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I want to share 2 stories with you to illustrate what I mean when I say that we are having important days regarding the North Node of Destiny and a personal planet in contact with it. I thought it might further clarify why I feel it is important to take note of who shows up and follow that line in your own life as it unfolds.

There are 2 different ways it can work. One way is you make a choice to start something or a situation is introduced into your life that you follow and later you are able to see clearly how it was the hand of Fate leading you to something Destined.

The other way is that on the day/days in question something obviously major happens, an event, that changes the course of your Destiny up ahead.

So, we just had the Sun cross the North Node of Destiny on Sunday and Monday Oct 12th and 13th, and Venus crossing the Same point on Wednesday the 15th of October. We will get a second round next October and then it won't occur again until 2033. The last times this occurred was back in October 1995 and then again in October 1996. So here are the 2 stories I will share, I've heard many, many stories over the last few days.

The story illustrating the first version is my own and illustrates how choices to be proactive towards your interests lead to Destiny unfolding. Back in 1995 the Destiny points were crossed and I started recording my new album/cd. It brought me into a creative process with Destined people in making the music. (As a Gemini Rising, Libra activity will bring up key people, and make it about true love, creative projects, kids, or fun: my fifth house as a Gemini Rising. On the second pass with the North Node of Destiny in 1996 I made a list of my all time favorite sounding records to see if there was one person who would stand out to master them and 8 of the 10 I listed were done by the same guy so I contacted him from Ohio out in LA. I was told he didn't work on unsigned music but later got a call directly from him saying how impressed he was with our music and that he would do it, for free if we made a deal with him when he got us signed. We of course went out to do it and when the Node of Destiny moved into my 4th house the following year, we relocated out to L.A., the 4th house rules the home. So, in this version, it was Me stepping up, taking the lead, putting my personal needs and identity out there with Destiny through key people and moving towards my future that unfolded with the momentum of this dynamic. The key people involved were Destined for my life's journey and had a major impact on it.

The second story I will relay to you, I am paraphrasing how she sent it to me in email, omitting her and her son's name and their town to protect their privacy, it shows how an actual event can change the course of Destiny in someone's life on the days in question. "Zoe, I had to share this with you. Back in 1995-1996 was when I left my husband. Also what happened then was my son was 2 1/2 and his head was growing at a rapid rate...more so than his body so we had to take him down to have a CT scan of his head and it was one of the most horrifying scary experiences, thinking that your little boy maybe had something very wrong with him. He ended up having more water on his brain than most folks also genetically his father and my family all have large heads. The condition was diagnosed to be benign. That he would "grow into" his head. Now, 18 years later, Today, he was hit in the head with a baseball. He is a pitcher in college baseball. 90 mph fastball hit the right side of his head above his ear ....!!! After quitting my job on the Island and being all set to leave tomorrow for CA I decided no, I will just fly to CA for a month and take care of business I am not ready to drive back. I took all day to make the decision, going back and forth... I finally booked the flight and texted tell him I wouldn't see him on my way across the US that it would be November. And he texts me to call him and I find out about the injury. At least he was talking. At least he's ok...the doctor said he only has a fracture in his skull. But no bleeding and he will be ok. He was driven via ambulance from a po-dunk town to the major hospital in the city to be observed over night and examined by a neurologist tomorrow. It's 2 am and I can't sleep so I thought and thought about this and am shaking at the reality of the insanity of this timing." 

So in this instance we see how the course of her life and her son's is altered at the Destiny Point and that the choices made will unfold up ahead in some future way that cannot yet be seen. Perhaps had she gotten on that plane or moved to that town at that particular point her whole life would have gone differently and this changed that course, something similar involves the Son.

Astrology helps us understand it and trust the higher powers at work in these moments. It can also motivate us to be proactive on these days. As you can see by these stories Free Will is always at work but when Destiny steps in more comes along and it's as if we are being given a little twirl by the cosmos towards what is needed. So again, look at the things you did for you, your body, image, name, brand, title, identity, or personal needs on Sunday/Monday as the Sun was involved with the North Node of Destiny. The North Node again is about the key people that were involved as you put your needs or self into the mix so those partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, etc. Wednesday it will be Venus with the North Node of Destiny so now it brings the woman, love, income, or beauty into the mix. Look at the description I gave you in the weekly forecast about the areas of life it would play out for your sign and your Rising sign. You may have a story like the first one or the second one but there is something Fated about this week with all this Destined activity. Remember we get round two next year same month so you may take baby steps now or dive in full force, either way the story is not completely set in motion just yet but we've begun.

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