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It’s an in-depth look at this new LUCK CYCLE by sign as well as Venus’s move into Scorpio and how TRIANGLES will play out in LOVE and over MONEY between now and Jan. 22nd for each sign, feel free to share the link!

Every deep thought you dared dream, the conscious veil met within another mind, intimacy and progression, evolution and shared experience, the question of love and personal power, balance and commitment, the perfect deconstruction at the ashy feet of the ever rising phoenix, every tender cut against your bodies knowledge of itself, is rapidly converging upon the frames ahead, you better know what you want because you are about to get it. We have entered a rare tear in the time field that draws back the illusion and allows us to catch up to something we have managed to keep hidden from ourselves for lifetimes. It is something so deep, so earth moving that to allow for it here, now, is a bit overwhelming to say the least.

The highest electrical/angelic pulse is now feeding the mystic alongside the great benefactor. These two will fuel our understanding, fated connections, put us into an embrace with our personal muse, open our mind to the soul vibration, allow us to release the magnified concentration it takes to hold matter in pattern projecting reality from our beliefs and let it all just fall away for the count of three, long enough to see, to really see.

Do you see?

All it takes right now is unfailing belief in yourself, your gifts, your journey, and the courage to follow this forward. Our weekend brings NEED forward. The need to connect with another person, to share yourself on a deeper level, the need to express the deepest part of your creative energy, to love, to form intimate bonds, to raze down the ones posing as love or intimacy but you now have found to be bondage, to find ways to empower yourself and others through shared financial means, to support or invest, back or rebuild upon combined monies, and for some of you way past the rage of betrayal or loss, to divorce yourself from the weight of relationship not meant to move forward.

We are in an unparalleled moment in time, with opportunity to view the grand life cycle around us. Those who are crossing over at this time will find insight and support through their closest circle. Angels are working through so many right now to help at this time, it is a gentle and protected veil, there is a great calling going on, if you know someone who is on this precipice or has been, know what a big wave this is and honor those who are meeting this moment so courageously.

It is a weekend of the DEEPEST connections, the bonding of them, the releasing of them, the purging and rebirth within the throes of the gods who are aligning to bring it all into being in the most profound and positive ways. Again with all things in the energetic, what you seed grows upon these deep fields, what you allow yourself to see becomes reality.

As you go through this amazing weekend, know that communication is the key dangling there before you. It is attached to each breakthrough, so you must choose to have the talk, make the call, take the meeting, meet-up, share the idea, pitch the proposal, send the email, write the letter, story, or mission statement, get out and about in the local scene, make your move! Hermes carries messages from the gods just for you…Saturday they involve something/someone from your past, Sunday that past goes forward with you in a new way or you release it for good.

ARIES: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday you carry so much power, take a moment to feel this, it is of the deepest nature and moving through your sign. You do not have to do much for others to see it or connect/react to it. There is a positive force trying to help you call upon this to communicate about how work is being affected, a work need, your health, or how animals are being cared for. Someone or something from the past figures strongly in this as you find ways to connect or disconnect intimately, financially, through divorce or in dealing with a death. There is as well a powerful ambition that is being stirred, it wants its day and the energy at present is supporting this so reach for your dreams.

Sunday brings forward everything from Saturday but today you know, you have figured something integral out about how you played into the matter, what has to change, what you are ready to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to and this is the time to allow for this shift. As Mercury stations Direct you may now make decisions, sign agreements, or say your peace in a way that changes thing once and for all, don’t second guess yourself.

TAURUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings an outright power surge through your most important relationship. This is a very profound moment in time for you as you connect or disengage on the deepest of levels, a new understanding, a deconstruction of old paradigms, a self-empowerment through new levels of intimacy being met or being moved towards. Positive energy is at your disposal to communicate about or with old situations or people that represented true love for you, connected you to children or brought forth major creative outlets and potential for you. Allow for the shift to happen by saying what is in your heart.

Sunday the surge continues to pulse through relationship and love, children or creative projects. The depth and transformation are continuing. There is a very intense and positive shift here through the higher mind, this may mean bridging a distance, learning or teaching something new, participating in a ceremony or committing to do so, involving the law, or making breakthroughs in beliefs. As Mercury stations Direct today, you know what it is you want, you are ready to say your peace, come to terms, make or break the agreement, it’s a new world.

GEMINI: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings your power and intimate needs to the surface as you face the way you are of service to others in a very profound manner. This is positive energy trying to help you shift and breakthrough to a new level at work, through a service you provide, around a health issue or with animals. How are you connecting with others, sharing yourself? There is something deeper at play here, let it come up, face it, embrace it. An intimate connection or financial opportunity is at hand through this and you will be reaching for the key of communication at home, with a roommate, about the house, a move, renovation, real estate deal, or involving mom or a mother figure. The past is morphing, what stays and what goes?

Sunday carries the same energies over with depth and your courage to look at these connections in your life. How are energies shared? This is the time to connect, disconnect, reach out for deeper understanding, share yourself, bring forth someone to bond with, deal with the financial picture, divorce, death, or any other major transformation occurring for you. As Mercury stations Direct today you will know what it is you want to say, the decision you have made will crystallize, you will be ready to make or break agreements and go forward on the living situation/home matter with or without the past.

CANCER: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday the deepest stirrings and profound breakthroughs are coming through the quest for true love, the deepening of current ties or the severing of anything imitating the real thing, it is the intense transformations here and through connections to children or the creative projects you are nursing that the veil is lifted. The key for you is within the communications house so not only will you be talking or meeting with someone about or from the past to empower love or creativity, but you will be the catalyst for others this weekend through your words, writing, ideas, pronouncements, or local activities. There is an incredible opportunity to bond deeper with a relationship or to terminate it under positive stars, this may mean a marriage or business partnership, romantic interest, representative, or competitor. You have to say it to see it.

Sunday is more profound connections and sharing through the deepest realms of intimacy, sexuality, financial bonding, or divorce. Love is on the line, will you move towards it. Talks with children are important with profound breakthroughs here, writing or communications over creative endeavors with those you partner with or who represent you are under the same amazing aspects. As Mercury stations Direct today you know what you want and have the green light to make the decision, sign or break the agreement, have your say about what is going to be different or what you feel and what part of the past goes forward, what part is left behind.

LEO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday introduces you to your power through the dramatic changes you are ready to make at home, with a living situation, a move, someone you live with, a real estate deal, or around the actual foundations you are building on in your life. There is a need to connect or disconnect deeply here with another, to look at how shared experience is evolving, is it intimate, sexual, is there a financial balance, is divorce or an ending in the picture? This is the house of ‘the end of all matters’ so what is your bottom line? The key here is in talking about values and what you yourself are willing to earn or deal with in spending. Major transformation and opportunity lies on the road to work, effort, service, health, and animals for you. Open up about the past or with someone from the past to uncover what you want going forward.

Sunday brings more of this deep connection or disconnect at home or with someone you are living with and again there is major transformation available through empowering yourself with the work you do here, the effort you make, the details, the intimacy or lack of it, the bonding or divorce, the decision that is now ready to be made that involves shared resources and what you will or have done to earn a living. As Mercury stations Direct today you are ready to say your peace, come to terms, make or break the agreement and take the past with you into the future or leave it behind.

VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday is like a journey to the bottom of the well, deep within the sacred and powerful mindset that you carry with you to unveil a few profound truths. You are the one who has something very intense to say or think, write or agree upon, you need to really connect with your own thought patterns in this and view it from the perspective of shared experience. How do your thoughts and words affect intimacy, sexuality, power, financially shared resources, divorce, or bonding with another in love, with kids or in a creative process/project? You will want to say something or meet up with someone from the past today to have this breakthrough. You hold the key, stay down there in the well today, get wet, see how it feels, this past love, child or creative matter, what do you want to change about yourself, can you communicate this or bring them down there to hear you out?

Sunday is a carry over with you at the center of the parade. You really are ready to discover something major involving a love interest, child or creative venture and make the deconstructive breakdown with subsequent rise from the ashes move that will facilitate a new experience for you going forward. As your ruler Mercury, stations to go Direct in your sign, you are beyond ready to say your peace, make your decision, write it, come to terms, make or break the agreement and either take part of the past with you or leave it behind in the future move towards who you want to be in love and with creative impulses.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday the depths are stirred, your power is shining, and it is emanating from your value system, how you feel about shared experience whether that is intimate or financial, the bonding or divorcing of it, and the money you earn. There is an opportunity in this moment to see how it all comes together, how you can make money, pull in the mystic or muse, recover or retreat, draw in spiritual energy or artistic expression and transform your living situation in the mix as a result. The key is in communicating about the artistic, spiritual, romantic, hospital, or addictive issue from the past with someone who was involved then. There is money in this for you and a way to break through fears around security or feeling grounded. Look at how things are shared.

Sunday is the same energy all again lined up to help you to make strides in transforming an income situation, align with values, make some breakthroughs at home or with living situations, and connect this to your intuitive abilities in the arts or spiritual realm. Whatever it is that has been hidden from others or that you have been hiding from yourself, it is now time to bring it up, open it, move forward and the process you have been undergoing is now ready to open up as well. As Mercury stations Direct today you are ready to say your peace, make or break the agreement and take the past forward or leave it behind where film, music, the arts, spiritual or psychic pursuits, hospitals, addictions, or research are involved.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday puts you pretty smack in the middle of a very profound turning point that is filled with opportunity if you are not afraid of your own power in the situation. You are the catalyst for a shared experience of intense nature here and you will want to truly allow for some kind of transformation to occur through the way you are thinking about it. You may decide to meet someone or talk to them to allow for what the past promised to be stirred again within you, the key is here in a social setting, with a friend, through a group, or tied to a very important aspiration of yours. There is a deep need to share yourself intimately or financially or to break away from something suffocating and you have to be willing to reach out to the past and communicate about it if you are to break on through to the other side 

Sunday is more of the same as you find ways to talk, meet or share, in love or intimacy, finances or moves towards divorce proceedings. Again a friendship or group affiliation, aspiration or social occasion is central to the process. As Mercury stations Direct you know what it is you have dreamed of and what it is you want to do going forward with the friend or group, it’s now time to make the decision, have the talk, sign the agreement or break one.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday you enter the mystic, quite literally. This is a very profound weekend for you with depth and artistry, spirituality, hidden romantic liaisons, an opening to the muse or fated/karmic ties and something powerful, intimate, opening up through sexuality, financial realms or divorce. Your income is going to be affected here in a major way and this has opportunity around it, even if you have to spend income right now towards this artistic, spiritual or hospital matter. The key that dangles right there before you is about the past career matter, goal or boss, father/father figure, or ambition. How can you open up talks, meet, write, express your ideas here?

Sunday is more of the same with deep connections going on behind closed doors, through film, music, poetry, painting, or any other art form, through spiritual or psychic pursuits, clandestine love affairs, research, investigations, hospitals, prisons, or addictions. Your breakthroughs are here as you make strides over money made or spent and step up towards your ambitions. As Mercury stations Direct today you are ready to take the past into the future or leave it behind where career, goals, ambition, father, bosses, or reputation are concerned. Sign the agreement or break it, have your say, make the decision.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday lets you see the deep and profound changes that are occurring within a friendship, a group affiliation, with a major aspiration of yours, or regarding a social occasion you are dealing with. There is something about the way things are shared, the intimacy or financial realms that are balanced between yourself and another, and how your own evolution to the core of your personal understanding is affecting what you want to reflect back towards you from another. The key is coming through talks or decisions that involve someone from the past or a past situation that is far away, requires travel, learning something new, dealing with legalities, marketing or promoting, or a ceremony. You need to talk about it, meet up, look at what you really think about the situation.

Sunday is more of the same as you find that deep bonds are made or broken with a friend or group as you make more enormous personal changes. This is all positive for you so trust your intuition on what is happening. As Mercury stations Direct you will be ready to either take the past person or situation into the future or cut them/it loose involving the travel, education, law, ceremony, or media matter. It is time to have your say, make the decision, sign the agreement or break it with a new version of the future before you.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday opens up the depths so get ready! This is very intense energy that is going to be flowing for you around one important goal. This could be a career matter, reputation, dealing with an authority figure, father or father figure, or something else that is equally ambitious and up there in your world. The energy is saying take a very intense look at how you or their funds are being shared, can intimacy, divorce or a loan/bankruptcy get you to your goal? Can you take it behind closed doors and get to the heart of the matter with someone else? The key is in the talk or meeting with someone from the past that allows for sexuality, intimacy, divorce, or any major financial matter to be shared. Does this past person or situation have what you want? Ask for what you need.

Sunday is the same energy carried over with great drive and power coming through career and other goals. You can make intense connections behind closed doors, through intimacy, fantasy, research and finances, connecting with the muse or the mystic. Power is literally streaming through you today as you share your body or financial matters with another person or make the decision to stop doing this. As Mercury stations Direct you have the green light to make your decision, have your say, sign or break the agreement, all regarding the sex, intimacy, divorce, loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, mortgage, settlement, alimony, child support, or any other outside resource. What or who from the past goes forward here and what are you now ready to leave behind?

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading 818-613-6067)

Saturday the deepest energy is flowing for you in very powerful and positive ways through travel, higher education, legal or ceremonial matters, or the media or marketing of something. This is about shared experience and the sexual or intimate person or major financial or divorce matter that is coloring your need to transform through one of these doors. Change your aspiration and you change everything, look at how travel, media, education, or law can benefit your own position. A friend may be important in this proposition. The key for you is in the way you think, talk or a meeting you have with a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, or specialist today. This is a past person or about a past situation and you truly need to open up about the legal, media, educational, or travel matter with/about them.

Sunday brings these topics over with more focus on the legal, travel, media, or educational matter at hand and a friend or group that is deeply involved. Positive transformations are coming at you through this opening in the veil, it is allowing you to connect with shared experience, true intimacy, where need lies to connect, how divorce or death are processing for you, where sexuality plays into this shared experience or a major financial process is ongoing. You can turn a corner with a partner, representative or specialist through one of these avenues. As Mercury stations Direct today you are ready once and for all to either take the past relationship forward or to leave it behind for good. You now have the green light to have your say, write it up, make the decision, or sign or sever agreements with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist with or without the past attached.

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