Tuesday, December 26, 2023



It's all about the Moon today! Cancer Moon kicks in at 10:15am Eastern and we turn our attention to home, family, moves, renovations, real estate deals, parents, roommates, history, or emotional needs. This harmonizes with Saturn in Pisces so we can get serious, tend to a parent, boss or other authority figure, put in time, make commitments, confirm endings, tackle responsibilities, or get ambitious about institutions, research, artistic, romantic, or spiritual matters in the story. The Moon then reaches its perfect opposition to the Sun at 7:33pm Eastern, marking the Cancer Full Moon peak. So, we are building to this peak all day and culminating early evening with something that is wrapping up, coming to an end, achieved, or celebratory with these home, family, real estate deals, roommates, or emotional needs. The Moon then moves into alignment with happy, lucky, growth-oriented Jupiter in Taurus bringing big moments around income, gifts, purchases, possessions, or products. This may involve legal agreements, travel, distant, media, educational, religious, or political themes getting us there. The only challenge to the day is a square from Mercury Retrograde to Neptune that does not really perfect until 2:43am Eastern tomorrow morning but that is 11:43pm Pacific tonight. So, there is one bit of news, conversation, offer, or decision that is part of your do-over to revise, rekindle, release, or rework around these travel, legal, distant, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political themes, and in square to Neptune may have something hidden, lost, secretive, or foggy around it. So don't lose your plane ticket, don't believe everything the media tells you tonight, get a second opinion on those legal matters, or reevaluate your beliefs, as examples of this moment. On the other hand, it could rather just be a sense of sadness or nostalgia that washes over late tonight/early tomorrow morning regarding one of these topics and the past or ongoing scenarios that you are reassessing, or some fantasy you are willing to get caught up in. Double check everything if you feel something is off and deep breath if you are getting hit with emotions at this time or things don't go as planned. Otherwise, a very positive day and a powerful Full Moon climax tied in with positive alignments from Saturn and Jupiter. Here we go! PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we reach for breakthroughs on an emotional level and any major junctions with our home or family needs in perfect culmination today.'  If the Daily info clicked for you, please CONSIDER SUPPORTING THIS WORK and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                   Buy Me A Coffee

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