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MARS in SAGITTARIUS - 6 plus weeks!

The WARRIOR in the sign of FAITH, LAW, MEDIA, and EXPANSION by Zoe Moon

So you think you understand Mars energy? Let's take a look at it, shall we? Mars is a fire energy, ruler of Aries, and he has moved out of the deep waters of Scorpio where he has had all kinds of frustrations thanks to Saturn, and has moved into Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign where things are about to go big, really big.

This began on September 13th and will end by October 26th. That gives us 6 plus weeks to make it happen, to face our anger or deal with someone elses ire, to get all heated up with passion, or motivate in the moment towards that larger potential. So, what is 'it'? What is this thing we are to do and can we look back at any similar period for reference?

Mars last toured Sagittarius between October and November 2012, was there anything going on in this energy field that required added action from you? Sagittarius, the 'it' we are actively moving on, is about expanding our horizons, faith, religion, and sometimes about the journey home- of someone's passing, it is about travel, foreign interests, visitors from afar, and people at a distance, it is about higher education, the learning or teaching side of it, it is about legal matters, weddings, politics, the media, your marketing plans, publicity, publishing deals, or broadcasting, and at the core it is about going bigger to seek happiness or prosperity or pursue your beliefs. Were there big things going on in any of these areas for you 2 years ago?

The cosmos says it's time again to focus our activities here, so get ready, you may be blowing off steam, fighting the good fight, all heated up in passionate embrace or pursuit, doing what you know needs doing at a higher level, and opening up your world because of it. Mars amps things up, it's going to be busy! Fire signs create. They are in the now.

On a physical level, Mars rules the blood, the head, surgery, and is tied into accidents, Sagittarius is about the hips, Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is about the liver, arteries or digestive side of tummy issues, and has been tied to weight gain. So you may be taking action to deal with one of these matters during this period as well. If so, good, Mars will give you the mojo to make things happen.

There will be 2 New Moons and 1 Full Moon during the Mars in Sagittarius period giving us clues as to when certain things will key in with his activities. The first New Moon arrives on the 24th of September in Libra. So you may have the opportunity to pick up a new partner, specialist, client, representative, or other key relationship in the 2 weeks that follow this date who are part of your active pursuits. You may also get an opportunity to move in some new direction with current relationships during this period or find it's time to face that opponent.

The Full Moon will arrive on October 8th in Aries and this is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It is a pretty major ending or achievement with something 'eclipsing' out to reach this peak. In Aries it is about the body, image, brand, name, title, identity, or personal needs. Since Mars rules this Lunar Eclipse, the Sagittarius themes become even more important.

The last New Moon while Mars is in Sagittarius falls on October 23rd in Scorpio and is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is one of the biggest days of the year. It is a major new beginning involving shared financial matters, your sex life, reproductive needs, a birth, death, divorce, triangle, or your controlling interests in something important. You can take things to the next level or start new ventures here and will see something 'eclipsed' out to pave the way for this fresh start. You will have 2 weeks from this date to see this in motion.

So, think of Mars as your personal warrior, that valiant lover, sparring partner, motivational trainer, drill sergeant, or fire deep within you, ready to light up your days in the coming weeks with as much as you can handle, it's go time! Mars won't return to Sagittarius again until March 2016.

On a global level, as I spoke a few weeks ago about on the show, we can expect fighting or war energy to focus on Sagittarius topics: foreign lands or beliefs, travel, religion, politics, legalities, educational outlets, and be more present in our media. Sigh, I suppose with Pluto, the death and destruction planet, coming out of his several month slumber and going Direct will add to the horrors. Pray for peace.

For more detailed information about how this affects each sign check out the broadcast I did about each one of you and this Mars cycle here.

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