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Monday through Friday of this week is your chance to go back and re-tweak any career matter, issues with bosses, need to take authority or deal with authority figures, revisit past goals or ambitions, deal with past issues affecting your reputation, and look at how fame is affecting you. It’s your do-over time here so make adjustments and meet with past people or situations. Starting on Saturday Mercury will continue his Retrograde by backing into Sagittarius and issues will shift accordingly.

Monday is a WHOPPER of a day. Mercury, Mars and Pluto are all converging on the same degree in Capricorn and activating the North Node of Destiny along with the Karmic South Node. They will also be vibrating issues from your summer of change with the Grand Cross. Many of you will already know what this is about because you began to hear news, talk, meet, or otherwise engage last week over it. Mars notoriously comes early so you may have this big news, action, anger, passion, deconstruction over the weekend but it is exact today so something culminates. Again career, reputation, father, fame, authority figures, or a major goal are the playing field and something important to you will be hitting a peak depending on your sign in a certain area of life.

Tuesday the Aries Moon will square all of this which may mean that you are pissed as hell and loaded for bear so if this is you, please breathe and do what you can to see a bigger picture and pace yourself through the peak. Many of you will see this as incredibly motivating energy that drives you to achieve, pushes you out there to go after your goal and ignites passions on a grand level, hopefully you get this version. xoxo

Wednesday the Aries Moon opposes Saturn in Libra and that is it for the entire day. This means that it is a very important day for you in relationship to someone else. You will have an idea who this someone else is when today arrives and what I can tell you is you need to get serious, find a way to balance your own needs with any limits, responsibilities or losses and be willing to look at commitment or endings.

Thursday the Moon and Neptune align harmoniously to aid you in connecting with friends or groups in positive ways. Any artistic or spiritual outlets or romantic questing involving your pals looks like it should be inspiring. The Sun squares Jupiter which typically means you put yourself out there is a very big way and this can be optimistic and great or you might overextend yourself so try to judge your situation accordingly. Once the Moon moves into Taurus you should begin to get a handle on monetary matters and open up important talks with higher ups if necessary that benefit the bottom line.

Friday brings more of income/career harmony with Mars activating your drive and helping things along. This Moon does oppose Venus however so you may need to balance this against debt, credit, settlements, or other outside financial influences today. Some of you are trying to earn more to deal with divorce talks or for reproductive issues and this will need some finesse as well. Whatever the income issue arises today both positive and challenging, it seems one relationship is evolving even further today because of it.

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Your ruler rushes in with action, anger or passion about reputation, career, bosses, authority figures, fame, and new beginnings are born out of what is done today, agreed upon, met over, talked about involving your fresh start and someone/some situation from the past. Excitement and change is in film, music or other art forms, research, hospitals, dealing with addictions or secrets, or spiritual and romantic musings.

Tuesday your emotions get intensely into the mix as the Moon moves into Aries and squares all that information and action from yesterday. You are going to feel driven to achieve, deal with career or reputation, father or father figure, and goals in very direct, deconstructive and rebuilding terms. A woman will need to be dealt with involving something she is in the mix about with money owed, a settlement, loan, or other outside resource, or over divorce or sexual attractions.

Wednesday is a very important day for you with one other significant relationship. This may be a marriage, romantic or business partner, an agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. Whoever is strongly in the picture or on their way out, the energy is about looking at your needs and balancing this with any limits, losses or responsibilities you have with them. It’s a day to commit or sever ties.

Thursday is positive for social functions, parties, networking, time with friends, groups, or associates. It’s a good day to pursue aspirations. Find ways to strive with these people towards artistic, spiritual or romantic inspiration. You are in the middle of a media, marketing, travel, legal, or educational matter today that you may be pushing way out there. This is a time when you can achieve a great deal but must watch not to over extend yourself to your own detriment later. Talks with higher-ups should have you feeling good about income matters.

Friday you are motivated to make money and work your career or pursue goals and this looks positive. The debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, loan, or other outside financial matter must be weighed in today as you try to balance spending/earning. An adjustment with the partner, representative or competition is also needed as you put yourself on the right financial track so see if you can address earning or spending with them.

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Monday it’s all peaking with actions, anger or passions and the trip, media, marketing, publicity, publishing, import/export, legal matter, class you are taking or teaching, or with the person at a distance. New beginnings are coming out of something from the past here and news, talks, meetings, or agreements that transform the situation. Luck and excitement is stirred with social occasions, group affiliations, friends, or aspirations today.

Tuesday the Aries Moon brings intense emotions into the picture over anything that happened yesterday and you will feel driven to express your needs, go after more, and deal with the legal, media, educational, or travel matter from behind the scenes. A female partner, agent, attorney, or competitor/opponent is in the mix in ways that must be adjusted to.

Wednesday is a serious day between you and another person. Your emotional needs are somewhat unconscious, mystical, hidden, or focused on something that is occurring with an artistic project, hospital, prison or other institution, spiritual outlet or research project, investigation or clandestine affair. The other person is pulling energy around work, health or pets and any limits, responsibilities or losses you are feeling there. Do your best to balance your needs against their situation.

Thursday brings positive contact socially from behind the scenes that should bode well for career or goals you have set. You may find an authority figure looks on you with favor today if you are trying to push the artistic work, hospital or prison issue, spiritual or clandestine love matter. You are going to feel bold and optimistic where a sexual, divorce or financial matter is concerned and this may be very positive for the dream you have for yourself, just guard against over extending yourself with a friend or group. The news regarding the trip, legal, media, or educational matter is powerful and positive today.

Friday you will want to take action on that positive travel, legal, media, or educational matter. Express passions, motivate to make something happen. You will be balancing today with a woman and her love or money desires. This can be rather wonderful or challenging depending on how you feel about her. Work, health or pets seem to need some attention or boundaries set today and this requires some adjusting so you can enjoy the rest.

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Monday the financial, sexual, divorce or mortality issue is going to peak in a major way. You are looking at news, talks, meetings, or decisions that involve the past here and a goal or ambition combining with actions, motivating forces, passions, or anger and some profound change or transformation. This may be about the loan, inheritance, bankruptcy, debt, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, settlement, or other outside resource, or it could be about a sexual attraction or issue, divorce, or something related to someone’s passing. There is big change and excitement going on with career or reputation today as well.

Tuesday the Moon will activate emotions in an intense way with a friend, group or aspiration regarding everything that peaked on Monday. You are going to feel driven again to express your needs and make things happen. You will need to make some adjustments with a woman around work, health or pet matters as well.

Wednesday is putting you and another important person as the focus of the day. It is serious and about work, effort, commitment or endings. Your needs are social or revolve around a dream you have for yourself while the focus on the other person is love, children or creative endeavors. This may be their needs or what you are projecting on them. Either way try to find the perfect balance between what you want and what they need.

Thursday brings positive opportunity through travel, legal, media, or educational options with a friend or group. If you can find a way to do something artistic, spiritual or romantic within this paradigm you should do well. You are bound to go way out on a limb where a partnership, representative or competitor is concerned and this may be positive and optimistic while trying to reach a goal or broaden your career but you must watch out that you don’t over extend yourself. Feelings should be pretty great concerning a secret and something sexy, financial or about a divorce.

Friday you are going to have lots of energy for the sexual connection, divorce or financial matter and will do best behind closed doors on this. Something must be dealt with involving a woman at work, with a health matter or tied to pets. You may need to also work around a lover, child or creative project in some way.

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Monday brings an intense peak with a marriage, business or romantic partner, or an agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. Mercury Retrograde is meeting up with Mars, Pluto and the Nodes so actions, passions or anger, and the past issues are all coming up for major changes. It’s time to say what needs saying and to do what needs doing. Luck and excitement are coming through media, travel, legal, or educational outlets.

Tuesday brings intense emotions to bear on what began yesterday and these will be focused on career, goals, dad, bosses, reputation, fame, or achievements and that other person you were peaking with yesterday. This is going to motivate you to step up and try to get your needs met or make a stake in something. A woman involved in your creative project, with your children, a female child, or a female love interest are going to need to be dealt with as well today, this is about love or money and adjustments.

Wednesday is about you and another person and that is about it. Your emotional needs are going to be focused on a big goal that is important to you, this could be your career, ambition, reputation, father, or in dealing with an authority figure. The other person is tied to home, moves, living situations/balance, mom, or your sense of security. Here you must get real about time, effort, limits, endings, or commitment.

Thursday brings some positive energy your way towards your goal via financial means, divorce topics or sexual attractions. It’s a dreamy, artistic, romantic energy playing out here that will help you to achieve your ambition. At work or with your health you seem to be in the spotlight today and very optimistic or going way out there regarding a media, travel, educational, or legal matter. This can be very positive for you, just watch that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Your social circle and aspirations are well balanced with others, talks are powerful and positive.

Friday brings more social and one-on-one relationships into the picture in positive ways but today we leave the talks and move into action. You need to balance all this social, friend, group energy with a love interest, child or creative venture to make sure you are in balance where it’s important. You may need to tackle something at home or with mom before heading out to something social tonight.

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Monday is a whopper where your work, a co-worker, employee, service your provide, health concern or topic, or pets/animals are concerned. There is major change in the air here and empowerment through actions, passion, anger, words, agreements, decisions, and deconstructing to rebuild on more solid ground. Your ambitions are highly in the mix here and you can pull on past people or situations to manifest what you need. Luck and excitement come through financial affairs, sexual attractions or issues or divorce matters.

Tuesday brings emotions strongly into the mix over whatever came to the surface yesterday and today distance, travel, media, publicity, marketing, publishing, import/export, legal matters, ceremonies, or education will motivate you to push things further along. You need to make some concessions for the woman at home or around a money matter tied to home or moves.

Wednesday is all about you and another person and it is a serious energy here. You seem to need the trip, something from the person far away, the publicity or media project, the class, or the legal matter to get energy. At the same time there is very serious communication or it has been cut off with the other person. They may be telling you they need commitment, a serious decision, an agreement, or an ending, or you may be telling them this same thing.

Thursday brings someone into the picture to partner with or represent you and very positive artistic, romantic or spiritual energy. As a result your feelings about the trip, distance, media, publishing, legal, or educational matter seem to be much better. You are putting yourself strongly into the spotlight today for a creative project, true love or a child and this is big as you go for something financially, sexually or through divorce. If your happiness is hinged on financials for the creative project or intimacy with the love or getting a child through a divorce, today will help you do it, just watch for over extending yourself. Career and goals should feel solid and talks about the work, health or pets are positive as well.

Friday brings action on the work front, with tasks at hand, regarding health, or involving pets and this is very much aligned with achieving goals and positive flow. You will need to balance this with a woman at home or with love or money matters building at home or with moves, roommates, or real estate. At least one serious communication today requires adjustments.

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Monday is about a major peak with a creative project, lover, love interest, or child. Action, passion, aggression, the past, talks, agreements, meetings, and profound change or deconstruction to rebuild is in the mix here. Luck and excitement are flowing through partnership, representation and competition with possible change or expansion here as well.

Tuesday emotions get into the mix over whatever came up yesterday. This will be major regarding your needs or actions and the financial prospects, sexual attraction or issue, reproductive matter, or divorce. You will feel motivated to express yourself here strongly and make things happen or react to what you find out has happened. An important talk or meeting is in the mix with a woman or about love or money and a sibling, neighbor or move.

Wednesday is very serious between you and another person as you look at your feelings regarding the debt, inheritance, loan, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, settlement, alimony, or any other outside resource. You will need to balance this against the money the other person is earning or spending or a possession involving them. It’s a time to get real about what needs to be done, limited, cut off, or committed to through effort, time and work.

Thursday brings positive artistic or spiritual work into the picture for you and opportunities to express yourself here. It’s a good day for spiritual health practices and for renewing the spirit through animals. You are center stage at home, with a property matter, move, roommate situation, or mom/mother figure today and there is a lot of optimism or big expansion occurring involving an important other person here. This may be very lucky and happy regarding partners, agents, attorneys, or other relationships tied to home, just watch that you do not over extend yourself through them. Creative talks or meetings, or ones involving lovers or children should go well especially where distance, trips, media, legal matters, education, or ceremonies are concerned.

Friday you will feel like motivating on the creative front after the talks, ideas or decisions you made yesterday and this looks very positive. This energy also applies to lovers and children so dive in and find ways to express passion or active outlets together. Travel, media, education, and legal matters are still tied in positively to them but you do need to have a talk or meeting with a woman today to balance what is occurring. Make some adjustments around what is being earned or spent.

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Monday brings a major peak to the home issue, move, roommate situation, mom/mother figure issue, or real estate matter. You may have been feeling this building for days now as past words, agreements, decisions, meetings, are meeting up with action, anger, passion, motivating forces, and complete deconstruction to rebuild from the roots up now. Luck and excitement are the name of the game through changes affecting work, health or pets.

Tuesday emotions will get strongly into the mix over whatever peaks for you on Monday and this is going to come through your needs being expressed or your emotional anger or passion being felt through or towards a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or opponent as you address yesterdays topic. You will need to make some adjustments around money being earned or spent in this.

Wednesday is all about you and another person and it is quite serious. You have needs that you want met in another person and these are very real to you. At the same time the other person whether that is a business partner, romantic partner, representative, or opponent, has limits, or wants a commitment, or is severing ties. It could be you deciding to commit more effort, time and heart or walking away as well. You must come to the day with an attitude of finding balance between needs for best results.

Thursday opens with some lovely romantic, spiritual or artistic energy flowing through your contact with children, lovers or around a creative project and tied to the relationship shifts. This is an opportunity to make positive strides forward. You are in the spotlight taking on something big in the work, health or pet arena and what you say or agree to today could be quite big and lucky as long as you do not over extend yourself. Your debt, loans or other financial matters should come into alignment today at home or tied to property matters. It’s also a great day for intimacy at home or dealing with divorce and house matters.

Friday you will be very active at home, with a move, roommate, or mom/mother figure as you make more progress on the financial, intimate or divorce matter. A woman is important today where income is concerned and you will want to balance spending with her if necessary or find ways to increase earnings. All of these intense transformations of late are going to take some toll on your physical body if you don’t take time to take care of you so pace yourself today.

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Monday is a very big day for a meeting, talk, writing project, agreement, news that comes in, something going on in your neighborhood, with a move, or involving a brother or sister. Your third house that rules these things is being activated strongly by the past and actions, passions, anger, motivating forces, and deconstructing to rebuild or total transformations. You may be the one saying something profound that changes things with someone from the past or you may hear news that does this, something you wrote in the past may hit some very intense and powerful life changing peak now or passions may ignite while running into someone locally from the past, you get the idea. Luck and excitement is stirring through creative ventures, children or lovers/love interests.

Tuesday intense emotions join the party and you are going to feel driven over work that needs doing, a health matter or pets, all in response to what came up yesterday. Motivate to express your needs through doing the work, going after the work, tackling the health, getting to the gym, the doctors or out on the trail, or doing what you can for an animal. Physical or personal adjustments are part of todays mix as you stretch towards love or money goals.

Wednesday is very serious between you and another person. You are focused on your needs regarding work, health or pets. The energy around the other person is tied to artistry, film, music or other art projects, secrets, hidden affairs, research, hospitals, addictions, retreat, or some kind of spiritual pursuit. As you try to balance your healthy lifestyle with their retreat or self sabotage, their sexual fantasies or hidden agendas, or as you try to handle work or animals while they are into something artistic, or while you try to meld the two worlds into a working scenario, you must get real and either put in the work, time, effort, and commitment or look at endings.

Thursday brings some opportunity for artistic, spiritual or romantic energy into the home and should have you feeling pretty good about the work you are doing, your health or the animals there. You are in the spotlight around earning money today or dealing with spending and this is very optimistic and expansive where creative projects are concerned or involving children or lovers. Just guard against over extending yourself. You should feel good about your representatives, handlers, partners, or how you are doing with the competition today as you talk, meet or hear news that pleases.

Friday you are going to want to act on what came through yesterday with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competition. The energy is still favoring positive results. You do need to balance whatever is happening with this person against your own needs for love or money in the picture. You also need to set some limits or take more responsibility around what is going on behind the scenes.

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Monday brings a big peak around income, spending or a possession for you. The past is figuring into this through what was said, agreed to, met over, or written. You will see action, anger or passion motivating you forward here over major changes or transformations that deconstruct so that you can rebuild. Luck and excitement are brewing at home or involving real estate, mom/mother figures, moves, roommates, or family. This will be about something opening up here that benefits you now or in the future.

Tuesday emotions will get strongly into the mix over whatever peaked yesterday over income/spending or possessions. You are going to want to express your needs creatively, through love or over a child in this. Motivate to make things happen here. Adjustments regarding a woman and something that is going on behind the scenes or involves music, film or other artistic outlets, fantasy, escapism, hospitals, prisons, addiction, spiritual pursuits, or clandestine affairs is part of the day as well.

Wednesday is all about you and another person and this looks serious. Your needs are all wrapped up in love, feeling loved, pursuing love, fun, your needs with a child, or a creative project. The other person is feeling limiting or has responsibilities that are social, about networking, friends, groups, or some big occasion. You need to look at getting real here and balancing both sides through effort, commitment or cutting something off.

Thursday should bring some really happy romantic, spiritual or artistic news or talks with a lover or regarding a creative project. You may find inspiration for something with a child as well. Take the opportunity to dream a bit and share ideas. You are in the spotlight today in a major way and this in turn is going to help you to expand your home base or to broaden your world through a move, real estate deal, roommate situation, adding to your family, or doing something big with mom/mother figures. This looks very optimistic and happy, just guard against over extending yourself. Work and income/spending seem to be aligned positively today.

Friday brings action on earning or spending money and this is harmonious so if you need to seek more income go for it especially where past opportunities lay, if you need to spend on something for work, health or pets, this looks positive as well. You need to balance all of this against what is going on behind closed doors involving love or money. You will also most likely need to make some last minute adjustments around plans with a friend or group today.

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Monday may be a whopper for you as Retrograde Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and the Nodes are all getting together in your sign! This means you may be the one making a big decision, having a major talk, signing a big agreement, writing or sending out a written project, taking that meeting or meeting up with someone powerful, or getting into a move, something local, or something involving brothers or sisters. It can also mean you are reacting to news coming in here. It’s about passion, anger, action, the past, new futures, power, finances, divorce or sexual attractions, mortality, or empowerment. It’s also about deconstructing something to rebuild on more solid ground. You may be focused on your body, image or identity in this as well. There is a lot of energy around expansion, luck, happiness, excitement, shock, surprise, and change as well.

Tuesday your emotions are going to get into the mix here over what peaked yesterday and you are going to want to express energy, passion, action, or anger around home, real estate, moves, roommates, or mom/mother figures. It’s time to make things happen. Whatever comes up, the female friend or associate should be kept in mind as you find ways to adjust to things through reaching out to her or making concessions for her.

Wednesday is all about you and another person. Your needs are for home, real estate, moves, mom/mother figures, or family. You are going to want to put your energy here for whatever personal reasons you have. The other person is going to be showing you limits, responsibilities, losses, ambitions, authority issues or figures, or asking you to commit or exit and this is going to be about a major goal you have with them or they are tied to career, ambition, reputation, fame, or are the boss, father or father figure. You will want to get real and balance your needs with what you are seeing.

Thursday brings some positive energy around income or spending. You may receive or purchase something artistic or romantic today as well. This should have you feeling better about home, mom or real estate matters. You are in the spotlight in something going on behind closed doors. This could mean you are strongly placed in film, music or other muse related art projects, in research or investigations, at hospitals or other institutions, or in secrets or clandestine affairs. Happiness comes through the talks you have, meetings you take, decisions you make, writing you do or present, or agreements you sign related to one of these behind the scenes activities. This looks optimistic and positive, just don’t over extend yourself. Talks or meetings about creative projects or with children or lovers are under very positive stars.

Friday you will be acting on the creative venture, with the child or the lover. This is passion or motivating forces working for your benefit so enjoy. You do need to balance something with a friend, group or aspiration and it is tied to a woman or to your need for love or money. The career is going to require some time today so try to do what you can to accommodate this as you set off on the creative venture, love affair or with kids.

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Monday is a major peak with the hidden most mystical part of your chart. This is about the past meeting up with actions, passion, anger, major upheaval that is set to transform things and put them on new ground. It is about news coming in, decisions made, something in writing, a meeting, and motivating forces set to change the clandestine affair, the love that is fantasy, a secret, something going on at hospital, prison or through another institution, a music, film or other artistic project, a research project or investigation, an addiction, escapism or self-sabotaging ways. There is luck and excitement in the mix over income or spending as well today.

Tuesday is going to bring emotions intensely into the picture over what came up yesterday. This is going to be about you expressing your needs verbally, in writing, or motivating locally, expressing passion or anger over the phone, in messages, at a local haunt, or involving siblings, moves or neighbors. You are going to also need to talk with a woman about career shifts or something you need to do on that front that involves her.

Wednesday is about you and another person and it is serious. This is about you expressing your needs in talks, writing, meetings, over agreements, locally, through moves, or with siblings. It is also about something involving the other person legally, at a distance, through travel, over import/export, with media, publishing, publicity, marketing, ceremonies, or education. You need to commit or end something as you try to balance this relationship.

Thursday brings some positive opportunity to express your romantic, artistic or spiritual energy and this should have you feeling good about a decision or agreement. You are in the spotlight regarding a friendship, group, social affair, or aspiration today and this looks like it could be big monetarily. You could be doing something to earn or spending here, all good, just watch that you do not over extend yourself. More talks, meetings or agreements going on behind the scenes should have you feeling good about the property.

Friday you will be acting on this, at home, with a real estate deal, a roommate, move, or something at the roots of your life, again this looks positive. You need to balance this with a woman on the career front or any goal you have that involves love or money. Make some more adjustments around the trip, legal matter, education, or media outlet.

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Monday brings a peak with a friend, group, associate, social affair, or aspiration. This involves past people or situations, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, and goals. It is something passionate, angry, active, motivating, powerful, and deconstructive with an aim at rebuilding on new ground or transforming to another level. Something is changing within you today, it is big, expansive, and rebellious, all positive.

Tuesday intense emotions get into the mix regarding what happened yesterday and this is going to push you to express your needs or go after what you need regarding income, spending or possessions. The friend, group or aspiration is in this mix as you motivate around the money. You need to make some adjustments around the woman who is far way or is in some way involved in a trip, media matter, legal issue, ceremony, or education.

Wednesday is about you and another person and it is serious. This is about your need to make money or about money you have to spend. It could also be about how you feel about a possession in question such as a home, car or ring. The other person is representing the sexual attraction, divorce issues, reproductive issue, loan, debt, credit, inheritance, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, commission, royalty, or other outside resource, or issues over mortality. You need to look at limits, loss, or responsibility with this person and make decisions to balance between all of this through commitment or endings.

Thursday brings some positive opportunities that should have you feeling better about money. These stem from what you can strategize or bring imagination to, through dealings with hospitals or other institutions, through film, music or other art forms, research or investigations, spiritual pursuits or retreats, and working behind the scenes. You are out in the public eye today or in the spotlight where career, reputation or a big goal is concerned. This bodes well for personal luck and expansion just take care that you don’t push yourself too far out there and over extend yourself in some way. Positive talks or news involving a friend, group or aspiration are possible today and help to change things powerfully.

Friday you will be taking action towards the social affair, with the friend, regarding the group affiliation, out networking, or chasing an aspiration and again, this should be quite positive. Agreements, writing, meetings, talks, are all favored. You do need to find some balance between all of this and travel, media, legalities, or educational matters you are dealing with involving a woman. Make adjustments around debt, settlements, or other financial matters, sexual attractions or issues, divorce, or handling any life and death issues of anyone who is facing them.

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