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What are dreams really? Entire systems of healing and therapy have been developed around scientific research done into REM while entire tribes of people follow the signs and insights born of dreams as the cultural norm. In truth we are far from understanding where we go or what is happening to us one third of our lives when we exit this reality and enter dreamscape.

This weekend is submerged in the dream field, the land of the muse, the place where you do better listening to your subconscious, following your spiritual truths, expressing your artistry, falling into the romance, or working behind closed doors on something you are developing. Well who am I kidding, most of the time this can be good for you but this weekend it rules! If you need to tend to hospital matters, investigate or strategize, fall in a pile and sleep it away, or find some new solution to an addiction the weekend has your name all over it too.

Saturday puts you straight up in the mystic so look for the signs, listen to the inner calling, and let your imagination take hold. You may create a masterpiece or find the answer to some long hidden question by opening up that third eye.

Sunday it will align with third party situations, financial interests, your sex life, the divorce proceedings, career, goals, reputation, fame, and dealing with authority figures so gear it up, here you go.
In between Saturday and Sunday's magical boat ride, Mars and Venus embrace for the first time in Aries since February 1985. Think about that you readers who've been around long enough to remember things that got under way back then, what was going on/getting started in your love life or with your earning potential? You can expect some similarities to arise over this year ahead for you. For those of you too new to the game, we are officially at the BEGINNING of a new love/passion and income/action phase in our lives.

One of the things I truly love about astrology is the insight it gives us into cycles of life so I just had to think about that 28 year span from Feb 1985 to now. Saturn is the planetary energy that travels round the zodiac once every 28-30 years for a cycle so I looked to see what he was doing last time. Low and behold, in February 1985 Saturn was in Scorpio like he is now. Then he sat at 27 degrees and now Saturn is at 9 degrees so we are in a different sphere of ambition, leadership, responsibilities, limits, achievements, and commitments, but the Scorpio tests are again similar for this next cycle. This means as you set off with a lover or to make money, again third party situations, power, control, manipulations, shared finances, sex, divorce, and secrets will be where you will be most tested and where you stand to master the greatest understanding and achieve by overcoming any dark side. Since you've done a round or two of this already, be conscious of what you are choosing and let this cycle be the PHOENIX rather than the SNAKE side of Scorpio for you. Note that Saturn will cross the 27th degree of Scorpio on Nov 27-Dec 5 of 2014 so if there is any hangover from the past cycle that you are still trying to wrap up that end date may be significant. Also note that the 9th degree that Saturn sits now will be crossed by Venus on September 19, 2013 and by Mars on August 11-13, 2014. These two periods will coincide with activity in your love life or income potential and commitments, endings, achievements, authority figures, limits, leadership, and responsibilities.

For those of you that have been reading my writings on astrological trends you may remember last June 2012 we had a rare transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. One that I wrote about then saying, "On the 5th and 6th of June VENUS MAKES HER RARE TRANSIT ACROSS THE FACE OF THE SUN and officially marks the beginning of a new 243 year love and income cycle in our souls journey." It was a powerful time that began the transition from one group of souls we'd been sharing love or money flow with over the last two hundred plus years of incarnation to another. Haven't found that person yet or the new direction? It hasn't even been a year into the new cycle so don't fret, this Mars/Venus embrace may be the push you need to get it going. Like I said, it's the first time they've embraced in the beginning sign of Aries since 1985 so it's their first get together since the rare transit kicked us into a new cast of characters or opportunities. If you have found someone already then you may come together on something now that will begin defining this new direction.

Since the Venus/Sun transit last year in June occurred on the 15th degree of Gemini it may be important to make a note on your calendar around April 18-23 when Jupiter the bringer of luck, happiness, prosperity, and expansion will cross this 15th degree of Gemini. As always with astrological templates you are encouraged to be proactive, work with these dates and put yourself out there or do something that can start the ball rolling.

I'm wishing each and every one of you a magical, momentous weekend and if you want to read more about your individual sign on the weekend click back to the Weekly Forecast and scroll down to read Saturday/Sunday under your sign!

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