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The new Aquarius Solar energy is quite active this weekend so do what you can to socialize, tackle internet matters, pursue causes and charitable acts, follow your astrology, and keep those aspirations in focus! Saturday there is opportunity through these channels that could really excite. The Moon will be in Capricorn so ambitions and goals are driving emotions. Sunday that moon continues to spur on motivational forces to make things happen while the Sun connects with Jupiter to stretch the social scene in some financial way. It’s big and overall the entire weekend has a positive feel, optimism is buoyant and the connections you make have weight.

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It looks like you are in charge this weekend and that this is going to really go well. What, you don’t want to be in charge? Well if that is your feeling then use this amazing energy to reach out to those in power positions because they will be more likely to help you, or you can take advantage of this power punch to push career agendas or goals ahead this weekend, it’s all good. My money is on you guys just stepping up and taking the lead! Saturday you can tackle quite a bit behind the scenes and smooth things out with a woman who’s opinion matters financially or in matters of the heart. There is excitement waiting for you at some social gathering or with friends. If you can’t get out and socialize then get on the internet or find something involving astrology or charities, these realms all hold something interesting for you, think lightning striking in some interesting way (good lightning!). Sunday is more of the same, the flow is good, running the show or working to achieve will lead to positive results. There is a square to Jupiter so you may feel stressed about making more money or push to earn/spend more regarding that social agenda but overall, a great weekend!

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )What’s your poison Taurus? Is it a trip you want to make or something drawing you to a person far away? How about a legal obligation or interest, a class you want to take or teach, a ceremony you are considering, or some media, publishing or marketing venture? The ball is in your court or should I say that you can name your poison? It may just be that you discover this weekend how much your mind has been longing for an adventure or someone to share your higher ideas and ideals. Open up, especially with a female friend or out at some social occasion, you will like what follows. The Sun is determined to put you in the spotlight in some fashion with some real excitement or surprise coming behind the scenes, all you have to do is go for it. Sunday you may need to adjust the ego a bit as things seem to be getting large but that higher minded energy is still flowing for you and the actions you take creatively or for love or children will get you there and back with a smile. Talk about what it is you believe in right now.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )What would you rather, a sexual tryst this weekend, a couple days dedicated to some big financial aim like settling debt, tackling bills or securing loans, or getting that divorce issue squared away or at least closer to completion? It’s a power weekend for you Gemini, one where deeper needs must be addressed and one that should please you if you choose one of these directions and go there. You can transform a situation through the love you bring and what you are willing to share right now. The spotlight is going to shine on something involving a trip you are taking or planning or maybe someone far away that connects, or it will be on what you are doing legally, in media, publishing, marketing, or education on Saturday. Expect that this ignites something with a friend or social agenda in positive opportunity. Sunday brings more of the same with the travel, legal, media, or educational goals but a need to scramble behind the scenes a bit. The sexual, divorce and financial arenas are still highlighted for you under positive stars, especially through action taken at home or over moves, real estate or property matters.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Relationships are what it’s all about this weekend Cancer and the stars are truly shining here. It’s about going deep with someone and that can mean intimately in a personal relationship or it can mean getting into the powerful financial or divorce goals with a business partner or representative. There is opportunity through the trips you take or plan, any legal channels you pursue, the media or publishing direction you take, or educational avenues you choose. The spotlight will be on you in the sexual attractions or financial opportunities that arise involving something or someone exciting and surprising, you could hear from someone that impresses you or reach a goal that gets you all worked up. Sunday is more of the same but today you will need to work around a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity matter that seems to be about something big going on. Motivate locally with those partners or reps, take a short trip, or pour your passion into the words you share, writing or agreements you sign, it’s all good.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )It may be a working weekend for you Leo but if so you should be quite impressed by the outcome so dive in, take center stage and let them see what you’ve got. Is the work at home, piling up, you can tackle this with the same vigor and success. You may also wish to pour some energy into healthy pursuits or animal interests, equally positive under these stars. See if you can connect with a woman about the big financial picture today, there is an opportunity in the mix if you do. Some of you Leo’s seem to have a passionate attraction budding at work or tied to the health or pet outlet so perhaps while at the gym or someone you meet walking the dog? The spotlight will be on a relationship for you and an opportunity to take a trip, deal with legalities/documents, do something in the media, publishing or marketing world, or through education or ceremonies. This looks quite exciting and possibly a bit surprising but good. Sunday is more of the same but Jupiter is going to stretch you over some big career goal or ambition. Mars is behind any action you take to earn today and talks or meetings about the work, health or pets continue to please.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Awe, the emotional energy of the weekend is all about joy Virgo! The focus being love, falling in love, pursuit of love, expressing love, did I say Love? And, you can also get swept away in the energy of creativity diving into some talent of yours or getting that project rolling, or pour this onto what you do with or for children, it’s all good. There is opportunity for you on Saturday to connect in one or more of these ways with a partner or representative so seek out relationship today. The spotlight will be on the work you are doing and therefore on you as you do it, or it will be on your health or animal needs. There is opportunity here to make some exciting breakthroughs and you may find that a financial or sexual opportunity finds you by days end. Sunday is more of the same but today you will need to stretch a bit regarding a big travel, legal, media, or educational matter. Mars is in his last day of forward direction and he is giving you the energy to express passions or get active with that loved one or creative project, again under positive stars. It’s a great day to say what is in your heart or write things up, ideas are golden.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )The weekend offers you plenty to do at home or for improvements there, you can tackle the work piling up, go after real estate interests, handle property matters, spend time with roommates or family, and really get things running smoothly. Home business should do well and any efforts you wish to put into health at home or for your pets there will be rewarded this weekend. The spotlight is going to be on you in some creative project, with kids or a lover on Saturday and there is an opportunity in this with a partner, agent, attorney, or some other representative or significant relationship. Say yes to fun and to taking the lead in these areas. Sunday is more of the same but today you will need to deal with something big in the mix involving a third party financial, divorce issue or sexual attraction. Mars is going to motivate you to take action behind closed doors and this looks positive, if you need to meet or have talks, write or sign agreements involving home or property matters today is giving you your chance.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Write, write and rewrite? Or is the weekend about talk, talk and rethink, meet, meet and roust yourself with short trips, errands, and local activities? The Mercury fueled part of your chart is quite active so communications and local interests take center stage but don’t worry, there is every reason to believe you will make some breakthroughs now especially if a creative venture, love interest or child is involved. So plan on setting aside time to read to the child, write your children’s book, pitch that creative idea, meet with a lover, write to a love interest, plan a local excursion, and enjoy the positive flow of the day. The spotlight is on you in the home or what you are doing regarding a property matter, real estate deal, move, roommate or family matter. There is excitement or positive change here through the work you get done or are offered, any health or pet needs you tackle and approaches you make that are inspired and original. Sunday is more of the same but today there will be a relationship in the picture that stretches you a bit, this isn’t necessarily bad, Jupiter is involved so it just feels big. Again with lots of communications, short trips, local activities and something social that amps you up and ignites sparks, all good.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Well, what’s a weekend without making money, huh?! If you have a way to do so, then hop on it because the energy is all about it. Maybe you could clear out your basement and put the items on ebay for sale or kick-start the home business, or maybe it’s time for that Tupperware party or is it more in sync with today’s groove to invite the friends over for lingerie party? Whatever you can do that combines home and income looks good. Perhaps you will be spending on home d├ęcor or a party you are throwing, all good. The Sun puts a spotlight on the meetings, talks, writing, or decisions you have involving creative projects, kids or love on Saturday. Open up or be sure to take that call because there is opportunity in the stars here. Sunday is more of the same but today you will be stretching a bit over work, health or pets with something big in the mix. The income flow continues to support your goals and it’s quite an active day with at least one important talk or decision that benefits you financially.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Do you feel a bit like the pied piper this weekend? I ask because you seem to have the gift of gab and a bag full of ideas with the will to put it all out there. It’s kind of all about you and this is a good thing. You should dive into the weekend ready to have talks that inspire you, meet with those that you wish to connect with over love or income, write up documents or ideas, deal with paperwork or contracts, get out there locally, run errands, make short trips, and pretty much share your glory with all that you come in contact with you, it’s a pretty sweet weekend for Capricorn. The Sun will put a spotlight on you on Saturday helping you to shine in ways to make money and there is an exciting or surprising contact here to the home or real estate so if you can think of ways to earn or just want to go digging in the sofa for spare change, it seems you will come up with money through these places. Sunday is more of the same but today you will be stretching a bit over a child, lover/love interest or creative project. You should be able to motivate on the trip, marketing, media, educational, or legal matter under positive stars and again communicate needs, share ideas, have beneficial meetings and talks, and make positive decisions today.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Withdraw and hole up with someone behind closed doors, hide out in research and development on a project or just rest and recharge batteries, or get into the artistic outlet, spiritual pursuit or dealing with the institution? These seem to be your best choices this weekend and any of them may lead to favorable results earning money. The Sun will put a spotlight on you on Saturday and light up your personality and any physical or personal needs you want to attend to so get out and get that spa treatment or meet up with someone to see if sparks fly, the more you do out there locally the better. You may also have a very exciting talk or hear news that surprises you and opens some opportunity today. Writers will be inspired and any contracts you are dealing with may slip into place now. Sunday is more of the same energy but today there is something big going on at home or over a property matter or family affair that will stretch you a bit. Mars is all up in the sexual part of your chart today or he will help you to actively move on some big financial matter or divorce issue, all under positive stars. Answer your phone today, news is good.

(818-613-6067 to schedule a reading with Zoe Moon or email )Dreams may come true this weekend so don’t shy away from the thing you want the most. There is a wonderful social vibe around you that is bringing luck and opportunity directly to your doorstep if you are receptive to the invitations and follow through with friends or groups and any parties or social networking events. You may also find that you are on fire on the internet or through charities or astrological interests this weekend, pursue what inspires you and prepare to be the focus of more than a few people while out and about in any of these capacities. The Solar spotlight is on what you are doing in some artistic field, spiritual pursuit or with a hospital or other institution on Saturday. There could be some surprise money making opportunity that comes your way in this or you may get excited about more income flow that suddenly opens up for you. Sunday is more of the same but today you will have a decision or news that stretches you a bit, this does not look bad by any means, just big. There is a lot of energy behind something going on with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person and this is positive so if you want to initiate it go for it.

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ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY COPYRIGHT 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThursday nights at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern on CBS Radio:
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ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY COPYRIGHT 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThursday nights at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern on CBS Radio:
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ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY COPYRIGHT 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThursday nights at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern on CBS Radio:
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