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We have one more week to go in the Grand Cross, how is the ride treating you so far? A few big changes in the works in your life? In those around you? Well, the weekend should be a bit of catching up to where you find yourself.

Saturday is our first full day with Uranus back in Pisces. Remember that we now have this innovator in the sign of dreams, art, film, fantasy, spirituality, psychic abilities, mystical experience, retreat, and through opening healing to addictions or through hospitals. You will only have this energy here through March 12th of next year, not to return for another 84 years. So, if there is a friend you want to delve into these realms with, a group you want to join or start to tackle something here, a path through astrology to one of these arenas, an internet opportunity that connects here, THIS IS IT! Get busy :)

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Saturday the Lights are supportive of the relationship work you are doing so focus on partners, representatives, competition, and specialists. A 4 hour void begins at 4:06pm eastern on the trine to Neptune in the sign of friends, groups, the internet and astrology so dream about what you want here, put in some vision work, get a massage or a saune, it’s inner respit. At 8:26pm eastern the Moon moves into Scorpio and emotions shift considerably. This is the energy that stirs up powerful passions, obsessions, sexual charges, deep intimacy, and focuses our more mundane needs on the major financial picture, debt, loans, settlements, taxes, and divorce issues if this pertains to your situation.

Sunday that Scorpio Moon is going to sextile the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto. Pluto is in the sign of our ambitions, career, goals, reputation, fame, and father/father figures. This aspect is very strong and filled with opportunity to reach a goal if you work it. Look at what you want to accomplish or achieve with a sexual conquest, sexual issue, reproductive matter, divorce, loan, credit issue, debt, settlement, tax, insurance, alimony, child support, commission, royalty, inheritance, bankruptcy, or joint financial situation. Then focus in on making your move.

ARIES: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday begins your first full day of Uranus back in your house of dreams, film, fantasy, music, artistry, spirituality, clandestine affairs, secrets, work behind closed doors, research, investigations, retreat, hospitals, and addictions. You are the one in the zodiac holding the lightning and originality, inventions and insight here from now until March 12th. Don’t let this once in a lifetime genius go to waste, get inspired and follow your muse. Relationships are front and center today as you connect to work on creative ventures, do things with or for kids, or enjoy the love. The evening is about the sex, finances or divorce and adjustments you are making around your Uranian pursuits.

Sunday brings a positive aspect between the major financial picture or issues, the sexuality or intimacy, or the divorce issues and the goal you wish to achieve here. It is very powerful and intense but in a way that should motivate you to go deep and drive it home!

TAURUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is your first full day with Uranus back in Pisces, the last time you will experience this exciting awakener and innovator in your social realm of friends, groups, networking, and aspirations this lifetime. You have this energy downloading you with genius and invention between now and March 12th doing its best to spark something unique and original through your friendships, groups or a major aspiration that you have set for yourself. The internet and astrology favor you here as well. Open up to the possibilities around you. Relationships are supportive at work, with health or involving pets today and may help you to achieve goals or career agendas. The evening is all about a powerful connection with another.

Sunday Scorpio Moon is bringing in a very powerful connection again for you with a partner, representative or specialist and the opportunity for you to travel, connect long distance, get involved in import/export, do something involving religion or beliefs, attend or plan a ceremony, get the ball rolling on a media, broadcasting, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, teach a class or attend one, or get busy on a legal matter. This is in good angle so push for changes or empowerment through these doors.

GEMINI: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is your first full day of Uranus back in Pisces energy and your career Midheaven. This is such a significant time period for you I just can’t say enough about it so listen up, you are being granted the inspiration, innovation, originality, genius, lightning bolt excitement of the universe through your goals, reputation, career opportunities, status, and leadership. You won’t get this energy here again this lifetime and you have it until March 12th of next year. So follow your inspirations! Do the unusual, be independent and trail blaze, set goals that involve friends, groups, the internet, or astrology and work in the artistic, spiritual, institutional, or addictive arenas for best results. If a goal involves a clandestine affair, know that this excitement and any changes are full force now through March. Today relationships flow between creative outlets, lovers, children, and the media, travel, education, or legal means.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon is putting your emotional needs on health matters, work you need to attend to or go after, and pets. There is great alignment to empower or change something here through an outside financial resource or to connect intimately with someone powerful through the work you do, your health regime or while out attending to pets. IF you need to put in some work on a divorce matter, this energy supports you as well.

CANCER: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is the first whole day of Uranus back in Pisces and the beginning of the last pass in your lifetime of this exciting, innovating energy through your house of the higher mind. This means the universe is favoring your sign to download inventions, broadcast new ideas, trail blaze with friends, groups, through the internet or astrology in the realms of the media, publishing, publicity, travel, with foreign people or situations, through education, or the law. Step outside the box, be independent and lead in the these fields. Relationship today plays out through home, moves, real estate matters, and the positive flow here to outside financial resources, sexual intimacy or divorce dealings.

Sunday Scorpio Moon will focus you on a lover, child or creative project in a powerful way and align to people you can partner with in marriage, business, or find to represent your needs such as an agent, attorney, specialist, or manager. You will even find ways to handle competitors today through love and creative expansion. See who you can connect with to enjoy this flow!

LEO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is your first full day of Uranus back in Pisces and the beginning of his last transit through the deepest part of your chart between now and March 12th next year, in your lifetime. This is about awakening something very unique, independent, genius, or revolutionary for you through sex, reproduction, divorce, or a major financial matter. You will find that during this last pass you will find new ideas and approaches through connections with friends, groups, the internet, or astrology in finding new ways to move forward on intimacy, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, loans, or any other outside financial matter, sex, or divorce. Relationships today focus in on talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements over the partnership, representation or competition. The energy here is supportive for spiritual, romantic or artistic alignment.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon will hone in on home, moves, roommates, real estate deals, and security issues for you. It is a deep arena in your chart and there is powerful opportunity today to change something through the work you do or to deal with health matters at home or to tackle anything involving pets here.


Saturday is your first full day with Uranus back in your opposite sign of Pisces. He will travel here through March 12th next year and give you a very last view of this exciting energy of change and invention through business or marriage partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. What do you want to do here to express originality, freedom, independence, invention, or to connect through friendship, group affiliation, the internet, or astrology? This energy will not be back this lifetime so change and originality, unique individuals to connect with and bring the energy of the great awakener to you is here, what do you want? Relationships today will involve income=earning or spending with a positive focus on artistry or spirituality through the work you do, health approach or interaction with animals.

Sunday is an opportunity for some very deep and profound meetings or talks. Use the energy to connect with a lover, do something with a child or open up communications over a creative project. Put pen to paper, write it out, sign agreements, or make a short trip to open the flow.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is the first full day of Uranus back in the sign of Pisces, a transit that will last now through March 12th next year. This is the last shot you have this lifetime with this exciting, stimulating energy here so you really want to be open to changes, inspiration, independence, unusual approaches or people or situations that lead to new ideas or insights in the work you take on, with your health or through pets/animals. You will find with Uranus here that friends, groups or aspirations are important to the work, health or pets and that the internet or astrology may help you break new ground as well. There is every reason to believe you are downloading original or inventive energy for your work, health or pets now so connect with a friend or group and see what you can trail blaze on! Relationships today focus on your needs and connect with love, creative projects or children in a very positive way, enjoy.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon will bring your attention to a money matter. This is about earning or spending and something deep, intense or compulsive taking hold. You will find that you can make some positive changes at home or with a living situation or real estate matter that can benefit the money matter greatly. Be willing to make changes.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings the first full day of Uranus back in Pisces where he will tour now through next March 12th. This will be the last time in your lifetime you have the great awakener, planet of genius, excitement and originality in your house of true love, children and creative projects. You really want to be open to changes, new ways of approaching these arenas, interesting, quirky or brilliant people who enter your life now to awaken something for you here, independent and inventive ideas or approaches to love, creativity or kids, and know that friends, groups, the internet, or astrology may be part of what opens up this love, child or creative opportunity for you to trail blaze. If you can apply a spiritual, artistic, romantic color to what you are doing or involve an institution or tackle an addiction, or delve into research towards it, so much the better. Relationships today will do best behind closed doors at home or over home needs.

Sunday the Moon is in your sign so you will want to attend to your own needs. This can be about a writing project, powerful talk or meeting, an agreement or decision you make about your body, image, identity, or needs, but regardless of which it is, know that all communications are aligning positively and powerfully for you today. Change is good.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is your first full day of Uranus back in the sign of Pisces and the last transit of this energy through your home base between now and March 12th of your lifetime. This means you want to look at the trend of change and innovation, excitement and inspiration, new ideas and people, trail blazing efforts and independence in your approach to home, moves, real estate deals, roommates, and mom/mother figures. You will see new things coming in through these doors and may find that your connection to a friend or group defines your living situation during this transit or that the internet or astrology aid your efforts here. You may invent something for the home or open up a huge aspiration from here now. The arts, romance and spirituality are all blossoming through your social sphere at home or in making the group your home. Relationships today play out through social connections, events, friends or groups and the meetings or talks you have that support you, it’s positive.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon will have you feeling like retreating a bit or dealing with some secret or private matter involving finances, sex, reproduction, or divorce. There is very positive opportunity to change something here through empowering yourself through the money you make or spend, see if you can research or work on it behind closed doors.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings the very last transit of Uranus through Pisces in your lifetime as he makes himself known this first full day back. He will tour this part of your chart from now through March 12th next year and you will be the favored zodiac sign to download inventions or exciting new ideas or concepts. You will be on fire with original thoughts, you should take advantage of this time to write, communicate your ideas, have talks or meetings about new approaches or something you have invented or conceived that will trail blaze. Uranus rules friends, groups, aspirations, the internet, and astrology so you may find that you can meet, talk, come to agreements, write, or involve short trips or neighborhood activities through one or more of these connections that are inspiring and ahead of their time. In Pisces your artistic, romantic or spiritual inspirations are coloring the entire process and you could also work in something with a hospital or other institution or about addictions or retreats. Relationships today play out over career agendas or a major goal you are working towards involving them. Alignment to income is positive.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon will rev things up over connections with friends, groups or an aspiration of yours. This is a deeply felt connection that will align powerfully to you so shine your light, be willing to make changes that benefit and if you need to handle a major financial matter through a group or with a friend, today is positive for this. Some of you may find a friend becomes a lover today, wow.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday your ruler, Uranus, is back in Pisces for the first full day as he begins his last tour here in your lifetime between now and March 12th next year. This is about awakening something for you that is unique, independent, original, and may involve a friend, group, the internet, or astrology in a way that makes you money. This is your income house so you will want to strike out in ways that connect to your aspirations, join with friends or trail blaze in new inventive ways. You may invent something, download an original idea or concept, or just approach things in a fresh way but this is the time to be original and go for it through artistic or spiritual realms, or through hospitals, research, or relating to the work around addictions, to earn your income. Relationships today are about a positive alignment to legal matters, trips, media, or education, so embrace those close connections.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon will have you focused on the career or a major goal. There is great power behind anything you do for this behind closed doors or stealthy means. You may research or investigate, utilize fantasy or imagination, apply the arts, film, music, or the spiritual realms, or hide away clandestinely with a romantic partner if that is your goal. Again, hospitals or other institutions may aid your career and if you need to deal with addictive matters and career, the flow is positive.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is your first day back with Uranus fully back into your sign. This will be the last transit in your lifetime of this amazing, independent, genius energy flooding who you are so use it wisely. You have from now through March 12th next year to open up to your own, original, brilliant persona, to be willing to do things your way, find your self, your independence, your own character through connections with friends, groups, causes, foundations, the internet, or astrology. Look for ways to step up and make yourself known for your own trailblazing approach to the arts, film, music, dance, poetry, spirituality, psychic abilities, retreat, hospitals, tackling addictions, and research. Relationships today are going to be profound and focus on sex, reproduction, divorce, death, or major finances. There is something you can do behind closed doors here that is fated or karmic with this in a positive way.

Sunday the Scorpio Moon will empower you through travel, people at a distance, media channels, education, or legal realms. There is a great potential to help transform something for or with a friend, group or aspiration through one or more of these areas so take the lead and do it.

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