Wednesday, December 20, 2023



We should feel like we are given a free-floating pass today that we should use to do something for ourselves. There was a square to Mercury Retrograde just before midnight/just after last night, so we do still have a bit of that lingering but it it far more likely we experienced it yesterday and are just wrapping up the energy this morning. That would have been a push to do more, lots of energy built up in a frictional alignment regarding the past or ongoing story and any talks, meetings, sales, siblings, neighbors, offers, vehicles, short trips, moves, electronics, writing, or decisions about a goal or involving an authority figure. This is with a focus on releasing, rekindling, or reworking something. The rest of the day is just focusing on our Aries Moon and our own needs, personal or physical, without encumbrance from any outside influences. Now, Venus is building all day to come opposite Uranus in the sky, perfecting at 2:04am Eastern tomorrow morning or if you are on the west coast then at 11:04pm tonight. So, this gives us a strong focus on love or money, beauty or pleasure and going deeper, involving another, being in the moment, expecting last-minute changes or surprises, something social or online, about intimacy or sexuality, jealousy or triangles, other financial influences or control issues, and as with all oppositions can be about perfect balance or confrontational forces depending on your story. My guess is most will experience this as a positive but of course be diligent in all situations.

  PRAYER TODAY is:  'May we admire the quality of Gods handiwork in our lives no matter how unwieldly it may seem in the moment, for we will see its purpose later on and be grateful.   Join me in 5 minutes of PRAYER starting at 12-12:05pm Eastern/9-9:05am Pacific. See you there! 

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