issues over earnings or spending here. Watch for confusion or deception as they are possible around what is playing out today. The work, health or pet matter is going to powerfully bump the legal, media, travel, or educational matter so you may have to deal with challenging yourself to make changes to how you are traveling for work or health, how it is affecting pets or health, what legal matters are involved, etc.

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Monday is all about the talks that are revving up over love, creative projects or kids. This could also be news coming in, meetings that are fated, agreements or writing involved, and all of it is solid and positive for you. The only challenge today is Mars pushing you over retreat, secrets, artistry, spiritual needs, hospitals, or clandestine affairs. You do best by not pushing for answers here today.

Tuesday is an amazing 5 star day for any contracts or agreements, meetings, talks, pitches, writing, ideas, or news that involves you and a lover or love interest, a child, or a creative project. Say yes, sign the document, do it. Home is in focus once the Moon moves into Virgo and the energy favors big things going on behind closed doors here, again very positive.

Wednesday brings the Jupiter/Neptune dance that wants to carry you into a new realm of fame, career, spotlight, ambition, or goal through an artistic outlet such as film, music, poetry, fine art, sculpture, or any other muse related inspiration, through spiritual pursuits, yoga, meditation, psychic abilities, or retreats, through hospitals, prisons or any other institution you are working with, research or investigations, with a clandestine affair, or in development. Open up in these areas in some new way. Whatever is going on at home today may be tough or you may need to challenge yourself over a move, real estate deal, home remodels, mom, roommates, or security needs.

Thursday Venus moves into your sign! This is a great few weeks that focus the love and the income through your energy field making it easier for you to attract what you need here. Current love issues should smooth out or if you are single this energy amps up your attraction level another notch. You may feel like a bit more of a money magnet or decide to spend on your looks, body or personal desires more at this point. The home matters fall back into line, it’s a good day for what you are doing behind closed doors. Once the Moon moves into Libra love, kids and creative projects are on track as well with a few adjustments around career matters, goals or with authority figures.

Friday is INTENSE and will play out over career, goals, reputation, fame, or authority figures and your own needs, image, identity, or body. This may thrust you into the spotlight in some artistic, dreamy way, put your image into film or music, spiritual agendas or hospital matters, and you may feel uber inspired or very sad or confused over what is occurring. The Moon in Libra is being challenged as well so any issues over love, kids or creative outlets will come up around sex, intimacy, shared issues, power, control, outside financial matters, triangles, or divorce issues. Again, this day may motivate you to tackle all kinds of things in these fields and act as a great flood of energy here or it may float you out to sea so hang in there.

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Monday is all about the income for you with lots of energy amping up to help you earn at home or through property, with roommates or mom, doing something real estate oriented or getting into gear over an artistic project, spiritual pursuit, research, hospital matter, or other inspired interest from home. The energy if positive to solidify goals here. Mars is going to challenge you over something social, so watch how you spend or earn with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations. This can motivate or frustrate.

Tuesday brings amazing solidarity to something you are talking about, writing, meeting over, involving contracts or agreements, with film, music, the arts, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, addictions, retreats, research, investigations, or clandestine affairs, and it will play out at or over home, real estate, moves, mom, family, or roommates. The talks or meetings, writing or agreements with friends or groups, the internet or astrology, charities or big aspirations are very beneficial today.

Wednesday brings the Jupiter/Neptune dance into your life around expansion through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations, and muse filled inspiration, art, spiritual pursuits, or romance through media, publishing, travel, higher education, and legal agreements or pursuits. You want to combine these in ways that fit with your life and goals and then go for it now! Take one baby step in this direction under this amazing influence. There is news or a talk today that will challenge you so be ready to come out of hiding and face your needs in some new way.

Thursday Venus moves into the hidden part of your chart which bodes well for love retreating behind closed doors, for earning income or attracting love or money through film, music, fine art, spiritual practices, research, investigation, or development of projects. You may spend or earn through hospitals, prisons or other places of retreat or in dealing with addictions as well under positive stars. This can also mark the beginning of some hidden developmental project with a woman. Time with friends, groups, on the internet, or pursuing aspirations are favored today and once the Moon enters Libra you can retreat at home and channel a lot of magical energy towards your ideals. There may be an adjustment required over travel, media, legal, or educational matters tonight.

Friday is INTENSE regarding something that is or has been going on behind the scenes or behind your back and a travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matter. This energy can motivate you to accomplish something on an artistic level here, to push yourself and the muse, to tackle romantic or spiritual matters here or deal with hospitals or addictions in the mix, OR it can challenge you over hidden agendas or enemies, secrets or nostalgic sadness. Home is focal in the day and whatever is shifting with a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or opponent reflects this for you.

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Monday is an amazing day for you in all communications so find speaking opportunities, write, sign agreements, meet, make short trips, tackle paperwork, audition, interview, you get the picture. There is quite a social vibe to this as well so if you can involve a friend, group, the internet, astrology, charities, or your own aspirations in the mix then all the better. Mars is going to light a fire under career matters, dealings with authority figures, reputation, or fame so expect to gear up over these topics.

Tuesday is as solid as it gets for making commitments, signing documents, forming agreements, solidifying writing projects, or just getting together, talking, sharing ideas, pitching projects, and again this is tied strongly into friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations so say YES. The Virgo Moon will align with lucky planet Jupiter between income and career agendas today so do what you can to expand and enjoy!

Wednesday the Jupiter/Neptune dance is carrying you out on the career field or through a boss or other authority figure, dad or status, fame or ambition, in a huge, lucky, expansive attempt to open doors for you through your artistic, spiritual, romantic needs that are shared intimately, sexually, financially, or released through divorce or some other parting. Do what you can to secure your loan, balance debt, find backers, or reach for any other financial outlet that could seed your ideal and goal. You may combine any of these two energy fields in ways that will shift things in your life in a major way up ahead. Income or spending may be a challenging area today and play out over that same field of friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities, making for a day of motivation or frustration here.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and kicks off a few week period of more love and income flow through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or in pursuit of your dreams and aspirations. This is a great time to attract what you need here, you may meet a new love interest through social occasions, see a friendship blossom into love, meet on the internet or while following your astrological forecast, or you could just see the flow of money begin to level up now in these areas. You may definitely spend more on socializing so watch how much goes out. Income is aligned positively with career and ambition today so you should be on good footing. Once the Moon moves into Libra the talks and meetings with friends kick off and all seems well as long as you adjust a bit to any sexual or shared financial matter going on.

Friday is INTENSE involving a friend, group, astrology, the internet, or a charity, and something sexual, intimate, financial, divorce oriented, or regarding mortality. This energy may inspire great romantic illusions and poetic, artistic desires or it could feel confusing, sad or deceptive. The news, talks, writing, or meetings are as well under frictional energy and play out over third parties at work, with health or pets. You could cut off communication today with someone or retreat as you feel like you are being pushed too hard, or again, this frictional energy may motivate you to break through with new ideas and powerful insights.

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Monday puts you behind the scenes on a project or researching, working in development, pursuing your artistic outlet or spiritual interest, or dealing with hospital or other institutional matters. Whichever it is the day couldn’t be better for making headway with income and career, goals and ambitions here. You should be able to achieve quite a bit today. Mars will push you to tackle media, publishing, travel, higher education, legal matters, or ceremonies in the mix, showing you any challenges lingering here.

Tuesday is rock solid for meetings, talks, news, writing, agreements, signing contracts, pitching ideas, interviewing, and it all plays out on your career field, with you in the spotlight, over ambitions or goals, and cementing the income. Take advantage of this day. You may also spend on something to reach the goal now and that as well looks positive. Luck is triggered through travel, higher education, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, and legal matters linking directly to you, yes!

Wednesday brings the Jupiter/Neptune dance your way through luck and expansion in media, publishing, marketing, travel, education, ceremonies, import/export, foreign interests, politics, religion, or legal matters and locks this in through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or dealing with a competitor. You are getting an enormous open door here so take it now. There may be some challenging news from an authority figure or regarding career or goals today that will motivate you.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and acts like a great attractor for you on the career front over the next few weeks. This is about attracting love or income more easily, smoothing things out, finding women benefiting your goals and ambitions, and your career status, leadership and potential fame factor generating good things. Push for the travel, legal, publishing, media, marketing, or educational matter since the stars are favoring action for you here. Once the Moon moves into Libra there is more positive energy between income and career for you through women. Be willing to make some adjustments around a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor.

Friday is INTENSE as the career or goal is set off by the significant person in the picture and you will see as you enter this day whether this means grand inspiration through the arts, music, film, spiritual pursuits, and other muse/mystical oriented energy with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent, and career, or if it comes up as confusion, deception or sadness. The Moon squares Pluto on top of this Venus/Neptune square so you may also feel powerful emotions over income or spending and the creative project, child or love interest in the mix. ‘

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Monday is gearing up to be very social for you with opportunity to connect with friends, groups, over the internet, through astrology or charities, and anything you want to do involving travel, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, higher education, or legalities. Mars will push you to tackle debt, commissions, or other outside financial matters, sexual attractions or divorce in the mix so get ready for a burst of energy here.

Tuesday is incredibly solid for you to solidify something legally, or involving travel, foreign interests, import/export, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, ceremonies, or higher education. Sign the contracts today, pitch the idea, write it up, tackle the paper work, meet or talk about it, there are long term, positive influence afoot on your behalf! The luck today is through shared financial matters, divorce or sexual attractions or issues.

Wednesday brings Jupiter and Neptune together for you to open up and expand through outside financial opportunities, other people’s money, inheritance, bankruptcy, commissions, insurance policies, taxes, settlements, credit, loans, alimony, child support, divorce, or sexual attractions or interests, while bringing your artistic, spiritual inspiration to the work you do, around any health matters/hospital dealings, or involving animals. This is big, make your move. The news or information around the travel, legal, media, or educational matter will challenge you to tackle something behind closed doors today.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and brings a woman onto the scene in media, publishing, travel, education, or legal arenas who can benefit you or this will help you to begin to attract what you need in love or income through these fields now. Take action on the outside financial resource, intimate sexual attraction or divorce issue today. Once the Moon moves into Libra you are aligned in the spotlight with the media, publishing, marketing, publicity, travel, educational, or legal matter as long as you make some adjustments with work, co-workers, health, or pets.

Friday is INTENSE as the travel, legal, media, or educational matter and the work, health or pet aspect involved come under a Venus/Neptune square. This could inspire great imagination here and push you to make something happen on an artistic, romantic or spiritual level, with hospitals or addictions, secrets or hidden agendas, OR it could bring confusion, deception or sadness into the mix in these areas. The Moon/Pluto square is as well frictional and pushes buttons over home and personal needs, image, body, or ego issues. This could motivate you to do something at home that brings big transformation or again feel intense and a bit overwhelming.

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Monday amps up ambition, career motivation and status for you as you find ways to solidify something behind the scenes, or through your artistic or spiritual approach to the goal. Hospitals and other institutions are aligned where your ambitions are concerned or father figures play into the picture. You can shine in any sexual, divorce or shared financial matter today, reaching goals here. Mars is the only frictional energy coming out of your partnership zone so watch for the actions/reactions of partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors and motivate to handle what comes your way.

Tuesday is a rock solid day for you to write, meet, talk, pitch ideas, interview, audition, or involving news, short trips or siblings and the big financial picture, divorce issues, or sexual attractions. This is tying in to that spiritual, muse oriented part of your chart so you may sign contracts today over financially shared objectives and the artistic endeavor, pitch that idea, write or be asked to write, or meet with some sexual interest behind closed doors. Divorce proceedings dealt with in private meetings or through strategy sessions benefit as well. Luck is with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, today and anything you want to do on the internet, with astrology or charities, friends or groups.

Wednesday brings Jupiter and Neptune together in a dance that is bound to open up something huge for you through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or in dealing with a competitor, that ties in to your artistry on a creative project, your romance with a love interest, or something artistic, love or spiritual topic with a child. Take a step today or be open to receive the positive benefits coming through the significant other towards opening up your creative flow, love interest or childs interests. Talks or news today about shared financial matters, divorce or sex will be under frictional aspects playing out socially, through the internet, astrology, charities, friends, groups, or aspirations so this may motivate you to say something or write it up or frustrate you.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini which is your house of sex, divorce and shared financial matters. This may bring a woman onto the scene who can benefit you in one of these arenas or it may help you to attract the love or income you need now through shared financial agreements, some sexy partner or releasing you through the divorce settlement or steps towards that over the next few weeks. These areas should smooth out a bit now. Mars is active in the relationship zone so you will see action from partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors today that should flow smoothly for you on the social scene, internet, with friends, etc. Once the Moon moves into Libra you can connect on that intimate, financial or divorce matter under positive stars as long as you make some adjustments around creative matters, kids or love.

Friday is INTENSE. It is playing out over sex and love, shared money and love, creative project or kids, or over divorce and love, kids or creativity. The aspect involves Venus and Neptune in square so you could see great inspiration, fantasy, imagination, and dreamy motivation here OR you could find you are feeling confused, deceived or sad over what is pushing between these fields. The Moon/Pluto square on top of this is frictional over information coming in, talks, meetings, agreements, and something going on behind closed doors, behind your back, or over hospitals, addictions, artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, or clandestine affairs. Again, these energies may motivate you to make big pushes in these areas, or challenge you greatly, pace yourself.

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Monday is all about the trip, media or publishing venture, marketing, higher education, ceremony, or legal matter and the energy is amazing here for any friendships, socializing, group efforts, internet interests, astrological input, charitable involvement, or your own aspirations here. You can shine with or through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor to help you reach goals here. Mars is going to push your buttons over the work, co-worker, employee, health, or pets affecting the situation so this may motivate you here or challenge you a bit.

Tuesday brings an amazing alignment for you that can help you to solidify something long term or structurally sound with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or competitor over the social matter, internet project, astrological interest, charity, group or friend issue, or involving your aspiration. Open up communications, sign contracts, meet, talk, negotiate, pitch ideas, write it up, or tackle the paperwork. Luck is with work, efforts, health and pets today with an eye on reaching the goal and expanding in some way.

Wednesday is the Jupiter/Neptune dance that will open up opportunities for you at work, with a service you provide, through co-workers or employees, over health matters, or with pets, and this will all flow through artistic, spiritual, romantic, or recuperative influences flooding the home, real estate, family, mom, moves, roommates, or other grounded areas in your life. Use this to launch any home business, tackle a big work project there, get into real estate or interior design, set up your home gym or go ‘green’ in the home, or bring pets or animal rescue options into the home. Moves made for health or work, to have more animals or open a business are favored under this as well as any changes with roommates or family members. News about a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor will push you today where your biggest goals are concerned.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and may bring a woman partner, agent, attorney, or specialist into the picture over the next few weeks. This will also smooth things out with current relationships in these areas and help you to attract love or income through them. Mars is going to light a fire under you at work, with health or animals today that should help you get closer to the goal. Once the Moon moves into Libra you should find positive social outlets with others as long as you adjust around the home issues.

Friday is INTENSE. Venus and Neptune square which can be very romantic and inspiring artistically or can be very confusing, deceptive and sad. For you it plays out over home and partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors. You could feel motivated to do something very romantic for your partner at home, go over the top in some artistic endeavor for a client or real estate matter, or feel sad about a move, roommate or mom. The Moon/Pluto square is equally frictional and brings up emotions over friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations, and income or spending. This again may motivate you in these areas or feel a bit overwhelming.

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Monday is all about the financial matter, sex or divorce. There is amazing energy in this to help you reach a solid goal and to shine in work, health or over anything involving the pets. Use this to go for the money you need to get your health together, to launch your service or business, ask for the raise or promotion, or let your health efforts bring you closer to an intimate connection. Mars is going to amp you up where kids, love/love interests, or creative ventures are concerned.

Tuesday is very solid and positive for you in talks, agreements, writing, meetings, contracts, or short trips involving work, health or pets and any serious goal you have. This could bode well for career, dealings with authority figures, or achieving what you set out to do. Luck is with you today through love, kids and creative endeavors especially tied to travel, legal matters, higher education, media, publishing, or ceremonies.

Wednesday brings the Jupiter/Neptune dance and it is major. It is all about opening things up for you in true love, with or through kids, or any creative endeavors you are interested in, while bringing artistic, romantic, spiritual, or hospital news, talks, agreements, writing, meetings, or ideas into the picture in some powerful, positive way. Get inspired, open up, send out your writing project to the creative office, launch your play, write your musical piece, sign contracts with a lover or child, remain open to a fated meeting out in the local scene that leads to love or creativity, or allow for siblings or neighbors to brings good news your way that opens things up for you in these fields. Take a first baby step today. Work, health or pet information will challenge you to push yourself a bit so watch out for this.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and puts a woman into the work, health or pet scene who could benefit you OR this may show up as things smoothing out in these areas, with more ability to attract the love or income you need at work, with health or doing things for pets in the next few weeks. Mars is active in positive ways for kids, love and creative endeavors today tied to travel, education, legal, or media matters. Once the Moon moves into Libra work and career, health and goals flow beautifully as long as you make adjustments around local needs, siblings, news coming in, paperwork, or meetings.

Friday is INTENSE. Is is about very inspired, romantic energy that is all dreamy and seen through rose colored glasses or taking you to some new inspired level in your artistry or it is about confusion, boundary issues, deception, or sadness. For you it plays out over work, health or pets. It is great to use this energy to bring spiritual approaches into the mix, to use your imagination, just watch for falling for that co-worker or not listening to your body if it is giving you messages today. You could be sad over an animal or loss of employment or co-worker as well. The Moon/Pluto square is also frictional and brings up emotions over career, reputation, fame, father, or ambitions and how you feel physically or personally. Again this may motivate you to push yourself or just feel a bit overwhelming.

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Monday is all about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant person in your world and the positive energy flowing through legal, travel, educational, media, publishing, and ceremonial areas here. You shine in this in all you do creatively, with or for kids, or involving true love. Mars is gearing up at home and will either motivate you passionately or actively here with the other person or bring up frustrations or anger so watch for that.

Tuesday is rock solid for talks, meetings, contracts, agreements, pitches, writing, or short trips involving lovers, love interests, kids, or creative projects and the legal, travel, media, publishing, ceremonial, or educational matter. This is very positive energy so motivate. Luck is at home, with moves, roommates, mom, real estate, or security needs and any shared financial matters, divorce or sexual interests playing out there.

Wednesday brings the Jupiter/Neptune meetings that is helping you to expand, find happiness and prosperity at home, with real estate, moves, roommates, mom, or family members and opening that up today through your artistic, romantic or spiritual approach to earning money or spending it. This is very big energy and you should open up to the possibilities between home and income now. News or talks with lovers, kids or creative projects are frictional today and may push emotional buttons.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and smoothes things out with lovers, kids or creative projects. It may bring a woman onto the scene here who can benefit you or just help you to attract the love or income you need to bond with your love, do for your kids or get the creative project moving in the next few weeks. Mars motivates at home or with moves and aligns beautifully with outside finances, divorce or sexual interests. Once the Moon moves into Libra there is lovely flow with love, kids or creative projects and the trip, media, publishing, educational, or legal matters involved. You do need to make some adjustments around earning or spending in this.

Friday is INTENSE as romance and inspiration, artistry, and secrets hit frictional energy over a love interest, child or creative project and the income or spending involved. This may motivate you to come up with inspired new ways to earn through your creative efforts, you may want to spend on something big and dreamy for the lover or artistic or spiritual for the child, or it could be felt as confusion, deception or sadness in these areas. The Moon/Pluto square is also frictional bringing up emotions over the trip, legal matter, ceremony, media, publishing or marketing matter, or education. Again this may motivate you behind the scenes or bring up feelings that may poke you to self-sabotage or retreat.

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Monday is all about the work, health or pets and the very solid opportunities here through outside financial dealings, sexy attractions or divorce proceedings. You shine at home, through real estate, moves, or family members in this today so put energy into work at home, tackling health or pet matters there, and handling that shared energy. Mars will amp up local needs, sibling or neighbor issues, talks, writing, paperwork, agreements, or meetings.

Tuesday is rock solid for cementing something at home, with real estate, a move, roommate, mom, family, or your own security needs and it is again going to play out financially, sexually or through a divorce. Whatever comes up will be very positive so meet, write, deal with the paperwork, talk, pitch the idea, sign the contracts, or come to terms. Luck is in the communications today with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or dealing with competitors so again, meet, write, talk, audition, interview, or sign agreements.

Wednesday brings Jupiter and Neptune together in a dance that is trying to open up your thinking, mind, ideas, interests, writing, agreements, meetings, talks, speaking opportunities, or anything involving short trips, vehicles, electronics, siblings, or neighbors. It is going to flow through your personal or physical artistry, spirituality, romantic nature, or anything you want to do for yourself in image, body, through hospitals, retreat, or identity. This is big. Put yourself into the mix TODAY. Talks or news about home and the partner, agent, attorney, or opponent are frictional and will challenge you to motivate.

Thursday Venus moves into Gemini and brings a woman to the home or real estate matters over the next few weeks or it will open up love or income matters for you at home and through real estate. Things should smooth out here and you will do best in love celebrating it at home, making move or out involved in real estate or with roommates. Home business is favored now as well as spending on home or moves, real estate or mom. Mars is amping up talks and meetings with partners, agent, attorneys, or specialist and these look positive. Once the Moon moves into Libra there is potential for intimacy, dealing with financials or divorce at or through home and real estate.

Friday is INTENSE. Venus squares your ruler, Neptune. This can be very dreamy and inspiring where love, income and artistry are concerned or it can be very confusing, deceptive or sad. For you it plays out at home, over a move, real estate, mom, or family and what you want for yourself or how you see yourself. You can motivate to really make your home a reflection of your vision in life today or feel a bit lost. The Moon/Pluto square adds more friction to the mix as emotions are peaked over the financial situation, sexual interest, mortality issue, or divorce and the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or personal aspiration. Again, this may motivate you to push for changes or transformations or just feel a bit overwhelming.

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