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Night and Day, you are the one….that’s what the weekend is going to be like babies, night and day!

NIGHT: Saturday the Pisces Moon is swimming up to sit with Mercury and then Uranus at the last degrees of the dual sign of inspiration, dreams, artistic masterpieces, spiritual gurus, AND addictions, deception, issues with boundaries, and illusions. Uh huh. So, Saturday we will be hearing news, coming up with ideas, writing, meeting, brainstorming, taking trips down memory lane, delving into the mists of the muse to come up with music, film, poetry, and art, knock on the door of nostalgia, get all sentimental, don our rose colored glasses, and dance into the romantic veil. We may also feel like swimming in our goblets, escaping into the haze of substances that will only wound, shedding a tear, self-sabotaging, or wrestling with the outer limits of truth. The one thing that is certain is today brings surprises that you just won’t expect until they arrive in these areas. It’s a day of genius if you trust the inner workings, write down the messages from your dreams!

DAY: Sunday the Moon moves into Aries and we leave the inner workings and inspirations and get all physical, action oriented, ready to express passions or angers, and more or less make things happen. There will be a wonderful connection in this to friends, groups, aspirations, the internet, astrology, or charities so whatever you are diving into today, these doors are wide open by way of love, money or women. There will be challenges in the day around goals, authority figures or the power structure at the top so be ready to work around these. Once the Moon meets up with Jupiter you will be feeling more or less indestructible and ready to tackle the world, move the mountain or expand in all directions, it’s all good. The Sun adjusts to Saturn so something from Saturday is going to require a bit of ego adjustment with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship, you have to get real about limits or responsibilities and work on it.

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Saturday is all about your communications skills, the paperwork, news that comes in around the film, music, art project, spiritual pursuit, hospital, or work you are in development on, it’s about your ideas, new and exciting approaches, breakthrough moments, changes that send you out on new roads forward, research, and your muse. Follow your hunches, you are downloading some heady stuff today.

Sunday is all about you and your personal power and actions involving a woman friend, astrology, the internet, charities, or anything that is part of a group or networking. There is opportunity here for income or love. You need to work through power issues around who is the boss or who is in charge, there is a way to step up with your talents and what you began yesterday while making some concessions with a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or specialist. You are under lucky stars today.

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The groove is in the social circle today Taurus, inspiration, artistry, spiritual pursuits, any work you are doing behind the scenes, it is all aligning with friends, groups, networks, the internet, astrology, or charities today. You may hear news, sign agreements, have an unexpected meeting or idea, charge ahead with a brilliant new insight, connect with unusual characters or genius, write with someone or for the internet, as long as you are open to new and spontaneous, change and excitement, you should have an amazing day.

Sunday is a day of retreat, rest, strategy, work behind the scenes, or delving into an artistic project such as film, music, painting, or spiritual work. You may want to deal with institutions, research, or addictions as well. There is an opportunity through a woman on the career front in some of this but you need to deal with a challenge regarding travel, legal matters, media, publicity, marketing, publishing, or education. In the social realm, step up but be willing to set limits or deal with efforts at work, with health or pets, adjustments are called for. You are under lucky stars if you follow your inner voice.

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Saturday is all about your career, major goals, ambition, fame, reputation, father, or leadership abilities. News comes in, meetings occur, talks ensue, writing or paperwork are involved, short trips, sibling interactions, and lots of twists and turns, surprises or shocks, change, brilliant ideas, genius moments, spontaneous insights, and opportunities for you to reach for the stars and achieve in new arenas or bring fresh perspective to current goals.

Sunday is about you and your friends, groups, networking, astrology, the internet, or charities. You have an opportunity today to connect with someone at a distance here or to travel, to publish, broadcast or market ideas, to teach or learn something new, or to make something legal, it’s all good. You do need to deal with a challenge with a friend and shared financial matters, sex or divorce issues. Step up on the career front but be willing to make some adjustments or work around creative limits or serious issues or restrictions with love or kids throughout the day. You are under lucky stars in the social, internet, astrology, charity zone so keep that in mind!

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Saturday is your day for exciting news, changes, fresh approaches, unusual meetings, spontaneous talks, genius ideas, that lead you down media, publishing, marketing, publicity, legal, educational, or travel pathways. Go into these areas with a sense of adventure and the new involved, try different approaches, say yes to unexpected opportunities, you may hear from someone far away completely out of the blue or learn something that takes you to the next level, trust your inner voice.

Sunday is all about you and your career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, or father. There is amazing energy here for you to connect powerfully, with shared financial resources, or to achieve goals around divorce issues or intimacy. The challenges today are over a partner, agent or attorney and powerful changes here. Step up in the area of media, travel, law, or education and be willing to make some adjustments at home or with mom as you try to reach your goals. You are under lucky stars today on the career front.

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Saturday is a rather exciting day for you in any powerfully shared arenas. This means anything you are reading, writing, meeting or talking about, signing agreements over, or making short trips involving financial matters, divorce, sex, intimacy, or reproduction. You could meet someone completely on a lark today who knocks you over sexually, there could be lightning bolt insights and breakthroughs, news could come in about the loan, settlement, commission, royalty, alimony or child support, you could sign the papers on the divorce or see a change in course today. Stay flexible.

Sunday is all about the trip, media or publishing project, publicity, education, or legal matter. There is a lovely opportunity to connect with a female partner or representative through one of these channels for love or money. You will need to meet a challenge over work, health or pets today in this. Step up and lead the way on the financial issue, divorce or sexual attraction and be willing to deal with talks or agreements in the mix here, some meetings will require some adjustments. You are under lucky stars through the trip, media, education, or law.

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Saturday is all about a relationship, this could mean you are hearing news about this person or more likely you are in talks, meetings, writing together, working on agreements or ideas, making a short trip to connect and there is going to be a wild card energy to this day that could bring genius insights, changes, excitement, or anything tied into social situations, networks, the internet, astrology, or charities. It’s a day of fresh starts, unusual moments, breakthroughs, higher vision, and the relationship in question will most likely be a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, or specialist.

Sunday is all about powerfully shared energy so this can play out through sex or intimacy, divorce issues, or anything financially shared through loans, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, joint accounts, taxes, insurance, alimony or child support, royalties, or commissions. There is great opportunity from one of these shared energies to work, health or pet goals that involve income or love. Challenges arise over creative ideas, children or love so be ready to work through this. You should step up in this relationship and be willing to work around the income or spending limits you are feeling currently. Luck is with you in the shared arenas.

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Saturday brings news about work, meetings or talks, contracts, and all kinds of excitement, change and fresh energy into the project, through co-workers, employees, interviewing or auditioning processes, and any service you are launching or offering. It’s very wild energy so go with what occurs, say yes to invitations and ideas that cross your desk or at least venture there to see if they have something positive for you to take forward. Writing projects or offers could be pivotal as could things that come your way while out locally. Health and pets are other arenas of communications, change and new beginnings, take the road less traveled.

Sunday is about a relationship and the opportunity you have to open things up with a woman in the creative field or to express love or find ways to monetize something. It’s all positive here with partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant relationships. You will need to deal with powerful changes or challenges at home. Step up on the work scene or around health or pets today and be willing to make personal or physical adjustments, either committing to more or setting limits. Luck is with you through relationship.

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Saturday is ALL about the news you hear, the words you write, and any talks or meetings, agreements or changes that come like lightning into your world to awaken and excite through true love, children or creative ventures. This is your day to get the information out there, to tackle paperwork in a new way or communicate over new ideas, someone unlike any you have known before could come into your life today if you are open and out there. Be spontaneous and write down any ideas or brainstorming you have creatively, it’s all good.

Sunday is about the work you need to tackle, work you are seeking, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. Hey, it could be about all of these things. The good news is there is something you can do at home that should help you with the love or money here. You do need to have one talk or meeting that looks very intense, sharing deep topics is challenging but built into the day where work, health or pets are concerned. Step up on the creative field or for love or kids and be willing to make some adjustments around any limits you feel through a need to retreat or rest. Luck is with you in work, health or pets today.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule a reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is about all kinds of news, ideas, talks or meetings, agreements, or exciting changes or shifts that are occurring with home, real estate, mom, family, or roommates. It’s a day when you can change your mind on the spin of a dime, have an unexpected pop-over or talk at the home that changes things, an awakening experience here, write about home or mom, sign contracts on the spur of the moment, or hear news about something changing. It’s a day to go with the flow and be spontaneous.

Sunday is about the creative project, child or lover/love interest. Today you have a golden opportunity to meet or talk to the child, with the lover or meet a new love interest, or pitch the creative idea, write it up, or involve siblings or neighbors in the creative process. Income or spending is a challenge in this today so be willing to work on changes here. Step up at home and find ways to make adjustments around the friend, group, internet matter or social occasion as you must divvy time between both. Luck is with you in love, with kids or creative projects.

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule a reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is all about surprises and unusual moments with siblings, short trips, news or talks, meetings or information being shared, writing or agreements, and what is changing for you. This is a day of awakening and new roads forward, when things outside your normal life will open up your eyes to things you hadn’t thought of before and you may find yourself involved in more than one unexpected conversation. Don’t be afraid to change course or be spontaneous, go with your instincts and come from the heart.

Sunday is about home, real estate, family, or mom. You will have an open door to income opportunities that should benefit today or you may decide to spend on one of these areas, again this would be positive. You do need to take care of yourself physically or guard your ego in something today with the home, real estate or mom, changes are going on for you and it’s important to honor that. Step up as the communicator and decision maker but be willing to make some adjustments around any limits or responsibilities you are feeling on the career front or with dad today. Luck is with you through what you do with home, mom, or real estate.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule a reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is offering you news about income, ideas and inspiration on new fronts about how to earn your living or some money you wish to spend, there could be contracts on the table, an unexpected meeting or talk that opens up doors to make money, and any original idea you have or money making scheme that involves friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities would get new energy behind it today.

Sunday is about what you need to tackle locally, with siblings, in writing or paperwork, meeting or talking with others, or with short trips. You have a positive opportunity in this to connect personally or physically with love or money so open up and connect! Challenges come from hidden quarters or through hospitals, addictions, retreat, artistic outlets, or something going on behind closed doors, change is in the air here, it’s better to out the secrets now. Step up where income is concerned and be willing to make some adjustments around travel, media, marketing, education, or legal matters to reach your goal. Luck is with your communications.

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Saturday is your day Pisces. This energy is about news you hear about something very exciting or a big change that is in the mix that affects you personally. If you were waiting to hear about a part you auditioned for or need to talk or meet someone, you may get your answer today. Changes to body, image, or identity are also possible today, write about yourself, ask for what you need, take a new tact, be inventive and independent, break away from the old you in some way, breath fresh life into you!

Sunday is about earning or spending money and the opportunity that is open to you through hospitals, dealing with addictions, film, music or other artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, research, or clandestine affairs, any of these can bring money your way or be a source of positive spending. Challenges are with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and you need to change something here to meet your monetary needs. Step up today and be willing to make some adjustments around outside financial matters, divorce or sexual intimacy. Luck is on your side through income.

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