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We are just into MERCURY RETROGRADE so slow down and really listen, you are being given a bit of a rethink about your career goals, reputation and direction of ambitions.

Saturday is about connecting in some fresh start with a friend or group regarding your artistic direction, a romantic attraction, a spiritual pursuit, or something going on at hospital, around dealing with addictions, research, or strategies. You will feel like doing something major today regarding the career or a big goal of yours and this looks positive, just pace yourself.

Sunday is great for talks or meetings about the goal and looking for ways to open up a financial track towards what you are developing. It may bring sexy connections behind closed doors as well. There is an adjustment required today through or with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Look at ways to solidify ties, sever them or take on more responsibility.

If you want to listen to how this MERCURY RETROGRADE from Dec. 10-30th is going to affect your sign you can listen to the podcast here: and then click on the link below the DEC. 9th Show.

ARIES: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday is offering you a chance to start over with a friend by reaching out in a spiritual way or over a romantic or artistic issue, or something they are dealing with in a hospital or with addictions. Your career seems to be in gear today and will benefit from any work you can do behind the scenes. Motivate to really get out there and go for what you desire. A past boss, career opportunity or goal may be part of this mix.

Sunday is about talks, meetings or agreements that tie into the past scenario on the career front and open up more opportunity with the film, music or other artistic project, a hospital or other institutional matter, a spiritual pursuit, research or investigation, or something you are developing in secret. There is great sexy energy in the air for you as well today so connect with the one you love and find time to get away in secret. Look at ways to adjust to the relationship dynamic since something serious is going on here today.

TAURUS: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings some new beginning on the career front, with an authority figure or with a major goal. Look at artistry, romance, spiritual pursuits, or institutions as good energy in this field. You will want to take powerful action on a travel, legal, media, or educational matter today tied to aspirations, friends or groups. This is giving a nod to the past in some transformational and empowering way.

Sunday you will meet, talk or form agreements over this travel, media, legal, or educational matter and this looks very positive for you. There is potential for the flow of love or money to activate through partnership or representation as well. Reach out to friends, connect with groups, pursue your dreams with a passion in all you say now. Again, you are revisiting the past in some of this to rethink, reconnect or release. Be willing to look at ways to work around adjustments to health, work or pets.

GEMINI: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings new beginnings through travel, media, legal matters, or education. Find ways to apply your artistry or spiritual attunement, or to pursue romance or deal with hospitals or addictions through these realms. You are going to feel VERY passionate today and want to connect with someone intimately and it looks as though that goal can be achieved or you can get closer. If you aren’t feeling this as sexual energy then you will be motivated to do something intense about the financial goal or divorce, again positive.

Sunday will bring talks, meetings and agreements around the loan, settlement, inheritance, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, or other outside resources, or to the sexual attraction or issue, or divorce. Goals are again within reach or ways are opening to bring you closer. Women at work, tied to health matters or animals are beneficial today. You will need to make some adjustments around creative projects, love or children due to responsibilities, limits or endings.

CANCER: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday is opening up new beginnings with loans, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, or other outside financial matters, or with sexual attractions or issues, or divorce proceedings. The energy here is about spiritual, romantic or artistic expression, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. You are going to want to do something intense with a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor through travel, media, legal means, or education. This energy is highly charged around passion or anger so watch your actions.

Sunday will open talks, meetings or agreements regarding the partner, representative or opponent and the legal, media, educational, or travel matter and this looks very positive. There is positive flow through creative endeavors tied to the trip, class, legal topic, or media outlet as well as positive opportunity for love or time with children here. Love and money are in harmony. Something about the home, mom or living situation is going to require some adjustments due to serious matters.

LEO: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday is a fresh start with or through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. You should focus on your feelings about artistic, spiritual or romantic needs or look at how hospitals or research is going to open new doors here. You are going to want to do something powerful about work, a co-worker, the job you have or want, a health issue or need, or pets. This is in direct relationship to the shared financial picture, divorce or sexual attraction holding sway.

Sunday talks, meetings or agreements arrive over work/job issues or interviews, health needs or pets. This carries over from the actions of yesterday and is under positive stars to make changes in shared arenas of financials, sex or divorce. Love and/or money are flowing positively at home, with mom or through moves, roommate situations or renovations. The past is figuring into this so if a past real estate deal shows up but needs work or a job is available from the past, consider it.

VIRGO: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday is offering you a fresh start on a work project or work that has piled up, with a co-worker or employee, with a health issue or need, or with animals. Look at ways to connect spiritually in this or to apply artistic or romantic ideals and if you need to start over with a hospital or in dealing with an addiction, do it now. You are going to feel strongly passionate, angry or motivated to act with a lover, child or creative venture so watch how this energy comes on. The past is all stirred up again here. There is positive flow to partnering or working with a representative in this.

Sunday brings meetings, talks or agreements with the past love interest, issue/activity with a child or involvement with a creative venture. This again is positive and actively tied to partnerships, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competition. Talks will really flow well that involve love or money between you and this person. You do need to be willing to adjust a bit around limits or added responsibilities on the income front or with spending.

LIBRA: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings a fresh start with a creative project, love interest or something involving a child. Look at artistic, spiritual, romantic, or hospital affiliations opening up here and something social to the mix. There is going to be a drive to change something at home in a powerful way and this will stimulate work there, health regimes or connections with pets to morph for the better. The past is tied strongly into home, mom, moves, renovations, home businesses, roots, and family right now for revisiting.

Sunday talks, meetings or agreements arise over the home issues of yesterday with positive energy towards work, health or pets here again. You should find the day offers you positive ways to earn or spend money tied to work, health or pets. You need to make some personal or physical adjustments today so you don’t overtax your body with all the work you are doing, protect your back.

SCORPIO: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings a fresh start at home, with a move, renovation, decorating, mom, family, or roommate situation. Apply artistry, romance, spirituality, or recuperation as the theme here. You are going to want to act in a very powerful, passionate way with a lover today through the talks or meetings you have and this looks positive. If you are angry this energy will help you to expel your feelings through communications or walking it out or hitting the gym. If the past love interest is not strongly in the picture with this then it will be about a past creative project or something involving a past issue with a child playing out in powerful ways.

Sunday brings more talks, meetings or agreements with a lover, child or about a creative project and again the past is significant along with positive energy around the love or money you need being met. You are going to have to make some adjustments around a secret here by limiting or taking on more responsibility or you are going to need to get serious about the artistic outlet, work you are doing behind closed doors, research or investigation necessary to move forward, or any dealings with institutions required right now.

SAGITTARIUS: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday will open up some fresh talks, new meetings or agreements regarding artistic projects, romance, spiritual pursuits, or hospitals and addictions. You are going to want to do something intense and major regarding income or spending today and how that affects your home, move, renovation, roommate situation, or mom/mother figure. Past income or spending seems to be a big part of this picture or a monetary issue around a possession that began a while back is resurfacing.

Sunday will bring positive talks, meetings or agreements about this past possession, income or spending potential and the home, move, roommate, renovation, real estate deal, or mom/mother figure. You should find you can get ahead with money or love at home by keeping things under wrap at present or by delving into the artistic or romantic side of thing behind the scenes. You do need to make some concessions regarding a friend, social event, group affiliation, or aspiration by dealing with limits or responsibilities here.

CAPRICORN: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings a new beginning for you around money, look for ways to earn more or interesting ways to spend on artistic projects or pieces, film, music, spiritual pursuits, clandestine romance, hospitals, or through research and work you do behind the scenes. You are going to feel very intense today and this will come flooding out through passions, actions or anger in your local environment, through talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions and you are truly standing in your past vision of yourself to correct something physically or start new with the past through your physical connections, image, or ego needs.

Sunday brings positive talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements that involve you, your body, image, identity, or personal desires and the past. You can talk or meet with friends today, join or attend group activities, or pursue a big dream of yours with positive energy behind you through the flow of love or money. You will have to attend to something demanding on the career front before you can get out and spend love or money socially.

AQUARIUS: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings a new personal beginning for you in areas of body, image or needs tied to artistry, spiritual quests, romance, or hospitals. You are going to feel a strong drive to do something passionate, aggressive or motivated behind closed doors today that has its roots in the past and this could mean an opportunity to spend or earn money through actions you take that are secret and involve outside financial matters, a partners money, a sexual attraction, or a divorce.

Sunday brings more talks, meetings, or agreements regarding the past spiritual, romantic, artistic, or hospital matter and ways to earn or spend money. This looks very positive so open up or make that meeting. Career goals are in sight, women benefit goals, and you may find love at the work place today or want to spend on the object of your affection. You will need to make an adjustment around the limits or responsibilities far away, through travel, involving media, education, or legal matters.

PISCES: (Get an in-depth personal reading from Zoe! Call 818-613-6067)

Saturday is about the feelings you have over new turns or beginnings involving hospitals, research, film, music, or other art forms, spiritual pursuits, or investigations, clandestine affairs, or addictions. You are going to feel a strong desire to do something about a friend, group or aspiration from the past today and this is going to be driven by passion, anger or a need to transform how you feel about yourself.

Sunday brings talks, meetings and agreements tied to this past friend, group or aspiration in positive alignment with what you need for yourself on a subconscious level. Meeting up for artistic projects or delving into hidden issues is favored. Love or money is aligned for you through a trip, someone at a distance, legal means, education, or media ventures. You do need to make some adjustments to the limits or responsibilities to financial resources, sexual matters, divorce, or someone’s mortality.

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