Saturday, January 4, 2014

One Last Scoop of Rocky Road ~ by Zoe Moon

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One Last Scoop of Rocky Road (surviving and thriving under the Uranus/Pluto square)
~by Astrologer Zoe Moon 

Looking back at where I was in early 2012...and looking at where I am now...sometimes I think the best analogy is that I was this pebble with a story (it could happen), hanging out on the beach in the Sun, listening to the lapping ocean, enjoying the peeps chilling and riding the waves, and then the Uranus/Pluto square came along, (June 2012-March 2015), and some whimsied operative scooped me up, tossed me into their bucket, toted me home and dropped me into an aquarium. Oh, that revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square, birthed in the 60's, come to shake it up, come to submerge me in radical waters now!  So I learned by hanging with the fishes and got used to the cats leering in for hours until the floaters ended this ideal and I was cleaned out and added to the garden at the edge of the yard. 

OK, I can do this, after all, I'm still in one piece on the lawn. So I adapted to the extreme weather conditions, potters, weeders, and pickers, and learned to check out the comedy of mowers, the paperboys errant toss, even whizzing Rover hiding out from his mistress in our general surrounds, while I awaited the bloom of the roses. I found a way to thrive, it's not the beach but...oh for the love of God, are you freaking kidding me?! Apparently one cannot turn from the fickle hand of Fate/Uranus/Pluto, the stars inclining, the energy flow, and Murphy's law under this 3 year energy pattern? 

I'm minding my own stony-business when a neighbor kid pockets me and my yardy pals and takes us to the house to rend us through the rock polisher. Ooo, arg, ouch, yikes, ahhh, and now I'm shiny and part of some, let's just say 'interesting' art piece to be aired on share day and then displayed in the playroom. Learning tools, fairy tales, magic markers, a rocker, yeah, so here we go, into 2014.

18 months down, 15 months left on this power-to-the-people, occupy jack hammer ride, this rocky road of veritable delights, and I'm still alive. I'm still me, a new and evolving version of me, 'made it through the grinder and still have some shine'-me, just me. I look around and see how much we've all come through, such powerful changes, but that our core spiritual light is shining. Didn't know pebbles have light? Well, we do, no matter how hard that outer surface, there shines an inner light, we all have light, even that stone-cold boulder set in their way, light. 

So here we are, hopeful, beaming, keeping the Faith, unflappable, and I know all will be well, it's life after all and these tests and transformations are part of a bigger story, a grand adventure as yet unfolding, over half-way through, no stone unturned, right? And I'm grateful to know you're there chapter for chapter, shoulder to shoulder, hammering out that epic, rocking with your bad self, ready to meet what comes, until this mega-crunchy, change-combo of astrological upheaval and re-birth has had its way with us and we smile as we sigh, 'ta the freaking dah!'  And seriously, when all's said and done, I figure even if they flush me, flush the lot of us, royal flush against the straight, I'll ride that crappy stream out to the sea and wind my way back up some beach, and you just know, that's when the story begins. Thought I'd share my feelings on the matter in case you are having your own drama-channel, mini-series rock opera. Third act starts in April, final curtain next March, hang in there! ~Zoe Moon

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