Friday, July 31, 2009


We are launching into August with a bang! Venus is going to oppose Pluto on Saturday, (what is she thinking?!!). She has an issue over love, money, or a female, and how things are being shared. You want to balance power today and realize that when Pluto is in the mix there is a soul energy here that is trying to help you move forward on the best path for you, most likely through a triangle.

Sunday the messenger god, Mercury, is going to change signs, moving into Virgo. This means that the details are going to be more important over the next few weeks, ideas will be analyzed and critiqued so make them work better, and you may hear news or take meetings regarding work, health or pets that is important.


Saturday Venus is stirring up the energy at home or with property so look at how the love or money is flowing here and if any female is significant in the way it is working or not working. Pluto is demanding more change and transformation on the career front so you must find a way to balance the living situation with the major morphing going on through ambition.

Sunday Mercury enters your house of work, service, health and pets. You can expect to have a talk today about the routine here or how things are being done, some critique or a need to organize is part of the mix as well. Focus on the little things and put in the time and effort here.


Venus is wanting her due in areas of writing, neighborhood, siblings, short trips, or the way you communicate. This means that Saturday will be a day where love, money or a female are going to be stirring it up through one of these arenas and coming up against Pluto in the house of travel, media, publishing, education, and legal matters. Find a way to balance what is shared here and how power and money are going to play out.

Sunday Mercury moves into your house of true love, children and creative projects. This means that you will either feel like communicating your ideas about love or creativity or someone else is going to be stepping up with news or information for you about the project, child or love interest. It is a great time to mind the details and work on mentally creative endeavors as well as declaring yourself.


Saturday has Venus kicking up a fuss about the income or what is being spent. Look at how love or a female are in the mix here. She is coming up against Pluto in the house of deep sharing which means either a big financial matter, an intimate connection or the separating of the shared interest through divorce or death. The idea is to find a way to balance the finances and look at how you are valuing yourself as a key to the right way forward.

Sunday your ruler, Mercury, enters the arena of home, property and mom. This means that news, agreements, talks, meetings and what you are thinking about the most will be focused here. It is important in this pass to mind the details and be thorough. Talk about what you need.


Venus is really working it on Saturday as she asks that you personally get involved over your needs where love, money or a female are concerned. She is coming up against Pluto here as a business partner, romantic partner, agent, or attorney so you will need to make your needs known to the power source here and do your best to find a balance in how things are shared.

Sunday Mercury moves into your communications zone so talks, meetings, agreements, news, short trips, and interaction with siblings and neighborhood will amp up. Get ready to be an idea machine, write it all down!


Saturday will be interesting in that Venus is really amping up in the area of hidden things, secrets, film, fantasy, research, isolation, hospitals and work done in private. She wants you to deal with love, money or a female here and she is coming up against Pluto in this through a power matter at work, with health or involving pets. It is about balancing needs and not allowing for any self-sabotaging, stand firm.

Sunday Mercury enters your income zone so there will be more talks, meetings, agreements and news about how to make money, asking for more money, sending out resumes and going to interviews. Mind the details and put in the time now to finesse what you are after.


Venus is kicking up a fuss around an aspiration, friendship, group affiliation, or social function. She wants you to look at love here, money or a female in question. She is coming up against Pluto who is deconstructing the areas of true love, children and confrontation or power struggle openly and fairly.

Sunday Mercury enters your sign bringing a few weeks when the news will be about you, the talks and meetings will be about your needs, image, identity or body, and you should find you are being heard and understood.


Saturday is about Venus as she wants what she wants by way of career goals, ambitious desires, reputation, fame or some form of authority. She is coming to you asking that you do something about the love, money or a female in this mix and she is coming up against Pluto in the home base where the big changes to property and living situations are morphing once again. Do your best to balance both finances and the power.

Sunday Mercury enters the hidden part of your chart so communications are going to go behind closed doors, you will be doing some thinking alone, or writing on something privately, ideas percolate connected to fantasy and research and dreams are more important as transmitters from above.


Venus is going to do her best to ruffle some feathers today through the arena of travel, media, publishing, promoting, education, or legal matters. She wants the love, money or female in the picture to be dealt with here. She is coming up against Pluto in the mental plain so she is dealing with something powerful and changing locally, in writing, communications, or with siblings. Do your best to balance finances and power or love.

Sunday Mercury enters your friendship and aspirations zone so you can expect to be socializing more, chatting it up, dealing with more incoming emails and calls, meetings and events. Writing will take on a more worldly air and aspirations here are more focused on detail and effort now.


Saturday brings a major financial matter out to be looked at. Venus is showing up asking you look at the joint finances, loans, credit, taxes, settlements, inheritance, alimony, debt, or how the money is being shared in some powerful way. She wants what she wants here to show the love or in some way make a huge change or transformation in how income is being made or spent. There are big changes trying to happen, do your best to balance and come from love.

Sunday Mercury enters your career Midheaven gearing up talks, meetings, news, and ideas about the goals you want to pursue, your career, ambitions, fame and reputation. You can be heard now and your ideas are on target so don’t be shy about communicating them.


Venus is going to be asking that you look at a romantic partner, business partner, agent, manager, or attorney today and deal with the love, money or female in the picture here. She wants what she wants in opposition to Pluto in your sign. This means that the balance of power is an issue or the major transformations you are going through as you come into your own power are stirring things up. You need to look at a financial matter with this person today or deal with the affections.

Sunday Mercury enters your travel, media, education, and law part of your chart. This means that talks, news, meetings, and ideas will perk up through these outlets over the next few weeks. If you need to grab a quick class to brush up or jet off to learn something, come to an agreement legally or decide about a promotional idea or appearance this is the time.


Saturday is about Venus wanting her desires for love, money or dealing with a female to be met through the work, health or pets realm. She is going to be facing off with Pluto in the hidden area of your chart so there is some powerful energy there asking for change in the way you retreat, research, deal in film or fantasy, self-sabotage or deal with addictions, or in some way work behind the scenes or deal with hospitals. It is a day to balance the money and the love as best you can here.

Sunday Mercury moves into your house of major finances, sex, divorce and death. This is the time to talk about these things, find new ideas about how to deal with them, come to agreements, take meetings and be open to information that comes your way. Putting in time to tackle the minutia is a good idea.


Venus is going to show up by way of asking that you look at an issue of love, a child or your creativity and how the money or a female is playing out here. She is coming up against the energy of Pluto in this who is trying to intensely change you through friendships, aspirations and group activities. You are going to want to go deep today in dealing with the balance between these realms and looking at love and finances in a new way.

Sunday Mercury enters your house of partners, agents and attorneys so you will be talking, meeting, hearing news, sharing ideas, making agreements, and thinking about these people more over the next few weeks. Open up and connect, mind the details, put in the work and time to get it precisely right.


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