Sunday, October 11, 2009


What a week, what a week!

On Monday the Moon is in the creative, fun seeking sign of Leo and from here she is going to dance with Mercury. This means that talks and news should be uplifting and open some doors. Mars, the energy of passion and action, is going to dance with Saturn, a more serious, older dude with lots of ambition and command of time and effort. This means that you can initiate things that will have lasting results and that your actions will likely bind you or break you apart but that regardless of the outcome, the stars have your best interest at heart.

Tuesday in the wee hours east coast time, or late Monday night west coast time, Jupiter, the planet of luck, beliefs, adventure, prosperity, happiness, expansion, travel, media, higher education, politics, and law, stations Direct and we all get the green light to begin stretching out in big, bold ways. Luck re-enters the picture and prosperity begins to show again. Venus makes her last sitting with Saturn and we get serious about committing to or severing ties with a woman, a love or a money matter.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and we get to focus on how love is being balanced, how money matters are holding up through attorneys and partners, and how we want to relate through the divine feminine.

On Thursday Venus will square Pluto from her new abode and this means we all get to choose a direction in the road, there will be matters brought to the fore regarding love triangles and power struggles over money, as well as obsessions, control and manipulation issues, and just what we will do for our goals and ambitions in life. Partnerships, people who represent us or stand against us, and authority figures will play a part.

Friday Mars changes signs, moving from Cancer into Leo for an extended tour of duty. This is a huge shift between Lights and will put the emphasis on drive, aggression, passion, and sometimes anger, being expressed through creative outlets, with lovers, in the pursuit of love, and with children, recreation, and speculation. Our ego needs must now balance in partnerships or with representatives, and adjustments must be made involving what has been going on behind closed doors, in strategy, with hidden enemies or secrets. There will be a beautiful moment with a friend or at something social regarding what is found, promising a spiritual, artistic or romantic breakthrough.

What? Were you expecting maybe a calm week? LOL. Hang on!


Monday is about opportunity for positive talks with romantic partners regarding love or money, or connecting with attorneys or agents to talk about the creative issue, child or love matter. You ruler is getting serious today about home or property matters, getting things done here and attending to work, pets and health, all good.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct. Luck and expansion is finally moving forward again where aspirations are concerned as well as with your social circle, friendships, networking, and group affiliations. Today a matter is decided once and for all regarding a female, love or money issue tied to work, health or pets.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and you are going to begin to feel the energy of the divine feminine playing out through partnership issues or with partners or attorneys. This energy will make things go more smoothly for you after you get past tomorrow’s square. Venus in this part of your chart will help you to take a relationship to the next level if you are ready.

Thursday is the intense square between Venus and Pluto. Love, obsession, control and manipulation, power and lust, women and money, this is what is playing out in some challenging way for you through partnership, attorneys, agents, reputation, or career goals. Your sign is in square to these energies as well so take it with care, there are major changes coming today.

Friday your ruler changes signs, entering Leo and very happy about it I might add. Here you will now have the drive to move a creative venture forward, you will be open to meeting a passionate love interest if single or find more passionate ways to express love in a current relationship, you will find courage and energy to tackle anything going on with children, and over-all push yourself to have a little more fun in life. You will likely need to rest a bit today after dealing with the partner, open enemy, agent or attorney yesterday. Your alignment with friends and social activities later tonight is spot on.


Monday offers the chance to talk about work, pet or health issues at home in a positive, loving way. There is a big push from Mars today to get something done with the writing project on a creative level, to communicate passions to a lover or to talk inspirationally to a child, all of this brings about serious results in a positive way.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your career Midheaven, hard to get better news than this, right? Luck and expansion, prosperity and happiness are now once again moving forward where career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, or anything concerning your father is concerned. Put yourself out there. Today something is decided once and for all with a lover, creative project or a child.

Wednesday Venus moves into Libra and will bring her lovely ability to attract things into the work you do, your health and your pet arena. This is a great time to spend or make money through these avenues or to find love or connect with women.

Thursday Venus will square Pluto which is a very tough aspect for most, and this is playing out in her obsessional energy, or something related to major money or lust issues, triangles or manipulations, all flowing between work, health and pets, to travel, media, education, or legal matters.

Friday Mars enters Leo and puts the drive and motivation around home, living situations, property matters, security needs, and situations involving mom. This will be strong for some time and you may decide to move, buy, sell, or exit stage left during this transit. It is great for getting things done around the house and will be the arena from whence passions and anger now play. You may be a bit run down today after yesterdays push so take it easy in any social situation or with friends. You are aligned beautifully today to shine at work and with health on the career front.


Monday is one of those days when you can charm the bees out of the trees dear Gemini so use your gift of gab to broach any subject concerning creative projects, love or children. Mars comes into dance with Saturn bringing you drive to make or spend money at or on home, property, or mom, this is a positive opportunity today so feel confident.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in the area of travel, people at a distance, import/export, media, publishing, publicity, education, and legal matters. This is great news as Jupiter is now ready to move forward and open doors for you through these channels, to bring prosperity and expansion, luck and happiness. Something is decided once and for all today about a living situation, home, property matter, or mom.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and your house of true love, creative projects and children. This is another wonderful placement for you helping you attract new love into your life or bring more love around a current relationship, it will bring in money for creative ventures and children as well.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto so you have a major hurdle right off the bat with her and in this configuration it is most likely going to play out as power, triangles, manipulations, powerful, obsessional attractions, lust or major finances. You may find yourself in a very intense sexual encounter or dealing with a huge financial matter, divorce or death.

Friday Mars enters Leo and your house of communications where he is going to take up a longer than normal residency. This means you will have more activity locally, more short trips and find that communications, writing projects, speaking engagements, and contact with siblings hold more passion, action or anger. You can really move things forward in all of these areas with this much energy behind you and Mars in this placement typically is playful and passionate. You are still dealing with whatever touched your creative or love arena yesterday and may need to make some adjustments to goals. There is amazing support coming your way through travel, law, education, or media.


Monday opens up talks about home, property, living situations, or with mom. These are very positive and help you to deal with how money is being earned or spent. Mars is going to push you to do some physical things today or to tackle image or identity matters, all leading to serious results around communication, neighborhood or with siblings.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your house of sex, major finances, divorce, and powerful transformation. This is very positive news as the energy of luck and protection, expansion and prosperity is now able to move you forward around anything pertaining to issues in these areas. Something is decided once and for all today around a written subject, project, communication, sibling, or neighborhood matter.

Wednesday Venus moves into Libra which puts the focus of love and money on the home, living situation, mom, and security issues. This is great news as Venus will help you attract what you need here as well as make things move more smoothly, you do have to get past the build-up to tomorrow’s Venus/Pluto square first but after that it should be smooth sailing.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto and in so doing puts your sign into square as well. This is very intense energy that will play out through several of these arenas: home, mom, stability, living situations, partnership, attorneys, agents, and yourself. There is powerful energy here around change, major finances, sex and love, triangles and obsession, manipulation and control, death and transformation. Be gentle with yourself today.

Friday Mars enters Leo where he will be motivating you to make or spend money in creative loving ways. This is about lots of passion and action on the income front as well as energy around possessions. You will need to handle how you are feeling physically today regarding home or mom and adjust to what you see changing at a distance, through travel, with media, education, or legal matters. There is wonderful flow occurring around intimacy, major finances, and anything changing on a grand level.


Aim your communications for Monday when the Moon and Mercury are so highly favoring your sign. If you have a writing project to submit this is the day. Talks with siblings and short trips are due to go well. Mars is pushing you to tackle a secret, retreat, time at a hospital, research, or film or fantasy project today towards serious financial reward.

Tuesday Jupiter stations Direct in your house of partnership, agents and attorneys. This is wonderful energy for you as the people who are the most important in your world can now open doors for you, and you can see things begin to expand again. Something is settled once and for all today about a possession, income matter or what is being spent.

Wednesday Venus moves into Libra and helps you to communicate from a loving, fair and balanced platform. If you need to talk about partnership or write for money, this energy is right up your alley. This is a good time to meet a love interest in the neighborhood or through brothers or sisters as well as making all talks go more smoothly.

Thursday brings the first major hurdle with Venus in her new placement as she squares Pluto, the dark underlord. This can be very intense as talks about women, love or money aimed at work, co-workers, health matters, or pets take on a very deep, powerful, energy. You can see sexual obsessions come to light under this energy or find that a triangle or manipulation is in the mix. Big change is at the heart of the challenge.

Friday Mars enters your sign which will bring you a considerable boost in energy and drive as well as amp up your passions and anger over the next few months. This is about finding the energy to do things physically, to tackle image or identity matters, and to stoke yourself forward where personal needs are concerned. A fire sign with Mars in prolonged stay is going to be something to see, tackle the world! You still need to take care of your ego needs through communications today surrounding the intimate, power, financial, or divorce matter. There is amazing flow coming your way through a partner, agent or attorney.


Monday has two sets of energies that are bound to work in your favor, the first being time taken working on something alone or behind the scenes that leads to positive talks about income, what you would like to make or spend on, or regarding an important possession or object. The other is Mars dancing out with Saturn, bringing a very motivating influence to connecting with friends, groups, pursuing your aspirations, and socializing, all in line to show your leadership or mastery. What is put in play today has staying power or can end things amicably for good.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your house of work, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, health, and pets. This is about luck and expansion on the move again, happiness and prosperity flowing through these channels. In Venus’s last sitting with Saturn in your sign, something is decided today once and for all regarding you, your image, identity, body, or something extremely personal to you.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and brings her energy to your service in areas of making money, spending money and dealing with possessions. This is great news as she is good at attracting what you need and helping things run more smoothly. You do have to get past the intense square of tomorrow first.

Thursday Venus and Pluto square, it isn’t generally a pretty picture. This is energy about major finances, lust, sex, control, power, manipulation, triangles, obsession, and reproduction, and it is going to be challenging you over your income and something tied to creative projects, a lover or children.

Friday Mars enters Leo for a prolonged stay where he will give you more than your share of drive in all things going on behind the scenes. This bodes well for those of you involved in physical imaginative work such as filmmaking or acting, there will be plenty of motivating force to dive into research, passionately express your romantic, spiritual or artistic side, to deal with any surgery or hospital stays, to tackle any anger issues in private. Love affairs entered into at this time will tend to be clandestine or guardedly private. You must deal with the last of feelings about income and any adjustments this requires through partners, agents or attorneys. The flow from your work and health house to the money you make is inspired and supportive so focus there.


Monday is all about positive energy with friendships and social activities putting you in the seat of lots of attention and communications. Mars is motivating you to tackle a major goal or career matter today in a very positive, opportunistic way involving something or someone serious, working behind the scenes, researching or embarking on something fantasy or imagination driven. Long term results from actions taken.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your house of creative projects, true love, recreation, and children. This is just the best news, isn’t it? Jupiter brings luck and protection, expansion and prosperity so you can expect that if things have not been growing in these arenas that you now will see evidence to the contrary. Something is decided once and for all today regarding a hidden or private matter, film or fantasy, research or retreat, hospital or other institution.

Wednesday your ruler moves into your sign. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Feels good doesn’t it? Well it should, although at this moment you are feeling the build-up to her square with Pluto tomorrow, don’t lose site that after this challenge, she is fueling you with divine feminine energy, helping you to attract love and money, making you the chosen child of the zodiac at present with her magnetic charms.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto from your sign, this may be ouchy. Since we know it is occurring with you and something around the home, living situation, property matter, or mom, we can step back a bit and do our best not to get too caught up in it. This energy can be about obsession, control, power, manipulation, triangles, lust, major finances, and something changing on a profound level. What triangle do you find yourself in here? It is really trying to peak out so as to affect a change.

Friday Mars enters Leo and brings all kinds of energy into your social scene. Mars will be touring this part of our chart for a rather long time so you can expect to get very busy with friends, groups, in pursuing your aspirations and in getting out there socially. You are still adjusting your ego or body over what occurred yesterday and trying to get a grip on changes around work, pets or health that stemmed from it. The flow and support through your creative house is on fire so please take advantage of any inspirations that hit or any new amore who may show up in the picture around this time.


Monday is fab where career and goals are concerned, your reputation is on the upswing and there is opportunity to have a private talk or meeting that could very well put you in a better position. Mars is motivating you to travel, dive into something media related, publish, tackle legal issues, or take or teach a class. This is all about positive solid opportunity where your aspirations, friendships and socializing are concerned.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your home base. This is about luck and expansion, prosperity and protection finally moving forward here so you may decide to move now, the house finally sells, you can finally purchase the home, a roommate moves in or out, or you are able to do something great for mom or vice versa. Something is decided once and for all today regarding a friend, social matter, aspiration, or group.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and amps up all love and money matters going on behind closed doors. This is a great time to make money through research or artistic, fantasy work, as well as a great time to spend money on retreat, time away, hospitals, and other institutions. Love entered into now may be clandestine or private.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto which is a tough aspect involving challenge about major finances, sex, reproduction, control, triangles, power, lust, obsession, divorce or a huge transformation in life. This is going to play out through news, a conversation, something local or through siblings, or around what you are doing behind the scenes or what has been hidden up until now. News you didn’t see coming may be challenging to your finances or intimate connection or you may take things behind closed doors.

Friday Mars enters Leo for a prolonged tour through your career Midheaven. This brings lots of action and motivation to move up, move on, do something active, light a fire underneath a goal or ambition, to make a name for yourself or aggressively pursue fame. You will express passions as well as anger through this house now and find that you are driven to succeed. If you need to tackle something for dad this energy assists as well. You must still deal with what blindsided you yesterday and make adjustments around creative output, children or lovers. The flow at home and around living situations is beautiful, a place to retreat.


Monday is wonderful energy for talks and meetings with friends or groups. There is a touch of expansion in the air here involving media, travel, education, or legal matters and it is all good. Mars is spurring you into intimate connections today to express your ardor or to tackle a major financial matter or divorce. Your goals can be met in this and some stability should result from it.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your communications zone opening up luck and expansion, prosperity and protection through writing projects, talks, meetings, agreements, neighborhood, siblings, and short trips. This is very positive energy, your ruler, finally moving forward in these arenas. Something is decided once and for all today around a career matter or important goal.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and brings her magic to your friendships, social scene, group affiliations, and aspirations. This is about attracting the love and money you need through these avenues and the opportunity to spend here as well.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto which brings an obstacle or challenge around a social function, friendship or group and your income. Look at power, obsession, control, lust or sex, triangles, major finances, or power to be the energy concerned in the challenge.

Friday Mars enters Leo and brings motivation and drive to travel, connect with people at a distance, to do something media, publishing or publicity related, to take a class or teach one, to tackle legal matters, dive into politics or religious ideals or ceremonies. This is going to be a prolonged tour of this sign so you have lots of time to make things happen here. You will be expressing your passions and your anger through these areas. You are still adjusting physically or with your ego around the friend or social situation and any changes around home or property. The flow to talks or meetings with friends or about social occasions is under very positive stars, dream a little.


Monday opens up positive talks or agreements about career, goals, reputation, or ambitions. Something regarding a major financial matter is in lucky play here. Mars drives you to do something with a partnership, agent or attorney that leads to positive results through legal channels, travel, education, or media.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your income house! Woohoo J This is about the energy of expansion and luck, prosperity and protection finally moving forward and you will feel this in the money coming in now as well as feel good about spending on things that you feel will grow you forward. Something is decided once and for all about a legal matter, trip, educational, or media issue.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and your career Midheaven where she shines her impressive energy at attracting the love and money you need to move things along on a smooth course. Women will be beneficial to your goals now and after tomorrows square, you should begin to see things flow again in this part of your life.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto so you can expect a challenge over a major financial matter and you and your career or goals. This is powerful and will feel very intense as you find ways to tackle power, control, any triangles playing out, obsessions or lust if they have found their way into the mix or define your greatest goal at present, and in the end a big change is called for. It gets better after this.

Friday Mars enters your house of debt, loans, credit, settlements, insurance, taxes, inheritance, joint finances, and all other forms of outside resources, as well as the area associated with sex, divorce and major transformations in life. This is going to give you the drive and motivation to pursue outside financial resources over the next few months. If single, this may bring a passionate lover onto the scene, if in relationship you will be expressing Mars intimately so that flows from passion to anger. If you have been stuck in a bad relationship this energy will push you to deal with the divorce. You still need to attend to your career issues from yesterday and have a talk about a new idea in the air. The support between career and income is very positive today through all things artistic, intuitive and research driven.


Monday is filled with beautiful flow where talks about travel or with people at a distance are concerned. Talks about media, publishing, education, and legal matters are as well in this great connection. Partners, agents and attorneys play a beneficial role. Mars is spurring you to tackle work, health or pet matters today, there is solid support from outside finances here.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct in your sign. This is such good news dear Aquarius! The energy of luck and expansion, prosperity and happiness is finally ready to move forward through you, so look at good things coming to and through you, your body, image, identity and ego needs all receiving a positive boost. Something is decided once and for all today about a major financial matter, divorce, sexual issue or someone’s passing.

Wednesday Venus enters the arena of travel, education, media, and law. This is wonderful news as well since she will help you attract the love and money you need through these arenas and spark you to spend here as well under good influence. You do need to get over tomorrows hurdle first but then it will smooth out.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto and there will be powerful, intense energy playing out over sex, control, triangles, obsession, manipulation, major finances, or change. For you this shows up in the arena of travel, education, law, or media and changes something behind closed doors, hidden, secret, about addictions or abuses, hospitals or retreat, or is something you just didn’t see coming.

Friday Mars enters Leo and lights up your partnership zone for an extended period of time. This will bring lots of motivation and drive where partnership is concerned as well as spur you to take action with agents or attorneys, you will express your passions through these people and may see a relationship get wildly intense during this time. If you have any open competitors or enemies you will have the drive to tackle them now, just watch for anger in the mix. You still must deal with yesterdays travel, education, media, or legal matter and any changes to income involved. There is a wonderful spiritual, romantic energy around you that should help you artistically express yourself.


Monday is an open door where talks about a major financial matter are concerned. You should feel quite good about the work you are doing after this. Mars is spurring you on in the creative field or where children or lovers are involved, all in an attempt to make solid strides with partners, agents or attorneys. This is positive energy so connect with those significant today.

Tuesday east coast time/Monday night west coast time, Jupiter stations Direct behind the scenes for you and finally is ready to expand in areas related to retreat, time alone, hospitals, film and fantasy work, artistic expression, research, meditation, and dealing with any self-sabotaging energy. This is where luck and prosperity are going to meet you now and where you have protection. Something is decided once and for all with a partner, agent or attorney today.

Wednesday Venus enters Libra and your house of sex, major finances, divorce and power. This is going to help you to attract the love and money you need through these avenues and to make things run more smoothly after you get past tomorrows challenge.

Thursday Venus squares Pluto which will put your major financial matter, sexuality or divorce up against a friendship, group affiliation, or aspiration. These two planets are about a challenge over control, manipulation, triangles, power, huge amounts of money or money that is shared, lust, sex or obsession, and in the end a very big change.

Friday Mars enters Leo for a prolonged tour of duty where he is going to be motivating you and kicking up the action around work, health and with pets. This will be the arena for you passions and your anger over the next months and where you can make some serious headway. You still need to adjust over what occurred yesterday with finances, divorce or sex. There is supportive energy around retreat and some time to rest and recharge your spiritual reserves.


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