Friday, October 31, 2008

Zoe's weekend forecast Nov. 1-2

I hope everyone read the Halloween forecast and got themselves out there for a wonderful night of make believe! Saturday is going to open with feeling a bit tired and perhaps a bit hung over for some of you as Saturn and Uranus t-square the Moon. But fear not, the energy improves vastly as the day progresses, bringing opportunity to meet up with people for some beautiful experiences. The day will be great for romance, artistic expression and getting in touch with the spiritual. Do yourself a favor and continue to ask dreamscape for guidance as Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, is turning Direct on Sunday. It is bound to bring some vivid images while you sleep and to flood the day with reversals or amazing inspirations in romantic, artistic and spiritual connections. Artists and romantics get ready, forward we go.


Focus on ways to expand your world on Saturday. If you need to get more education, find an opportunity to teach what you know, travel, interact with someone far away, incorporate a world view or global ideals, tackle legal matters, or publish, promote or involve media, then today brings connections with friends and partners to make it happen. The opportunity is there if you take action.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your house of friendship, associations, social functions and aspirations. So look for these arenas to clear up a bit, to find ways to use your imagination more, to express your artistic needs, to even court romance through like-minded individuals. If you have been unsure of a friendship, you will now see its merits or detriments. Parties today are destined to be events to remember, dress up! With the Moon’s move into Capricorn, goals take center stage.


Connect deeply, intimately, cuddle up, get close, spend the day in the arms of passion. Or….tackle those bills. Hehe J Hope you get the fun option. Today is about tackling things that are shared, be it bodies, or finances such as loans, credit, insurance, jointly held resources. Talk about the work that needs doing or a health issue later in the day, the money can be found. Goals are coming into focus.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. This is GREAT news for you! Career, goals and ambitions that have been a bit confusing, or romantic or artistic goals that have been going nowhere fast, can now take steps forward. Look for a gift from the heavens by way of something beautiful and love filled. The Moon enters Capricorn so you may feel like taking off to wide blue yonder, or learning something new. Focus on legal matters or promoting is favored as well.


Saturday is a day to focus on your partners. If you are single, think about what you want in partnership and what you need to do to bring it into your life. Romantic and business partners both fall in this energy. Self promotion, travel, legal matters and education are beneficial to you today, they may open doors if you pursue. Look to areas of arts, romance or spirituality. Talks and meetings about creative projects or love are under favored stars.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. If you have been in a fog over legal issues, publishing, education, or travel, it will now be clear to you what needs doing. With Neptune here, the legal issues may have to do with a romance or artistic project, you may want to take an art class or teach music, travel for a film project or romance, or publish a spiritual work. You get the idea. The Moon enters Capricorn so you can focus emotions on money and intimacy.


It looks like you have work to do on Saturday, sorry. It might be hard to get motivated in the earlier part of the day but it seems responsibility calls. If you are one of the lucky Cancers getting out of work today, then focus the energy on your health and getting your body moving. Work on money sources or just connect intimately with another tonight, talks or meetings at home go well.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct and the fog is officially lifted in areas of sharing. This means that your intimate connections will finally come out of confused status and move forward one way or another. This also means that any questions you have not gotten clear on regarding debt, loans, taxes and any other form of outside resource will now be easier to see in the light of day, forward you go. The moon enters your partnership house so connect with significant others tonight.


The weekend is about true love, partnerships and sex. How’s that? Well, ok, there is a bit more going on but who cares! Saturday you might have to concentrate on making some money in a creative way first but later on the romantic energy is revving up, partners are key or the opportunity should be there for you. Romance and wonderful talks find you at least.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. This is about the romance, artistic expression and spirituality in partnership finally coming out of the fog zone and moving forward. This is about the inner work going on here finally coming out into manifestation. This could be with significant others or business partners. You will want to tackle work before you and attend to health as well today.


The home is where it is at on Saturday. The first part of the day seems a bit stressed, perhaps foundations or security issues at stake, or an authority figure or unforeseen challenge popping up. Rest assured that the rest of the day gets much better. News is good. Talks and meetings with partners, attorneys, and agents are under positive stars. Artistic work is positive as well.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. The work you do, the tasks at hand, your health, and your pets, are all under this energies influence now. Neptune has been withholding artistic expression, romance, and spiritual energy here for a while. Well, as of today that has changed, gear up to transcend the fog, fantasy and imagination is on its way. Perhaps you begin an artistic work assignment now in earnest.


Saturday is a very busy day connecting with others. You will be on the phone, out meeting others and sending emails more than usual. Expect part of this to involve a work, pet or health issue you weren’t aware of. Neptune and Mercury are promising some wonderful talks or meetings with lovers, children or regarding creative projects. Romance and imagination rule.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. This is really good news for Libra. Neptune has been working on an inner level in the areas of true love, fun, children, and creativity for a while now. As of today, that energy moves forward with romance, artistic expression and spirituality on all fronts. Spend the day at home doing what you love for best results.


Saturday may be a work day for you just because the energy is so focused on making money. If you aren’t at the job, you may want to use this to look for ways to make money. It is also possible that you are taking the day to shop since spending money could also fall into this dynamic. Either way, waiting until after 2pm eastern time brings best results. Home, retreat, research all work into the scenario.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. Whatever project you have wanted to get going regarding the home or property can now commence. If you haven’t been able to figure something out in this area, that as well should become clear. Romance and artistic expression soar here again so if it doesn’t come today, give it a bit to show up. Open up lines of communication with the one you are thinking about.


Take the day to do things for yourself. You may have a responsibility come upon you suddenly in the first part of the day that takes a bit of time but after that you will do well to focus on home or property, decorating or romantic times at home are favored. Talks or meetings with friends are also under favored stars.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. If you have been mulling over romantic, spiritual or artistic needs the last few months, today you will finally begin talking about them or meeting with others over them. Secrets may come to light now so watch what you really want out there. Put some time into looking at income matters as well tonight.


Saturday is a great day to take for yourself to daydream or spend quiet time in rest or fantasy. You may have a surprise pop up regarding a visitor or trip, legal issues or education but once you meet the challenge, the day unfolds with romantic, artistic meetings in secret or privately that look sweet, as well as a good talk about earnings.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. This is about income for you. Neptune has been working on an inner level to tune you to your spiritual, romantic and artistic best to help you make money or to influence what you spend money on. Now the energy is moving forward and you will see it begin to manifest before you. Take a look at how you are feeling about your own needs to fine tune this.


Saturday is a social day for you. The first part begins with a bit of a money issue in the way of spending time with friends or doing something social but that lightens up after 2 in the afternoon. Plan on going to a party or spending time with a buddy tonight, focus on learning something together, traveling or planning a trip together, promoting yourself, or dealing wit
h legal issues together. It’s all positive.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct in your sign. Big relief. The fog is lifting over your eyes. The rose colored glasses that have been turned inward are coming out to look at the world with a whole new tint. You can really see what your personal needs are now regarding artistic expression, romance and spirituality and what needs doing so go! Expect your glow to attract admirers. Allow for emotional rest.


Saturday is about pursuing goals or working on career. A partner is likely to throw you a curve ball today so be prepared to troubleshoot. Once the afternoon is here, your ruler is bringing some lovely moments of retreat to fantasize or use your imagination to go after your goals. There is an opening to meet or talk about loans or any other source of outside money tied to career or goals. Very positive energy, this is, so act on it.

Sunday Neptune stations Direct. This is like a breath of fresh air for you. Neptune is your ruler and has been focusing your energy inward for a while now. Today it moves out into your fantasy world, taking your ability to fantasize, research, dream and call upon intuition to a higher level through artistic expression, your spirituality and romantic drive. Great news for filmmakers and actors but you can all apply this energy to everyday life as well. Spend time with a friend today.


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