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Wow, it’s been pretty major, yes? We set off into this week on the giant New Moon wave towards the future, the Eclipse on our tail and the Grand Cross inching into perfection. We continue to change and grow and move and seed until the end of August, this week being no exception. You want to utilize the powerful energy of this New Moon Eclipse energy to make moves now that will put you where your HEART says you need to be. The planetary combos are mostly personal with a lot of support from Pluto to change and from Jupiter/Uranus to expand and change, so hmmm, what’s the common theme here? Change.

Monday Cancer Moon makes nice with Saturn so we can make a choice that is solid and positive around our home, move, roommate, foundation we are building upon, mom, or real estate deal. Leo Moon then takes over to bring something fun, love filled or creative to us through our own efforts or potential. The connection to Pluto means we need to adjust the vision of our goal a bit or adapt to someone with more power in the scenario than we hold. The conjunction to Mercury means a meeting or talk set things off on new ground as well.

Tuesday Venus is gearing up in Virgo, making her needs known to Jupiter and Pluto so expect that love or money issues around work, health or pets, or a woman involved in one of these arenas will be pushing you to expand personally in some positive way and that there is potential today to really make some major headway or change on the career front or with the important goal or boss.

Wednesday Virgo Moon takes over to attend to the details with the work, goal, career, health or pets. Again positive transits to Pluto in Capricorn mean goals can be met where power, transformation, change, authority, high finances, sexual attractions, or divorce are concerned. A woman figures prominently into new feelings taking off from here.

Thursday Moon and Mars mix it up in health, work or pets arenas giving us lots of passion, motivation and emotional energy to make things happen. The Lights are dancing in sextile which is pretty much as good as it sounds, lol, with a focus on work, health, pets, and home.

Friday is the most challenging day of the week or one that will truly show you how the balance in a relationship needs to change. Libra Moon opposes Uranus and Jupiter so changes with at least one significant relationship is possible. The square to Pluto means third parties are involved in the overhaul, does this work for you or not?

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Monday begin the day focused on home and the work, health or pet matter you can tackle here, there is support behind your efforts. The rest of the day should go towards you and a lover, child or creative venture. Luck is in the air here, happiness, prosperity, a talk or meeting that brings it all together or starts it all off.

Tuesday Venus is the girl to watch and for you this means a woman who is involved with our health, work or pets. If not a female on the scene it will be over a love or money issue with work, health or pets. Big changes are possible and career or goals can be reached if you are willing to stretch your own physical or ego needs a bit. Go the extra mile.

Wednesday is again about pets, health or work with more potential for you to step outside the box and take on more in some unique fashion. Career and goals are aligned to the effort you make with the work, pets or health so get it into gear. There could be money coming in again today or new starts with the woman or love interest.

Thursday Mars is bringing it over the work, health or pet issue so you should have plenty of energy and motivation to get in there and kick things up a bit. You shine at home in these matters or over real estate, moves or security needs.

Friday is challenging with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or other significant relationships. A change is in the air and this could be something exciting or shocking but seems to be pretty protective of your needs in the end. Pluto spouts off through a boss, authority figure, career, or ambition today over financial matters, control, sex triangles, or divorce, tread lightly.

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Monday brings creative talks or meetings in the early part of the day that should be positive . You can cement something important here. A love interest or child matter may be in the mix as well under similar positive stars for talks and agreements. The rest of the day should focus on home, moves, real estate, and the positive things you can do behind closed doors here. You may need to change a travel, educational, legal, or media matter up a bit or find time to handle home and this at the same time.

Tuesday Venus is very active in the form of a woman, love or money. This will come through for you in a creative project, around children or with a lover. The best arena for you to reach some powerful breakthrough or a deeper level here is through the trip, legal channels, media or publicity outlet, or higher education so be proactive.

Wednesday is a sustained chord of Tuesday with similar themes around the creative project, deep breakthroughs, positive emotions, a woman in the mix or love/money matters streaming through your creations. Issues with lovers or children are as well under this powerful and positive energetic.

Thursday Mars gets into the picture to bring on the passion and motivation to really peak with the project, the lover or the child/child’s outlet, so you can move on topics here, express your passion, take action, and know that in the arena of communicating, you are golden. Write, speak, take the meeting, come to terms, sign agreements, let people see what you’ve got.

Friday brings potential for challenge with someone else that affects your feelings about work, health or pets so look at what is going on behind closed doors, how the mystical, spiritual, artistic or romantic energy is being balanced and at how changes to travel, media, legal, or educational matters are empowering you or pulling you in a triangle over sex or money.

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Monday will begin with energy around income and something serious or solid being achieved at home or with property so you can earn from home this morning or buy/sell property, invest in something for the home, or put the rent down on the new apartment. The rest of the day is all about talks or meetings with friends that are exciting or fun or open things up in some new way. You will need to have at least one talk about sex, divorce or debt/loans that will stretch you a bit where a third party is concerned. Express yourself and expect the best.

Tuesday Venus gets into the picture at home so you will be focused on a woman there or with a love or money matter tied to home. There is good energy here around a friend here and the way you stretch yourself to expand or find happiness. There is very powerful energy around a sexual liason at home, a major financial matter tied to home, moves or property, or a divorce that is affecting home, all good.

Wednesday carries over much of Tuesday’s themes with more home and social circle or friendship focused on expansion and change as well as the deep energy around sex, divorce or finances playing out here. You will again be under positive energy for change or empowerment with the woman, love or money focal.

Thursday Mars will get behind what you want to do at home, with a move, through passions expressed there or actions you need to take. You are in the spotlight in a way that helps you to spend or earn from home or on the property so stand up and get going.

Friday is a bit challenging as a creative project, lover or child/child matter comes into focus through another person., You will need to balance this against what you are doing with the friend or social occasion and deal with the powerful sexual, divorce or financial matter here that shows you the triangle and what needs to change.

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Monday starts off with an overload of communications so make the time to connect or write, there is opportunity here to achieve or make solid inroads. The rest of the day is all about earning money and excitement and expansion on the career front. You will need to deal with a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor who is pushing you around sex, divorce or major financial matters, look at triangles in the mix and talk it out.

Tuesday Venus is active in your communications zone so expect at least one talk or meeting with a woman to be important to your career and the powerful changes taking place in partnership or with representation. Ask for the money you need here today and be willing to look at ways to adapt your goals to benefit the overall plan.

Wednesday is more of the same with talks, meetings, agreements, ideas, decisions, and lots of action on the career front expanding your world so ask for what you need, come to terms. Partners, representatives or specialists are beneficial and you will be opening up again about money or love here for new beginnings.

Thursday Mars will help you to ask with passion, motivate around a writing project or agreement, gear up in the neighborhood, with siblings, or through a short trip and to fight for what you need with flair. You are more or less golden today, smile pretty.

Friday issues at home, with mom/mother figures, a move, real estate deal, or security matters will take center stage. There is something pulling you or opening up in some exciting way on the career front and you will need to find balance between these ambitions and the living situation. A significant relationship is involved here, partner, representative or competitor who is trying to control the outcome or it is you who wants things to change.

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See what you can accomplish early in the day on Monday towards earning money, look at research, artistic arenas, spiritual outlets, hospitals or other institutions for beneficial outlets. The rest of the day is all about you and the trip, media venture, legal matter, or educational topic and the excitement or expansion available for you here. This is positive energy that is asking that you take a new approach to work, health or pets to empower yourself.

Tuesday is all about making money or spending on something important. There is the need to deal with a woman here or to look at how love or values are playing into what you want. If you can figure out a new angle with the trip, media, legal, or educational matter you can truly make or spend powerfully today and transform the work, health or pet matter.

Wednesday is the same alignments by house so you will be earning, spending, looking at adjustments to travel, media, legal, or educational matters, and empowering your health, work or pet issues in positive ways. Venus says love, money or a woman is key.

Thursday Mars will get behind you in the money arena so you will have lots of energy to motivate, express passion and take action that leads to money. You are in the spotlight here through what you are doing behind the scenes, at a hospital, with a film, music or other artistic outlet, through spiritual pursuits, or through research or investigations. It’s an opportunity aspect so be proactive. (great audition day)

Friday brings talks or meetings with someone significant about a trip, media, educational, or legal matter. It is about change, expansion and balance for you with something major in the mix around work, health or pets.

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Monday begins with something social or a connection with a friend or group. You can achieve something serious or solid here so express yourself within these parameters. The rest of the day is all about retreating and working on something behind the scenes or exploring your own empowerment in some hidden manner. This will focus on sex, divorce or a major financial matter with luck. You will need to adjust your position on love, with children or a creative matter a bit, communicate from your higher level.

Tuesday Venus is active through you so you are shining the light of love or money towards a sexual union, divorce or major financial matter that is expanding but needs some adjustment. Love, creative projects or children are connecting in a very powerful and positive way for you today through love, changes, intimacy, depth, finances, and even easing divorce issues.

Wednesday is almost identical connections as Tuesday with you, your image, body, needs, connecting with sex, divorce or major financial matters and the excitement or happiness quotient here. Love and kids, creative projects and fun, any or all can reach new ground today, the flow is golden. Be the love you wish to find.

Thursday Mars is getting into the picture so you should have plenty of energy physically and feel like expressing your passions and taking action. Today this will best shine with friends, groups, aspirations, and social occasions so say yes to what comes.

Friday will test you over issues of value or income, spending or possessions as things change and expand through sex, divorce or loans/debt/outside resources. The lover, child or creative project is under tension or dynamics as well today with powerful energy around change, triangles, sex or finances.

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Monday wakes to positive creative energy on the career front and what you can accomplish through researching, working behind closed doors, opening up through the arts or spiritual arenas or connecting through institutions. The energy then shifts to your friendships, groups, social opportunities or aspirations with positive excitement and expansion coming through a partner or representative. Changes at home or around a property matter will need to be dealt with if you want to socialize, just ask the friend for what you need.

Tuesday Venus is active and will do her best to get you to rest or retreat, research or investigate, delve into the artistic project or spiritual matter, or deal with the hospital or other institution. A partner, competitor, specialist, or representative is key in this and you will find that you can make adjustments here that are beneficial as well as make positive changes to home or foundations you are building upon.

Wednesday is more of the same, you have behind the scenes energy meeting up with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and changes that need to happen. There is positive alignment to what you do from home or over the property matter here and a woman, love or money interest will be focal in the hidden or behind the scenes activities.

Thursday Mars gets into the picture to rev up the action behind closed doors. This could be about passion igniting clandestinely, motivating forces helping you to tackle the research, work you are doing in seclusion, film or fantasy project, artistic or spiritual outlets, or in dealing with hospitals. You are in the spotlight on the career front or as an authority in one of these matters so step up and claim your moment.

Friday is testing limits and power with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Changes or surprises may get big and take you off balance here with this person. You will need to be ready to handle things at home, with moves, real estate deals, living situations, or foundations you are building upon today.

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Monday begins with positive opportunities for something serious with a friend, group, network, social occasion, or aspiration through travel, media, legal channels, or education. The rest of the day turns to career or goals and the excitement or changes at work, with health or regarding pets that is opening up your world in some positive way. Be willing to have a heavy talk or important meeting with the powers that be and to adapt your stance a bit in so doing if you wish to reach your goal.

Tuesday Venus is active through your social sphere so expect a female friend or womans group to play an important role as you stretch at work, with health or animals/pets. You can have very powerful, deep connections today through talks, writing, meetings, short trips, or local activities you take on with this friend or group benefiting finances, love/sex or women.

Wednesday is more of the same with friends, groups, aspirations, work, health, or pets combining to open up new doors, make changes, and empower through talks, writing, meetings, or local activities. The energy is positive and can help you to transform something deep here, a woman is again key to the days events.

Thursday Mars gets into the action and you will see that you have lots of motivating energy to do something physical with friends or groups or to drive your aspirations forward with passion. You are in the spotlight through travel, import/export, beliefs, politics, media, publishing, publicity, marketing, higher education, or legal matters with this friend or group or aspiration so step up.

Friday is a bit intense as someone is either working against your aims in secret or you are retreating to deal with a person who is head to head at work, in health or over a pet matter. Talks or meetings will be intense and frictional and unless you put this volatile energy into sexual rendezvous behind closed doors, you may butt heads with others today over these issues.

SAGITTARIUS:(call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Monday starts off with positive emotional energy around sex, divorce or the major financial matter and the serious energy around the goals you have involving this or the career agenda. The energy shifts to travel, higher education, legal matters, or media/publicity for the rest of the day with positive energy around a love interest, child or creative project tied to this. Be willing to make some adjustments in spending or earning to accommodate the trip, media, educational, or legal matter.

Tuesday Venus is in the mix so you will be focused on career, ambitions, goals, reputation, or father/father figures/bosses. This will likely involve a female and something pertaining to love or money as Venus’s realm. Lovers, children and creative projects are stretching you here a bit but in protected or beneficial ways. There is a great chance to earn or spend on something major today tied to your goal that is in harmonious alignment.

Wednesday is again about the same topics with goals, career, lovers, children and creative projects connected through changes, surprises, and expansion. You will again see the income or spending harmonizing with goals and career in powerful ways. The woman boss or the goal around love or money is under positive new stars.

Thursday Mars gets into the action and helps you to conquer and make your mark on the career front, with a boss, authority figure, launching your business or around fame or reputation. Watch that passion leads over anger because you will have lots of energy here. The Lights cast you in the spotlight as the sexual or intimate connection, in the divorce or over the major financial matter, all aligned to opportunity with the goals, ambition or career so be proactive.

Friday your feelings about a friend or group may be tested or strained a bit as you try to deal with your own needs for creativity or play, love or expansion. You may feel like rebelling so take care that this is what you truly want. Powerful changes to income are in the mix with earnings or spending, balance is key.

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Monday begins with strong love or creative feelings for a partner, representative or specialist over the serious energy coming from a distance, involving travel, media, legal matters, or education. This is positive so look for your opportunity here. The rest of the day is all about the sex, intimacy, divorce, or major finances that will be flowing beautifully at home or from property matters. You can be powerfully transformed today through this if you are willing to make some concessions.

Tuesday Venus is active around the travel, media, legal, or educational matter. This means that love or money is coming through these means or that a woman is key to the matter. You will want to make some adjustments at home to open up to what is occurring here and again, align with this trip, media, legal, or educational matter to empower yourself deeply through love, sex, money or intimacy.

Wednesday is more of the same with the trip, media, legal, or educational matter front and center for you. There is again excitement, change and expansion occurring at home or through property tied to one or more of these themes and very powerful and deep connections happening for you personally through the connection. Look at how love or money can open up through these realms for you.

Thursday Mars gets into the picture amping up the passion, action, and motivating energy around the trip, media, educational, or legal matter. You are going to see things move today or you are going to move them. You are in the spotlight with the partner, representative or specialist tied to this and there is opportunity here for you to shine and feel alive.

Friday is intense as frictional energy gears up between you and another over goals, career, home, property, or something foundational. There will be something challenging you personally in this, a change you need to make or something regarding control, finances, sex, or a deeply shared energy that is at a crossroad.

AQUARIUS:(call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Monday starts off with positive energy around work, health or pets and creativity here. You can make some solid financial moves connected to one or more of these arenas if you put the effort in this morning. The rest of the day is all about feelings about partnership, representation or competition. Talks, agreements or meetings you have today with these people should go well as there is potential to expand and make good changes. You will need to be willing to adjust to something secret or retreative.

Tuesday Venus gets into the picture through sex, finances or divorce meaning that a woman will be pivotal here or you will be looking at love or money issues tied to the sex, divorce or shared resources. Talk about what you are willing to give a bit on and then look forward to intense connections behind closed doors later today over one or more of these areas.

Wednesday is more of the same with sex, divorce or financial talks and meetings on the slate, more adjustments around changes or others needs and something truly powerful coming through secret or hidden connections, spiritual or romantic interludes, research or retreat. This should be a day where love and sex combine or financial matters find center.

Thursday Mars gets into the arena motivating the financial realm or actions on the divorce or expressing lots of passion in the sexual arena. Remember Mars can lean towards fighting as well so watch that you choose passion over anger here. You are in the spotlight at work, with health or your pets today and this should connect nicely to finances as well.

Friday emotions with a significant person run deep over a trip, legal matter, media or educational topic and you will see that talks or meetings about happiness, expansion, excitement or change will need to be balanced against this. A change or power struggle behind closed doors seems to be part of the mix as well, watch out for triangles.

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Monday opens with positive opportunity to express love or connect with your creative energy or a child through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other representative. You can mend fences or make something real, by commitment or severing ties. The rest of the day is about the positive energy in health, work or pets arenas and the money you can make or spend here to benefit. Make more adjustments to your aspirations in this that will empower you.

Tuesday Venus is active so you will see that a partner, representative, competitor, or specialist will be key today and the topic will be love or money. A woman may be key here. Look at how earnings are playing into this scenario strongly and what can be adjusted to gain the love or creative energy with the relationship. You can truly empower your aspirations through what you come up with.

Wednesday is more of the same with partners, income, spending, representatives, and ways to stretch your ideas of what you need here. Empowerment comes through aspirations, friends or groups and a woman may help with the partner or you may see that a love or money matter with this person gets a new start.

Thursday Mars gets into the action so that you can make something happen with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Gear up and be proactive, express passions, watch angers, and motivate. You are in the spotlight with this person through love, with children or a creative venture, shine on.

Friday emotions are intense with a significant person over major financial matters, sex or divorce. Your own ideas about how much you earn or spend are in this mix and there is something surprising stirring up here. Deep changes are on tap in this scenario over aspirations and the social circle as well so go easy on yourself today.

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