Tuesday, December 12, 2023



We are in the dark of the Moon for part of the day so there is not a lot of action or at least not a lot of action that brings results but that changes as our New Moon kicks in at 6:32pm Eastern/3:32pm Pacific. At this point it is about forward motion gearing up and what we start to launch into regarding travel plans or distant situations, legal matters, educational pursuits, media ventures, or marketing ideas, it's also about ceremonies, religion, philosophy, going big, happiness, prosperity, adventure, or politics. We now have 2 weeks of cosmic boost to help us start something new or take our current situations in these areas of life into what comes next. Looking at the other contender, Mercury which will begin his Retrograde late tonight for those on Pacific time; 11:09pm Pacific, and at 2:09am in the morning tomorrow for Eastern time. this is also giving today a quality of 'wait for it, wait for it, we're about to go all in on something'. With Mercury Retrograde it is asking us to take the weeks ahead to revisit something from the past or to let go of something that has come full circle or to really rework something important to us. We do this by looking at our personal goals, status, career, or any authority figures through talks, meetings, sales, offers, ideas, or decisions that are now part of our do-over. We will need to watch out for mix-ups, miscommunications or malfunctioning items in the mix while staying flexible about how things are taking us on this windy road to reassess, rekindle, release, or rework something here. It looks to me that Wednesday-Friday will really bring a lot of motion to the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde stories so use today to ready for any of these themes, get your ducks in a row, and here we go! The WEEKLY HOROSCOPES Dec 11-17 are up, READ THEM HERE: 

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