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Shifting energies this week will lighten the load in some places and let you catch up to where you find yourself, don't you just love it when that happens?! :)

Monday opens on the reverberations of the connection between Mercury and Mars that happened in the wee hours so if you wake feeling grouchy let it go, there is so much potential to the day. The meeting between these two should have given you information or helped you to make a decision that will motivate you to take action. Emotional energy is quite ambitious and linked favorably to the money and career.

Tuesday offers ONE last big decision or meeting, talk or agreement that is powerful and due to change things for you up ahead in a positive way. Pluto will then Retrograde and you will spend the next months in the ambitious situation. You will be learning how to embrace power and how to share it, so that you can step into your place financially, sexually or in control of the situation when Pluto goes Direct. Luck is in the picture in areas of expansion and adventure, higher knowledge and staying true to your beliefs.

Wednesday Saturn Retrogrades back into Virgo where he will give you the last big push to get the organization, process, analysis, and critical thinking under control. You will have until July 21st to set up your work situation and perfect your approach to it, to get any health matters attended to and to structure your pet situation. The shift back into Virgo means you will feel some ease in commitment or responsibilities with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors for a few months.

Thursday should find you pushing with friends or something social, a group or a networking matter to meet your expectations around money, agreements and how the creativity or children are approached in the matter. You should find that you are important to the mix in some special way.

Friday will inspire. There is artistic or romantic energy wrapped around the connection you are developing with a friend, group or aspiration. You will need to get in there and finesse the details in the work, with the health or the pets to make it all come together so put in the time and brain storm together.


Monday if you need to get in there and make something happen with a child, lover or creative project do so, it seems money is the motivator. The energy is ambitious and you should feel pretty good about empowerment on the career front. A woman may be pivotal and beneficial to earnings.

Tuesday offers an important talk or agreement that can bring income into the picture or raise your profile in a powerful way. Pluto is going to Retrograde today in your career Midheaven so you should see the intensity of the boss or ambition subside a bit now and the triangle associated with this mellow a bit. You can now focus on where you are and how to make it work for you. Is there something you can research or invest some imagination into, film or fantasy, something that will pull from the muse to help you achieve your goals? Is there a hospital situation that you can stretch through in some way? There is luck here for you today if you do.

Wednesday allows a wonderful connection between friends, groups, aspirations, partners, representatives, or specialists. You have a solid sense of what these connections mean to your future today and should trust how things are going. Saturn Retrogrades back into Virgo to give you the next few months to really get your health together once and for all, to tackle the details and organization in the work you do and to structure something that works more efficiently with pets. Your ruling energy is going to motivate you to deal with the child, lover or creative project with gusto, possibly anger so watch the sparks.

Thursday brings any income matter up with the friend or group. You will need to discuss it and then deal with any challenge you are having here. You really are special today to this person so know that they will likely see you in your best possible light and want to help you.

Friday brings romantic, spiritual or artistic energy around the friendship, group, networking, party or social occasion, or aspiration. You are solid here and should allow for some true expression of your inspiration. You will need to make some adjustments to the responsibilities or limits at work, with health or with the pets to really enjoy the magic potential of the day.


Monday you will want to talk or make a decision about the home or where you are living. There could be angry words that lead to action such as a move out of the home or quick sale so take care that you are acting in your best interest. Ambitions to move a legal matter along, travel, deal with a media, publishing, educational, or publicity matter, will take priority. You are aligned beautifully and powerfully here today, especially if love, money or a woman is key.

Tuesday the talk or agreement, decision or meeting is going to change things for the better and again it will revolve around legalities, education, media, or travel. Pluto Retrogrades in these areas today so you will now see the power struggle or control issues, the triangle or divorce, the major financial matter or intimacy finally feel less intense in your world. You have the next few months to deal with where you find yourself as you re-empower the new situation.

Wednesday is a great day to put in a little extra effort on the work or health since it should really pay off by getting you noticed. Saturn is Retrograding back into Virgo today and will give you until July 21st to tackle any of the last details, organization or meticulous effort around creative projects, children or lover affairs. Emotions may feel stretched over what is going on at home or with a living situation or property matter, do what you can and talk about your needs.

Thursday you will want to put your money into image, body or personal needs. You may feel that you are not receiving the love you are expending towards career or goals or you may feel that money is an issue. You will find the real place for you to go is behind the scenes where you can figure it all out and find your spotlight through imagination, research, time at a hospital, working on a film or other artistic project, or in some way shining through inspired connection. You can reach your goals through these processes.

Friday brings the artistic or spiritual energy to a peak around your career or goals. If you have set your sights on a romantic ambition, that as well should lock into place. You will need to make the necessary adjustments around commitment issues or responsibilities to lovers, children or creative projects to get closer to your ideal.


Monday those talks that have gone on behind closed doors or that information you just uncovered is going to push you to speak out passionately or take action on your local scene. You may be bringing something artistic or spiritual into the written form or reacting to the romantic decision. Positive energy is pouring through major finances, divorce or sexual interests and what is going on behind closed doors.

Tuesday brings talks or agreements that are very much in your favor and should bring a major financial matter, sexual interest or divorce proceeding into alignment. This is positive deconstruction so go forth and conquer. Pluto Retrogrades shortly afterwards in this same arena which means the control issues or power struggles over divorce, money or sex will ease and you will have the next few months to find your center from the position you have reached today. Luck is on your side where goals are concerned here so expand where you can.

Wednesday will bring positive energy flow between the person at a distance, travel, media, publishing, educational, or legal matter and the structures you are setting up creatively, with or for children, or around love. Saturn is going to Retrograde back into Virgo today so you will be revisiting the final matters that need organization or responsible effort at home, with living situations, property matters, and your own security. Take the next months seriously as you have this time to lay any final groundwork you will be building on over the next 29 years.

Thursday will bring any issues up over retreat, hospitals, film, music, fantasy, research, work done behind closed doors, clandestine affairs, or hidden matters. You have a woman involved here that you must deal with over a challenge or you are going to need to overcome the love or money obstacle involved. Feelings about the travel, media, legalities or education will be wrapped up in this. You will find that you truly shine in your social circle and the friendship, group affiliation or aspiration you are pursuing will be the way forward.

Friday is filled with inspiration that can allow for your artistic nature or romantic passions to come through, there is opportunity for spiritual breakthroughs as well. All of this will come in strong through any trips you make, with people far away, through your higher education or beliefs, a media or publishing deal, or legal avenues. You will need to make some adjustments to home or property responsibilities or limits as you express your inspiration.


Monday will likely motivate you to do something to make money or go after money owed you, it may as well stimulate you to spend some of your earnings, all because of a talk, agreement or news coming from a friend, group or regarding an important aspiration of yours. Power lies in who you partner with or who represents you today and this is tied strongly to the female friend or the love or money coming through the friend, group or aspiration.

Tuesday will pick up on this energy and take it a step further, you may be signing an agreement or verbalizing one, coming to a decision or taking a meeting but it will definitely involve the friend, group or aspiration and powerful, profound transformation through partnership or representation. If this person wants to be intermediary in something near and dear to you, be open to the great opportunity. Pluto will then Retrograde and you will have the next few months to learn about your power within the situation, any struggles here should ease a bit during this transit. Luck is in media, travel, education, or legal matters.

Wednesday harmonizes home to finances so you could set something up here that will help you to bring in more funds or do something towards the real estate deal or renovation. Saturn will Retrograde back into Virgo and you communications zone to give you the one last lesson here on the road to mastery. You have until July 21st to practice and attend to details, or conquer any organization of thoughts, writing projects, talks, meetings, agreements and what you are putting together locally. Think of it as the final exams before graduation this summer. Talk with the friend or see what you can do to come to an agreement (or break one) involving a group and income.

Thursday you will be focused completely on the female friend or the love or money coming through the friend, group or aspiration. There is a need to deal with how finances are going to be shared or debt or loans tackled. Your strength lies in the way you are standing out on the career front right now so don’t be afraid to negotiate your best terms.

Friday brings a dreamy energy into the mix that can come out through artistry, romance or an actual spiritual pursuit and will lend itself to your financial picture, intimacy or dealing with a divorce. It is a fresh start here so dream big and follow your inner voice. Sometimes Neptune can make you a bit sentimental so if you feel yourself getting weepy over one of these topics, know it will pass tomorrow. You will need to take on more responsibility in the communications, agreement or writing project, possibly in your local scene, or deal with some limit you hear about today.


Whatever you hear about the career, reputation or from a boss today, it is bound to get you moving with passion or anger. It could be you will need to prove yourself or that you will hear of a challenge left by this person and feel motivated to go after their job or a new situation. There is truly powerful and supportive energy on your side to transform and empower through the work you do and the status you want to achieve. A woman is in a position to help you if you reach out. If love is your goal come from confidence, change is good and empowering. Your health or pet situation can improve through self love and the implementation of your will.

Tuesday you will see how amazing things can be when you talk with the boss or about the career agenda, open up about the health or pets and the goal you are aiming at here, as there is a chance to make big changes that should benefit you. Pluto will Retrograde in the house of work, health and pets just after this so know that the power struggles or big changes should now ease and any triangle playing out here should ebb as you go within over the next few months to empower yourself in a new way forward. There is luck for you today through outside financial resources in one of these departments so if you need to look for unemployment or some other aid to health or pets it should be forthcoming.

Wednesday puts the partner, agent, specialist, attorney, or competitor in the spotlight and you should be able to have a beneficial talk or come to an agreement that is solid and final. This may be about commitment, work or ending the connection. Saturn will then Retrograde back into Virgo to give you your last test in how you are going to earn money. This can mean that over the next few months you will finally master some detail or organizational ability that will then take you forward into earning more money or that you will be concentrating on the health or pets area to find a way to earn through this. The details count as does effort and discipline so concentrate on how you can make income work for you.

Thursday will put your focus on the woman boss or love or money matter you are so goal oriented towards on the career front. The significant person involved, whether that is a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor, is going to be a motivating factor here and possibly negatively motivating. If this person has exited the picture, do your best to push for your place in the Sun and by the way, this is going to be in media, publishing, travel, education, or legal matters.

Friday brings the dreamy energy of Neptune to emotions about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You may be seeing some new artistic or romantic beginning here with this person or feel the weepy, nostalgic side to this placement, either way it is a new beginning and one that is offering you a chance to put the right foot forward towards how you want to relate with a significant other. You will need to make some effort around income, spending or possessions with this person and it will require a bit of adjustment today but you can get serious and get it done.


Monday will bring a talk or news about a trip, media venture, person at a distance, legal matter, or educational goal into focus. You are going to need to get busy behind the scenes and you may have something going on through research, film or fantasy, hospitals or other institutions that requires your physical presence and brings an obstacle into the picture. You have the potential to transform something in a profound way involving a creative venture, lover or child today and this is going to tie in directly with a woman and the media venture, trip, educational opportunity, or legal matter. It is positive so reach out.

Tuesday the talk or news, meeting or agreement is very powerful and quite positive. It is putting you on the road towards a legal, travel, media, or educational matter once again and it again is in the position to transform your world through love or creativity. Pluto will then Retrograde in your house of true love, children and creative projects so you will feel the major changes or deconstruction that has been going on here ease, you may be reconnecting with someone who was powerful in your past through one of these arenas, and you will be re-empowering yourself on an inner level over the next months through a shared process or how you want to reform that ability. Luck is with partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists.

Wednesday brings positive energy to economic needs around work, health or pets. Saturn will Retrograde back into your sign today and tour this part of your chart through July 21st. It is the last cosmic do-over for you in completely letting go of anything from the past 29 years that no longer means to be carried into the next 29 year cycle. It is about committing and putting in effort with that which will move forward with you. You are not going to get such a chance again in a long time to claim a new persona for yourself, a new identity, to master the ‘what’ of who you are, and to lead your life forward with responsibility to your personal needs as this new person. Whether you do the work or not, you will not be the same person going forward this summer, life has moved on, you are ready to ‘come out’ as a person who has seen some of life and is ready to take it on from more leadership and ambition. If you have health or image issues, use the next few months to cut out any bad habits and get clean and strong.

Thursday will bring talks or ideas about travel, media ventures, legal matters, or education with a woman into the picture. This is going to be about overcoming an obstacle to the work involved, the health issue or the pets. You will find that your strength comes from a certain spotlight on your personal power right now and that this could come through over a financially shared matter, intimacy or sex, or divorce issues.

Friday you will be focused on the work, health or pets. It may seem like mundane energy but there is a very romantic, spiritual, artistic flow here for you today so come from spirit and let inspiration take you into new arenas. You will need to deal with any limits your personal responsibilities to body or image are bringing or in ways you feel limited physically to meet your goals. It is about making some adjustments to get what you want from your body.


Monday will be about news or a talk regarding some joint financial matter or debt and it will likely send you off to do something with the friend or stir your passions or angers here. You have profound energy at work in the home linking to a woman involved in the finances, sex or divorce issues and this looks good for positive change or empowerment so work from home on financial matters or connect intimately.

Tuesday brings very positive news or agreements, talks or meetings, writing projects or ideas around some shared financial matter or debt, sex or divorce. Again this is powerful and today you will see that what you do at or with home influences your potential here. Pluto will Retrograde in the home arena today so the power struggles or major changes you have been working through here should ease a bit over the next few months giving you the time to do some internal empowerment around how you want to build your world on solid foundations up ahead. Triangles or secrets/spying that have worked their way into home life should ease as well. Luck is through work, health or pets today.

Wednesday will help you to align your needs with those of a creative outlet, lover or child. You can get serious and connect with an aspiration here in a positive manner. You will have to do something social or about a friend or group affiliation in the mix and this may open up talks about sexuality, secrets, debt, finances, or divorce. It’s better to understand the situation so don’t get discouraged if communications are a bit hidden or funneled through a third party. Saturn Retrogrades out of your sign today and will give you a major breather in all of the added burdens, restrictions, responsibilities and isolation that you may have felt over the last few months. You have until July 21st to really work on making your life work more easily. You will need to attend to details and organization on any research or investigations, film or fantasy, hospitals or other institutions, and whatever you are invested in behind closed doors. Throughout the old, do it. You want to begin the next 29 year cycle clean. This includes VERY STRONGLY any self-sabotaging, defeatist, addictive, or spying type of behaviors that should be released under this influence. If you need to enter rehab or quit a bad habit, the universe is stepping up for you now.

Thursday you will want to focus on the major financial matter involving a woman and how you feel about the creative process here or the effects on love or children. It is possible this won’t be about jointly held financial matters and instead focus on the sex, intimacy, reproduction, or divorce issues. Know that you are absolutely shining in the arena of partnership, representation and competition so allow the love or creativity to align with your ability to connect from a position of strength.

Friday is a fresh start in creative projects, with kids or in love. You have the ability to inspire or feel the artistry, romance or spirituality on a stronger level today. If you have just made an opening here the energy could bring up some nostalgia or sentimentality and if so you should allow yourself the time to weep and release, it really is a new beginning. Make whatever adjustments you can to responsibilities or limits you have behind the scenes as you connect with this creative outlet or loved one.


Monday you will want to have a talk or hear news involving the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You are going to want to take action or act out in some way regarding the goal, career, reputation, or authority figure in this. The day favors you greatly as the communicator so if you are writing, speaking or taking meetings, move for what you want by way of this person and the love or money.

Tuesday brings even more influence your way between what you write, sign, agree upon, meet or talk about involving this significant person. Change is in your favor and opening up to deep topics such as death, divorce, major finances, sex, or reproduction, should help you to come to terms. Pluto, your ruling energy, will Retrograde today so you will see things ease in communications and writing projects, with siblings, neighborhood, neighbors, and short trips over the next few months, less change, more internal empowerment personally working through your place in the surrounds you find yourself in. Luck is with creative outlets, children or love today so whichever way it goes, expect that it benefits you.

Wednesday you can get some home or property matter into line, move, make renovations, deal with roommates, or family issues. You will find that any leadership you take behind the scenes or in research will help the situation. Saturn Retrogrades back into Virgo today so you will have a last window of opportunity to make any last cleaning out of friends or group affiliations that no longer should move into the next 29 year cycle with you. You can also take responsibility and attend to any organization or details with friends, social occasions, networking, group affiliations, and aspirations of yours, getting your ducks in a row. You have until July 21st to work it out.

Thursday will make the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor the focus around the home, involving real estate or living situations, or family members. A woman is likely the key player and you will want to see how you can adjust feelings to accommodate this persons love or money needs. You are shining in work, health or pet areas of life and this should be how you apply yourself to the home or security issues.

Friday brings a nice new beginning at home or with property matters. You have inspiration here that may come through as artistry, romance or spirituality. For some if you have seen someone leave the home, it may come through as nostalgia or weepiness. Do your best to see the possibilities for the fresh start and make some adjustments around your responsibilities or limitations on the social scene, with friends, groups, or aspirations. There is something for your own foundations here if you do.


Monday you should be talking or coming to terms over a work, health or pet matter. There is a need to travel, do something about legalities, schooling, or media/publicity here so motivate yourself. Income has a big smile for you by way of power and transformation so if you can deal with a woman in this through work, health or pets there seems to be positive earnings involved. If you need to spend some of your income with her it seems positive as well if these topics are the focus.

Tuesday you will see that you can talk about work, health or pets, or if you are a writer or involved with siblings or neighbors in the work, health or pets, that it is beneficial for you to communicate. Once again, big money coming in or putting your income where it counts is favored. You may be coming to terms over a shared possession with this person as well and find that you can make the proper changes in a beneficial way. Pluto Retrogrades in your income house so any triangles, control or power issues, or shared matters should ease a bit as you spend the next months coming to terms with how to empower yourself from the position you are presently in. Luck is at home and with property matters.

Wednesday bring important talks or agreements with friends or groups. You can make something solid or long term through what you write or talk about. Saturn is going to Retrograde back into Virgo today and reenter your career Midheaven for the last time in 29 years. You have until July 21st to get your stuff together here and that means that you need to attend to the details, organize, structure, take responsibility and leadership, step up to the work and commitment, and weed out any career agendas or positions that you have outgrown. For some of you this may mark the time of marriage or another serious commitment that is long term. Talks are very important today regarding work, health, pets, and how you approach service with others. You will want to act through travel, legalities, media, or education.

Thursday you should focus on communications, writing, siblings, neighbors, or short trips. There is some work that needs doing, a health matter or something involving pets that you should deal with the woman about. Do you need love or money here? You shine in the arena of creative output, children and love so stand in this place when talking with others or writing to them.

Friday brings a fresh start for you in something inspiring that you write or talk about, meet over or come to an agreement with, or involving the sibling, short trip or neighborhood. There is artistry, romance or spirituality here that you can trigger in your favor. For some of you this may be about nostalgia rearing its head in one of these areas but focus on the fresh start as much as you can. You should be making some adjustments around the boss or ambition, career or responsibility as you move through the day.


Monday may mean some tough negotiations or challenging news about or with a child, lover or creative outlet that in turn motivates you to act on the major finances, sex or divorce proceedings. Passions or anger could arise from this but you should be able to power through. There is an amazingly strong energy at work for you today linked to the creativity or love and making positive, empowering changes that transform you. Love or money could be at the center of this and a woman is likely to be pivotal as well. It’s all good so follow your internal voice.

Tuesday the energy between you and a lover, child or creative outlet continues to pull focus from the heavens. This is again about a very powerful talk, news, agreement, decision, meeting, or written prospect. Look to your own evolving sense of identity as this change and shared experience is about benefitting you in this. Pluto then Retrogrades in your sign. All the ruthless drive and power train energy that has been driving you personally over the last months will ease a bit now as you are going to have the opportunity over the next months to find your new sense of empowerment based on where you have gotten so far. Luck is in talks, contracts, or the local arenas today so feel free to expand here.

Wednesday aligns income to career in a lovely way for you to assume leadership and make things work. Saturn is going to Retrograde back into Virgo until July 21st so you have your last chance in a 29 year cycle to get it right, attend to any details, organization, get disciplined and weed out what no longer works by taking responsibility and doing the work to finish any classes you need to take, get your teaching program organized, finish up the travel agenda or anything pertaining to it, get all your legal work wrapped up, and finesse the media, publishing or publicity matters still outstanding or your ability to step up in these areas. These are important areas of life and this IS a test, do the work, get it off of your calendar.

Thursday you will want to focus on making money. There is a woman, most likely a child, lover or someone involved with you creatively, and you must deal with her on a monetary level today. If you are not involved with a female here, Venus will show up as a love or money issue playing out through kids, lovers, or creative projects. Know that you are favored in all matters home and real estate related in this so shine your light from this position in dealing with the matter or look at it as a help to solidifying your foundations for the future.

Friday is a fresh start with the earning topic or possession. Neptune is triggering this so inspiration, artistry, romance, or spirituality is part of how you go about it. For some there may be some nostalgia or sentimentality to the possession or income matter, just keep in mind you are moving forward. Make adjustments to the trip, education, legal or media matter and what you have to do to move this along responsibly.


Monday will be about talks or agreements you have regarding home or a living situation. You may be holding a meeting in the home or coming to terms about a real estate matter. There is something you need to do because of this related to the partner or representative. What is going on behind closed doors or secretively is truly empowering today and may play out through major financial, sexual or divorce arenas. You have what you need from this through home and love or money.

Tuesday talks or agreements continue to focus on home or living situations. You will find again that the positive transformative matters or changes are coming through what you are doing behind the scenes, through fantasy, artistry, retreat, research, hidden agendas, or with institutions. Pluto is going to Retrograde today in this hidden area of the chart so you will no longer have the great drive to meet in secret or keep secrets, to play out life in retreat or fantasy, to investigate or spy, or to feel pulled in a triangle over something romantic or artistic. You are now going to be empowering yourself from your current position over the next months without the subterfuge or hidden enemies. Luck is in income making potentials today.

Wednesday you will find that any travel, media ventures, publicity, legal outlets, or educational pursuits will benefit you if you step up and lead in some way or do the work. Saturn is going to Retrograde back into Virgo taking you back into tackling the details and mastering something regarding debt, loans, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, divorce, or sexuality. You have to take this time seriously and do the work needed to wrap up one of these areas of life leaving a 29 year cycle finished in this once and for all by July 21st. Talk about the foundations, security needs, home or living situations, or real estate matters and take action with the partner, agent or attorney.

Thursday you will be focused on home or living situations again. It is important to look at the love or money involved here and how a woman is involved in the mix. Your needs are on the line here so focus. You shine in the area of communication and agreements so speak up, get it in writing, sign the document or make the decision.

Friday is a new beginning for you by way of romance, artistry or spirituality. This can be simply a personal new day in one or more of these areas or you may be doing something with your body or image expressing these qualities through the fresh start. If you are at all sad about the new identity or physical beginning, it should pass soon enough. Take steps to tackle the divorce, finances or sexual matters responsibly or by addressing any limits you have.


Monday will be about talks or agreements involving what is happening on the work front or with work you have before you, over a health issue or doing something to invigorate health, or with what needs doing with the pets. You will want to get your point across without rolling over everyone. You are in a very powerful position with a friend or group or they are becoming powerful and are in a position to help you today. Talk with a female is where it is at in this and you can come to terms over love or money matters.

Tuesday you will continue to find that talks, writing, agreements, or meetings with a friend, group or over an aspiration are very empowering. Whatever change or transformation you are involved in here is big and will be in place for a while to benefit you. Pluto is Retrograding today in your friendship house so you will see a powerful friend leave the arena or one from the past resurface. You will find that any secrets or hidden agendas, financial or sexual issues or power matters involving the friend or group will now ease a great deal. You are now to empower yourself through an internal process of catching up to the place you are at this moment with friends or aspirations.

Wednesday promises some positive things in work you do behind the scenes towards a divorce, sexual connection or major financial situation such as a loan, taxes, or bankruptcy. Saturn is going to Retrograde back into your partnership and representatives zone for the last time for 29 years. He will be in this placement until July 21st so use this time WISELY to weed out, do the work, organize, attend to details, break off, commit, and structure, anything and everything involving business partners, marriage partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors. This is about self-mastery and responsibility on your part and about connecting in a way that makes your future more stable.

Thursday you will be focusing on a talk about love or money or a talk with a woman that is important. This could mean news, agreements, ideas, written projects, speaking engagements, or whatever it is you can get across that will pull from you the hidden, work behind the scenes emotional energy. It is time to get it all out there on the table and to open it up. You shine in the arena of earnings today so step up and make money or spend on something to help you get things under control.

Friday is about inspiration. You can pull on the muse for artistic, romantic or spiritual motivation and get a new start for yourself emotionally by opening up these avenues. Whether you are painting the picture, acting or directing, leading the retreat, or entering the hospital, there is something magical in the mix for you. Make adjustments to accommodate the other person and do the work they require so everyone gets what they need.


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