Sunday, October 4, 2009


Powerful, lusty grounded emotions, Monday.

A bit over-the-top emotionally, Tuesday.

All kinds of opportunity to express emotions, take action, get serious, and adjust to the morphic changes, Wednesday.

Thursday brings another very serious conversation, decision, agreement, or meeting, followed by some uplifting emotions.

Friday, zowie, well, let’s just say Friday is a bit of a whammy with Venus up against Uranus (what can I say, I didn’t name the planet) so you could run into someone who sets your world on fire or have something surprising drop down on you around love or money matters. Venus is also adjusting to Neptune today so there is a sense that you need to get clear or redefine the artistic, romantic or spiritual approach to the love or money matter. Oh, and lest we forget, Mercury re-enters Libra today, you know that sign ruled by Venus, and we get to have the first real conversation with the partner, agent or attorney about all that has been on our mind.

Whew…. OK, ready?


Take advantage of universal alignment on Monday around income and career. In other words, put it in motion if you need to ask for more, go after a new source of earnings, or spend on something to push your agenda forward.

Tuesday making money is still a priority and Jupiter is going to push your aspirations over the top a bit, keep this in mind if you decide to spend on your advancement just so you don’t put yourself out on a limb. It is great energy for stretching yourself in ways towards more income.

Wednesday again, is about making money but this time your ruler is all geared up in a positive angle and wanting action on the home front so whether that translates as you making money there or spending it on the property is up to you, it’s all good. Talk about the work you desire, the work that needs doing, to co-workers about what you need to make money, about your health and how that is affecting income, and about pets and what you are making or spending on them, once again, all good.

Thursday the serious talk is about work, work you want to nail down, work that needs doing, how the balance of work is being distributed, who is responsible for what work, it is about health and either taking this seriously or feeling a bit run down or low on reserves, or it is about talking about the pets and any limitations you are feeling here. Good vibes come your way through talks about the details with partners, about partnership, with agents or attorneys. Friends, groups, and social networking are aligned as well so open up.

Friday brings around the first communication about balance or justice involving a partner, agent or attorney with the new mindset and readiness to deal with what you gathered in the last 3 plus weeks. A woman, love or money matter tied to work, health or pets is going to be the zinger, zowie moment today as you get something you weren’t expecting tossed into the mix. You need to realign the friend, networking, social function, or group affiliation here.


Monday aligns in your favor if your wish is to pursue publishing, media ventures, publicity, travel, education, or legalities. It is a powerful day that can transform emotionally if you concentrate your energy in one of these arenas.

Tuesday you will feel the push in the career arena, you are going to most likely feel as though you can take on the world and you probably can today, just watch that you don’t stretch yourself too far and run yourself down.

Wednesday brings a lot of focus on you, your image, identity, needs, or physical body. Talks lead to action, there is also potential for a wonderful agreement or conversation about creative ventures, true love or children if you get serious. Once the Moon enters Gemini you will be more focused on income and any travel, media, educational, or legal changes necessary.

Thursday brings that serious talk, meeting, agreement, or decision about the creative project, child or love interest. Whatever came up yesterday, today you are really committing to it or deciding to break away, all under positive stars. There is great support where income, work and career are concerned as well.

Friday you will need to balance between love, creativity, children, and social activities or friendships. There is potential for a friendship to escalate rapidly into the love affair status or to have a bomb dropped on you from a friend, group or at a social occasion about a lover, child or creative project. You are going to need to adjust a bit where artistic expression is concerned in career or where romantic or spiritual desires are concerned around an important goal. The first real conversation about the work, health or pet matter comes into play and will likely be carried out with a partner, agent or attorney.


You can get a whole lot done today in quite the positive manner if you retreat, hole up somewhere, go behind the scenes, and deal with either a major financial matter, divorce, intimacy or sexual connection, or your personal transformation around power and control issues. Research and fantasy aid you today as do good things coming from hospitals and other institutions.

Tuesday you may feel the need to travel, do something to get your name out there through publicity, media or publishing, teach or take a class, or deal with legal matters, and this is good except you may feel that the retreat or time spent dealing with the institutions is somehow pulling you up short. Lucky Jupiter is here to protect just don’t stretch too far too fast.

Wednesday has you still dealing with the hospital, retreat, isolation, research, work behind the scenes, or fantasy expression on some level but today there is real action on the scene that looks quite positive around making or spending money. You can talk about home, property, living situations, or mom under favorable stars as well.

Thursday brings the next very serious talk about home, living situation, mom, or property. This is about talks, meetings, agreements, news, or decisions that are solid and real. The energy following this up is just wonderful as you are going to feel the love, have fun, enjoy something creative, and find that your connections at a distance, travel plans, media or publishing, education or teaching, or legal matters are aligned.

Friday brings the zinger between home, property, mom, or living situation and the career or goal before you. This can be something shocking or surprising, a change that is sudden or exciting, and will likely revolve around love, money or a woman. You are going to need to make some adjustments around this in order to get clear on the media, educational, travel, or legal matter. The first real talk, agreement, decision, or meeting about a creative project, love or child matter occurs today. You have had time to think about what you want. A partner, agent or attorney is involved.


Monday is going to flow in a positive direction for close connections with powerful people, be they partners, agents or attorneys. You can connect over aspirations, or find ways to make money through groups, friendships or social events.

Tuesday there is a tendency to stretch yourself because you are feeling so good about socializing, pursuing aspirations or networking. The place to watch for over-doing it is with the credit cards or any other outside financial resource, intimately or in dealing with divorce or a power issue.

Wednesday connects you to your closest circle of friends, your group affiliations, any social affairs, and most importantly to your aspirations. This is going to be very positive today and lead to your taking action physically, with your body, image, identity or in diving into something that is important to you with good results. Writing or talks are in positive alignment as well.

Thursday brings the next serious talk, meeting, agreement, or decision your way around a writing project, an idea you have, a speaking engagement, or news coming in, or with a brother, dealing with neighborhood, or short trips. Time spent behind closed doors, in retreat and recharging your batteries are positive for you at home, with mom, around property matters, and in finding deep connection with others. Finances are due to flow in a positive direction today as well.

Friday the surprise comes from far away, or around a travel matter, legal issue, educational agenda, politics, ceremonies, or media, publishing or publicity matter. This will likely involve a phone call or meeting and revolve around a woman, love or money. You need to make some adjustments around how you are artistically expressing yourself and the outside finances or how you are romantically expressing yourself and the sexual trend. Mercury moves into Libra today so the first real talk about home, property, living situations, or mom arrives and will involve balance, partners, agents or attorneys.


Monday is in wonderful flow for you around career, goals, ambition, reputation, and fame. There is real, solid, sensual pleasure here for you with potential for money, along with a powerful connection to transforming through work, health or pets.

Tuesday the vibe continues to light up the career or goals and feelings about happiness and expansion. Today you just have to watch out for pushing yourself out there too far or being knotted up a bit over not expanding fast enough where partners, agents or attorneys are concerned.

Wednesday will be the resolving day around career and goals with a positive motivating force coming from Mars, pushing you to accomplish something behind closed doors, through research, fantasy, artistic expression, psychic intuition, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions. Think about what you want to earn or spend today to reach your goal. Balancing a friendship with the power you expect at work is not going to happen today.

Thursday the next serious talk, meeting, agreement, or decision is under way around the income you make, the money you spend or a possession. You are going to commit or sever ties under this influence. Connections with friends, groups, networking and pursuing aspirations are under positive stars so talk and partner.

Friday brings a surprise or change around joint finances, loans, commissions, royalties, alimony, child support, debt, credit, insurance, taxes, divorce, death, or sex. It’s big. Look at your own income or spending to balance and how love and money are tied up together. You must also deal with some adjustments to partnership, or with agents or attorneys. Expressing your artistic, romantic or spiritual needs will be important. Mercury enters Libra today so the first real talk about what you think, write, or do locally with partners, agents or attorneys is on tap.


Monday revolves around a positive flow through creative projects and anything having to do with children or love. There is real power to be accessed here and some kind of tie in to travel, people at a distance, legalities, media, publicity, or education.

Tuesday may have you feeling so good about all of this that you over-extend yourself a bit in the work, with your health or related to small animals. There is protection for you here but you should still watch how far and how fast you go.

Wednesday is the final day wrapped around the trip, people at a distance, education, media, publishing, publicity, ceremonies, politics, or legalities and what goes on today is bound to lead into some motivation or action with friends, social functions, group affiliations, networking, or passionately expressing your aspirations, all good. The alignment with your own thoughts and personal responsibility and mastery is at an all time high.

Thursday brings the next and last serious talk about the details, critical thinking and work effort needed from you while Saturn is in your sign and Mercury is meeting him here. This is a pivotal moment when you can see how far you have come and acknowledge the leadership and mastery involved in what you are doing. Make agreements, hold talks, meetings, and make decisions today, you are ready. The energy that floods in after this is uplifting and beneficial around career, income and work.

Friday brings the shock or surprise from the partner, agent, open enemy/competitor, or attorney. This will be between you and another and can be exciting, sexually charged and a lightning bolt through the heart, or it can be jarring, radical and throw you into a tailspin. Look at love, money or a woman to be at the core of this. You will need to make some kind of adjustment around the work, health or pets and how you are approaching this out in the open. The first real talk with Mercury entering Libra today is around making money, spending money or involving a possession. A partner, fairness, justice, an agent or an attorney will likely play into it.


Monday is a positive, grounded day where things should go monetarily or sensually well for you at home, with property matters, living situations, or mom. There are ways to connect here through dealing with major finances, debts, loans, etc, or through intimate contact, divorce or some other kind of power stance.

Tuesday Jupiter is pushing you to stretch out creatively or with lovers or children. This is a feel-good energy but at the square may be about feeling as though you don’t have enough or are giving too much. Look at how things are shared for clues to balance.

Wednesday is the peaking day around financial matters, divorce, sex, or other power control issues. Mars is giving you positive motivation and passion to make something happen on the career front today or to tackle anything about reputation or your place in things to your liking. Strategy, research, and working behind the scenes, even if it is just thinking your way through your next steps, will benefit you immensely now.

Thursday brings an important talk, meeting, agreement, severing of an agreement, or decision to light. This is about the details or work involved in a research, fantasy, film, artistic, spiritual, psychic, or meditative endeavor, or around hospitals or other institutions. The energy flooding in behind this is very positive and leads to your feeling pretty good physically and ready to flow creatively, feel the love, and get down to anything involving expansion such as legal matters, travel, education, or media.

Friday brings the zowie, out-of-the-blue moment around the work you do, with a co-worker, from someone you hire to work for you, with your health, or with a pet. This is sudden, shocking, exciting, stimulating, or something changing on a dime. A woman, love or money matter going on behind the scenes is involved here. You need to make some adjustments today around creative output, love or children. Mercury enters your sign and brings the first real talk about you, your needs, body, image, identity, or ego.


Monday is a swell day Scorpio, so enjoy the sense of partnership or how the flow is going with agents, competitors or attorneys. Major talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions favor your agenda.

Tuesday there is a sense of stretching yourself too far or things not going as far as you want them to and the focus of this energy is around home, property, living situations, or mom. You are protected here but are advised to take it easy today.

Wednesday is the last day of focus on partners, agents, competitors, or attorneys, and boy is it positive. You are going to be motivated to act on a legal matter, travel plans, media, publishing or publicity issue, or education, politics, ceremonies, or beliefs involving them. All good. Think about your aspirations today and what you want to get serious about, if there is a social obligation looming or something connecting you to friends or groups, it looks positive.

Thursday brings a serious talk about a friendship, group affiliation, social function, networking event, or aspiration. Commit or sever agreements, make decisions, hold meetings, this is a new beginning. The energy the rest of the day favors time spent out of the fray and deeply connected to your personal power.

Friday the surprise, shock, excitement, change, or radical shift is coming via a creative project, lover or child. You may meet someone today who absolutely blows you away romantically. A female friend or a money matter tied to a social function, group or friendship is part of the picture here. You are going to need to make an adjustment at home to accommodate what is going on. Mercury’s move into Libra today opens up the first real talk with your new mindset about what is going on behind closed doors, the secret, research, fantasy project, hospitalization or dealing with another institution.


Monday is all geared up to bring you sensual delights and solid money making support through the work you do. You are aligned for more positive power and transformation in earnings. Health should glow and pets please today as well.

Tuesday the focus is still on work, health or pets and with Jupiter in angle you may decide to have a talk, meeting, or make a decision that is a bit over the top or in reaction to how things are expanding for you. You may as well over-extend yourself with siblings, short trips or what you are doing in the neighborhood.

Wednesday is the last day around work, health or pets for the week and today’s energy is very positive for diving into the financial matter, sexual connection or divorce. You can move mountains. Thinks about your career goals and ambitions seriously today, tomorrow you have the talk.

Thursday brings the serious talk, meeting, agreement or severing of an agreement, or decision about career, goals, ambition, reputation, father, or fame. This is about the details and work or time spent, and commitment or being in charge. Feelings about the attorney, partner or agent soar the rest of the day as you connect socially, pursue aspirations, spend time with friends and engage in happy dialogue.

Friday brings the zinger your way through the home, living situation, property matter, or mom. This is exciting, shocking, change oriented or radical energy and will need to be balanced against career or goals you have around love, money or a woman. You need to have a talk about your artistry, romantic needs or spirituality in this. Once Mercury enters Libra the first real talk about friendship, partnership, balance, fairness, social obligations, or aspirations is under way with the new mind-set.


Monday is a hurray day around feeling the creativity, love or connection with children. There is solid, sensual, monetary flow here and a power connection to your personality and taking this forward through your expression of financial transformation or sexuality.

Tuesday the vibe around creative juices and love is still at the top of the heap but you are dealing with feeling over-extended or not having enough where income is concerned. Jupiter is still offering you protection, be proactive while he is here, just don’t push too hard today.

Wednesday the creative project, child or love matter hits it’s peak as you take action with a partner, agent, competitor, or attorney. This is very beneficial for you so be proactive. Think about ways to expand through travel, media, publicity, publishing, education, or legal channels.

Thursday brings the serious talk, meeting, agreement or severing of an agreement, or decision around the legal, educational, media, publicity, political, publishing, ceremonial, or travel matter. You are looking at the details here and responsibility as well as a new beginning with long term results. The rest of the days energy is positive and supports work, career spotlight, and expanding through income.

Friday is the zowie moment that will either be exciting and stimulating or shocking and radical. It is coming through a talk, meeting, writing project, or something going on in the neighborhood, with a sibling, or short trip. If you are single these are the places you may get hit with the lightning bolt. A woman, love or money matter tied to law, travel, media, or education is part of the mix. You need to make an adjustment around income today to deal with what occurs. The first talk with the new mind-set occurs once Mercury moves into Libra and lights up what you are thinking now about career and goals. An attorney, partner or agent will likely be involved.


Monday is all about the positive vibrations rolling through home, property, living situations, or connection with mom. You are literally transforming in any way that puts you behind closed doors here, allows you to rest, recharge, strategize, and employ your artistic or spiritual agenda.

Tuesday you will have to stretch yourself a bit around home, property, living situations, or with mom. This is a happy energy but it is being tested a bit so you will either feel good and want to expand at home more risking over-extending yourself or you will feel as though you aren’t expanding fast enough.

Wednesday what is going on at home or with the living situation is going to motivate you into action to tackle work, deal with health or take care of pets here, all under positive lights. Think about how things are being shared, how finances are going and how intimacy or divorce is balancing out.

Thursday brings the serious talk, meeting, agreement or severing of an agreement, or decision about loans, debt, credit, joint or shared finances, outside resources, bankruptcy, settlements, inheritance, insurance, taxes, sex, intimacy, divorce, or death. The details matter today and so does responsibility or dealing with an authority. Positive energy follows this talk with the flow emphasizing fun, creativity, love or children and involving yourself in the powerful, shared experience.

Friday the radical, exciting, shocking, change oriented, or surprising energy coming at you via your ruler, Uranus, is going to be around an income, spending or possession matter. A woman, love or money matter that is shared with a joint account, bank, through divorce or some other powerful connection is coming into play here as well. You are going to need to make a personal adjustment around your own needs in dealing with what comes today. The first real talk from your new mind-set arrives regarding legal matters, travel, media, or education and justice, balance, an attorney, agent or partner will be part of the mix.


Monday is a positive flow kind of day to open up about making money, spending money and your possessions. Major transformation continues in friendship with positive results through what is deconstructed or changed on a powerful level.

Tuesday talks, meetings, agreements, and decisions are moving your forward but you are going to feel as though something is coming undone behind the scenes in a big way or that what you are working on in private or with hospitals is getting too big or not big enough for you. Jupiter is trying to protect, don’t over-do it.

Wednesday the talks and meetings you have will spur you into positive action on the creative front, with children and lovers. You need to think about what is going on in the way you partner, with open enemies, agents, and attorneys, it is serious and needs your attention.

Thursday the serious talk, meeting, agreement or severing of an agreement, or decision is occurring over the details and taking responsibility involving a partner, open enemy, agent, or attorney. The energy is incredibly positive around home and property matters and how you are shining in dealing with the major financial matter here, a divorce, what is shared, or an intimate matter connected to the home front. Luck is behind closed doors.

Friday brings that radical, zowie, exciting, shocking, change oriented, or unexpected moment and it is coming from you. Yep. You. It is going to be about you, your body, image, identity, or ego needs and it is going to be in response to a woman, love or money matter tied to partnership, open enemies, agents or attorneys. You need to make an adjustment to what you are doing behind closed doors, in strategy, research, fantasy, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. Mercury’s entry into Libra brings the first real talk or agreement about a major financial matter, divorce, death, or sexual connection with your new mind-set. A partner, agent or attorney figures prominently in this.


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