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Wedged in between 2 extremely volatile energy patterns that are trying to bring some powerful changes or evolution to your life between July 27 and the 31st is a powerful blessing waiting for you to grab hold, it's important you don't miss it in all the crazy-making energy around you, it's that special. 

On Monday, July 29, 2013 there is a STAR of DAVID forming in the heavens that is most auspicious. A Star of David comprises 2 triangles that overlap creating a 6 pointed star. Astrologically speaking it creates 6 harmonious trines and 6 opportunity-laden sextiles. It is rare with so many slow moving outer bodies. They are occurring in the water and earth signs which means these open doors and positively flowing energy patterns are aligned on a creative/emotional/spiritual level as well as being grounded and giving solid roots beneath them. It is creating opportunities galore and harmonizing parts of our lives so that we may step through these open doors.

If your Birthday falls in the first 10 days of your sign, (typically somewhere between the 22nd and the 3rd of each month), you are going to experience this configuration even more personally, but inevitably everyone has planets in the early degrees in their personal charts at birth that will be triggered by this powerful formation. For those of you who are up on your chart, look to the planets between 0 and 10 degrees for more information about how you will be affected.

The earth and water signs will experience things opening with ease. These signs include Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The fire and air signs will still benefit from the configuration just as much however they may have to go after those opportunities, make adjustments or push on those doors. Trust me when I tell you that you do want to be proactive, the same benefits are there for you but you have to show the universe you are willing to go after them or tweak something to get them. These signs include Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It's possible that for the fire and air signs that there is something exiting your life or challenging the status quo and that it is through these kinds of experiences that the amazing opportunities are going to grow. Trust that what is playing out now has potential written within it for you in some pretty amazing ways up ahead, and again, be proactive.

So how does this break down at each point in the Star of David and how do these points affect us all?

Point #1:
Earth sign Taurus holds the Moon and the Karmic South Node point in the Star of David for all of us. This point brings emotional needs and any potential to reach the public through money-making outlets or dealings with acquisitions or possession. There is something tied into a past life that is of importance in this for you so you may look around at the people or the situations you are in now pertaining to these themes and note who that player is. There may be Karma being balanced or potential for this to occur or you may have to contend with Karmic payment on one side or the other but under this configuration it is growth oriented for your soul. Any past life skills or objectives that are meant to be embraced this go-round will come into play. If you have any loss with income, possessions, a purchase, your mother, the public, yourself, or an emotional need, you have to see it as divinely timed and part of this positive opportunity-laden moment. Since this point is in the sign of Taurus those Taurus's out there may have added emotional moments based around letting go, Destiny dropping something into their laps or Fated events that turn the tide.

Point #2:
Water sign Cancer holds the Jupiter and Mars point of the Star of David for all of us, with a wide nod from Mercury here. This point brings luck, growth opportunities, happiness, prosperity, actions, passions, and possibly news, offers, sales, agreements, or decisions, tied to home, moves, real estate deals, renovations, a parent, the family, roommates, your history, or security needs. What can you do to stretch out, expand your horizons, trust in your beliefs, make it legal, involve foreign interests/people, travel plans, educational pursuits, media, marketing, publishing, political interests, weddings, or adventure? Are you passionate about something going on here or can you dispel anger or put a younger male figure back on your side as you push ahead? Since this point is in the sign of Cancer those Cancers out there may have added energy around surgery or something involving the blood, head, hips, or their connection to God.

Point #3:
Earth sign Virgo holds the Venus point in this Star of David for all of us and here Venus is all about the details and the love or money. In love she is asking that you do the work, be of service, that you show your efforts on her behalf. She signs the paperwork in the name of love, she cleans to show love, she works for love, she focuses on health in the name of love, she cares for animals out of love, she goes green for love of Mother Earth, she is wholesome and pure and wants simple gestures in the name of love. She may be working through you or you may be asking for these actions from another in the name of love. In income matters she is about organizing, lists, hiring people to help, critical thinking, simple flow with co-workers, organic acts that bring money around health, purifying, making money through paperwork, or involved with animals. Since this point is in the sign of Virgo those Virgos out there may have an added profound rush of love or understand beauty in a new way.

Point #4:
Water sign Scorpio holds Saturn and the North Node of Destiny in its point in the Star of David for all of us. This is about ambitions, leadership, serious commitments or endings, and anything pertaining to the outside financial resources, divorce proceedings, third party situations, sexual interests, life or death scenarios, and Destiny calling you forward to your true path ahead. It is where you should be willing to go deep, to recognize the soul concerns, to show what you are made of, to uncover anything buried, and to realize just how you handle you bandy it about or give it away? You are being called to step up here and get serious while moving towards the unknown or uncovering what is buried because that is where your Fate resides. Since this point is in the sign of Scorpio those Scorpios out there may also be called to lead, be promoted, find their spotlight, brush with fame, end a career, or see a powerful change involving a parent, boss or other person of authority.

Point #5:
Earth sign Capricorn holds Pluto as the next point in the Star of David for all of us. Here we are grounding those ambitions, dealing with the authorities in our life-think parent, boss, judge, and the like, setting up our career in ways that rewards us with perks and powerful long-term potential, and it is here again where any major financial matters, third party situations, sexual intrigue, life or death matters, or divorce proceedings are part of the flow. Since Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are mutually receptive, (they presently hold each other's energy), there is an overlap of sorts in what point 4 and point 5 can do, this is a good thing. Since this point is in the sign of Capricorn those Capricorns out there may experience an added profound transformation, face mortality issues, give birth, rethink divorce needs, have outer-worldly sexual experiences, or come into money.

Point #6:
Water sign Pisces holds Neptune and Chiron in the last point of the Star of David for all of us. Here we have the highest spiritual combination we get this lifetime, one that lasts a few more years and then parts. As part of the Star of David there is something that is calling up your wound and saying, "Look at it, in all of its glory, you've been hurt by it for too long, how much longer do you wish to maintain it?" Today you may decide that feeding it constantly and carrying it is just a bit more than you signed up for and you are ready to set it down or drop it down a ravine without looking back...ever. But beyond this, there is the potential for you to take what you have experienced from this wound and to turn it into a chance to help or teach others from that personal knowledge. You may find that you are spiritually, romantically, artistically called forth or that there is something involving hospitals or healing, a dream or sign along the road today, or a deep intuition or psychic flash that lets you know what it is you are meant to do. This is the magic point babes, it's real, as real as anything we believe of our 3-D material world, don't dismiss what you are feeling in your gut or inspired at the core to move forward on, it is your cosmic birthright to come into this part of your being now, you are leaders to the generations that come later and are duty bound to bring up what is so special about YOU right here, right now, to share it with the rest of us. Since this point is in the sign of Pisces those Pisces out there may have an added boost in spiritual revival, becoming psychic, being discovered for their talents, healing themselves, becoming a healer, or having an out of body experience.

So, there you have it, the Star of David according to Zoe Moon! I hope you find ways to step into these opportunities or embrace the flow. Let me give you an example of how to put it together for yourself. You get a piece of paper and write down the numbers 1-6 down the page, leaving space between each number to write something, then go up to each of the 6 points I've written about here and look at what fits with your life right now, jotting down what speaks to you and your life next to each number on your page. Here is one scenario I will write out for you so you see what I mean: (Point #1) I will make a purchase based on a past life agreement, (Point #2) that will involve real estate and legal agreements and what I do now about it (Point #3) by signing paperwork that comes from love, (Point #4) involving a loan and a call towards my destiny, (Point #5) and making a commitment to my parent or other authority figure, (Point #6) that aligns my spiritual nature with a great healing.

As with all of astrology, taking just the tiniest of steps during an auspicious configuration such as this can set you on the right course to flower up ahead in ways you couldn't possibly conceive of now. The aspect perfects on Monday and will hold sway in the week ahead so get out there and make it happen, next time this comes together in this way is about a hundred years from now, so what are you waiting for?!!

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