Friday, June 19, 2009


Saturday, I am tempted to tell you, eh…so what. If the sun is shining in your part of the world get out there and bask a bit because whatever has got you stewing is going to pass and so much sooner than you think.

Like on Sunday.

Why? Because the Sun is going to enter Cancer where he is going to be about shining a light on how you are nurtured and where you live. He is jamming into this sign the day before our first of two New Moon’s in Cancer, the next falling on July 21st as a total Solar Eclipse. So……….it is going to be about some MAJOR new starts in your Cancer house of the chart.

The other really sweet aspect on Sunday is Venus and Mars coming together on the same degree. I said it was sweet! But it is also passionate, feisty, flirty, all about the lust and love and money and what it is going to take to go after it today. With this powder keg of energy, trust me, it won’t take much, so take care who you smile at!


Work those connections and reach out to friends and groups as you wind your way towards conquering an income matter. Talks are big and over the top and your bid for power and career status will take just a bit more communicating but it is so close to happening.

Sunday the Sun beams his rays into the home, property or security matters. You have a solid month to shine in these arenas and start fresh. Venus and your ruler, Mars, are meeting up to embrace where you make money so go for it big time today, push, show your passions, be aggressive, make it happen.


It’s an emotional push towards recognition and career goals on Saturday with a surprise or change around a friendship. You may discover a new aspiration today as cutting edge ideas are aiming their arrows at you. Whatever you are learning or traveling for now is a stretch but good for business.

Sunday the Suns move into Cancer marks a time of heightened communications about you. The written word is as well streaming from your core and will be strong over the next month. The Venus/Mars embrace is occurring in your sign making you the darling of the zodiac, don’t spread the love too thin!!!


Oh kitty, keep finessing the project you are working on behind closed doors, you are so close! Take all sudden opportunities to expand your career goals seriously today and don’t be afraid to learn more or to expand through travel, legal channels or media.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer to illuminate your earning potential for a full month ahead. You are the golden child at present so nose to grindstone. The meeting of Mars and Venus is happening behind the scenes so look for secret affairs to spark or for love or money to approach through fantasy work or dealing with institutions.


Concerns about debt or joint finances may be high on Saturday as you are dealing with an important aspiration or a friend who needs help with the money. Insights and sudden events tied to media, travel, law, or education bring opportunity within your group of kindred spirits. Work on adjustments with partners and the work behind the scenes or strategizing you are doing together.

Sunday the Sun moves into your sign and you can officially come out into the light to shine the brightest over the next month. You are being groomed between these two Cancer New Moons to emerge as a new you. Mars and Venus are embracing in your social sphere so expect to find love or seek money through friends, social functions or chasing your aspirations with passion.


Whatever goals you have set on Saturday, a partner or representative figures into the mix and you will need to deal with what that entails. The sparks are flying around sexual connections and big money so go with the spontaneous moments and ideas. Powerful work or health changes put your through the moves again with a friendship.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer to put you in the spotlight in matters related to retreat, research, dreams, fantasy, film, music, spirituality, and dealing with hospitals or other institutions. The Mars/Venus hook-up is rocking it out in your goals, ambitions and career house so pour on the passion, go for broke, it’s new beginning time.


How can travel, publishing, promotion, education, or law help the work you are doing? Don’t let obstacles hold you back here, work through it. A nice surprise may come through a partner or representative in one of these areas that seems like good news for you. Continue to pursue big changes around creativity, love and children.

Sunday the Sun slips into Cancer and lights up your friendships, aspirations and associations. This means you are at the center of the stage in these circles so expect to be meeting new people and reconnecting with old over the next month. Mars and Venus meet up to help you motivate by travel, media, education or law. This is where the new beginnings are sparking in love and money.


Focus part of the day on the money issues and who you are sharing these with or how, look at creative projects that still need to pay and some sudden unexpected opportunities in work to arrive. As you deal with feelings about how you are reaching your higher aims and coping with legal, travel, educational, or media matters, know that the home and who you share it with still have some major shifts in store towards your empowerment.

Sunday the Sun enters the peak of your chart where it will cast a spotlight on you in your career, helping you to shine in all of your goals and ambitions over the next month. This is big so use it well, schedule your meetings or send out resumes now. Mars and Venus meet in your house of sexual intimacy and shared resources spurring you to embrace a hottie or to take some action on the money matter.


Feelings move from how partners are managing at home or with property to the big money issues around the home. You will be wise to have a deep conversation about how you share in this and what exactly you need with a willingness to adjust a bit emotionally in the matter.

Sunday the Sun enters a fellow water sign, Cancer, and will align with you to open doors in areas of media, publishing, promotion, travel, education, law, philosophy, and politics over the next month. This is your cue to step out and be seen in these matters. Mars and Venus are hooking up in your partnership zone so you may find it a great time to connect romantically or passionately with a partner or to go after the money with an attorney or agent.


Talks about work or health are a bit challenging if not inspired. Talks about home are full of surprises and opportunity. There may be a partner, attorney or agent you need to talk to today as well and this seems to be about a big matter that is not jiving quite as you would wish. All in all, lots of communications on Saturday.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer and will illuminate your house of sex, divorce, death, and other peoples money-ie loans, joint finances, taxes, debt, credit cards, insurance, inheritance, and settlements. You will be focal in these areas over the next month and should shine here so prepare to go deep. The Mars/Venus meeting is about applying your passions at work and towards health. Be proactive on a new routine today and if single, you may meet someone while caring for pets or working.


Saturday is a mixed bag with issues around kids, lovers and creativity coming up regarding money. Talks will likely take a surprising twist when dealing with this. Work and health as well as any matters involving pets comes up as more concern around the big outlay of earnings. Pluto is suggesting you continue to empower yourself by taking it one task at a time and trusting in yourself.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer and will shine a light on all partnerships as well as your connections with agents, managers and attorneys over the next month. You are in the spotlight with these people and your connections are going to be vital to your identity and personal goals. The Venus/Mars conjunction is happening in your house of true love, creativity, fun and children. This is the best of all placements to meet someone new or reconnect to your passions with someone current. Don’t hide your love away today.


Saturday will be about dealing with home and any feelings of fantasy you held around yourself here. There is a moment of surprise around spending or making some money at home or for a property that looks good so go with the flow. To deal with how you are feeling about a loved one or your own creativity today it will help to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer and will be casting it’s bright rays on the work you do, your health and your pets over the next month. This is a good time to nurture yourself into shape or bond with a pet. You will be the employee of the month at work if you wish, just smile and accept the gratitude. Venus and Mars hook up in your home base today so taking action around property or where you live, or putting your passions into play at home are all positive.


You are going to want to talk about the secret, strategy, hidden agenda, or the work you have been doing behind the scenes today. There is a need to express any disillusionment in self-sabotaging behaviors and to connect this to what is going on in the home. Things may not be progressing as fast as you like but they are progressing. Continue to reach out to friends for a sense of empowerment as you grapple with property issues.

Sunday the Sun enters Cancer to illuminate your house of true love, children, and creativity. This opens an entire month ahead where you will be seeing the spotlight on these areas of life for you. You can shine here if you so desire, if single this is a great time to meet someone new. Mars and Venus meet in your local arena so a new love interest would show up while shopping for groceries or walking the dog. A sibling may introduce you or you may find them on a short trip. If you are a writer, go for the gold today.


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