Friday, May 7, 2010


The last weekend of Mercury Retrograding in Taurus and I don’t know about you but I certainly am happy about it! Every planet has its own house of hidden, subconscious, mystical, self-sabotaging or hidden enemy-attracting tendencies and for Mercury it is Taurus. So not only have we seen things slow down and back track but we’ve seen people getting fixed or stubborn, many times on contradicting information or blatantly wrong ideas (Mercury Retrograde in Taurus= no one wants to say “I was wrong”). This Retrograde has been about un-sticking something that has been stuck down deep for you for a very long time.

You have a bit of time this weekend to really look at what it has been about and make some moves. On Tuesday the 11th, Mercury turns forward again and you will be back on your way. So, besides tossing bricks into the roadway of your life to get you to notice any issues needing real attention around values and money there have been ideas unraveling or taking longer to pull together, people from the past and situations you had left behind reappearing, and all to help you to let go or reconnect based on who you are becoming and what you want or need moving forward.

If there was any place you were selling yourself short then you have had 3 strong weeks to help you see what you weren’t seeing. There is in the end a good reason for these highly frustrating brakes the universe puts on all of us! So, by sign, I am asking you some Retrograde questions (in case you hadn’t had time to ask them of yourself just yet :)) So…here we go…


What is it about the money flow, the way you have been earning your income, the way you spend, or the way you place a value on yourself that has been in some way undermined? You don’t usually get a chance to see this clearly. Look at what you do or allow that gets in the way of the income or savings that you deserve. This weekend the universe gives this clue for you, it is tied to one of these themes: withdrawal, self-sabotage, secrets, deception, hidden enemies, isolation, artistry, or hospitals/other institutions. Is there something or someone from the past you can still connect with to make money through research, investigations, institutions, film, music, fantasy, mystical or psychic subjects, or a clandestine love interest? Get creative today, do what needs doing with kids or projects, talk to the woman important to these topics even if you have to bring something out into the open that has been hidden or they do, if money is the topic, again talk about what you found or what has been brewing behind closed doors. Breakthroughs come tonight.

Sunday Saturn is going to enter the picture to ask you to really do the work necessary to better your health, set up structures around it or deal with any authority figures or limitations tied to it. If you have issues at work or with pets, they as well will need attention, time or effort today. If you are feeling limited or depressed at all about work, health or pets then look at how to better balance the retreat, hospitals, research, fantasy, or artistic outlet. There is great luck on your side in all you do through your processing or time behind the scenes, again focusing on what this Mercury Retrograde is asking of you….where is the income, how are you making or spending it and are you being valued or do you truly value what you are doing?


What is it about yourself that that is no longer fitting into your current aspirations in life? Is your image or identity matching the dreams you now have for yourself? Is your body the way it needs to be to do the things socially or in groups that you want to do? Has the word ‘Freedom’ or ‘Individuality’ taken on more significance? Look at how true you are being to the real you. Have you been hiding a part of yourself for too long? Was there something hidden about you that you are only discovering? Are you feeling that who you are is integral to how much money you earn and how that affects your social standing or ability to do what you want to socially? This is what the Retrograde has been trying to help you see. Saturday you should surround yourself with like-minded people, involve yourself with friends or groups, or really put yourself out there towards your aspirations that align with this new you. You may be the one about to invent something or bring genius into the realm. You can move mountains at home, talk to the woman about the money and connect on a higher level with this emerging self tonight!

Sunday Saturn is going to enter the picture to ask you to put in the time, commitment or effort with love, a lover, children, or something creative you are involved in developing. If you feel limited in doing any of this, again look at who you really are now at this moment in time and let the limits open your eyes about what it is you really want to build. There is great luck with you through the dreams you work towards today. Your friends and group activities are beneficial and exciting as well, expand your horizons here and again, ask the questions, Who am I? Is my body or identity aligning with my dreams? Am I endeavoring to reach my true brilliance?


What is it about the mystical, hidden or secretive part of life that you need to delve into or realign for yourself at this time? Is there something artistic, film or music related, or is there something romantic but clandestine or self-sabotaging in the picture that you need to bring forth to harness to reach a goal? Are you valuing yourself enough in these areas? Is your income being affected or can you find ways to earn more here? Is there something you need to handle at a hospital or other institution to reach your goal or does this involve a boss or father/father figure? Is someone purposefully trying to sabotage or wound you monetarily and if so is there research or investigations you can put into play to put an end to it? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend if you focus in on what rings true to you here there will be much you can do to reach your goal, protect your reputation, father or boss, or move in the right direction towards a big career ambition. Saturday will mean having a talk or coming to an agreement that stretches you, standing up for yourself over love, money or in dealings with a woman, and by evening breaking through on your goal.

Sunday Saturn gets into the picture to ask you to put in the time, effort or commitment or to look at limits or responsibilities to home, moves, real estate issues, land, food, mom, family, roommates or living situations, and security needs. These are the roots of your chart and require careful balancing against your goals or career. Luck and excitement or change are with you on the career front, with goals, father, bosses, and reputation so again, look at those Retrograde questions and make sure you aren’t sabotaging yourself or letting hidden aspects or people counter you and interfere with earnings and that you are wrapping up the film, fantasy, research, hospital, or other behind the scenes or clandestine topics you can.


What are your true aspirations? Is there a cause or charity tied to earnings that you value or something completely outside the box or brilliant that your values align with? Are you feeling a strong call towards independence? Are there outlets through the internet, astrology, aviation or foundations that you can focus on to make money? Are your friends or the group you belong to really aligned with your current values and aspirations and can you work through something here that will lead to income? Have you traveled back to a past friend or group or let one go to balance this in your life or has this Retrograde slowed down the ability to connect altogether for these three weeks so you could focus on money? Is there a group you can join or form that would help you to bring in money or is there one that is inhibiting this? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend if you wrap up or put in the time with the social, networking or monetary matter involving the friend or group there is much on tap for you by way of travel, foreign people or issues or someone at a distance, import/export, media, publishing or publicity, legal agreements or wrangling, teaching or learning with it all. Saturday this is your focus with some action needed in earning or spending, something you are doing away from everyone that is artistic, mystical, or romantic (a female may be key), and by evening a breakthrough that pleases.

Sunday Saturn moves into the picture asking that you put in the time or effort on writing, talks, a meeting, an agreement, or involving the neighbors, siblings or short trips. You must look at limits or responsibilities and lead your way forward here. There is luck and excitement on your side through travel, foreign people or interests, media, publishing, publicity, education, and legal matters. Find the balance between these two realms and again, ask the Retrograde questions about friends and income tied to media, travel, education, or legal matters.


What is it about your place in the world, your reputation, your career, or your authority that is really aligning with your values and inspiring you to want to make money? Are you doing what you wanted to do when you grew up? Is there something tied to the idea of bosses or father/father figures that is in some way needing you to look at realignment of personal values? Do you need to let something go? Is there something that you have been too fixed or stubborn about or too slow in getting started when you think about where you are on the ladder of success? How do you define success? Is the spotlight really what you want and if so how do you want to bring this about? Have your ways of defining who you are in front of everyone changed? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend the focus on what you needed to go back to review or let go lies in these areas and will be called out so you can get there. In so doing you will be tackling major financial matters, issues involving sex or divorce, topics involving power, control, manipulation, and triangles, and any reproductive issues or someone’s passing. There is a female friend that you must address in this who’s values are at odds with you over the finances, divorce or triangle and you must also do something to push yourself a bit physically (within reason). By tonight there is a break through moment.

Sunday Saturn moves into the picture asking you to put in the time, effort or commitment around making or spending income or dealing with a possession. Details are important as will be a sense of service. If you are feeling limited or depressed about this look at how you can balance this against other people’s resources. Luck, expansion or protection as well as excitement or surprising change aligns with your loans, debt, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, credit, insurance, taxes, joint finances, sexual connections or issues, triangles, reproductive matters, divorce, or death and transformative matters. Again, the Retrograde questions regarding goals, career, reputation, father, income, and these powerful topics should be in the equation.


What are your beliefs and how do they serve you? Are you sharing the knowledge you have acquired in the best possible way and is there something you can teach or learn that would help you to bring in more money? Is higher education in the picture or is it a media related topic that you would like to pursue to get ideas across and bring in money? Are you publicizing your abilities or working towards getting published? Is there a way to tackle the legal issues or contracts to work out the money matter or is someone far away or foreign born involved in the situation? Is a past marriage partner on your mind and is there something you can do to make money here or are you looking at how your values impacted this relationship or how current values are changing connected to this person and the idea of marraige? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend put some energy into these topics with a very strong focus on a marriage, partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. On Saturday you can tackle what needs doing behind the scenes, delving into film or fantasy, research or hospitals, or anything hidden yet uncovered. Deal with the female intertwined with your career goals or in a position of authority or the one you aspire to, there’s more to do to reach the goal. By tonight a break through with this person and the retrograde focus.

Sunday Saturn moves into the picture asking that you really get serious, put in the time or effort, or commit to your own personal needs, body, image, or identity. Are you taking more responsibility for yourself or as a leader? If not, what limits are you facing here? Are you isolating yourself to the point that you can’t connect? If so you need to take responsibility for this and again, work on any issues with fear, loss or how you are relating. Saturn is demanding you finish the work on who you are. At the same time, you’ve only got a short window to reconnect with the person from the past, what do you want? Luck and expansion, excitement and change are coming through the marriage, partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competition for you today. If this looks like you being cut off or feeling depressed because they recently left you (expansion in the partnership house), again, know that this energy would then say you are to work on yourself and the space left by their absence is in truth a great protection and luck for you under this influence (you just probably don’t see it yet). Again, ask the Retrograde questions of yourself, what do I believe in and what do I value?


Why is it that every time I try to do something there is a third party involved? How do I really define power? Is there a way to combine with a third party to empower myself in a way that is financially or sexually shared? Are my values aligned with this? Has the way I go about making money in some way put me in the path of obsessive, controlling or powerful people? Has being in this position made me act out this way and if so what value of mine am I letting be compromised? Has someone’s death or divorce or the idea of facing this myself transformed my ability to earn or in some way changed the way or reason I go about earning? Is my earning potential equal to the debt or build-up of debt that I am facing and if so what values do I need to rework? Is there something at work deep within me or underneath the surface that I need to access in order to be better at bringing in money and what tied to my past am I supposed to be revisiting to figure any or all of this out? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend the more you pour your energy into doing the work, taking care of your health and connecting with your pets the closer you come to an answer. On Saturday take action regarding the friend or group and deal with the female about the trip, media venture, legal issue, or education. If you do by the evening you should have a break through.

Sunday Saturn moves into the picture and asks that you put in the effort, time or commitment to the retreat, rest, research, film, music, poetry, or other art form, hospital, prison or other institution, clandestine romance or secret. If you are feeling isolated or depressed look at how you can work more, tackle health or engage with animals, this is where the luck and excitement is coming today for you. Again, the Retrograde questions matter so keep them in your mind.


What is it about one-on-one relationships that you should focus on to help you value yourself more? Has making money in some way played into the marriage you made or do money issues come up too frequently between you? Are you too busy making a living to find a partner or commit to one? Are your partners draining your income? Are you draining theirs? Have you needed to backtrack over earnings through an agent or attorney, are there issues that need addressing with a business partner or opponent? Is there a way to realign your value system so that income stops being the issue? In all of these matters, do you still retain your sense of fun? Do you relate love and money on some level? Do children represent an issue here for you? These are your Retrograde questions. As you ask yourself these questions and retrace steps through your past with partners or representatives and earnings, pour your energy into love, children and your own creativity on Saturday. You will need to motivate to move towards your goal and deal with the female who is intimately or financially involved in some power play here but by this evening a breakthrough occurs.

Sunday Saturn enters the picture asking you to put in the effort, time or commitment towards your dreams, a social occasion, a group activity, networking, or with friends. If you are feeling limited or depressed in these areas make sure you look at ways of taking responsibility upon yourself here. Luck and excitement and change are coming through lovers, love, children and creative projects for you so remain open here. Again, the Retrograde questions should be upper most, How do income and partnership combine in my value system and how do I equate love, children or creativity to this picture?


What kind of work do I want to involve myself with to earn a buck? Am I making money at the work that inspires me? Am I feeling like a servant to earning money? Can I realign what I value in life to make money in something that I love doing? Am I spending on what happened in the past and health issues? Do I value my own health? Can I reconnect to something or someone in the past for a job, a health regime or over pets and make money at it? Is there money I owe here? How does where I live or what I pay for property affect my choices? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend focus on home and roots, family and roommate situations, moves and real estate deals, security needs and foundations you are building upon. Saturday you will need to take action and it will belegally, with someone coming to visit or you traveling, regarding something educational, or involving publicity or media. Deal with the female partner, representative, specialist, or opponent here as well. Both of these areas stem from home matters and by tonight you reach a breakthrough.

Sunday Saturn enters the picture and asks that you commit, put in the time or effort on the career front, towards goals or ambitions, with reputation, fame, or father/father figures or bosses. Look at your own leadership abilities and any limits or responsibilities you need to attend to here. If you feel any limits or depression around this then see what you can take charge of to reach your goal. Luck, expansion, excitement and change arrive at home or with living situations today. Again, ask the Retrograde questions of yourself, How does income affect work, health and pets or how does the work, health or pets affect income and how is my home playing into all of it?


What is it about love that seems to always cost me? How do my values play into the love I attract or accept? Do I value myself enough in love? Do the ones I tend to love make enough money? Do they make any money at all? Do they spend my income? Do these money issues always get in the way of my romantic affairs? Do I spend so much time making money myself that I don’t have time for love? For fun? If so, what am I valuing here and am I ok with this? Do the kids need money for more things or am I making money solely for the kids? Is my true creativity and sense of fun coming out in the way I make my living? Do I want to spend on something creative or recreational but feel like it goes against my values? Do I need to invest my earnings into a creative project to prove my values are here? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend if you keep these questions in your mind and then open up conversations, meet with people, work through agreements, say your peace, confess your feelings, or in any other way communicate, then you will be making things happen. Motivate financially, sexually or with the divorce and deal with the woman on the job, over health or with the pets. By evening a breakthrough understanding arrives over love, children or creative projects.

Sunday Saturn moves into the picture and asks that you put in the time, effort or commitment on the legal matter, trip, media, marketing or publicity, or education. This is where structure and responsibility is calling. If you feel limited or depressed in any of these areas look to what you can write about it, do locally or through neighborhood, neighbors, siblings, or short trips to balance this. Luck, excitement and change is positively on your side through talks, meetings, agreements, ideas, local activities, and short trips. Again, keep the Retrograde questions in your mind, How does love and income intertwine? Am I having fun making money? Does it affect my kids or ability to love?


What does my home say about my values? Am I making enough money to pay my mortgage? Is there a way I can earn from home? Am I making money for my family or as a sense of security? Are they spending my income in ways that don’t value my contribution? Am I spending on things for the home to feel more valuable? Do my roots in life and living situation reflect a need to feel secure? Is there something or someone from the past who is pivotal in all of this? Can I make money in a way that aligns this person or situation and my living situation as one? Has someone leaving home had a direct affect on my income? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend if you pour your energy into making money with a focus on these home related questions you should move to a better position. You will want to motivate with a partner, representative or competitor and take action that affects income while dealing with the female tied to love, children or creative projects. There is a break through this evening if you stay the course.

Sunday Saturn moves into the picture asking that you put in the time, effort or commitment to deal with the major financial picture held jointly or involving a banking institution, divorce or sexual connection. This is where you need to lead yourself forward and deal with any responsibilities or limits in place as well. Luck and expansion, excitement and change are favoring you through making your own living so focus here. Again, keep the Retrograde question in mind, Where am I living and with whom and how does this tie into my earning potential, spending habits and sense of value?


What is it about the past and how I made money or spent it that has me going back and forth about my decisions today? How is my thinking geared towards earning money and how do my values play into my choices? Is there something I can write, come to an agreement on, meet about or pitch that could make money and what in my past is part of this for me? What ways of making money in the past do I need to let go of once and for all? How does a particular neighborhood play into what is happening to my income situation? Am I working to maintain this image or idea in my mind? Do the thoughts I have about the money I earn reach back to childhood and how my environment affected me then? Is any of that really relevant now? Is there a brother or sister intimately tied to my purse strings or am I working to make a statement here? These are your Retrograde questions. This weekend pour your energy into your own needs, body, image and identity as you move through the last of these mental processes. Motivate to do the work before you, tackle your own health and take care of pet matters. Deal with the woman affecting home or real estate, roommate situations or moves. By the evening a break through idea or decision begins to appear.

Sunday Saturn enters the picture asking you to put in the time, effort or commitment to the marriage, partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competition. You need to take the lead and act responsibly here. If you are feeling any limits or depression around these connections ask yourself how you are evolving or not evolving in the way you relate and how the emotional needs you have now need some form of release. Find a way to balance your need for freedom with your relationships or to cut your losses. Luck, expansion, excitement and change are with you today if you do things for your body, image or identity. Again, keep the Retrograde questions in mind, What am I doing to make a living, what am I spending on and how does the way I value myself play into the choices I am making here about money?


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