Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VOID MOON Table Oct 20-26

The Moon in the week ahead, all times given are eastern standard time, U.S.:

VIRGO MOON - Monday 12:01am - Tuesday 7:12am - Emotional needs to analyze, work or organize.
LIBRA MOON - Tuesday 7:12am - Thursday 5:10pm - Emotional needs to balance, relate with someone or seek justice.
SCORPIO MOON - Thursday 5:10pm - Sunday 12:40am - emotional needs to control, go deep or make powerful changes
SAGITTARIUS MOON - Sunday 12:40am -Midnight - emotional needs to expand, adventure and believe

VOID MOON in the week ahead, EST:
MONDAY 11:30pm-Midnight
TUESDAY 12:01am - 7:12am

THURSDAY 1:22pm -5:10pm
SATURDAY 12:11am - midnight
SUNDAY 12:01am - 12:40am

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