Monday, January 16, 2023



Today looks like one of those days where you are rewarded for doing things differently or for being open to new things and it likely involves a partner, client, specialist, representative, or other such individual at some point. So, if the dentist comes at you with some new-fangled laughing gas just say, oh yeah, Zoe said there's be something different today and then have a good chuckle about it. as an example. There's still a need for deeper connection, change, evolving of the story, purging, or focusing on other Scorpio Moon themes such as financial matters, sex, reproduction, divorce, mortality, or third-party situations but this is pushing us today to bring more love into the story, or to get to the beauty, pleasure or earnings in the mix. There is also something in the balance today with a friend, group, the internet, or gathering so show up in the moment and see what it's about, again there's something new or exciting or suddenly changing here that they want to convey. Finally, the day wraps with a lovely alignment to Neptune so we can go into the beautiful sleep and dream that big dream or connect with the other side receiving messages we're meant to remember, or there can be lots of fantasy and romance, or there can be great inspiration from the muse for the artistic, or you might find your flow at an institution if you are holed up there, or finally your research may pay off. So, let's get this day started! PRAYER TODAY is 'May we push through the illusions to the core of the inspiration and bring this thing to life.' Peak time is 3:15-3:20pm Eastern/12:15-12:20pm Pacific. See you there! ~Zoe Moon"

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