Sunday, May 10, 2009


The week ahead has Retrograde Mercury backing out of Gemini and into Taurus on Wednesday. This means that the revisiting of the past will take on a new look and you will go from conversations and a mental process of review, to looking at possessions, income and the things that please you.

Remember that during Mercury Retrograde you are going to be running into people and situations from the past, letting go of some current ones and finding that there is order to the chaos of miscommunications and transportation breakdowns. Take your time, don't commit or sign agreements if you can possibly wait until June and don't purchase new computers or cars until then. Do consider, revisit and research.


Monday it is the action you take that will make the difference where your health is concerned, where the welfare of an animal is at stake and where the work before you is in question. Use your Mars energy wisely.

Tuesday focus on your goals and ambitions and any career related matter. You will be having at least one important and powerful conversation or meeting today regarding this and you will need to know what it is you want.

Wednesday Retrograde Mercury backs into Taurus and you will be revisiting a money making matter from the past, possibly money owed you from a past job or running into someone who had a bearing on your earnings. You have two weeks to revisit the past and how you have earned your living to see what you wish to take forward.

Thursday is an opportunity day to open up about goals, career and income. Pull out the unexpected and draw on what you have been working on behind the scenes. A friendship or connection with a group is going to be your way in today.

Friday brings friendship and enjoyment your way. This is a great day to call up your favorite companion and go get a spa treatment together or go shopping, anything that is Venus related will do. If you need to settle a money matter with a friend this is the day to do so.


Monday you should do your best to go at something alone, there is a sense of needing to accomplish something behind the scenes or connected to dreams, fantasy or your psychic intuition if you wish to build up the creative project or solidify a lover relationship or matter concerning a child.

Tuesday the focus needs to be on legal matters, a trip or visit, a media venture or educational matter. This is big and the only way through today is to talk about what it is going to cost or what it is going to pay.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into your sign and allows you the next two week period to really focus on conversations and meetings about you, your image, your identity tied to something, and your ego needs in the situation. There is something here from the past that needs retweaking or settling.

Thursday is a day that is working for you as long as you are out and about. This is about nice surprises from friends or those you network with that tie to the legal, travel, education, or media matter. Talks about you and what you need open up and the focus is on original career ideas and goals.

Friday brings opportunity to connect with a female behind closed doors or to deal with a secret money matter or sexual liason. Your goals are positively aspected here as well as any career moves you are trying to make by working behind the scenes or through fantasy or research.


Monday requires you take action with a friend and do something that matters if you wish to make headway regarding the living situation. You cannot wing this one, there is need to make your actions count if you want solid, stable results.

Tuesday the focus is going to be on the money you share or owe, the sexual connection in your life or a divorce or death you are dealing with. The energy today is weighty and you are going to need to talk or meet about your needs here and be willing to adjust a bit more.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus and will allow you two weeks to withdraw a bit to rethink where you are in your current situation and to strategize and tune in to your psychic impressions about where you want to go from here. The past and any self-undoing or secrets may be part of what needs revisiting as well so that you can leave them firmly there, in the past.

Thursday is a wonderful energy day that brings unexpected surprises where career and goals are concerned. If you are trying to reach a connection sexually, through dealing with shared resources, or involving divorce or a death, this energy will help you reach your goals and open up about what is going on behind closed doors.

Friday the opportunity is great between you and a friend to travel, receive a visit from them, deal with a legal matter, take a step towards the media venture, or take a class together. This is about love and good feelings.


Monday is about taking action to go after a goal that is important to you, stepping up or out to make a move towards your career ambitions, or doing something to enhance your reputation or fame. The actions you take today help towards building solid ground under your communications endeavors, the talks or meetings you have, connections with siblings, and efforts in your local environment.

Tuesday the focus is squarely on a partnership or with someone who represents you. Feelings are powerful here today and there is a need to talk about the fantasy, fantasy project, work going on in private or behind the scenes, research, strategy, retreat, self-undoing, secret, psychic insight, or dealings with hospitals or other institutions.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus opening up two strong weeks for you to back track with a friend from the past or the way you are thinking about friendships. Aspirations from the past may revive during this time as well. If a friend leaves your circle now, the cycle is complete.

Thursday brings some wonderful energy your way via partners and representatives. There is a nice surprise here through travel, education, media or law, and a great opportunity for you to shine via your friendships and aspirations in talks and meetings held today. Take an original approach to joint finances and debt, as well as to intimate connections.

Friday brings a female authority figure your way who can help you or the day will bring the opportunity to reach a financial goal or love connection. It could be steamy for some Cancers or just wonderfully rewarding where the money is concerned for others.


Monday the stars are pushing you to take action. This means you need to book the flight or hop the plane, deal with the person far away, jump into the legal matter, sign up for a class or go to one, or dive into the media, promotion or publishing issue at hand and do something about it. This is the way forward if you want to secure a solid income for yourself or deal with a serious money matter.

Tuesday the focus is on taking authority or owning your own power in a work situation, regarding a pet or health matter. It is serious, intense energy so you can really move mountains today by taking the lead. A talk or meeting with a friend is part of this picture and the ongoing transformation occurring here.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus and opens up two weeks ahead for you to revisit past career matters, bosses, people in authority, goals, ambitions, and anything tied to your reputation or fame/infamy. Revisit how your thinking has evolved and meet or talk to those involved so you may release or embrace forward.

Thursday brings opportunity to talk or meet about goals or career, to put yourself in the spotlight, to field a surprise or change sexually or involving shared money matters, divorce or a death, in a positive manner. The energy shifts to spontaneous partnership movement later in the day.

Friday is about good feelings with partners or representatives. You can embrace this energy towards romantic or business partners and travel, legal agreements, media or promotional matters, or education. There is opportunity to deal with the love or money here.


Mars is indicating that you need to take action today. The money that is tied up with outside resources, joint finances or coming via routes outside of income are possibly needing your efforts today, you may be ardent and finding yourself sexually active with someone, or you may feel pushed to do something aggressive towards a divorce or death you are dealing with. These are the inroads if you wish to affect your own personal authority or any limitations you feel are being personally imposed.

Tuesday the focus is on a lover, child or creative project. The energy is intense and powerful here as well as serious. The talk or meeting you must have regarding one of these topics will involve your reputation, goals, ambition, fame, or career and status.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus and opens up two weeks where you will be back tracking into the past about a legal matter, trip, educational issue, or media matter. Agreements need looking into here, what you think or what you wish to communicate is changing, people and situations from the past will arrive to help you clarify.

Thursday brings wonderful energy your way to align the creativity or love with sudden shifts or surprises from a partner or through a unique twist with a representative that you find pleasing. You shine in areas of talking about legal, educational, media or travel matters. Take original approaches to work and health.

Friday is lovely as you find either a female coming your way in the areas of shared money matters, sex, divorce, or dealing with a death, or you find that a money or love matter tied to one of these themes is favoring you. The work or health or pet issue should feel better because of this.


Monday Mars is kicking up a fuss and this means you need to go do something about the partner or with the partner, for some this means you need to be aggressive with a representative as well. It is the action you take today that is going to push you closer to the stability you are working on behind the scenes, with a fantasy project, research or through hospitalization or dealing with other institutions.

Tuesday the focus is firmly on the home, where you live and with whom, or a property matter. This is powerful and intense energy here and you are going to need to talk or meet with someone about legal matters, contracts, travel, education, or promotion or media matters involving this.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus and you will be talking or thinking about joint financial matters and outside resources, sexual matters or running into a past sexual amore, a divorce or death. The past is where this is playing out as you rethink what occurred here and what you would like to change moving forward.

Thursday home and property matters should feel much better with opportunity to do some different work here or take a new approach to work involving it. Talk about the money, sex, intimacy, or divorce as you shine here and can find good results. Focus shifts to creative projects or loved ones as the day evolves.

Friday is wonderful energy for you as the Moon and Venus dance between true love, creative projects, children and partnerships and representation. Look for the love, the female or the money here and you shouldn’t be disappointed.


You need to do something about the work issue or the work piling up around you, you need to do something about your health, you need to do something with the pet, that’s it on Monday! Take action, motivate and see how your friendship or aspirations solidify.

Tuesday the focus is on a powerful conversation, meeting or short trip. This is about taking responsibility and stepping up as the leader, involving the deepest of your emotions and talking about the money matter, sex, divorce, or death.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus and the retracing of steps will now focus on past partners and representatives or current ones and something tied to the past. You need to think about how you partner and why, people and situations will show up over the next two weeks to help you figure it out. Watch for misunderstandings.

Thursday is a sweet day when the communications should be fulfilling, open up to any changes or surprises around lovers, children or creative endeavors as they are bound to be positive, talk about the partnership or meet about it. Open up to a sense of vision about the home.

Friday brings a wonderful moment with a female at work or while doing something for your health or pets. This may be about love or money in one of these areas, but the energy is about harmony and opportunity, especially in the home or with property, so spend some time here.


Mars says you need to get on the stick and make it happen! Monday is about taking some action or expressing some passion with a lover, child or creative project. You do this and you will see some solid results towards the goal you have before you.

Tuesday the focus is on income. Big changes and empowered emotional connections are here as you take the lead with the money you are making or spending. Talks with partners or representatives play strongly into the matter so open up.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus so you will be retracing steps in areas of work, health and with pets. This is where you will run into the past, through people or situations, to help you rethink what you are doing and possibly pick up something you were involved with prior to take forward with you over the next two weeks.

Thursday is a wonderful day if you focus on making money or spending it on any surprises or changes to the home or property. Talks about income flow wonderfully to work, health and regarding pets.

Friday is an opportunity to have a talk with a woman you love, (a child or lover), or to have a talk with someone about love, money or creativity. This is very strong energy here between the Goddesses so connect, express your feelings. Short trips bring joy.


Home Horatio! Home! Mars is saying do it, tackle the property, move, get to the house, build it, do SOMETHING on Monday about the home or property. This is going to bring you one step closer to dealing with the solidifying a legal matter, travel plans, educational issue or media matter.

Tuesday the stars suggest you focus on yourself, your body and your image as well as you needs. There is the need to take control and lead and the sooner you talk or meet about the work, health or pet matter, the sooner you will see a change.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus so you will be retracing steps in areas of true love, children and creative projects. This means you have two weeks ahead where you may revisit a past lover or they you, go back to a past experience with a child or pick up a past creative project, all to see if any of it has any validity going forward. Watch for miscommunications in current situations here.

Thursday should bring a sense that all is well in the world as you can affectively connect with those you love or take advantage of a surprise or change in a creative opportunity. Talk, talk, talk today about what you love and who you are becoming. Spend the rest of the day focusing on original ways to make money.

Friday is a positive day to dedicate to a woman at home or to put your money into the home. For some you may be selling or buying a home under this influence and it is positive. Your values are aligned here.


Monday the talks are passionate or angry or you need to get moving and do something active locally or with siblings. The way you are connecting needs a fire beneath it if you are to see solid results regarding the big money matter, the sexual connection, the divorce or in dealing with a death.

Tuesday you need to take the lead and empower yourself either through retreat and working behind the scenes or digging into secrets or escapist activities, fantasy or research. The talks with loved ones or about love, children or a creative venture are bound to change due to this strength.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus opening up two weeks ahead where you will be back tracking over home and property matters. You may be revisiting the past through people or situations that show up to help you figure out where you are going from here. Watch for miscommunications around home.

Thursday brings great energy to you through time spent in introspection or working behind the scenes. This should bring good flow to changes or surprises with income so go with what you come to and talk or meet about home and property as you are bound to shine here.

Friday is amazing as you are in the center of the emotional flow with an opportunity to talk about love or money and how your needs are being met here. You may spend time with a woman today or talk to one who can give you great guidance.


You need to go after the money today, make it happen, get aggressive, be passionate, push yourself and look for adjusting to limitations or responsibilities of partnership or representation such as with attorneys, managers or agents.

Tuesday is about empowering yourself and taking the lead with a friend or towards your aspirations. The energy is intense and you must step up and have a serious talk about the home or a property matter.

Wednesday Mercury Retrogrades back into Taurus opening up a two week period where you will be retracing steps over what was said, agreed upon, what is going on locally, with siblings and short trips. This is where people and situations from the past will show back up to help you get clear and this is where you may have miscommunications or breakdowns so watch for that.

Thursday the golden flow is around friendships and doing something spontaneous or embracing your unique vision with an aspiration. You shine in all of your communications and meetings today with those closest to you so open up and talk about your needs.

Friday you should retreat, rest, meditate, follow your hunch, delve into the fantasy work, research, and deal with institutions. The energy is just stellar to make money and attract more money through these realms so don’t be afraid to pull back a bit and allow.


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