Friday, July 17, 2009


Dreams are ethereal, correct? They swim along the underground stream and inform our mortal wake. Or are they a state, one to be entered with bedside journal and a clear conscious in hopes of retrieving a prize to be remembered? It seems quite the leap of faith that we humans spend one third of our lives given over to REM and somnolent symbolism but we do, in fact many of us look forward to resting our head each night to fall away on a journey without quarter.

Saturday is a day that calls you to physically pull forth your dreams. Think about what you want to create, your poetry, yes your poetry, what comes from you that is fine and evolved and a true joy to partake of you, what rhythm, what fantasy, what spiritual truth, what great artistic expression has come up from your dreams to be heard today? You are going to need to fight for it so get clear. Be the person you dream yourself to be today, out in the ‘real’ world.

You are going to have a talk or meeting today that is intense, powerful, potentially transformational (this is what you should strive for), communicating power, sexuality, issues pertaining to large sums of money, separation, intimacy, depth, manipulations, or triangles. Don’t be intimidated, say your peace, dream yourself the perfect words to manifest the change you wish to see.

The day wraps up with a wonderful energy that allows you to express yourself freely, to do something different, unusual, to show a side of yourself that is inventive or original. You should keep your evening open to what comes because you are likely to enjoy the spontaneous energy that is on tap for you to be seen and connect with something or someone outside the norm.

Sunday showers some happiness your way, opens a few doors, feels good gosh darn it! Romance or artistry, spiritual practice and adventure all call. One wild card on the way, catches you by surprise, wow, didn’t plan on that now did you?


Saturday is about you centering on your home, roommates, move, property, lease, or anything else having to do with where you hang your hat. A friend is important in what you are dreaming for yourself here, there is some adjustment you can make with this person. Talk about your creative project, a love matter or a child today and do this with the intent to transform your powerful goals or career on some level. Remain open to something interesting going on behind the scenes, research that may help you deal with home or property, or some surprise in retreat at home tonight.

Sunday brings some pretty great talks and meetings with friends. It is a great day to connect with your associates, to plan something social, to network or do something locally. Communications will be over the top so get ready to be the center of attention.


Saturday is about you ‘the communicator’ so you can look at this as a time to give a speech, put your writing out there, to have some talks or meetings about you and your needs, or to share ideas with those who are in the local scene with you. Your dream of your career is the point to focus this communication upon. A talk about home, property or living situation is on tap with the intent of dealing with a powerful legal, travel, educational, or media related matter and the change you wish to make. Be open to something a friend offers or invites you to later today.

Sunday flows beautifully where income and career are concerned. It is a day for happiness and expansion in these areas as you fuel the ambitions with artistry and romantic ideals. A friend surprises in a somewhat challenging way today regarding income so if you are owed money by them, probably not going to see it today.


Saturday puts you in focus as an earner. Making money or spending your income on travel, legal matters, media related pursuits or education will be how you are bringing your dream into being. A talk about something profound is on tap today, look at debt, credit, joint finances, taxes, insurance, settlements or how you share money, sex, intimacy, divorce, or power issues. Change is the name of the game but adjustments must be made. A nice surprise is coming your way on the career front and you may be able to be ‘out there’ tonight strutting your stuff before your adoring public.

Sunday brings a nice flow between who you are and what your needs are and travel, media, legal matters, and education. You are expanding in the way that you desire and it should be apparent today. A surprise or change tied to goals or career is challenging but can be met by remaining open.


The spotlight is on you today, dear Cancer. It is about who you are, your image, identity, and what you need to feel you are strong and focused. There is an artistic, spiritual or romantic need that must be made through the realm of outside money sources or intimacy. You need to step up and push at these doors a bit today to see the dream become a reality. A talk about income is on tap and involves a partner, agent or attorney. This is about power and transforming your world so be clear. A trip, legal agreement, media opportunity or educational matter is open to you by the evening and this may be sudden or unexpected but very positive.

Sunday brings a wonderful flow of happiness and expansion your way via the time you are spending hidden away emotionally, working on something behind the scenes, involved in fantasy, film, or research, and the potential opening up to you through outside resources, big money, intimacy or powerful change. A surprise or change around the trip, media venture, education or legal matter will throw an obstacle to be dealt with your way.


Just because your light is shining behind closed doors, don’t think it is shining any less brightly. You are involved in retreat, confinement, meditation, fantasy or film, work behind the scenes, research or dealing with institutions. The adjustment you need to make towards the dream you are dreaming for yourself flows to a romantic or artistic energy around a partner, agent or attorney. Talks about you, your identity or ego needs open up in an effort to transform the work you do or deal with big changes in health or with pets. Be open to surprises around intimacy and money coming from someone outside your earnings tonight.

Sunday your aspirations are flowing beautifully with the happiness you wish for and the expansion you desire in partnership, with agents or attorneys. Artistry or romantic ideals are part of this pretty picture. The wild card comes via money or sex later today and may involve a friend.


You are stepping out via your aspirations, the world at large, groups of people and associations, friendships and social functions and your dream for yourself stems from this and the needs you have to be seen here to the artistry you apply to your work, health and with small animals. A talk about something secret or work you have been doing behind the scenes, or a meeting that is private or clandestine is going to aim at powerful transformation through creative projects, or with lovers or children. A partner, agent or attorney is bound to surprise you in a nice way later today.

Sunday feelings about career, goals, ambitions, fame and reputation should be golden as you see the expansion through your work and health taking place. The partner, agent or attorney brings something to your door today that looks more like an obstacle but you can manage.


The dream on Saturday is about your career, who you are before the world, sound familiar? Well you only get these aspects for so long so take advantage of what the universe is bringing your way. It is about who you are, taking leadership, and finding a way to express your artistry in a creative project. If you are not a career person this energy will be about a romantic goal and how you deal with a lover or child. Talks with a friend today are about something powerful taking place in the home, with whom you live with or regarding a property matter, adjustments are required. By days end, a positive surprise around work, pets or health flows your way and brings a chance to shine within the goals you have set.

Sunday is happy around travel, a person at a distance, a media matter, a legal issue, or education. There is a way to expand and express your artistry or romantic ideals with a creative project, lover or child. A change or surprise on the work front, with a health matter or with a pet is a wild card and challenge to be met in the moment.


The dream of who you are is tied strongly to a trip, a media venture, a legal matter or education, there is something of the adventure or a belief system in all of this and you need to find ways to adjust to expressing artistry or romantic ideals in the home, with the house or property or with the roots you are putting down. Talks revolve around your ambitions and something you want to see transform in the neighborhood, with siblings, involving short trips or something tied to communications such as writing projects or agreements. Nice surprises await you in creative projects and with lovers or children so take the trip, make it legal, educate or dive into the media matter.

Sunday is powerfully intimate and connected and there is every reason to believe the home and property matters will bring you happiness today. Expand your horizons here, express your artistic or romantic ideals. Watch for a wild card via the creative project, child or lover and be ready to react on a dime.


You are in the power seat on Saturday, big time. This is about your power, the way you choose to share your money and your body, and how you are dreaming yourself into a more powerful version of yourself by being fearless in these connections. You need to express your artistic, spiritual or romantic ideals in order to reach these goals and adjustments will be necessary. Talks about travel, media, publishing, education, or legal matters will help you to transform your power base in earning potential so speak up. Look for a nice surprise on the home base tonight, great for intimacy or dealing with the big money matter here.

Sunday brings happiness via a partnership, agent or attorney. This is a day to express your romantic feelings, to share your artistry or spirituality and to expand your world with this person. A sudden surprise at home or with property must be dealt with to appease the partner or representative. Be open to new approaches.


Saturday throws the spotlight on you in your most important relationships. This is about a romantic or business partner, agent or attorney. Your needs, the dream you have for yourself, is stemming from being who you are and getting your needs met as well as finding ways to express your artistry in making money. Talks about joint finances, loans, taxes, insurance, debt, credit or any other outside resource are on tap today as you push for more personal power in getting your needs met. If you are intimately involved with someone today it will be powerful and just a bit off, once again communication is important. You will shine by days end with this significant person as you hear or express something unexpected, approach something differently, or decide to do something unusual locally, all good.

Sunday should feel pretty great where work, health and pets are concerned. The happiness quotient is coming from expansion and artistry in making money. A surprise call or meeting will ask you to deal with something on the work, health or pet front and make an instant decision, take time to think it through.


The dream for yourself on Saturday flows around the work you do that puts your image or identity out there, the way your health is evolving and in being seen with your pets. There is a strong energy of artistic or romantic ideal around this and adjustments to be made in dealing with how you come out in the situation. Talks about partnership or representation are going to be powerful and will be aimed at transforming something going on behind closed doors, escapist activities, retreat, secrets, addictions, fantasy work or hospitals. You are going to be in fine shape with the work, health or pets by days end as a nice surprise finds you via money you make or decide to spend.

Sunday the feelings are beautiful between you and a lover, child or creative outlet. There is not only happiness here but potential to expand, adventure, and show artistic or romantic ideals together. A surprise income matter will pop up to be dealt with so be prepared for the unexpected.


The Sun is shining on you and the glow it emanates is all about true love, children and creativity. The dream you have for yourself is around these themes and how your needs are being met today. Stretch yourself in artistic or romantic ways through fantasy work, retreat, things done in secret or behind closed doors, or dealing with institutions. A talk about work, health or pets comes up today and is important if you are to transform the situation with a friend or associate. By day’s end be open to sudden meetings that take your breath away, a nice surprise by a child, or something unexpected coming to you via a creative project.

Sunday puts the happiness around home, property and some retreat here. Look to ways to expand your world through these doors, to apply artistry or romantic ideals and to grow. Your restless nature is going to kick up at some point and the focus of this will as well be the home or property matter, breathe.


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