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10 Astrology Tips for Success in 2014 ~by Zoe Moon

10 astrology tips for success in 2014 ~by Zoe Moon 

10: PLUTO in CAPRICORN and the Uranus/Pluto squares

Embrace the fact that you are in a corridor of profound change when it comes to the direction of your life. Nothing like this has transpired since the mid-60's and it's important to note how big and revolutionary what you are going through will be this year. This may apply to your career path, personal goals or the power-people in your life, but whatever pinnacle in your life is evolving, the year calls for a certain level of courage that these changes are about new purpose and new platforms to see this purpose manifest. You will not stop this particular change from occurring but you can get on the wave and ride it to the next chapter, you are more powerful than you yet know. 


Trust that you are in a year with more promise and inspiration artistically, spiritually or romantically and that what occurs here will in large part be due to you harnessing your intuition and following up on the signs you see along the road. Are you pulled towards film, music, meditation, yoga, poetry, painting, a certain museum, a romantic getaway, or dream analysis? 2014 holds as much magic as you are willing to manifest through positive visualization at a level no other year before it has held this lifetime...YOU are that magic. This realm will also help you work out past lifetime Karma and find ways to navigate hospitals, prisons or retreats, isolating periods, addictions or investigations. Again, heading that inner voice brings guidance that is priceless. 


Know that there is a brilliant, wild-card energy active within your own body, ego, identity, and personal drive and that this is meant to help you free yourself from stagnation and awaken you to what you came here to do. This energy arrives every 84 years and stays a few years, you have it here now. It means finding what is unique and original about yourself and fusing that with an exciting aspiration or focusing it through a group dynamic, the internet, friends, inventions, charities, or causes. Step out of your comfort zone, be spontaneous and individual, change your name, image or body, champion a cause, and reinvent yourself according to your own vision. Later years may be much more challenging to make these personal changes or to define who you are so radically.

7: JUPITER in CANCER until July/in LEO the rest of the year:

 You are in one of the biggest periods in over a decade to see luck and growth at home, with property, family, and security needs, or through moves, renovations, or parents, between Jan 1 and mid-July (this really revs up March-July), so look for ways to open things up. The latter half of the year will see luck and growth move to creative projects, your love life, children, and recreation in a bigger way than you've had over the last 12 years. Look for positive ways to expand horizons in these areas while the energy is behind you-if you want to learn real estate, move, sell your home, put on an addition, expand the family, or bring someone in or out of your house pursue it before mid-July. If single get out at creative venues or for the kids to meet someone great the last part of the year or push your creative juices, plan a pregnancy, or head up your kids team. If something is not working in these areas, the growth energy will push it out during the periods above so that you may have more happiness or prosperity there up ahead. What you plant and nurture in these areas at their appointed times has the capacity to continue to bring good things for the next 12 year cycle. 


Slow, steady commitment along with responsibility and leadership will get you through this last full year of deconstruction and upheaval in financial, divorce, sexual, and third party situations, as well as death, birth and soul renewal, to bring a sacred purging and deeper reworking to your life so that you may be ready to rise reborn in a more evolved and empowered way via these themes. It sounds intense because it is, every 29 years you get this testing energy for 3 years, you have to grow up a bit and do the work. These areas may stir up some fear and if that occurs for you then you must look at it and find a way to structure things so that you are committing to evolving how you handle things and trust that this standing up and being counted is what is called for and will serve you. There will be 2 Eclipses across this axis on April 29 and Oct 23 'eclipsing something out' while opening up important new avenues of note. 

5: MARS in LIBRA January through late July: 

The passionate, warrior energy is highly charged during the bulk of this year in relationship. That means that more will get done with or about romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, opponents, or other key people and that you will see more passion, motivation and an ability to address anger issues via these relationships. There will also be more going on in the name of justice, equality and balance. The more active you are, the sooner you find the right person to make things happen with your situation. You can fight the good fight, turn up the heat or make it happen together, via that person or about them. There will be 2 Eclipses across this axis on April 15 and Oct 8 bringing a climax, ending, achievement, or celebration of note affecting who you are and how the relationship works. 


The first month of the year offers you a chance to work out past love or income issues, to reconnect with past lovers or release current ones, to review past earning opportunities or rework current strategies, to hook up with women you haven't seen in a while to review these matters, and to let go of anything holding you back so that the rest of the year you are cleared for take-off. What still needs tackled regarding love, income or women? Singles who hook up before the first week of March will likely experience an age difference or your desire for love will hinge on success, status, established situations, career, or leadership. With Pluto here the need to work out a triangle is important. 

3: NORTH NODE of DESTINY in Scorpio/then in Libra: 

Destiny awaits you in the sexual, financial and divorce arenas up until Feb 18th (another reason to do Saturn's work here). If opportunities arrive around these themes consider if they could be good for you. From Feb 18th forward Destiny moves into relationship giving you most of the year to follow the Fates into the right relationship for you, business or personal. To that end, you should have a certain level of trust that what is conspiring with clients, partners, reps, specialists, or other key relationships has the call of Destiny upon it. PS. Don't sit around and wait for the big D to fall on your head, the stream holds something Fated for you if you get out there and connect. 

2: KARMIC SOUTH NODE in Taurus/then in Aries: 

Karmic issues continue to focus on income, possessions, purchases, and the way you value yourself up until Feb 18th. Be fair, seek balance, get their stuff back to them, and know if you do experience loss here it is balancing something of greater magnitude. From Feb 18th onward Karma moves into your body, image, brand, identity, ego, and personal needs. To this end make certain that what you do physically or with your name or brand is in balance with others after Feb 18th. You may see past-life souls arriving on the scene relating to these matters either to settle Karmic debt or to reconnect for an opportunity to move forward with you on something cut short in the past lifetime. Do not in any way do things that aren't on the up and up in these areas because there would be Karmic ramifications (not that you would). This is also telling you clearly that you will do best when connecting with or through others and not going it alone in 2014. 


Your ideas and decisions will be reworked 3 times this year from an emotional base to a more intellectual slant, each time asking that you review how you feel about it and then how you can summon the right words to convey what you need or rethink choices. These periods arrive Feb 6-28, June 7-July1 and Oct 4-25. Go back with passionate emotion and then secure the decision in that order. Don't plow ahead during these short windows but rather use them to tie up loose ends or reconnect with past situations, people or issues for better understanding. Double check facts and figures and stop yourself from jumping to conclusions of an emotional nature since you will likely find out there was more to the story.   And remember, the story in 2014 is you.

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