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For Mercury Retrograde Oct 4-25, 2014 
 by   Z O E    M O O N    A S T R O L O G Y

Mercury Retrograde is upon us again. We start getting hints about what is to come with slow-downs, returns from the past, about-faces, breakdowns, and mix-ups when Mercury enters his shadow. He did this on September 14th. So during this 'shadow' period when he is moving over the degrees he will soon backtrack over, we get a preview and can use this time to prepare for what we'll be dealing with up ahead.

The actual Retrograde cycle will begin on October 4th at 2 degrees of Scorpio and take us back to the 16th degree of Libra by the end of the Retrograde on October 25th. So what 10 things can we do now or during this Retrograde so that we come out the other side in the best possible way?

10) From Oct 4-10th we can focus on past sexual partners, attractions or issues. You don't have to go back down that road again but you should be open to anyone who comes back around fitting this description because there is something for you to figure out here. It may mean that you can rekindle something with a past intimate partner or rethink current intimate approaches. You could go back to the sex therapist or lover, find issues to any dysfunctions or release something currently blocking intimacy. Look for ways to heal, release, reawaken, or set something right.

9) From Oct 4-10th we can revisit any reproductive needs or issues. You might want to go see that gynecologist or proctologist again, rework your dosage of hormones with a specialist, see that reproductive specialist, or head back to the talks with your partner over the idea of having a child or any issues that are popping up between you over reproduction. If you've been waiting to hear about something in this area it may come through now.

8) From Oct 4-10th we can review death or birth matters. It sounds weighty and it is but it is important right now to go back to talks or previous paperwork, agreements or decisions that focus on death or birth. Perhaps you need to work out that Last Will and Testament, deal with burial plots or directives, get back to the funeral home director, hospice worker, or talk things out with a loved one. Or maybe it's about the birth certificate, place of birth, idea about having a child, what birthing process you used, or the mid-wife.

7) From Oct 4-10th we can focus on the finances. This is a key time to make it our directive to figure out what is not working yet with the loan, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance policy, taxes, alimony, child support, settlement, investment, commissions, partner's money, or any other outside financial resource. Do you need to bring the paperwork back out over this, go back and speak with someone again, look at the sales or agreements in the mix, take a short trip, move, or include a brother or sister? What loose end is hanging there threatening to mess things up, now is the time to go back over it.

6) From Oct 4-10th we can focus on control, power, manipulations, or triangles. This is the time to rework anything from the past that feels wrong when it comes to controlling interests, our personal power, a manipulative situation or person, or third party situation. Can you go back to the key people involved and rehash things? Can you reclaim your power or upturn the situation completely so you are in a stronger position? Can you expose the manipulation for what it is? Can you bring all parties into the discussion so the third party is as current as the first and second?

5) From Oct 10-25th we can focus on romantic or business partners. Is there someone you would like to pick back up with over matters of the heart or the business ambitions? Can you revamp or rekindle some past idea with this old partner or can you go back to some past idea or issue with a current partner? Is there a current romantic or business partner you wish to release? Would you like to stay in the relationship but under different terms? What needs to be said or agreed upon?

4) From Oct 10-25th we can focus on competitors or opponents. Was something done or left undone in the past with one of these people that you can readdress now? Would you like to revise what went down or rehash it so you can clear the slate? Have you felt as though you needed to regain your competitive edge? Are you wanting to let go of an over-competitive streak? What can you release or rework with these themes?

3) From Oct 10-25th we can focus on representatives. Do you need to head back to an attorney to go over the fine print or rework something altogether? Is there something from the past involving an agent you need to review? Do you want to go back after a certain agent or attorney that could not work with you before? Are you ready to let a current representative go? Is it time to reconnect with that publicist or advocate? If you've been waiting to hear something from one of these people it's likely it will come through during this period.

2) From Oct 10-25th we can focus on clients or audience. Is there a client you wish to revisit or a past decision or agreement with a client that you want to review? Are you ready to go back to the drawing board about your communications or agreements with clients in general? Are you ready to say good-bye to a client? Is some old idea about your audience up for revision or is a past audience coming back around? Is it time to say good-bye to an audience? Is there a sale in question with anyone here or something that was written that can be reworked?

1) Through-out the entire Retrograde period from Oct 4-25th we can take our time. We can double check all incoming and outgoing information, ask if we've been understood clearly and repeat back to people what we believe they said. We can be aware of power dynamics, how things are shared, being fair and equitable, seek justice, and opt for balance. We can slow down and use this time to allow our ideas about the above situations to percolate over the full course of the Retrograde. We can see this as a valuable do-over and work to get things right. We can remember that new people or situations arriving during this Retrograde will change somehow in relation to us after the Retrograde ends so it is best to hold off on new agreements if possible or if you need to jump in with new people or situations during this period give yourself a bit of wiggle room to adapt around evolving scenarios. It's good to back up computers prior to the Retrograde and hold off on buying new electronics or mechanical gadgets during the Retrograde. It's good to take care with vehicles prior to the Retrograde and hold off on new vehicles if possible during this period as they are wont to glitches as well during the Retrograde. And last but not least, remember to laugh whenever possible, because we're all going through it together and because Retrograde or no Retrograde, daily giggles help make life worth living.

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