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The Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn at 8:46am Eastern, our last conjunction here in our lifetime. This is about the fresh start we are now given that brings our own needs, personal identity, physical involvement, title, brand, name, body, or desires together with our personal or professional goals or an authority figure, and how we have transformed something here or with what is going on with power, control, financial matters, sex, death, birth, divorce, or third-party influences. Examples could be that back when this story was getting underway back in 2008 we had a certain kind of relationship with a boss, parent, judge, director, etc., (authority figures) but now we can see that we have evolved this story into our own authority and perhaps this has played out around financial matters or control issues or someone's passing on. Another example might be that we have had a goal to financially free ourselves from something or to invest in ourselves in some way that began back at that time and now we are seeing how far we've come and are ready to take steps towards where that is taking us. Or perhaps the story for you has more to do with your sexual or reproductive needs, divorce, and how you have evolved these stories in your life, or how you perceived your brand or self in the public eye or with career and the fresh start now given relating to how this has evolved for you.

After these two planets meet this morning, they will both move into Aquarius today. The Sun enters this sign at 9:07am Eastern and will tour here for 30 days. This is about showing up, getting more personally or physically involved with friends, groups, associates, clubs, organizations, your own aspirations, original projects, online interests, big tech, astrology, charities, gatherings, the collective, or causes over the weeks ahead and pursing your own interests or promoting yourself or standing out and shining here. It can also mark a time when you feel more like freeing yourself from that which binds, trying new things, being more spontaneous, or expressing the original side of yourself.

By 7:50pm Eastern Pluto enters Aquarius. Pluto was last touring the sign of Aquarius from 1777-1798. We then had a small preview of his return to this sign last year March 23-June 11, 2023, when Pluto moved in and spent his time at zero degrees of Aquarius. He will now move between zero and two degrees in Aquarius, now through Sept 1st, before backing onto the 29th degree of Capricorn Sept 1-Nov 19. On Nov 19th this year he re-enters Aquarius to stay for 20 years so this preview now, today through Sept 1st, is a big one, since we'll then be working with this energy combination for quite some time up ahead, Nov 2024-Jan 2044. Pluto wants to tear down and rebirth, test power, control, have more profound experience, get intimate, look at the financial influences, make changes, see where we are sexually, with divorce, death, birth, crime, manipulations, transformation, third parties, and empowerment in these Aquarius realms now. And even though it will take him 20 years to do this he will be much faster in Aquarius than he was in Capricorn, the changes will happen out of the blue, surprising or shocking us at times, more radical, extreme and rebellious at one moment, exciting, genius and innovative the next. Examples could be major financial changes involving big tech, the internet, digitization, power, control, or third parties, or the destruction of the internet to rebirth it in some way, or something you post going viral out of the blue bringing financial resources your way, or crime playing out online or in groups, or a profound psychological transformation of the collective through something that ushers in change, or finding ones soul group/tribe where their individuality is honored and exalted, or profound new technologies that change the way we view birth or death, or new ways to utilize AI in our original works, you get the idea.

Once Pluto is all the way into Aquarius in November, he will be the final outer planet to make his move with this sign, ushering us officially into the Age of Aquarius, and inviting us to meet our roles individually for this new age. So, let us watch the horizon with anticipation, let us remain strong in our values and hopes to bring about positive change, and let our roles be defined by the new experiences awaiting us in advancing the best part of this Age. The WEEKLY ASTROLOGY SHOW is now up for Jan 18-26 (and seems to be playing properly). I covered Pluto's move into Capricorn, along with the Sun entering this sign, Venus entering Capricorn and our Full Moon in Leo in our week ahead, LISTEN HERE:

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