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Signs. They show up along the road we take as cosmic markers, reassuring our route, pointing us in the right direction, physical manifestations of our thought pattern and that of the One Mind we belong to. I am bringing them to your attention because I want you all to take a challenge, to look for, ask for, and then FOLLOW your signs over the next week.

For example, if you see a feather in your path in the morning and then when you turn on your computer at work the first thing that comes up is a picture of a feather, then you are driving home and see a restaurant or bar called ‘Feathers’ along the way, stop in and see what happens. If you turn on your radio and the first lyrics out are ‘Let the Sunshine in…” and later that night you answer the phone and it is someone raising money for charity and they introduce themselves as Sunshine, you need to let them in, in other words, ask them something about what they are doing and why, donate to the cause, etc.

My point is, signs are real. I have had SO many showing up over the past few months and have followed them to some very amazing ends. Since it is happening more frequently in direct correlation to how much I trust and follow them when they do show up, I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen with all of you. You do not have to know what they mean or what will happen, it is more about giving a nod to the higher power and allowing something to be, here is the important key: YOU ONLY FIND THE ANSWER IF YOU FOLLOW THE SIGN.

You may not get a big sign this week but you will get a sign, and if you see where it points you and follow it there, you will have an experience that may have otherwise evaded you. Write me and tell me what your signs are and what happens!

Saturday is the Venus/Pluto square, the third and final bout between the Goddess of love and money and feminine wiles, and the Lord of the Underworld, of power, sex, death, and big money. It’s about changing something, and you know what that something is, you have already gone two rounds with it, this one is for the prize.

Sunday is a day of adjustments to the actions taken, what you need to do now, and how you feel about it. You need to adjust your money habits, your approach to love or how you deal with a certain woman as well today. Talks may be a bit critical but there is opportunity to transform on an emotional level through the days events.


Saturday is the last big battle over goals or career. You will need to look at how your personal needs are being met via money or love, you may be dealing with a woman who is affecting your physically or has some influence on your identity now. The day should be about finding solutions to the money or sexual issue, the power or manipulation matter, that ties you and your reputation, goals, ambitions, and career together. A friendship or aspiration is going to be an issue as well, some fog or confusion that triggers your emotions.

Sunday is about the work you do and your health. You want to make something happen today and the only issue is your own physical limitations or something that is not sitting right with your ego. Do your best to push ahead, talks about the work or health or pets may be frustrating but there is positive energy backing your ambitions and the change you want there so show up and do your best.


Round three between Venus and Pluto today plays out between the work you have been doing behind the scenes, a retreat or rest you have taken, the way you are trying to get in touch with your spiritual or psychic nature, to meditate and connect with intuition, the development of a fantasy project or research matter, handling a secret, or dealing with a hospital. There is either a woman involved here or you are dealing with love or money issues in one of these areas. The Pluto energy is pushing you for change and power with it through media, publishing, travel, someone at a distance, legal means, or education (teaching or learning). Feelings about home or how you share your living space come into play as goals are facing you today.

Sunday brings emotional adjustments to lovers, children or your creative projects and this springs from what is going on behind the scenes, the actions taken with the fantasy project or research, secret or retreat, hospital or other institution. You will be dealing with the woman, a money or love issue here as well as you adjust. Talks about income may be critical but the opportunity to continue transforming the media, travel, legal, or educational matter are powerful.


A friendship and the powerful changes going on through your sexuality, a divorce, death, or dealing with some big money matter and how you share it, is where the Venus/Pluto energy is going to hit for round three on Saturday. In the friendship arena in this matter, you are dealing with a woman, a love or money matter. Sharing, intimacy, power, control, manipulations, and a soul lesson are in the mix as you deal with what arises today. Communications as well as what is going on locally will be emotionally charged.

Sunday you will be making some adjustments to how you feel about where you are living, the home, or property. Mars and Venus are pushing you to take action towards an aspiration or do something with a friend about the love or money issue, a female is likely involved again. Talks about you and your issues may be critical. It might help you to make a list of what your needs are. Focus on the huge transformation that is supporting your growth in how you connect with others and get to the depth of the matter at hand.


The third and final bout between Venus and Pluto occurs over career, reputation, ambition, or goals, and the changes you want to see in partnership. Venus is putting a female in authority to deal with here or a love or money issue as your goal. Pluto is about wanting things to completely change in a partnership or with a representative. So together you are dealing with an obstacle or challenge that requires your understanding power and control issues, yours and theirs, and not being afraid to lead. Feelings are on edge over money, earnings as well as outside resources, as it feels as though you are over the top here in some way.

Sunday is about talking things through. Emotions will be involved. There are things that you are having a hard time being heard on so you will need to be willing to express yourself, doing something about the goal, ambition, or career, and looking at the cost, the money attached, the female or the love. Talks about what has been going on behind closed doors or in secret or retreat may get a bit critical. Just focus on the transformation that is possible in the partnership or with representation, this is big and positive if you persevere.


The woman, love or money matter that is occurring at a distance, through travel, education, media, publishing, promotions, or legal channels, is coming up against the power of Pluto on Saturday as you experience the last of 3 Venus/Pluto squares. Pluto wants to change or find power in the work you do, your health, or with pets. So you need to find a way to meet the challenge between these two disparate arenas of expansion and service, to find your power, and deal with the money or love and any manipulations or obsessive energy that is poking at you. There is a strong opposition between you and another today and feelings may be intense.

Sunday you need to make some emotional adjustments to the income matter, what you earn or spend, what is owed or coming in. Mars is going to push you to take action legally, through travel, education, or media. Venus is going to push you to deal with a female through one of these realms or to deal with a love or money issue in these ways. Talks are likely to be critical with a friend about the money. Pluto is helping you to make changes in the way you offer service to others, and how you work, take care of your health or pets.


Saturday could be about manipulations and control, power and big money, you are the sign who is getting pretty much the entire Saturday Night line-up of drama. Venus is working in the house of death, divorce, sex, intimacy, and big money that is shared or comes from outside of earnings. Venus is about love, money and women. So you are dealing with some aspect of this as Pluto squared brings in power and change through creative endeavors, lovers, or children. Like I said, it’s intense, but whoever she is or it is, you have made it through the first two rounds and know what you are dealing with, this is it for the prize. Your feelings will be hidden a bit as you deal with work or health in this picture.

Sunday brings the need to make some emotional adjustments regarding yourself, your image, identity, physical body, or ego needs. You have to do something about the big money issue, the sex or intimacy matter, or the divorce or death. It will stretch your feelings about who you are. You will also need to deal with a love, money or female in the big money, divorce, death or intimacy matter, once again stretching your bounds. Talks are likely to be critical around career, reputation or goals. Focus on the changes you are manifesting in creativity, love and with children that will empower you.


Venus/Pluto is taking you through round three regarding partnership/representation and home, or a significant relationship and the foundations you are building, where you live and with whom, the property, or security needs. Venus wants love, money or a woman through the partnership arena while Pluto wants power or control on the foundational level, with home or property. There is a need to change something here on an intense level. Feelings about a friendship are out there as well as you deal with romantic desires, artistic expression or the need to expand through creativity or love.

Sunday you feel like retreating into your own private Idaho, you need rest and there may be something going on behind the scenes or in secret that you want to attend to. You will need to make some adjustments regarding the partner or representative. Mars is activating this realm so doing something with the partner or what they do comes into play as well as issues of money or love with them, all in need of adjustment. Talks about legal matter, media or publishing, travel, or education, may be critical and a bit challenging as well. Focus on the big changes and power you can achieve through home and the foundations you are personally working on.


The work you do, a health issue or a pet. This is where Venus is bringing the money, love or female matter into play on Saturday. You have already been through two of these so you should have a handle on what is coming. Pluto is about power, manipulation, obsession, control, and change. He is pouring through your communications zone, so literally through your phone lines, talks, emails, letters, as well as through short trips, local activities, and with siblings. What needs to change and how is your power manifesting in this? This is your ruler and words hold special intensity for transformation today, choose wisely. Feelings about goals may be a bit stressed as you look at what is occurring at home or with property.

Sunday you are dealing with feelings for a friend, social function or aspiration. You need to make some emotional adjustments here as you take action to get the work done, deal with the work, take care of a health issue, or a pet. Money is in the scenario as well as a woman or love issue. Talks about the shared resource or money matter may become critical or nitpicky with the friend. Continue to use Pluto’s energy to transform the way you communicate and come from your personal power.


Well dear Sage, it seems that the final call to the floor between Venus and Pluto is about the love, money or female affecting your house of true love, creativity and children. There is a need for control, power, change, dealing with manipulations or obsessive energy around the income, how the money is spent or made. This can range from the desire to ‘buy love’ or to control through money, to change love though transformed values, to push to change your creative output to affect your earnings in a big way or invest in them, to spend on a baby or deal with a big money issue with a child, the possibilities are many. You have been through the first two rounds so you know this is it. Legal matters or ceremonies, education, media, and travel are emotional triggers.

Sunday is goal oriented and you will be focused emotionally on achieving what you want as you take action with a lover, child or creative venture. You will be pouring love, money or female energy into this creative or love experience. You need to make some adjustments to how you feel about the goal and realize that Mercury is acting out through partnership so words may turn critical. Continue to transform the income and value system as Pluto has your back in this if you step into your own power.


The home, property, where you live and with whom, the foundations you are building, mom, childhood issues, and your security needs, these are the arenas where Venus is pushing you to look at money, love or a female in the mix. Pluto on the other hand is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and it is looking a whole lot like you (just figuratively!) This means you are making some intense changes to yourself or in the needs you have, you are feeling your own power, you may be venting a bit of control or manipulation, intensity or obsession, as you deal with the challenge of how you are rooted. Whatever is transforming this is the last of three rounds and you can make your move. How money is shared or one-sided will trigger emotions as well today.

Sunday brings up feelings about legal matters, travel, beliefs, politics or philosophy, media or promotion, or educational matters. There are some emotional adjustments on slate in these areas as you push for action on the home front and deal with the money, love or female that is manifesting energy there. Talks about work, health or pets may be a bit critical but there is more positive potential to change who you are or how you look or feel by stepping up to your own sense of entitlement.


Today you get to finish the last of the 3 Venus/Pluto squares over the big money or obsessional love/sex matter. Venus is making herself known via love, money or a female that is talked about, encountered locally or on a short trip, or comes through a sibling. Pluto is about the things that are hidden, secret, agenda or fantasy driven, and he is obsessing, manipulating, controlling, or in any other means making his power known here in an attempt to change your world on a psychological level. So expect to talk or meet about something that has been going on behind the scenes and that it will be profound and challenging. Feelings are going to be intense as well over partnership or dealing with a rep such as an attorney, manager or agent.

Sunday pushes you into the deeper realm yet as you will be focusing on big money, sex, intimacy, death or divorce. Mars is going to push you to take some action locally, with a sibling, short trip, or just in aggressive or passionate conversations or meetings about the heavy things going on. Venus is going to throw love, money or a female into the mix. You must make emotional adjustments to what these heavy issues bring up. Talks about love, children or a creative outlet are going to get picky or critical. Use the Plutonic energy to transform your spiritual nature and align to your powerful intuition, you can trust it today.


Venus and Pluto are wrapping it up in the arena of income and friendship or aspirations on

Saturday. This has been an intense challenge and you have come through the first two squares so you should have an idea what this is about. Venus is bringing love, money or a female to bear in the way you make money or what is spent. Pluto is transforming your friendships and aspirations as you tackle this income matter. Power, control, manipulations, obsessive behavior, destruction, and transformation are what Pluto is throwing through friendships and aspirations as you meet the challenge. Feelings about work, health or pets are at odds with the work going on behind the scenes or the need to retreat or deal with something secretive.

Sunday emotions turn towards partners and representatives. You must make more emotional adjustments with this person as you go after the income and deal with a female tied to income or a love or money matter focal here. Talks about home, property, or the foundations you are building and your security needs may become nit picky or critical as you talk with the partner or representative. Focus on changing your aspirations or friendships to empower yourself.


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