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If you are curious about what is going on energetically in the realm of true love, here is a breakdown of the high points in December for you. If you know your Rising Sign, please read for both your Sign and your Rising and if you really want to know what is transpiring in depth, you can always call for a personal chart reading! Happy December relationships to us all xoxo

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In December the ruler of your partnership house is in an extended tour of the deepest part of your chart so look seriously at how you share. In your most important one-on-one relationships, ask yourself: How is the power balance? Is there true intimacy? Am I giving as much or more than I’m receiving? How are my major financial matters affecting my closest bonds? Remember that out of all the signs, you are hosting the most serious energy in your relationship house for the next 2 years, it is a time of commitments and endings that are meant to help you solidify partnerships for the long term. Patterns are very important in unlocking the new level of intimacy up ahead so be courageous in looking at how your relationships are similar. Do they all end the same way or have the same issues? How is the use of power, money or sexuality playing into this from your side? Raise the bar. You may look to meet new love interests in exotic or foreign places, by traveling, at libraries or schools, at courthouses or media events, or on the career front. You’ve been looking for someone as powerful as you and you are entering a time period when you finally have the opportunity to meet them or raise your current situation to that level, don’t be afraid to share the real you.

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In December it really is all about who you are bonding with Taurus. Your ruling energy is traveling through your partnership house so you will feel strongly about wanting to share your energy with another or about disengaging if that has become a drain. There is a strong potential for a past sexual attraction to reignite the second half of the month or at the very least for you to look at what that relationship meant to you so that you can focus moving forward after settling any outstanding karma between you. If a divorce has been in the way of true relationship, this latter part of December should help you or your partner come to terms about how best to proceed. The ruler of your house of true love will Retrograde on the 10th so you may be traveling to a place in your past to rekindle love or a love interest may be flying to see you. There is a very strong potential that some of you will marry or propose marriage this month and if you do the wedding should be exceptionally celebratory. There is also a very real chance that if you are not involved as this month begins that you may find a steamy attraction is kindled with a friend or out at a social event. If this happens it could be very dreamy and romantic but it could as well be fueled by substances that blur the lines between friend and lover so if you are concerned about this, be on your guard at social affairs.

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Your ruler, Mercury, Retrogrades on the 10th in your house of sexual attractions, finances and divorce and then backs into your house of marriage partners on the 18th which means you are heading back into the past in these areas. Look at past issues you have had with triangles that play out in the sexual arena and how they have affected your committed bonds in relationship. It is a do-over, so it is important to keep that in mind as you enter into the situation before you, look at how any past patterns are repeating and see if your new hard won wisdom can help you to value yourself more this time around. Whether you go forward with this past person or not, what is important is that you try to put yourself into the service of love. In other words, with each and every opportunity ask yourself, “Is this love?” It the person in question is asking something of you, would you consider that an expression of true love? If you are doing something in the situation, is that love? With Saturn touring your house of true love until Oct. 2012, you are being given one of 2 or 3 time periods in your entire life (depending on how old you live to be it comes around once every 29 years) to really master a new level in affairs of the heart. You may notice that you are attracting lovers with a noticeable age difference, most likely places: Through work, health or pet activities.

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December may be a month to remember as a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE is cresting on the 21st in the most mystical, magical part of your chart. You may be about to experience an out of body connection, draw a past karmic life partner towards you, or see a potential relationship begin to reach some kind of peak in secret or around a spiritual connection that neither of you can deny. On this same day the Sun moves in to illuminate your romantic partnerships for a 30 day cycle so until this date let’s look at what is occurring for you. Venus has been spending an extra long time in your house of true love trying to get you to reconnect with past people or parts of yourself that you had shut down to help you reopen your heart again. This is your last month with her help and it really requires you digging deep and coming out of your shell just a bit more than may feel comfortable. As if to emphasize this, Mercury will Retrograde in your relationship zone on the 10th trying to help you talk or meet with a past partner or issue and get a new perspective on it. The most powerful person of your life story is waiting to get close to you, it is going to take you getting very real about what is happening at home or with an elderly parent for this to begin to shift. You are most likely to attract someone who can teach you something new or take you places you’ve not seen before.

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Of all the signs, you have the most going on in matters of the heart, or I should say the most open doors if you are willing to walk through them this month. The New Moon on the 5th is a fresh start for you here so if you are single it is about getting out and meeting someone now, if you are in relationship this energy will help you rekindle passions. There is a very magical and rare configuration going on between Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces that will only last until Jan. 22nd, 2011 and will not occur again in your lifetime. It is about opening you up intimately in new ways that are meant to help you find true happiness. You have to be willing to let go, really say out loud that you are ready to experience a connection with another human being in its most profound nature and then open yourself to the opportunity. There is real romantic, artistic, spiritual union available that if you only plant the seed now, will grow for years to come. A past love interest may resurface the second half of the month to revisit or release anything that is left unsaid or unresolved. The major deceptive or confusing issues in relationship exit next April for good, it’s been many years of testing your vision in love, hang in there, you are almost home.

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December brings a Mercury Retrograde in your house of true love. This means your ruling energy is going to be backtracking into past love affairs either through reconnecting with one or more past lovers to see if there is something worth reworking or unfinished business you would like to talk through, or it means you will be traveling back into your own issues regarding love to try to unravel a few more threads in the tapestry of your life in relationship. It is worth the effort to open up. Mars will be taking his ardent passion into this realm as well this month so you will likely be feeling like connecting. You have been hosting the energy of rebellion and freedom in your marriage house for years now and you have survived the ‘war in heaven’ between your sign and your marriage house that ended this past July so you should have a sense of what your limits are, how much rope you are willing to give, and how this rebalancing has set you free on some levels. This may have been trying for you but it was very important in helping you discover something special about yourself. You can now begin to rebuild in relationship with this new perspective and it seems this month that means revisiting the past, to see if it holds merit in this new dynamic or if you need to release it once and for all.

LIBRA: (to schedule a reading of your personal chart call Zoe 818-613-6067)

When we look at relationship for you we have to take a longer view because you are the sign hosting the energy of karma, limits, tests, time, age, responsibility, and mastery right now. Each sign takes this energy on once every 29 years and you are the one stepping up right now. Since your sign rules relationships, you can see how important this is for you. As the energy moved in late July 2010 you were beginning to cut away any and all relationships that were not going to make it in the long haul. This passage very well might bring your soul mate into your life for the long haul so each opportunity to connect that arrives will be an opportunity you will instinctively take slowly and seriously. This is good, you are setting foundations that will support you for years to come. This month with your ruler in the house associated with earning money and value systems and the ruler of true love in your work and health arena, you may do best to mix business with pleasure, see if a co-worker is catching your eye or if there is someone at the gym or on the trail when you are exercising or out with your pets. You are also at the end of a long cycle that began in 1998 that potentially attracted addictive, confused or deceptive lovers, this ends in April next year not to return this lifetime. Learning to draw boundaries and trust your inner voice was the reason for this test.

SCORPIO: (to schedule a reading of your personal chart call Zoe 818-613-6067)

It is likely you have had a whole lot of attention in the past month and will continue to attract more this month with Venus bringing her allure into your sign. If you have been blind to this fact the transit may have been more internal, bringing the ever valuable lesson of learning to love oneself. If that was your lesson then you may have found you were saying ‘No’ to several ardent admirers. She is very strongly placed in extended tour with you to help you stop long enough to look at your own needs, your body, image, and identity in the world and to really do something great to show love for yourself. Uranus stations Direct on the 5th in your house of true love so don’t be surprised if something exciting happens or a big change is in the works. You are hosting a very rare configuration in your house of true love from now until Jan. 22nd 2011 that you will not receive again this lifetime and it is all about opening up a very exciting channel for you to find real happiness in love. You have to be willing to try new things, get outside of your comfort zone, perhaps travel or go to new places locally, but all in all put yourself out there because the universe has something magical for you if you do. A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 21st brings a huge emotional peak around a sexual union or someone you are attracted to, don’t be afraid to share your deeper feelings. This same Eclipse may instead be about bringing a divorce to culmination to open future doors for romance, or for settling a financially shared matter for the same reason.

SAGITTARIUS: (to schedule a reading of your personal chart call Zoe 818-613-6067)

December is an interesting month for Sagittarius with so much energy flooding through your sign you should feel pretty dynamic and this in itself is highly attractive to others. You are hosting Mars in the first week of the month so expect your passions to run hottest at this time. Your ruling energy has been touring through the roots of your chart in an effort to open up and bring happiness to your home life. This may have seen you expanding through real estate or with roommates or adding to your family at home. Whatever has been transpiring here has been in an attempt to open up your foundations and this is your last full month to do so. Mercury is going to Retrograde into your sign on the 18th at which time you may connect with someone from your past to settle old business or see if there is any reason to move forward with another chance at love. This month is hosting a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE which is bringing a very powerful emotional peak for you by the 21st with a significant relationship. You can expect to be celebrating a milestone together, seeing something reaching a zenith with an attorney or other representative around the relationship or you may be ending one important relationship at this time. For many Sages in relationship, this may be a proposal or engagement announced.

CAPRICORN: (to schedule a reading of your personal chart call Zoe 818-613-6067)

Everything goes in cycles and the month of December does not look like it is a peak month regarding relationships for you because the focus is more on a time of retreat and personal space or spiritual focus if you can let yourself expand in these areas. It is also a time of connection with friends and social affairs. So you will be balancing between these two extremes, with your best bet to find new love coming through friends or group activities or out at parties or networking events. You began hosting the most powerful energy in the zodiac a year or so ago and with this began a journey into personal empowerment the likes that you have never seen. It has been about getting to the bottom of who you are and how anything that was holding you back from early childhood could now be faced and released so you could begin to step more authentically into this new, more vibrant version of yourself. This month, Mercury is going to Retrograde in your sign to help you go back into your past again to reconnect with someone or look at something within yourself that needs to be revisited or released. It is about your ideas about your own value, image, identity, or needs being met. Love that is flowering now will either tend to show up undercover, behind closed doors or need to remain secret or part of some fantasy for now as you find out more about who you are, or will find you out on the social front, through a friend or during networking or internet communications.

AQUARIUS: (to schedule a reading of your personal chart call Zoe 818-613-6067)

For the sign that stands for freedom and independence, relationship questions are always the most interesting. You are known for defining your partnerships outside the lines of normal convention, very happy to go where your creative heart leads you. To that end, there has been quite a bit going on in the fantasy realm of life where love is concerned. For some of you this has meant you were daydreaming about your perfect match while for others this has been a full blown, secret, behind closed doors fantastical affair and it looks very likely that this month, that is going to reach its zenith on some level. There is a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE coming on the 21st that is going to bring it all to a head in a very powerful, emotional way. With Eclipses, it is best not to initiate what occurs but it is alright to respond since what goes down tends to be final. This may be a very exciting celebration as a milestone is reached with your lover or it may mark the ending of the relationship. It seems a friend or group from the past plays a very significant role here so watch what you say to this person as secrets are going to unravel.

PISCES: (to schedule a reading of your personal chart call Zoe 818-613-6067)

The month of December seems to be far more focused on friends and goals than on love but that doesn’t mean that relationship won’t play its part in your life now. You are one of two signs who has hosted the ‘war in heaven’ over the last couple of years that was really about freeing you from any kind of relationship that wouldn’t allow for freedom and individuality. You have the rebellious and innovative awakener in his last few months in your sign and on the 5th he will go Direct again along with a New Moon burst of energy in your career and goals arena so you will feel like setting out on a new path or conquering new territories. It is just this fierce independence and excitement that you are generating that is so attractive to others. With your relationship ruler Retrograding on the 10th, you may have a reappearance of a past love interest showing up at a social occasion or through a friend, it may also be that your friendship with this person is now at a point where you may consider taking it back into an intimate realm. Sexy attractions are going to find you most strongly while traveling or involving more exotic types, or you may find love while involved in some legal, media or educational matter.

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