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If you haven’t figured out yet that things are not going to be like they have been then let me help you with that, things are not going to be like they have been. There, now you know. When the energy of chaos changes fields we all feel it, new parts of our own energetic are activated, it is a great awakening peeps and coming from a deep slumber, that can feel kinda, well you know, ARG!!! So you sense you want change, your body feels different, your sleep patterns get a shake or two, and it feels oddly exciting and sickening all at the same time. We on track here? Yes, I know some of you are ahead of the curve and feeling all spark-plug electric, some are behind the curve-wake the heck up!

OK, so here’s why I’m bringing it up again, every 84 years someone turns on the blender, that’s what’s going on now. You can’t get out of the blender, you can’t hold onto some old form in the blender, you don’t even really know what exactly it’s all gonna look or taste like when the blender stops and the new composition is ready to roll out onto the world. So be in the moment, let your senses take over, savor the sunshine, a sweet smell, the smile that meets you out in the world, and trust that as long as you are not hanging on to the side of the damn blender for dear life hoping against all odds that you will not be transformed, you are going to find your flavor within the new combo up ahead. The true essence of who you are is still intact, your vision is still your vision, work on your vision, amazing downloads are happening right now. As the shaking continues, look around, do you like what you see, who pushed that button in the first place? Do you want to do something about it all? Hey, when the blender is on, you really get a sense of how much we are all in this together, yes? Make some mental notes, get your fighting spirit up, laugh out loud, release the tension, you are in a freaking blender! And don't lose sight that you are still in the mix even with the sudden turns and surprises, forms are just shape-shifting and it’s all gonna settle down here a lot sooner than you think. Change is good.

So, let’s look at this week ahead…

Shake, rattle and roll, the week opens with the SUN/URANUS conjunction on Monday! If you have been feeling like doing something different, surprising someone or taking a new approach with your body, image or identity in life, this is a great day to do so. There is a harmonious flow between those you are connected with and any artistic, romantic or spiritual aspiration you have going on. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio in the afternoon the focus will shift towards deeper feelings and you may find yourself feeling the urge to make some personal or physical changes to reach an intimate or financial goal. It’s calling for some adjustments here.

Tuesday brings an opportunity aspect into play between what you are sharing intimately, financially or in working through divorce issues, and career or reaching a goal. It seems that whatever you are taking on today you are doing so with gusto as it stretches you to push out boundaries and really expand personal horizons in these arenas.

Wednesday opens with the last push with loans, settlements, taxes, insurance, joint financial matters, or other outside resources, divorce issues, or sexual matters. If there is still an obstacle to love or income here, do your best to continue to work through it, you are closer than it may appear to finalizing something. The Moon moves into Sagittarius and makes great aspects to both the Sun and Uranus so adventure beckons later today and into the evening. Be open to new people or situations and say yes to invitations that come in, they could awaken some really amazing ideals.

Thursday is pretty darn ‘yay’. The Moon in Sagittarius yearns for knowledge, shares wisdom, wants to travel, sport the media cap or publish, get the ideas out there, bring worlds together, educate, bring legal insight, and open things up in bigger ways. This is meeting with personal desires under very lucky stars today and there is an opportunity aspect to solidify this with another person. You do the math.

Friday you can still ride high on yesterdays energy early morning so if you still need to talk, meet or sign the papers, do it by 9am. Mars is a bit of a crank-miester today so you may feel like acting out a bit or have to deal with someone else doing so and it is coming from that blasted hidden zone, sometimes equates to shooting oneself in the foot. It could also just represent pushing yourself on the artistic project, spiritual pursuit, with the hospital or other institution, research project, clandestine affair, or addiction problem, and feeling like it’s not evolving the way you want it to just yet. Focus in on friends, the internet, astrology, groups, charities, or social networking because these avenues are getting great energy from Venus and Neptune, meaning love or money, imagination or artistry, could all do well. Once the Moon moves into Capricorn around 10pm eastern it will square Uranus and bring any surprises or changes you didn’t see coming up for reflection, in this combo it could be you taking a sharp left turn when up until this moment you were thinking you were heading straight ahead.

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Monday is a shaker for you Aries as the Sun in your sign powwows with Uranus, time for a personal or physical change. You could be discovered today, surprises are aimed at you, get out there! If you are accident prone stay away from electrical devices and sharp objects today. The flow between partners, representatives and aspirations is positive, look for ways to utilize the internet, combine with friends or groups, draw upon astrology, or connect with charities for best results. The rest of the day you should pay some attention to the financial picture and what needs effort.

Tuesday will help you to get that loan, settlement, tax or insurance matter, joint financial issue, taken care of, strive for shared situations financially. If you are in the process of divorce or dealing with mortality issues, today will help you make headway here as well. Intimate connections could prove powerful as well but be a bit demanding physically.

Wednesday is not the best day to connect with friends or groups in any shared financial matter, there is something at odds today that would frustrate. The same goes for anything financial with the internet, astrology or charities. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius at 4:45pm you will see doors opening wide for you with travel, media, publishing, publicity, marketing, legal matters, or education, and you should say yes to anything exciting or new that comes along here.

Thursday brings more of this travel, media, legal, or educational expansion and the energy of luck is on your side again here so make the most of putting your image out there or getting into the mix physically and doing it. You CAN connect in positive solid ways with someone to partner or for representation now if you move through these realms to do so.

Friday morning brings any last talks, meetings, writing, or agreements from yesterday regarding legal matters, trips, media, publishing, marketing, or education and again these are under positive stars. Your ruler is acting out today and will want to do something that MAY be self-defeating so ask yourself if your actions will help or hinder before doing. Positive flow is with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities today and women should benefit your aims in the travel, media, legal, or educational realms. Late tonight the aspect between you and your goal, career, boss, or other authority figure is a bit whack so watch for changes, shocks or surprises.

TAURUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is going to shake things up for you personally or physically behind closed doors so this could mean some wild sexual intimacy with a clandestine love interest or doing something completely new and exciting with a film, music or other artistic project, spiritual pursuit, investigation, or at a hospital. You may decide to go for your freedom today in a way you didn’t see coming but that feels liberating, you may also see a secret rock things as it outs. Great energy flows between work, health and goals. It’s a day of adjustments with someone close.

Tuesday offers you the opportunity to transform a relationship through legal steps you take, a media or publishing event, class you take or teach, ceremony, or trip. This is powerful.

Wednesday challenges your feelings about a relationship with a partner, representative or competitor. The best I can say here is that something is either in a cloud of fantasy or there could be some fog or confusion around the goal, don’t push it today. Positive energy is all wrapped up in sex, divorce or major financial matters for you and the fresh way you are approaching the new start you made on Monday.

Thursday brings more opportunity for you with sex, divorce or the outside resources such as loans, debt, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, inheritance, royalties, commissions, or a partners finances. There is a lot of luck, happiness and expansion possible for you in this through efforts you make behind the scenes. There is also solid, positive energy behind work, health or pets for you today so if you need the money for this or are settling something in these areas, try to work on it now.

Friday you can make any last meetings, talks or agreements on yesterdays topics early in the morning while there is still positive flow around these topics. Mars is acting out with friends, groups, aspirations, the internet, astrology, or charities for you today so these could push your buttons or motivate you to push yourself. Wednesday’s fog clears a bit and goals or career agenda is open again to you, look for ways to reach accord with a woman over romantic, artistic or spiritual ambitions. Tonight you will likely have a sudden desire to do something different than what you anticipated or a change will be out there to contend with.

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Monday brings excitement and energy to you through friends, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, charities, or your aspirations, and it is going to focus in on you and your identity in the mix or your personal desires. It’s a fresh start. Creative energy is on a roll today through media, publishing, marketing, legal outlets, trips, or educational means. There is also potential for love to blossom through these channels as well. Make some adjustments at work, with health or pets today.

Tuesday is amazing for the work you are doing, any health matters or issues with pets as the potential to transform your financial picture here or to connect with someone intimately is tied into these themes. Pour your efforts into working through the financial matter, divorce or sexual attraction all the while with an eye on expanding horizons.

Wednesday brings an obstacle to be worked through that will require work from you or involve your health or pets. This is going to mean tackling something legally, in media, publishing, through travel, from a distance, or educationally. The positive energy today is with partners and aspirations that focus on exciting and new energy with friends, groups, social networking, astrology, the internet, or charities.

Thursday brings more positive flow for you to expand through friends, groups, social networking, astrology, the internet, or charities and to bring things together with someone you are partnering with or would like to partner with, or to deal with representatives in the picture. You can make solid strides towards long term goals with lovers, love interests, children, or creative projects today.

Friday morning you can still wrap up any talks, writing, meetings, or agreements from yesterday under positive stars. Mars is acting out on the career front so you may have to deal with someone aggressive or feel like pushing yourself to reach another goal that is in some way going to push the partner, representative or competitor. Venus and Neptune get into the picture quick enough so you should be able to find positive accord with this person through legal, media, publishing, travel, or educational positions that you reach. Later tonight brings quite a twist with a friend or group, the internet or aspiration so take care where you go with this financially, sexually or around power struggles.

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Monday is a great awakener for you on the career front with you front and center stage in some exciting or changing way. Don’t be afraid to stand up and stand out, especially where your originality or persona is concerned. There is a new goal ahead of you that is taking shape and the more open you are to new ideas, people or situations, the better. Home and financial, sexual or divorce issues should be flowing nicely as well. A child, lover/love interest or creative project may require some adjustments from you later in the day.

Tuesday puts the love, child or creative venture upfront for you with powerful potential to transform through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Be willing to adjust the breadth of the current goal or to stretch yourself towards it a bit more.

Wednesday may challenge you financially with the creative project or loved one. It could also be that there is something clouding the situation with a lover, child or creative venture stemming from divorce or sexual matters. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius doors will open up on the work front and help you to step up in new ways as a leader or authority figure. Take strides towards modifying health regimes or working with animals as well since this is beneficial now.

Thursday is a very lucky day on the career front and should put you in a great space with the work you are delivering or pursuing, health and with animals. Solid, long term benefits can be met at home, through mom, moves, roommates, real estate, or foundations you are building upon today.

Friday you should wrap up any writing, meetings, talks, or agreements about the career or work early in the day as the energy is still so positive. Mars is acting out so you may feel an urge to travel or spark things in media, publishing, education, or legal matters, you may also find you are responding to something that comes up here as well. The good energy comes in through women, high finance, dealing with divorce, or sexual attractions. Romance, artistry and spiritual influence is strong and positive as well. Late tonight Uranus stirs the pot around career, goals or relationship so expect the unexpected.

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Monday is a rather sonic, exciting day for you to stand out for something unique and original now to your persona or identity, married all of a sudden? Single? Different approaches or unusual ideas you may stand for in the field of media, publishing, marketing, publicity, travel, law, or higher education are what brings this in, you could be discovered or have something fall in your lap that changes the tides of who you are becoming. You may find that you are doing something completely different, ready for a change, your image, body or identity may undergo something very radical as you are ready to change it all up. The flow between you and a partner, agent or attorney is dreamy, romantic, artistically in sync, or spiritual valid, use your words, say it or ask for it now.

Tuesday has influence over home, real estate, or where you are currently hanging your hat, this ties in powerfully to the work you are doing here, health efforts, and pets. You may want to make more adjustments around the trip, legal matter, education, or media venture in response.

Wednesday the home matter will challenge partnerships, representatives or competitors in the picture and this is really a bit confusing, sentimental or tied into water issues. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius the door opens for pursuing love or creative opportunities through travel, media, legal channels, publishing, marketing, publicity, or higher education. Do the new or unusual here. Say yes to the same.

Thursday the flow is positive for lovers, love interests, children, or creative ventures through traveling, media, publishing, legal channels, or education. The things you say, ask, write, or sign today in this are very solid, long term and beneficial.

Friday wrap up any last writing, talks, meetings, or agreements from yesterday in those areas as the energy is still so positive here early in the morning. Mars is acting out so sexual attractions may get you wound up or in all kinds of trouble. It could also be that a financially shared matter or divorce is sparking you forward. There is great energy around the woman partner or representative today so you should find ways to connect over creative ventures here or to shine love. Tonight brings a wild card that will likely push your emotional buttons around your work, health or pets.

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Monday shakes things up for you as you step up with a new approach, offer, identity, personal or physical need, and it is going to play out on the high financial plateau of loans, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, taxes, insurance, joint finances with another, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, or debt, or it will play out through sexual attractions, reproduction, or divorce. It’s time to change something and get a fresh lease on life, free yourself. The flow is golden between income and work efforts or health.

Tuesday brings opportunity to write, meet, talk, share ideas, sign or come to agreements, make decisions, short trips, or involve siblings in something powerful going on creatively or with kids or lovers. Again the area of high finance, divorce or sexual attractions is stimulated in this but you are going to want to make some adjustments with your ideas here.

Wednesday brings an obstacle with a woman over work, health or pets. If not a woman then Venus will show the obstacle through love or income matters tied to work, health or pets. Either way, the fog needs a day or two to clear. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius you can tackle things at home and step up again on the shared financial matter, divorce or sexual attraction from new approaches or ideas.

Thursday is a beautiful day for home, sex, divorce, and financial matters with luck on your side in the direction you choose to take here. Solid, long term opportunity around income or spending is available at home, through real estate, moves, roommates, or mom.

Friday again is about talks, writing, agreements, or meetings about the home and shared intimacy there, how the divorce affects it or how shared financial matters will work. Again this is under positive stars early morning so wrap it up then. Mars is acting out through a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor so you may feel like doing something about it. The work you achieve at home or any time to put into animals or health there today is under positive influences. Tonight brings a shocker or change that could shake you up sexually or around the divorce or financial picture, get ready to react in the moment.

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Monday puts you out there in some new way regarding a partnership, representative or competitor. You will want to shine for your originality or unique persona, you could have a sudden windfall from this person, or it could be that they are the one who is shining in some unusual manner. The flow for you with love, creativity and anything involving kids is very lovely today as well. You may need to make an adjustment with the partner around income or spending.

Tuesday puts your earnings at center stage with powerful opportunity to earn from home or through real estate, roommates, or mom. Again, the partner, representative or competitor is where you should make adjustments so you may need to ask for assistance to attract more income or have a talk about spending.

Wednesday the income matter is in a challenging angle to creative project, lovers or children so you may either feel as though you would rather be doing something fun when you have to earn money or like spending in these areas is not matching return. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius the communication lines open up in positive and surprising ways with partners, agents, attorneys, competitors, or specialists allowing for new approaches and ideas to shape better outcomes.

Thursday you can continue to talk, write, meet, or sign documents with partners or representatives as the energy is still very positive. There is luck and expansion in the mix so open up. Something solid and long term may come through today, either news you hear that puts you in the right place at the right time or something you initiate that moves things into place.

Friday morning you can still take advantage of the talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions involving the significant other or representative. Mars acts out through work, health or pets so expect that something at home will take a turn as you respond to this. The ability to connect in love, with kids or over creative efforts is heightened today with true inspiration in your corner, look again at meeting, pitching ideas, writing, or agreements in these arenas. Later tonight is a wild card with someone significant, wild.

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings something brand new sprouting from you, your persona, identity, image, desires, that will manifest on the work front, through health or with pets. You should be open to exciting, new people, ideas, express yourself originally, be ready for anything as you could find something sudden that opens up all kinds of possibilities in these arenas or just decide to strike out in a bold, new direction as you strive for freedom. What you are working on behind closed doors is in beneficial alignment to home and environment so you should have a good day there.

Tuesday is about you and powerful talks, news, meetings, pitches, agreements, or writing that flows around you. This is under opportunity aspects so strive to transform and empower. Work, health or pets are under adjustment aspects so you will likely be adjusting to what is transpiring here or making changes yourself in an attempt to reinvent.

Wednesday challenges at home, with mom, family, real estate, or other foundational matters. This could be over love issues here, a woman, income, or water issues. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius there is a great flow between earning and work so do what you can to invest time here. Again, new ideas, people, approaches, are key to the opportunities flowing in, look for ways to stand out on the internet, with friends or groups, through astrology or charities, for best results.

Thursday the income is the focus again and boy is the energy great today. This is about Jupiter either helping you earn more through your work efforts, health or with animals, or it will influence you to spend on something big here. Solid results are possible today in all things you bring imagination and efforts behind the scenes to make money.

Friday morning wrap up talks, meetings, agreements, or writing on income prospects first thing while the energy is still so positive. Mars is acting out through love interests, children or creative input so you may have to watch anger or it could just fuel you to do something about the current situation, either way, money seems to be involved. On the other hand, home is solid for making or spending money and inspiration, women, objects of beauty, the arts, all could play favorably into what you initiate. Watch for news or talks tonight that throw a wild card into the work, health or pet situation.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is all about you and a love interest, child or creative effort. There is change, excitement and your persona all wrapped up in what is spiking today in these areas. Look for new, free, interesting ideas, people or approaches and step out with our original potential in the mix. Any music you write, films you inspire, or other artistic projects that have your ideas in the mix, any agreements, talks, or meetings that might bring influence here, all should go well, especially if friends, a group, the internet, astrology, or charities are involved.

Tuesday has you in retreat, the studio, the creative process, the hospital, behind closed doors, with powerful potential to earn money or spend on something to benefit transformation through one of these realms. The creative project, love interest or child will require some adjustments to reach the goal you have set but its well worth it.

Wednesday brings news or finds you in talks, meetings or dealing with agreements that challenge your inspiration or idea. It could be over the artistic vision of the content or news about a sibling, hospital, addiction, or neighbor in the mix. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius the day opens up to all kinds of excitement and breakthroughs with lovers, children and creative ventures for you, look for new ideas, situations, things to do, it’s all good.

Thursday is even luckier with more opening up with true love, kids and creative ventures. If you are looking for love, get yourself out there today! There is also beneficial and solid energy around your efforts with friends, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, or charities.

Friday you should wrap up any talks, writing, meetings, or agreements with creative ventures, lovers or children in the morning while the energy is still so positive. Mars is acting up on the home front so you may have things going on at home that stir the pot and distract you. Talks or meetings with women involving romance or artistic efforts are under opportunity aspects today as are potential money making ideas. Tonight brings a wild card around the child, lover or creative venture that will affect income.

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday has you firing on all kinds of spark where home, real estate, mom, or family is concerned. This is about you being your own person, original, fresh and inspired, and it may mean you decide you are going to go about things differently, make your mark with some wild new idea, change something about who you are in the mix, make a break for freedom, or stamp your originality on the project. Career and income are in harmonious flow so expect things to go well here.

Tuesday is about friends, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, or charities for you. There is powerful and positive energy for you in putting yourself into the mix here. You will need to make some adjustments around home, real estate matters, mom, or family as you proceed today.

Wednesday brings up an issue with a woman and income/spending that you will want to deal with. The friend, group, social occasion, internet, astrology, or charity may be involved in this or you may feel like reaching out to these outlets because of the money issue. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius it brings all kinds of positive new approaches, ideas, situations, and opportunity for you to step up in a unique way at home, with real estate, mom, or family.

Thursday is more of the expansion on the home front, through property deals, moves, roommates, mom, family, and the foundations you are building upon. There is luck in the mix through what you do behind the scenes on this, through retreat, hospitals or other institutions, research, imagination, the arts, or spiritual approaches. Today also has very strong links to solid, long term benefits on the career front through these efforts.

Friday carries over the home, real estate, mom, and family context under positive stars but you will want to carry out any talks, writing, meetings, or agreements early in the day to take advantage of the positive energy. Mars then acts up with news or something going on with a sibling or locally that may spark anger or gear you up to react in the moment. Income is under very positive energy flow especially when dealing with women, the beauty field, art, love, or fantasy. Tonight you can expect the unexpected at home, with real estate matters, mom, or family as something of a wild card is tossed into the mix.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday could bring news about something important to you that rocks your world. You could decide to make a break for freedom, change something about yourself in your daily routine, interaction with brothers or sisters, neighbors or short trips, or find that out on the road or with a vehicle you surprise yourself. Writing, agreements, meetings, or talks could all bring something totally outside the norm into your life or help you make a change to who you are, your body, image, or identity. Travel, legal matters, media, and education are in flow with you today.

Tuesday is about career, reputation, fame, father, goals, ambitions, and status for you. There is opportunity to reach something in one or more of these fields through retreat, strategy, development, the arts, spiritual pathways, hospitals, clandestine affairs, or dealing with addictions. Talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions stretch you as goals adjust to new desires.

Wednesday brings a challenge to your goal of love or money. How you perceive yourself is key. If you feel unlovable then find some creative ways to pamper yourself today. Music, film and spiritual energy around you will do wonders. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius you will see doors open wide for you with friends, groups, social occasions, the internet, astrology, or charities. Be bold, do your own thing, bring your originality and unique perspective to the table, it’s all good.

Thursday is again golden for friends, groups, the internet, social occasions, astrology, or charity involvement. You should concentrate on meetings, writing, agreements, talks, ideas, pitches, and short trips that bring this all together because the stars are just plain lucky and expansive. There is potential to solidify something in the media, publishing world, marketing, publicity, legally, through travel, or with education today as well tied to this, all good.

Friday you should wrap up the talks, agreements, writing, or meetings with the friends, groups, astrology, charity, or internet early morning while the energy is still so positive for this. Mars is going to act out through income so you may have to act on what is going on with your money or it could goad you to spend. Venus is showing up to help you attract what you need with the social context above today and inspire all kinds of romantic, spiritual, artistic energy around you. Tonight brings some unexpected news or meeting that may come out of nowhere and shake things up.

PISCES: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday puts you out there in the spotlight in a sudden moment to earn money or to spend it. This will be about you, your body, image, identity, or personal or physical desires so expect to be earning in unusual or original ways tied to who you are or to spend on changes or new items that enhance your looks or body. The flow from other people’s money, sex and divorce is positive as well today and seems to be playing out behind the scenes or in secret for you. You will likely need to make some adjustments around income or spending with a legal, travel, media, or educational matter.

Tuesday is all about the trip, legal issue, media or publishing matter, marketing or publicity, ceremony, or educational aspect around the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity. This is in opportunity aspect for you to really transform something powerfully here today so put energy into what you are after. Again, adjustments come up around income/spending.

Wednesday brings up something challenging with a woman artistically, around a hospital or addiction, clandestine affair, secret, spiritual matter, or investigation. Look at the love or money here and work through how this affects the trip, legalities, media, or education. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius the doors open wide for you to do something new or exciting to earn or spend money and expand the career front or reach a goal.

Thursday brings more luck into the picture with career and income, goals and spending, father, fame, reputation, ambitions, and what you value and want to achieve. There is also solid, long-term potential for you through loans, settlements, inheritance, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, bankruptcy, divorce, mortality matters, or sexual connections today. Look for ways to commit or end things positively here.

Friday you should wrap up any talks, writing, meetings, or agreements regarding income or spending and the goals or career early in the morning while the energy is so positive. Mars will rebel through you so you will want to get physical or release anger or passion at some point and may feel a bit frustrated over career matters in this moment. Venus is supporting all of your artistic efforts and time you spend behind closed doors in retreat, development, clandestine affairs, spiritual pursuits, or research. This means you may attract love or money through this today. Tonight brings some unexpected turn around the money you earn or spend with a friend or tied to the internet or social occasion.

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