Friday, July 10, 2009


Oh fragile flower-violet maelstrom, sugar floating cloud projections, all these shields with no protection, what’s a sigh to do? The week rocked my world lovers, I think dressing up may be the only rational way out.

Saturday won’t be cerebral, Mars is just one of those guys, you know? He is all about his sword and his aggression, his mighty passion and fearless energy storms, he really wants to dash about and play for the moment. Nothing wrong with that, just like I said, dress the part. There will be more flirtations, sudden stirrings, jolts of daring, tumbling like golden addictions from the mouth of babes. Look at the local haunts for quick connections, words that promise your hearts desires and lots of intercepted passes between the ageless and aged. Great day to buy a car.

Sunday dear the feelings flutter, stutter, smile and breathe in deep. What? Were you serious about that? Ah, honey, I really did mean it in the moment and the moment was you! Am I rattling your cage? Ok, just had to think it through, maybe this is the real deal, let’s talk a while, I have the time, can I tell you all about ME? Sweet :)


More energy arrives, rides and cars, emails and agreements, dashing about the neighborhood, hanging with the locals, dealing with the sibs, flirting more than ever! Single? Get out in the hood, do your bit to spread the word about something you are passionate about. Home, property, pets, work and health meet up in positive grooves so let it flow here, talk, meet, agree, put in the time.

Sunday and all you want to do is retreat or linger in the secret affair or desire. No worries, looks good to me, home is where the monster love is and lots of lounging on the davenport. Yes, you could do the work, walk the dog or make the gym, but oh my how the fantasy world beckons!


Can’t buy me love, NO! Oh baby, baby, are the purse strings burning, the wallet lit up like a rocket grenade? Your desires will either lead to more money or shoot you straight into the market place righteously stirred. I know it’s July but the whole May/December balance may be grabbing you where the spirit writhes, words lead to love and embrace, creative inspiration and children if you so wish it.

Sunday you might as well just climb upon the teeter totter, yes of love, lol, sorry but true, on the one side you are feeling, “friends, just friends, friends with benefits, a friendly love, a lovely friendship,” but the other side has the goodies, not budging, nope, it’s all about the roses and the dancing bears. Balance is good.


Feel that?! Ooo, is that a hot wind up your skirt? Perhaps your pants are pounding? Mars just jumped down your sign, he’s ready to rumble, yep, that’s you, the hottie of the moment, the galaxy’s groove child, purring like a wild cat. Not much to hold you back or keep you down now, not unless that is the particular bent. Take a little time to get serious about money and living situations or property, talks go well.

Sunday feels like the goal is a doozie, stratosphere kind of stuff, glitter and powdered chimneys keeping the hearth at the center of the decision, what? Did you need more time to decide? Well, look around and see what supports the dream, there is money to be made and status to be embraced if you wish to aim in that direction.


Rot-roe, Mars just slid in behind the curtains and is hiding out in the land of secret desires and fantasy. Is that a lover under your bed? Clandestine trysts? Roiling passions gurgling up from the mythical veil? Well you’re just so private I’m sure we would never know anyway! Work on the fantasy, film, imaginative project, talk about your intentions, allow the universe to open doors.

Sunday will you stay or will you go? The trip calls you, those far away yearnings, the knowledge you so desire to wrap about another and warm yourself with. Will you teach another? Learn more yourself? Promote the word beyond your kingdom? Odds are if you open up there will be rewards beyond your imagination.


Dress in red, bring your tango glasses, it’s an event to remember, a soiree of imminent proportions, a friend with desires brightly on you! So much to do, feel, taste, and talk about: hidden things, secrets, fantasy, the muse and all of her devices, this group you are dancing with brings the color of money to what you may dream, be fearless, and don’t burn the island for the rum.

Sunday the power of emotion may be combustible so measure responses against the mind. This runs deep, what is shared, touched, the body, connections, manipulations, power struggles, triangles, and the financial situation you find yourself in. Can you research it away from prying eyes? It is best to keep your thoughts private, lest more secrets escape.


Take up a candy sword with your curtsey or bow, you are heading into the spotlight with the fearless valor of a warlord, this is your kingdom, your love, your moment, yours to conquer, you are ready to lead the world with your daring and energy. The group, friend, association, network or aspiration that moves you beyond your personal glory waits to hear what you commit.

Sunday is as such, if you cannot partake of the partner, if there is loss or restriction, responsibility or time issues, then look to your close circle of associates or friends, they will be there today. If you wish to partner with friends, or an agent or attorney wishes to help you with the partner, you need to open the lines of communication.


Will you tango in the air, on a plane, over contracts or attorneys, a degree or class, or will it be a daring dance into a media related venture and all that entails? Mars is raring to go baby, you have the drive, the energy, this is it, head straight for the trouble with a sweet smile on your face. Serious talks behind the scenes lead to career openings.

Sunday is a day of rest, right? Nope, not for you this time! Work is on the agenda and there is no end to the tasks you can accomplish, the talks and meetings you can channel in pursuit of a goal or career status, just do your best not to hide too much away.


Gear it up, on Saturday you get the universal push for the big money, the sexy conquest, the intimacy and power position in all things shared. You have the determination and the motivation to take on the world right now, go deep, open up, and know that talks or meetings about media, travel, education, or legal matters are working in your favor. Is an older friend able to help or are you stepping into more authority in your circle of associates?

Sunday beams creative energy all over the place, you have imagination to spare, love and children rocking if it suits your desires, time to express yourself in one of these arenas, travel together, make it legal, teach or learn, launch your creative project in the media, it is all good today. Balance with that friend.


To partner or not to partner, that is the question….ok, not really, you know exactly what you want and you are ready to dive in and take on any and all issues tied to a significant other, business partner, agent, manager, or attorney on Saturday. Talks about the big money open up career opportunity, talks about intimacy help you commit to goals.

Sunday put the emphasis on home or property, there is so much energy here today as you find meetings and talks engage your needs where the loans, insurance, or any other outside money source is concerned. It’s a great day to cozy up at the pad with someone sweet and nest. Don’t let career pull you too far from the hearth.


Here comes the warrior ready to take on the work load, change the dynamic with your own health or tackle the situation with the pets. You have it over the rest of us right now to motivate and get things moving in these arenas. Talk or meet with the attorney, partner or agent today, it looks like amazing results where legal matters, travel, media and promotion, or education are concerned.

Sunday places you in the local scene, lots of good talks, happy meetings, time to think about what you want from this partnership, the attorney or agent, open up and feel it out, agree or walk away, just understand that you may feel as though you are being limited in some way legally and what is said will remain in place for a time to come.


Oh to be an Aquarian on Saturday! The fiery energy of Mars with all of his passion and motivation is diving into your house of true love, children and creative projects. There is so much drive to have fun, meet someone intense, intriguing, lively, do things with the kids, push the creative project out the door, go! Talks about work or health are tied wonderfully to big money or intimacy today, open up.

Sunday is all about making the money, spending it or dealing with your possessions, it’s best to open up about how you feel about the work you are doing, to discuss the physical ramifications and to put yourself at the head of the class, you have it going on today. If you are feeling a bit tense about the outside resource involved, such as debt or loans, pour the energy into what you can earn.


It’s all about the home or the property on Saturday, Mars dives in and the drive to make it happen, to move the mountain, is on your side. Talks or meetings about children, lovers or creative projects are due to go your way, open up with a romantic partner, business partner, agent or attorney, you will be glad you did.

Sunday is about fun, sigh, can you even fathom at this point? Well it is true! You can spend the day wrapped in a loved one’s arms, open up a harmonious conversation with a child about your needs or love of fun, or put yourself at the center of a creative venture with potential for great results. Balance the limitations in partnership today with all this promise.


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