Friday, May 10, 2013


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Have something to say, do you? Or is it something you want to ask, write, pitch, negotiate, or sell? Saturday not only brings Gemini Moon to the fore helping us vocalize ideas, hone decisions, bop back and forth between both sides of issues, and choose, but the Sun and Mercury (Gemini's ruler), are going to meet up on the same degree helping you to step into the idea and hopefully bring some value or money flow around it!

Now, to get there you will encounter adjustments today. They are with Saturn and Pluto so the goals, authority figures you are dealing with, shared or outside financial resources, divorce, death, reproductive need, or sexual intimacy will require the adjustment. Look at third party situations and how you can finesse or adapt things, working with the power structure and transforming along the way.

Uranus is all up in this moment, he's like, yes, I'm ready to jump into something right now, break free from constraints, or try something off the wall and original. He's gonna help keep you on point no matter how radical it all seems to anyone else (hint, the one you are dealing with in this adjustment aspect.)

As the Sun and Mercury meet in Taurus, you are receiving your last Mercury aspect during the Taurus transit this year so you will want to think about what it is you wish to write up, sign, sell, purchase, earn, value, or decide right here and now that will allow you to feel invested in yourself and your future.

Sunday is Mother's Day...HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all your magnificent moms out there :) The Gemini Moon goes VOID at 9:32am eastern/6:32am pacific and remains in this mystical, magical space for the rest of the day. Voids are great for dreaming things up, following the muse, incubating ideas, having talks about inspired imaginings, and just going with the proverbial flow.

This Void Moon day in Gemini means you can flow along with local activities, take a short trip, write, read, learn, flirt and then flirt some more, do something with your brother, sister, neighbor, vehicle, or electronics, and mull things over.

The Moon's last contact before slipping the Void is to Jupiter, planet of great expansion and luck, happiness and prosperity, so you should find that much of what you are talking about today, meeting over, writing, negotiating, selling, purchasing, or doing out there locally or in nearby towns, has something quite big in the mix for you. Take this protective energy pattern to heart and tune into your BELIEFS about what you would like to see grow in your life, then share those ideas with someone or make your choice.

The WEEKLY FORECAST will be up here later on Sunday so stop back by to see what's coming in the week ahead!

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