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VOID MOON in the week ahead, (all times given are Eastern Standard Time, U.S.):
MONDAY no void moon
TUESDAY 8:54am-4:45pm
WEDNESDAY no void moon
THURSDAY 6:16pm -8:45pm
FRIDAY no void moon
SATURDAY 7:45am – 9:24pm
SUNDAY no void moon

America has been ripe for a renewal, a deconstruction of the old paradigm and a rebirthing into a new era. We saw the beginnings of this back when Pluto entered the sign of leadership, authority and establishment for the first time in 246 years back in 2008 and became part of a very intense, ongoing square to revolutionary Uranus. ‘Change’ was the cry that united the country and brought record gatherings behind a candidate who promised such a rebirth.
People took to the streets around the globe and are still doing so in order to bring about the change that is so called for at this period in our history. This is a story that began in 2008 and ends in 2024 so we are at the mid-point now. The last round of Pluto in this territory was 1762-1778. 

When we talk about these epic cycles, I can say that I was called to astrology because it is the sacred language of God. It is the hope I find and share in this language that has made it a personal mission in this chapter of my life. To be clear, astrology can stand alone as a secular practice but for me it means nothing without God and the Light of Christ’s love as the foundation of the message I share with you and have shared with you over the last 8 years. So I don’t say it lightly that the changes of this period in history are destructive and powerful, filled with a certain darkness that is Pluto’s realm, the energy symbolically associated with the underworld. I know you’ve felt it.

That there would be a battle between the powers of the underworld and the people at this time is evident by the combination in frictional square along with the placement of these planets, Pluto with the leadership, authority and establishment, as the destroyer and that which is destroyed/transformed, and Uranus with the individual and society/the people and that which must awaken, revolutionize and break free. Uranus was at the peak of starting this shake-up between 2008-2012 and the square has been separating since and will finally finish in March 2019, with Pluto going on until 2024 alone.

In 2016, eight years after promising a change that would enhance the lives of those on the planet, we have seen more of the same, or worse. A national debt equal to the combined debt accrued by all other presidents combined, unemployment climbing, the poor still struggling, the middle class strapped with sky-rocketing healthcare that they can’t afford, a divisiveness promoted between races and religions and groups. He's certainly not the first to promise change and leave us hanging but we've never had such a cavernous need for it as we do during this period in history and so again, 8 years later, we see the overwhelming theme of CHANGE driving the throngs to clamor behind a candidate. We saw masses move behind Bernie Sanders who espoused putting the people and the Earth before corporate interests. We see those lined up behind Hillary Clinton believing a first woman in the office might mean the change we need for the future. We see many flocking behind Donald Trump with the hope that the working class Joe/Joan might get a break and be able to put his/her kids through college and pay for end of life care.


This thing that unites us is stronger than what divides us. You cannot see it now as the world is stirred into a frenzy but when we are not in political/media escalation mode it is much easier to see that we are not so different, we all feel how much we need profound change. It is what the stars incline, the energy behind the language of God, made manifest here on the planet at this time. On a whole, we want peace for our children and the world, a chance to earn a decent living and keep our loved ones healthy and safe. We want a world where discrimination is wiped out and free speech is kept sacred and the rights to protect ourselves and be a sovereign people is maintained. A world where people do not go hungry, and other nations sovereignty is not denied or encroached upon but where we work together for the good of all.

Again, we are at the mid-point, we’ve not reached the complete change yet with this upheaval and rebirth between 2008-2024, and I have done what I could to stay out of the political side of things but I am going to share my personal beliefs about a few points with you and you may take them or leave them as you see fit.

One: This nation, and the world for that matter, is facing a crisis of consciousness, one where if we do not get back to God, if we do not ask for forgiveness of our sins and truly open our hearts to the light of Christ, we may be forever lost. The reason Jesus said that no one shall enter the kingdom of heaven accept by him is that he stated over and over again that when he was referring to himself he was referring to the way, the light, love, and therefore, until you open your heart to him/the way, the light, love, truly you shall not pass. You do not fall to your knees to pray so that you are a minion of a deity, you fall to your knees to pray so that you may experience yourself as a part of something bigger than yourself that you give yourself over to: God and God’s kingdom/the path that is Light and Love. You fall to your knees to thank God, the creator of all of this for blessing you with the understanding of your place in a greater story and for giving you so much and to let God know that you are doing everything in your power to shine that Light and shine that Love in your daily works as an expression of your love for God and for humanity. It is by this simple act that your heart opens, that the way becomes clear. The story of Christ on the Cross is a powerful reminder to us that Love for humanity triumphed over the corruption of man and that there is hope if you seek the path to Light and Love. We need to do this NOW.

Two: A one world government or a one world religion sounds on the surface like a good thing because it could mean the end of battles between groups and more to go around for everyone. However, the one world government/religion that so many are working towards now and have been for half a century or more is about a one world corporate government/religion. I have a question for you. When, I ask you, have you ever seen the people’s rights put first or Mother Earth cared for when mega-corporations have been in charge? Total power corrupts totally. We do need to come together to create a better world but handing it over to mega banks and corporations as wolves in sheep’s clothing will not be our salvation. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Three: God is watching. I define evil as anyone putting greed, power and death above love, the people, earth, and light. If you vote for who you know in your heart to be an evil candidate but you rationalize it for the sake of who may be put into the supreme court positions or how you may get this or that benefit based upon your own personal needs then you commit a terrible sin against yourself and against humanity. Things are not going to go as you think they are going to go over these next 8 years. Those choices and any changes are not hinged to this moment in the way you believe they are, the only thing that matters in this moment is who you are aligning your soul with and what you stand for in alliance with the actual activities and history of said candidate. Drown out the popularity contest, drown out the unbelievable propaganda, lies and manipulations, drown out the violence thrust upon you as a means to corral you to one side or the other. Who is the candidate with Light in their heart? Vote for Light and Truth. And if you can find it in your heart, pray for America and the world this week.

Four: I share this with humility, as a repentant sinner myself, as one who loves you, and one who has shown you what it means to be in the Light of Christ these last years you’ve known me, not by preaching at you, but rather through my work and dedication to bringing hope into your life in my small way, consistently, day in, day out. Nothing I am sharing here is meant to judge you, only to show you that it is one of the most important weeks the world has ever known when it comes to being of God. Stand up and shine your Light.

Astrological SHIFTS in energy in the WEEK AHEAD:

Mars moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, 9:51pm Pacific Tuesday the 8th/12:51am Eastern Wednesday the 9th. We will feel this shift as the planet Mars, the triggering agent of the zodiac, begins setting things into motion in the sign of groups, gatherings, the internet, revolution, earthquakes, electricity, surprise, sudden change, shock, friends, astrology, charities, freedom, visionary ideas, inventions, and individualism. Mars will motivate us between now and Jan. 28th to make things happen, express our passion, deal with anger or warring tendencies, and fight the good fight if necessary. We haven’t had Mars here in a couple years so expect to be busy on that social level.

Venus moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on Friday, the 11th, at 11:54pm Eastern/8:54pm Pacific. This trend will last until December 7th. Capricorn is a serious sign that is ambitious and wants structure, limits, endings, long term commitments, responsibilities, goals, leadership, and deals with authority figures and career matters as well. Venus here will get more serious, meaning when it comes to love, our income, beauty, and women, we will be seeing more of this Capricorn vibe, meaning it’s time to get real about things, step up, take the lead, and go for it.

Mercury moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on Saturday, the 12th, at 9:40am Eastern/6:40am Pacific. Mercury will tour here until Dec. 2nd. This brings our minds and communications to expansive topics and our decision-making follows. Expect to get into more talks, meetings, hear news, field offers, sign agreements, make sales, get out there locally or on short trips, or make those choices about legal matters, educational pursuits, religion, politics, media, marketing, publishing, weddings, or foreign interests.

The Full Moon in Taurus peaks Sunday night, the 13th, into Monday morning, the 14th. This means you may have your climactic high-point with it Sunday in the build-up or sometime on Monday. This is about major endings, breakthroughs, wrap-ups, achievements, or celebrations about what you value, being valued, income matters, purchases, products, or possessions. Work towards what you’d like to see come through or finalize.

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