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Mercury is active on Saturday so communications are important as are meetings, ideas, and writing. There is a lovely opportunity in these communications artistically, romantically, or spiritually with a friend or group, or there may be a hospital to visit or another institution involved. You may be hit with some wild, unexpected news today as well or hear of a change that is coming or already in place that you then need to follow up with a conversation or two. The Moon/Mars trine brings emotions and actions into line between the lovely placement in charge of love, creativity and fun, and the sign of adventure and the higher mind, sweet!

Sunday brings Virgo Moon into alignment with Pluto in Capricorn. This helps us to tackle the work with positive, ambitious emotional motivation. If there is a health matter you want to tackle, a pet situation that needs attending or a service you have to offer that you would like to get out there, this energy is good for that as well. The challenge today is over balancing this with personal issues over legal, media, travel, or educational matters.

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Saturday is about the talks or meetings you have regarding the legal matter, trip, the media, publishing or marketing matter, or an educational topic. See if you can reach some new artistic, spiritual, hospital, or romantic understanding with a friend in one of these areas. It looks like that door is open. Just watch that you don’t let a secret slip in the process or shoot yourself in the foot by working against your own interests. Feelings should be great regarding your creative potential, children or love interest today, find time to throw energy in this direction.

Sunday is about getting the work done and boosting your career in the process. Clean out, organize, tend to your health, straighten out pet spaces or organize their activities to make clean space for work, all of it is good for your main goals today. You may have to step up over the media, legal, educational, or travel matter today since this seems to be demanding some attention as well.

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Saturday is bringing you a major opportunity to talk or meet about the financial prospects and lock in a big career matter because of it. If your goal is intimate, the day’s energy aligns to help you connect with the object of your desire in romantic ways, if the goal if around a divorce issues, the doors are open as well. You may have a wild card thrown into the day by a friend or social affair you were planning on, just be ready to tackle it in the moment. Things heat up at home or over real estate as well, all good.

Sunday the energy shifts to focus in on love interests, fun, creative projects, or kids. The groove is in your favor especially around anything you are learning, teaching, traveling for, broadcasting, publishing, or setting up legally here. You do need to watch your spending on credit cards or how you handle any other outside resource today. Sex or divorce issues might demand attention as well.

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Saturday is a big, open door for you to talk, meet, sign agreements, come to terms, pitch ideas, or delve into a writing project with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship. There is positive alignment here to express or reach artistic or romantic goals with this person through media, publishing, travel, education, or legal means. Changes to the career agenda, a major goal or involving an authority figure can be expected so roll with the experience.

Sunday is about the flow at home, with a move, a roommate, or anything else going on at ground zero. Energy is powerful here involving sexual attractions so if you can spend the day in bed with the one you most desire, do so. It is also positively aligned financially so selling or buying real estate or tackling debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance claims, or any other financial matter tied to home should go well. It is not the best day to rely on someone else to do it for you at home, take care of your own needs.

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Saturday is all about the work and the important talks, writing, or agreements that are involved. There is amazing alignment in this to financial support so if you need a backer or loan for the work you do, reach out. Something is changing today rather suddenly regarding the travel, media, legal, or educational facet of your work so expect to spin on that dime here. The other focus today is health or an animal and again, if you need money to deal with either you should be able to find a way to get it but you may hear of a travel, legal, media, or educational aspect to the situation the requires some change.

Sunday is about powerful talks or meetings you can have with partners, agents, attorneys, or specialists that should help you to transform or change something for the better. Your feelings about the work, health or pet situation are going to make talks or decisions in these areas a bit more challenging, if someone is attempting to step on you here, do your best to express your dissatisfaction.

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Saturday will help you meet or bring up any issues you have regarding a creative project you are involved in or want to get started, a child or with a child, or involving a lover or love interest. You have great alignment in this with one significant person you want to influence romantically, artistically or spiritually so open up. There is an unforeseen obstacle to the financial end, sexual connection or divorce issue so be ready to deal with this.

Sunday the energy shifts to focus on making or spending money. There is major support here from work you do or go after, any healthy outlet or energy you put into health issues, or what you do with pets or animals. Your desires seem to be still in the creative, child or love interest arena today so do your best to pick up on the money luck while it’s here.

VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is about the home, roommate, move, real estate deal, or other living situation and the great opportunity to get a lot of work done. It seems this opens doors to an artistic outlet, romantic opportunity or spiritual pursuit or that is helps in any recovery from hospital or addictions, research or investigations. There is one person you must deal with at home or regarding the move or real estate matter that is going to be a handful, (in surprising ways I might add).

Sunday is about you. Put some time into taking care of your own needs for a change and allow yourself to have some fun. The day is aligning with pleasure through creative endeavors, time with lovers or children, and powerful transformations through the experience. It seems the home situation is still pulling on you in a frictional way today, don’t let it get in between you and this positive time.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is a strong day for communications so set up meetings, talks, pitches, agreements, or short trips for today. Creative projects, kids or love should play strongly into what is being discussed or met over and this looks very positive for you on artistic, spiritual or romantic levels. The actual work, health or animal situation is a bit stressing so pace yourself in this, it seems something is planning on surprising you here. Hook up with friends tonight or chat them up, this is positive as well.

Sunday is great for retreating and resting, spending any energy you do have to research or get into an imaginative project. Home is the best place for this and any time you take here today seems to benefit you deeply. There is at least one conversation or meeting that looks a bit stressing today so get it over quickly and spend the rest of your day recharging your batteries.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is a good day to earn money from home or spend money on making your space more beautiful. The energy favors talks or meetings about income/spending and anything you can so here tied to property. Expect a surprise announcement from a child, lover or regarding a creative endeavor that ties into the money theme. Mars is giving you all the motivation you need to make a move.

Sunday is about your social calendar. Talks or meetings with friends look very positive and empowering, get together, do something healthy or for animals, you could even discuss ways to work together. The amount of money involved, earned or spent, may be an issue that you must deal with again today, this time involving the friend, group or social affair.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is a great day to set up meetings that are about something involving you, your image, identity, body, or something really big you want. Open up about the spiritual, romantic or artistic need or speak to someone about what you can do at hospital to help your body image or physical issue, it’s all good. News you get or a decision you make about home, roommates, moves, or real estate may have a bit of a shocker attached, change seems apparent.

Sunday is about career, reputation, ambition, father, or authority figures you are dealing with and a powerful money making energy attached that is flowing towards you. It seems the only thing in the way is you, so don’t let ego or physical limitations stump you, look at what is at stake and do your best to figure out a way to achieve your ends.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is a wonderful day to retreat and rest, do some work behind the scenes that leads to money, put in some calls or email someone secretly or research your subject, delve into imaginative or fantasy areas, and just flow with the dreamy quality of the day. At least one bit of news or a talk brings a bit of a shocker, it may come from a brother or sister, or out of the blue. In other news, something sexy is brewing just out of sight, get ready.

Sunday is all about the trip, legal matter, education, or media/marketing matter. It’s a pretty great energy day for you and any of these things since a sense of power and deep emotion is connected. The only snag today lies in your secret, whatever that is, if it is one you are keeping or one that someone else is holding, this trip, legal, media, or educational matter seems to be tugging at the threads that are holding it together, so the question is, how does that make you feel?

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings all kinds of meetings, talks or decisions with friends, groups or aspirations your way. It’s a great day to connect over something artistic, romantic or spiritual with these like minded souls, to enjoy some dreamy time with your comrades. There is some kind of wild card in the mix over income with this person or group so watch what you are spending, lending or how you expect to get paid back.

Sunday brings a very deep, sexy or controlling energy into the day. It is about the major financial picture and dealing with that through insurance, taxes, debt, loans, alimony, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlements, or your partners money, or it is about sex, obsession, control, intimacy, or divorce all swirled up in a bit of passion behind closed doors. It seems the only obstacle today is with the friend, you may be tempted to reschedule for the sexy route or they may take issue with your choices.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is about career, goals, ambition, reputation, father, or authority figures and the really great opportunity to connect behind the scenes, do something at a hospital, with a fantasy, an artistic project, research, or just take time away from things to listen to the muse and work on things at our own pace. Uranus is kicking round your store today so you may have that urge for freedom or rebellion and find you are taking a turn towards a new direction at the last moment. You may also get news from dad or a boss, or make a decision about career that changes everything.

Sunday is all about someone important in your life and a powerful social situation that involves them. You can connect with friends, a group or network, it’s all good. Your feelings about your place in the grand scheme of the day may be a bit tested so do your best to work around this other persons needs and remember you will have another day to shine.

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