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THE MAY MONTHLY FORECAST is still up here:


April 22nd:                        Venus sat opposite Saturn
April 28th:                            Sun sat opposite Saturn
May 1st:                             Mars sat opposite Saturn
And this weekend...
Sunday May 5th:         Mercury sits opposite Saturn

As far as Saturn and key people are concerned, you have been through it, you know what the issue is and what you are trying to deal with involving the other person. You have faced the topic of love or income, women or ego, identity or body, image or brand, action or reaction, passion or anger, over it with them. Now this weekend comes the decision. Remember Saturn in these instances represents the limits or ambitions, commitments or endings, the other person, and something in the Scorpio field: shared financial matters, outside resources, third party situations, divorce, sex, reproduction, death, power, control, manipulations, or profound transformations.

                                                        The giving of the keys by Pietro Perugino
So after much work with them or about them over all of this deep stuff, this weekend will help you to voice it, hear it, sign it, sell it, write it, or choose. This may take the form of news that affects your direction, an offer or sale, something in writing, an agreement, talk or meeting, what you do locally, with a move, transportation, neighbors, siblings, in a short trip, or ideas that finally gel. Do you want it to end or are you ready for a long term commitment? Do you want something structured or do you need to set some limits? Is the topic of responsibilities on the table and what needs to be said?

                                                               The Painter by honore Daumier
Saturday and Sunday have Moon in Pisces most of the time so you are following instincts, intuition, your spiritual path, a Karmic direction, your imagination, or you are focused in on artistry, time alone with your romantic other, isolation, dealings with institutions, addictions, research, or investigations.
Both days are under very positive aspects around all of this and there may finally be a way to cement something that you feel balances the scales and brings some inspiration.

                                                        Hesiod and the Muse by Gustave Moreau
Saturday you may wish to introduce some money making idea that ties into the film, music, art, poetry, hospitals or other institutions, spiritual path, research, or investigations, or you may wish to write something up, work on development, and seed the imagination here. The stars support it. In fact anything you can do today to charge up your muse should hold value for you so tune in, even if it means pulling back or hiding out.

                                                        David and Abigail by Antonio Molinari 
The Mercury/Saturn opposition perfects at 7:12am on Sunday morning east coast time so this conversation, information, writing, agreement, sale, idea, or decision may come Saturday night or any time on Sunday. Communication is key. Remember you are mastering new abilities as an adult with Saturn in Scorpio from 2012-2015 and this moment is about how you voice your needs, share your ideas, make your choices, put words to paper, and deal with those finances, values, the divorce, death, sex life, reproductive needs, power, control, or triangles.

                                                            Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli
Sunday will bring the Moon and Venus together for some Goddess powwow. This is the very last aspect to Venus while she is in Taurus. Venus may bring something lovely through a woman, your love interests or money making abilities/opportunities. The imagination and what you do with those Piscean themes will play a big part.

                                             The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne by Annibale Carracci
The last aspect on Sunday is between Mars and Pluto. These are some cantankerous boys, Mars with an inclination to DO something involving income, values, possessions, or what you want to build, Pluto about deconstructing the past and rebirthing on razed ground like the phoenix rising, all about reaching a goal, dealing with someone in power, furthering career needs, or reaching for an achievement. They are in harmonious alignment so it may be possible to transform a situation through actions taken. Just leave the ruthless side of the warrior at home and opt for the deep and unstoppable hero within.

The WEEKLY FORECAST WILL BE UP LATER ON SUNDAY: Pop back by to read about your week ahead!

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