Sunday, May 17, 2009


"Here we are, in a room full of strangers, standing in the dark...", let's blame it all on the Nights on Broadway! I guess we could say it's a Bee Gee's moment and I just KNOW you didn't see that one coming ;) In all seriousness, that weird, disconnected, when is the sky gonna fall and where is my place in the world feeling is temporary. You just experienced a rare thing, Saturn turning his mighty Karma about in the sign of work and service Virgo, while the ruler of Virgo; Mercury, was backtracking through values and let's make money Taurus, oh and don't forget the pleasure principal, even though most of you are saying, huh? Make sense to how confused and serious you feel all of the sudden? Well, don't worry, I can promise you that your voice won't rise an octave nor will you start wearing poly-floral shirts and start pointing when you dance!

The week ahead is wrapping up the old, but from a more personally empowered position, you are to lead YOURSELF forward into the light. The New Moon on Sunday will give you a BIG boost in this, until then, you must open up and communicate your needs but expect that YOU are the one who is going to make it happen.

The transit of Saturn through Virgo began in early September 2007 and will end October 29, 2009 (with a short revisit in 2010 via retrograde). This has not been an easy transit for most, with lack and limitation getting right down to the tiniest details in our lives, with work and service demanding responsibility and effort, with health issues meeting Karma and timing, no, this has not been easy, but the lessons have been invaluable and you are a much more independent, strong, self-reliant, individual than you were when it began.

You got organized in your life somewhere, you cut away the dross and whiddled it down to the essentials, you got clean and simplified. The world needed this, with about 7 billion people here, it was imperative. Your life needed it because you are not going to have this kind of test again for another 30 years and as Saturn turns his gaze towards partnerships and justice over the next 3 years, you will be glad you have learned what you are made of.


Let’s talk about it! Talk about what? THE MONEY ofcourse :) Monday begins a new season as far as your wallet it concerned so open up the dialog, as for the raise or bonus, meet with others about money making ventures. Feelings may be those of wanting to retreat and recuperate from work, you can always communicate via phone and emails.

Tuesday brings opportunity around the money making again or even on spending some of your earnings on something that will help you do your research or develop your work behind the scenes. Talks and meetings are once again in your favor.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and opens up the next 30 days for you to be in the driver’s seat with communications, the written word, the local activity and any dealings with siblings or short trips. This is where you shine so talk to EVERYONE. A talk with a friend about money may be disillusioning but necessary. There is also the need to make some adjustments to loving yourself, your body or spending money on your image or needs. This is likely due to work limitations or responsibilities or a health or pet issue.

Thursday Mercury is working over time again for you as talks about income bring opportunity in unexpected ways. It is based on your visionary thinking, unique approach and the work you have been building on in private, through fantasy or research. Get together with friends, network or socialize today and tonight, it looks amazing.

Friday is about the money again but this time there is powerful energy at work helping to transform career and goals, go after the slow methodical approach in taking steps to support income and don’t be afraid to step UP into more power with your ambitions.


Let’s talk about YOU! Wake up on Monday and ask yourself, “What do I need, what is going on with my body, my image, my identity?” Once you have an idea about what you want for you, open up to everyone else today about it, this is a fresh start. Responsibilities or limitations in creativity or love may have you at odds emotionally with a friend or aspiration.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight with friends, social functions, networking, and standing out via your aspirations. Talks and meetings are coming on strong in these realms and you can really make some headway at the center of attention here so open up.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and opens up the next 30 day cycle where you will be shining in areas of income. This means you should put your body or image out there to make money now. Talks about an artistic or romantic goal may be a bit foggy or disillusioning but the challenge is to figure out what you are doing here. Venus wants you to retreat and pour some love or money into fantasy, rest, spiritual connection or research and this may mean some issues around the loved one or creative output.

Thursday amps up the connections with friends, socializing and aspirations once again and this day may prove quite electric as far as communications and connecting go so jump in and go with what presents itself, spontaneity is key. The opportunity is also there to pull on your meditative or dreamscape reality and make it work towards your goals.

Friday there is a powerful, stable energy helping you transform who you are in relationship to media, travel, education, or legal matters. The flow is positive so step up into your own power and be seen.


Look at Monday as a moment to begin a fresh new cycle where fantasy, meditation, dreamscape, research, hospitalization or dealing with other institutions or retreat are concerned. You want to talk about your needs, body, image or identity here and ask for what you want or decide to plan something here. Feelings about goals are at odds with responsibilities or limitations at home.

Tuesday is a day to pour your energy into the goals or career you have before you, working behind the scenes, strategizing, involving fantasy or research, can open up opportunity for you. Talk or meet or write about how you see yourself and what you want here.

Wednesday the Sun enters your sign and it will feel like a renewal for you, albeit a bit slower than normal since your ruler is still Retrograde until the 30th. The next 30 days are about putting you in the spotlight, your image, identity, physical body and needs come forward. Use from now until the 30th to look at the past here and work behind the scenes on yourself and your needs and after that date to bring it forward to others. There are challenges to be met regarding travel, legal, media or educational matters. You also need to put some energy into issues with a female friend and where you are living.

Thursday meetings behind closed doors bode well for your wallet or your heart, an unexpected opportunity may come at you from seemingly nowhere, look to a friend for support and then hop the plane, plan the trip, make the legal move, sign up for the class, or dive into the media project or promotional campaign.

Friday brings powerful flow to follow your feelings about how to orchestrate something from the strategic seat of intuition. Look at how to earn money privately, involving fantasy, research or your spiritual muse in a loving way, tie that to big financial resources, or a strong sexual connection with another, a divorce, or in dealing with the subject of death and transformation.


You are in the spotlight with a friend, a group, social function, or in dealing with a cherished aspiration on Monday. This will find you via talks or meetings, short trips, or through a sibling. Be proactive and ask for what you want or pitch it to the powers that be. Feelings are challenged over travel, media, legal, or educational matters and a serious conversation that needs to occur or that finds you today. Seek balance.

Tuesday brings the payoff as you find a sudden or surprising opportunity tied to the travel, media, legal, or educational matter and talks or meetings open up with a friend that puts you center stage. Do not be shy about aspirations today!

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and thrusts you into a month long cycle where you may be retreating, working behind the scenes, developing something in secret or focusing on your body or image behind closed doors so to speak. This is where you will shine so throw yourself into fantasy work, research, psychic intuition and dreamscape, and if you need to deal something physical at a hospital this is the time. Talks with a friend about shared resources is challenging, your image or identity tied to goals must be talked about as well in a serious manner with someone.

Thursday is one of those days you wait for, the ideas are brilliant and flowing, new shifts and surprises delight, talks bring opportunity, chance meetings blow your mind, and it flows like magic between friends, social functions, aspirations and anything travel, legal, media or educational oriented. Take action towards your goals today because the world is opening through outside resources or intimacy.

Friday friendship and partnership work, friendship and representation work, group dynamics and social functions and aspirations flow towards connection with a significant person who brings the power to transform. Connect with others!


Oh Leo!!! You are So in the spotlight where your goals, ambition, reputation, fame or career are concerned on Monday. This is about talks or meetings that help you shine that light on your needs, image, body, or identity. Fresh starts abound if you open up. You do need to deal with feelings of an intimate nature or regarding how you share money. Limits or loss around income will be key in this one, it goes to how you value yourself.

Tuesday brings the wonderful surprise or shift around that outside money issue! It is good, and the opportunity to talk about goals or your own needs in what you are striving towards is amazing. Focus on career, image, communicating needs, and allowing that whatever happens today has your very best interest at heart.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and brings you out on the scene for the next 30 days! It’s a time of socializing, parties, hanging with friends and hearing from those you have lost touch with, and even more important, it is a time when you shine where your aspirations are concerned, so go out and connect with others. Talks about goals or career meet challenge today where a partner or representative is concerned. There may be artistic or romantic issues here that seem bigger than what you would like. You also need to take a look at love, money or a female at a distance, involved with travel, legal, educational, or media matters, and then deal with the serious income issue tied to this.

Thursday is glorious as talks about your reputation, career, ambitions, or fame rise up to meet you along with opportunity with outside money or intimacy. Go with what happens as there will be some surprises along the way. Take action by booking the flight, hopping the plane, diving into media, legal, or educational matters. There is opportunity to expand through partnership or representation here.

Friday the flow is powerful and positive between career and work, goals and health, ambition, fame or father and the small animals you care for, it is a day to connect lovingly with what you have to offer others.


Bring your shy hard-working self out into the spotlight today just a bit and allow your words to bespeak who you are, what your needs are, and how you want your identity or image to be handled in a legal, travel, media, promotion, or educational matter. This is fresh start stuff and you will need to deal with feelings about a partner or representative as you handle the limits or responsibility around your own position.

Tuesday brings great energy your way as sudden changes or surprises arrive via partnership and you find that you are being heard regarding your needs or image and the legal, media, educational, or travel matter. This is opportunity today that is knocking so you need to open the door and speak up.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and will illuminate your tenth house of career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, and father over the next 30 days. This offers you the opportunity to shine here, to find your focus and put your body or identity into what you are striving towards. Talks with someone at a distance or involving travel, legal, media or educational matters will be challenging today as you meet up with any confusion or deception occurring around work, health or pets. You also need to deal with a female about shared resources, divorce or intimacy, and this looks like another test to your sense of leading your own life by your own rules.

Thursday is great energy! Talk to the partner or representative far away, or about travel, media, education, or legal matters, and you will see something you didn’t expect coming, a change or surprise that is going to help. Take action on the sexual matter, outside or joint money issue, divorce, or death you are dealing with. The universe is blessing you with expansion and spiritual, romantic or artistic energy through the work you invest here.

Friday you can pick one to see some wonderful transformation showing in: love, children or creative projects. Ok, you can really see it in all of these areas if you like. It is deep, no easy ride what is transpiring but it is bound to overhaul your life in a long overdue manner and today you see some of the rewards of this as a legal, travel, media, or educational matter flow your way.


It is time to talk about your needs, image, identity, or body today in a new way. You have a choice in that you can make this sexual and about connecting intimately with another or you can make this about a big money matter that is shared with a bank or investor or other person. On the weightier side, you can make this talk about you tie into a divorce or a death. Whatever the deep theme, you and your needs are central and how you communicate them. It’s a new beginning energy so open up. Feelings about work, health or pets are set against the limitations you are dealing with in retreat, solitude, institutions, or fantasy so go easy on yourself.

Tuesday brings the sun! Look for new approaches, original ideas, surprises and changes that can turn your work, health or pet situation around and face it in a positive direction. You will once again need to be talking or meeting today about you, your identity, body or image, and how that is coming from the realms of big money, sex, death or divorce. It’s good opportunity energy, speak up.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and will tour this sign over the next 30 days. This means the spotlight will be on you in all matters regarding travel, media, promotions, publishing, legalities, and learning or teaching. This is where you will shine so jump in and be seen. Talks today are challenging regarding the money, divorce, death, or sexual connection with a loved one or regarding a creative endeavor. You need to look at the money or love coming through a partnership or representative and deal with the limits or extra responsibility it will mean in work behind the scenes, fantasy or research projects.

Thursday talks about sex, death, money or divorce are going to be surprising or about something changing. This is under a positive opportunity aspect where work, health or pets are concerned so open up and communicate or take what you hear as moving your forward. Take action with the partnership or representative. There is opportunity today to expand the creative project or love interest through this connection today in a big way.

Friday the flow is golden between sharing and home. This can manifest as shared intimacy, connections regarding divorce or death, or the outside financial interests of your life, all flowing towards transformation of home, property, security needs and the roots of your life.


What are your needs in the partnership or with the respresentative? How do you want your image handled, how is your identity tied in and how does your body play a part? These are the questions that will put your own needs forward as you open up with someone important today. Creativity, love, children and friendships or aspirations need balancing, look at how you are feeling expressed.

Tuesday is a grand day, truly. Lovers, children, recreation, and creativity peak for you on an emotional level as you flow with surprise or change, originality or freedom here. If you can let this lead into talks about how you see yourself with a partner or representative, the outcome should be positive.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and will seat you in the house of sex, intimacy, power, control, manipulation, joint finances, outside resources, death, and divorce over the next 30 days. This is where you shine, the spotlight is on you, so invest yourself here. Talks with a partner or someone who is representing your interests will be challenging today as you look at the home or property issue. Put some time into love, money or with a woman regarding the work, health or pet matter, it will make a difference where a friendship, social function or aspiration is concerned.

Thursday is so amazing as talks will be electrical and full of surprise. This is about new approaches or opportunity where creative projects, kids or love is concerned and the partnership or representative that is involved. Take action on the work, health or pet matter today. There is nice opportunity to expand the home or property matter if you are proactive.

Friday the flow is occurring through the talks and meetings you have with a partner or representative. The flow is harmonious and it is about transforming on a powerful level. Writers benefit from this aspect today, send the manuscript off to the agent. Having a deep talk with a significant other is positive as well, regardless of outcome.


The work you do, your health or your pets, will be where you will want to put yourself on Monday front and center. Talks and meetings will put your needs regarding these things in the spotlight. Look at how your image or body is tied to them and speak your mind, this is a new beginning. Feelings about home or property are opposed to the burdens or limitations to ambitions, career today so go easy on yourself as you seek balance.

Tuesday feelings about home and property are positive as you deal with changes, surprises or a new approach here. There is a wonderful opportunity to talk to a partner or someone who is representing your interests with the home or property, make sure your needs and identity are put out there as you shine here today.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and puts you in the house of partnership and representation over the next 30 days. This is about all significant one-on-one relationships and you can be assured you will be putting your physical energy as well as your identity, image and ego towards these people now. This is where you shine so if you need to find an attorney, agent or manager, or want to take a relationship to the next level, step up. Talks about work, health or a pet will challenge today, keep pets away from poison, ponds, pools, and bad fluids. Focus some time on a love interest or money tied to a creative project and any limitation to goals you may be experiencing.

Thursday talks about work, health or pets aim at the surprise or change going on where you live, or with home or property. This is positive if you go with the shifts and respond with meetings or communications. Take action with a lover, child or creative endeavor today. There is wonderful energy tied to expansion, romance, artistic expression and spirituality.

Friday the flow is powerful and steady in its transformation as work, health, pets, and income harmonize. You can spend money on your health, on your pet, or make money through the work you are doing, all of it is about deep change and good things.


Take advantage of Monday’s energy to talk or meet about a child, love or a creative venture or project. You are central to what is occurring here and you can really have your needs heard, your identity acknowledged, if you speak up. Feelings will be on the surface in any talks about travel, media, educational, or legal matters. Strive to balance your local agenda and the way you are thinking or writing, making agreements or connecting on short trips or with siblings, against this sense of restriction from afar.

Tuesday the energy surges to your side as the local environment feels electrically charged. Communications will bear surprises and changes that charge your emotions to begin a new course, unexpected news will all open up ideas and you will be able to talk or meet about creative projects, children or lovers from the perspective of you at the center of the exciting storm. Your needs will be up front and this days energy will inspire and help you move ahead.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and sit you in the house of work, health and pets. You are the shining energy here over the next 30 days so use it wisely to put yourself ahead of the pack where work is concerned, to transform your health situation, start that diet or join a gym, and find time for fun with your dogs and cats, they love you! Talks about a lover, kid or creative project are challenging today over an income matter and some disillusionment. Focus money or love on home and property matters as you make some adjustment legally, in media, promotion, learning or travel.

Thursday news surprises or a new approach to talks will change things with a lover, child or creative project. This is good so open up and go with the unexpected. For some Cap’s you may meet a new love interest or run into a past one while running around in your day. Mars has you taking action with the home or a property today. There is wonderful energy for opportunity to expand your income from this, meaning either you make some money from home or property or decide to invest a big chunk.

Friday the flow is between love, children, creativity, and you. It is powerful energy that brings good vibes, solid value and powerful transformation to who you are becoming. Allow.


It is time to talk about the home or property matter. You have needs, your identity or image is in the mix, you need to speak up, make your agreements (remember only if the past is involved can you sign before June 1), and look at fresh starts with where you hang your hat. Feelings about income, what you make or are spending, will be up against the limitation you are experiencing from joint finances or outside resources, do your best to balance.

Tuesday brings a surprise or unexpected energy around income that will likely have you feeling a bit like a light socket plugged into the wall. The energy is so positive and super charged that you will likely open up and talk about your needs regarding the home or property. This is an opportunity to be seen and understood.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and puts you in the house of love, children and creative projects for the next 30 days. This is a wonderful period for you where you will be in the spotlight and your image, identity or needs will flow through these outlets. Talks about home or property are challenging again today as you deal with who you are in the situation. Focus on talking about love or money and the limitations occurring through shared resources or intimacy. A female may be able to help you get some perspective.

Thursday brings an opportunity to open up about the home or property again but this time there is a surprise or change around income, the money made or spent here, and it is positive. Take action locally, make short trips, connect with others in meetings, or do something with siblings. There is opportunity for you to have some happiness for yourself today if you do.

Friday the flow is between home or property and work behind the scenes, retreat, rest, research, fantasy or dealing with institutions. There is power in the air that speaks of stability and good vibes, so relax.


You are the star of the show on Monday when it comes to the local haunts and the phone, emails and meetings. Prepare to be inundated. Talk about yourself, your needs, your body, get out there and be seen and connect, this is the stuff of new beginnings. Your feelings about yourself are in opposition to the limitations you are dealing with in partnership so you will need to go easy here.

Tuesday is a step up from Monday, same vibe, just more exciting, as you do some different things, take some unexpected approaches, and find that the energy you are putting into you is paying off in some surprising ways. Talk to everyone who connects and don’t be afraid to shine.

Wednesday the Sun enters Gemini and aims the spotlight on you in the house of home, property and security needs. This is where you will shine over the next 30 days. You will want to put in effort on fixing up the home, buying, selling, investing, or moving. Talks today will be challenging as far as a secret or private matter are concerned. Watch for tendencies to self-defeat or escape reality. Put energy making money and dealing with limiting partnerships, the two are affecting each other in some way and you will have to put time into both arenas.

Thursday brings an unexpected meeting or conversation that should please. Look for eccentric characters or unusual suspects to connect and for brilliant ideas to land in your lap. Take action passionately today to make money. There is true expansion and potential to express artistic, romantic or spiritual energy in a big way through fantasy or behind the scenes with this money making venture. Think big and opportunity.

Friday the flow is harmonious in the communications with friends and the meetings for social functions. Open up about your aspirations and connect with powerful contacts as this is the door that leads to your empowerment.


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