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Owen Wilsons Astrology Chart by Zoe

Owen Wilson is an exceptionally talented artist in our community and one much beloved by many, myself included. I recently had cause to take a look at his chart. So, with respect to Owen, I will do my best not to disclose what I feel would be private insights into his early life and challenges, or romantic style or involvements, but will share what the heavens say about the very public event of his attempt at ending things back in August 2007 and what that is saying now.
In August, 2007, Owen was about half way through an incredibly long period of hosting Saturn in his significant relationships zone. In his chart, the areas given to his own ego development and to the house of one on one partnerships, are bigger than usual, indicating that these arenas will host many life lessons, challenges and joy. Thus we see his persona being elevated in the public eye as well as this distraught time for him over relationship. The relationship house here represents romantic partnerships as well as closest friends and people who represent him from agents, managers to attorneys.
Most people have to contend with the restriction, loss and hard work associated with Saturn touring a specific area for about a year. He has had to function under the challenge for nearly two. At that time, Saturn had reached the critical degree of Leo in his relationship house. The critical degree will bring things to a head, make them more intense and urgent and sometimes fated. At this particular degree, Saturn made a perfect quincunx to his natal Chiron. Chiron has been called the wounded healer, that point in the chart that is the wound that never heals. The quincunx while able to bring moments of genius, can also be an eliminator aspect, one where the adjustment that needs to be made is so intense that it pushes us beyond. Chiron is occupying a placement that makes 'value' a critical interest to Owen. What he earns and possessions become a reflection of this, but at it's core, Chiron here gives him the ability to teach value to us, as inherent to his nature, but when wounded will bring up in him this sense of nothing matters, nothing is valued, a sense of self worth turned against himself. It is so like Chiron that the thing we love in him is the thing that hurts him as well. It was being triggered at this point in time.
At the last degree of Leo, Saturn was looking at true love, children, creativity, the ego, the way one shines their light, and loyalty and pride. Saturn withholds, and we are in the relationship arena again.
At the same time, Venus and Neptune, the energy of love and spirituality, romance and artistic expression, were both retrograding and both in opposition to each other, playing out between his house of self and his house of partnership. Neptune dissolves in opposition. Neptune was dissolving his ego needs and the potential was there for it to dissolve his physical body, over issues of the higher attainment of love be it between love interests, business partners or best friends. Venus was retrograding in his significant others house. In it's most basic interpretation this would be a woman leaving him during this time. In a broader stroke it would mean love or the idea of what love means in the context of one on one relationships, leaving, dissolving. In the grand scheme of things, these moments occur to help us let go of worn out ideas or relationships so that the new people or situations that follow can meet our next level of growth and idealism. Neptune can be very dark and foggy under this kind of contact and was for him as it became exact.
The Sun, representing vitality and ego energy, was at an exact degree in his partnership house that squared Juno at the top of his chart. Juno is the goddess of marriage or commitment. The square is a challenge, the top of the chart a goal. So this was feeling threatened for him, adding weight to the situation. Transiting Juno had just entered the house of religion, legal ceremony and travel in the sign of partnership, semi-sextiling his natal Sun. Once again, introducing the idea of 'where am I in relation to people that matter to me?' and commitment being thematic to ego, one way or another. Lillith opened the day conjunct his Moon. Lillith is the strong independent feminine energy or female, triggering his emotions (Moon).
Jupiter, which rules his friendships, is the energy of luck and happiness, and where we may find ourselves being the most gullible. This energy was Retrograding. Once again, someone leaving, a friend, working it's way backwards through his career and fame arena to an opposition with Mars in the home. A male, anger, an issue with loyalty and value, goals and comraderie, Jupiter taking it over the top, involving something from the past.
Transiting Pluto, the energy that can cause death and transformation, was semi-sextiling his Sun, the energy of physical body and vitality. Once again locking in degrees as everything else did at this time, pushing for transformation of a friendship or aspiration, along with the way Owen saw himself and his goals.
The Moon was in the house of self-undoing, feelings falling prey to the loop we play for ourselves when we feel down, and she was preparing to cross his first house door, the body. And while I spoke of transiting Saturn quincunxing his natal Chiron, transiting Chiron was also quincunxing transiting Mercury in his house of relationships from his house of body and ego.
Uranus, the planet of sudden, surprising events, was retrograding and just crossing back over the door into his first house of body and ego needs, squaring natal Lillith on the door to his house of true love, children and creativity. It seems self explanatory.
The picture paints itself. There are moments in each of our lives when everything locks in. In Owens chart, ALL of these aspects that I describe were locked exactly by degree, these were not wide aspects, they were exact. Sometimes, when this happens, it all locks in in such a way that only a few things are focused on. This was the case here, personal worth, value, loyalty, and how that plays out between self and other, contributing factors friendship and independent female energy, most likely a big fight somewhere in the mix with Mars oppose Jupiter retrograde. But when the lock happens and it overwhelms by aiming everything into one area, you can have the potential of what occurred with Owen.
So where is he today, approximately 14 months later?
This Saturday, Oct. 25th 2008, Saturn finally leaves this part of Owen's chart. It has taken that long. The loss, restriction and testing of Saturn will no longer be playing out with partners, best friends and people who represent him, in opposition to his own ego needs and physical body in the same way. Saturn will retrograde back into this arena next year but it will be for a shorter time and it will be different. Owen will feel this shift this weekend, it may bring up those feelings as it leaves so hopefully he will be with people who love and support him.
Late Sunday or on Monday we hear news about something he has done as Mars meets Mercury. Once again, it is my hope that the energy shift of the weekend is felt as a relief and not as a rewind into memory of what the last two years have meant, so let's hope we are hearing something forward motion than instant replay. A female friend is strongly coming in. A side note on that, Owens natal Mercury is peregrine, meaning it stands alone in his chart. It is in the second decan of Scorpio so his thoughts are incredibly deep and could be compared to the ocean as they are Piscean Scorpio, being peregrine means this mental facility colors his entire chart and thusly impacts his entire life with depth and spiritual understanding. I have always found it immensely fulfilling to work with celebrities just for this kind of insight, we see him as this happy go lucky character but there is much to this man that a look at the chart reveals.
Saturn will Retrograde back into his relationship arena for a last go round on March 14th of 2009 at which time he can revisit what he has learned and see for himself how far he has come in taking responsibility for his own actions and needs as well as looking at how loyalty and value play into his one on one relationships. Key dates to watch would be March 25th, July 7th and August 3rd of 2009.
On July 18th, 2009, Saturn leaves the relationship zone for good, at least for another 29 years! September 15th, 2009 will begin a new chapter of Saturn lessons and challenges as a T-square gets its first hit in his chart in the new arena of sharing, depth, intimacy, power, outside money sources and sex. I actually see this as his moment when he will be dancing with the big issues of why he came to earth this time, able to go to depths even he has not imagined, but it will be work. This is a whole other column!
With all things Saturn, self mastery and stepping into personal authority are key as the challenges are met and we learn to move further into our life's journey. Here is sending Owen much love for all the joy he gives us in his work. Hugs, Zoe

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