Sunday, January 8, 2023



Leo Moon is vibing with Jupiter, Venus and Mars Retrograde today, all in positive alignments, while Mercury Retrograde is connecting with Uranus, also in harmonic flow, sweet. Leo Moon wants to be creative, have fun, play out a drama or two, focus on love, lovers, or the kids. Jupiter wants to go big in a personal or physical way about it. Venus wants the love, money, beauty, or pleasure and is ready to set or attain aspirations about it or get social or online about it. Mars Retrograde is fired up and ready to revisit sharing some passion, letting go of anger or getting busy about it. Next, Mercury Retrograde is ready to release, rekindle or rework something about a goal, career matter or authority figure and opens up talks, offers, ideas, or decisions about it, while Uranus says let's shake, rattle, and roll, time to mix it up when it comes to possessions, purchases or income in the situation or time to free some things up, make changes, be social, try new things, have fun, be the love you'd like to find, oh yeah, hello Sunday. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we just let it go, let it go, life is short, may we let it go.' Peak time is 6:20-6:25pm Eastern/3:20-3:25pm Pacific. To book a reading email and ask about how to set it up and what the rates and available dates are, no better way to start the New Year!

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