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Love moves into a new field of energy on Saturday, now in the sign of Pisces it is all about the dream you hold dear, the fantasy, the magic, and your spiritual or romantic connection flowering. Personal income is also ruled by Venus so in Pisces listening to your inner guidance becomes more important and you may find that the arts, spiritual interests, institutions, or more research and development help you to earn. There is a lovely connection to Jupiter here so think big! On Sunday the Moon/Mercury square helps you see what important topic should be discussed or what decision is long over-due involving goals and other people.

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The show was about the rare transit of Venus across the Sun, how June 2004 to June 2012 spells something significant out about love in your life and how to understand that arc based on your sign!

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You begin a few week process of understanding love or making money based on some inner guidance. You may need some quiet, alone time to reconnect with your interests here or you may find that during this phase you take love behind closed doors and spend time holed up, nesting. It is a good time to experience love or make money through anything involving art, music, film, or other artistic outlets, through spiritual interests, at institutions, with research, investigations, or the development you pursue. Don’t miss your opportunity to make money on Saturday, what you put in motion could be big. On Sunday find the time to talk out goals, career, reputation, or ambitions and how a relationship is involved or not involved. 

The new love cycle that kicks off on Saturday is all about your social field so you may find love in the next weeks through friends or at parties, online or through astrology, at charities or social networking events, or participating in group activities. If you are already in a love relationship then expect to enjoy this in these social arenas. Income will also flow more easily through social means so look for ways to earn and keep an eye on a tendency to want to splurge on social occasions. Today’s lucky connection to Jupiter will open a door for you personally so say yes to what comes through these people or situations. Sunday is about the talk or decision you address involving legal matters, travel plans, education, or media interests. You will need to work out something with another person over work, health or pets here. 

Venus is kicking off a lovely cycle for you out in the spotlight or on the career front starting on Saturday. She will help smooth things out, help you attract what you need, bring the charm, and reach goals and ambitions more easily. A woman may enter the scene now that benefits you in some way or you may find yourself attracted in love to someone older or more established than you are. This placement is great for making money as well, the only drawback can be that everything flows so smoothly that you don’t wish to do as much as you could. The opportunity today is through some artistic, spiritual, romantic, or developmental area of life so look for ways to achieve goals here. Sunday brings important talks or decisions about love and sexual attractions, the money flow and your lover, child or creative project, or a divorce issue that affects any of the above. 

If you are feeling the wander lust on Saturday it could be blamed on Venus. She moves into the arena of faraway places, travel, higher education, legal interests, and media, publishing and marketing where she will travel for the next weeks. This will bring smoother sailing to any interests or pursuits involving these themes and it may bring love or income as well. The luck you have here starts today with something involving a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity so connect the dots and say yes. You will need to have a talk or make a decision on Sunday regarding someone important to you and dealing with home, a visit, a move, real estate, mom, or other rooted matters in your life. 

Saturday begins a few week transit that combines love and sex or helps you look at the other extreme side of the spectrum; love and divorce or major financial issues. Whichever side you find yourself on this energy is going to help you to smooth things out and attract what you need more easily so step up to the plate. If single this may herald a smokin’ time for you so step sweetly. Venus also rules personal income and in the house of shared assets and divorce you may turn your attention to looking for a better flow. The connection to luck today ties in with career, a big goal, a boss, dad, or your own personal authority so aim high. Sunday brings the need for decisions or talks involving work, services, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. Organization or the local activity on the list may mean getting real about what you can get done. 

The goddess of love moves into relationship arenas on Saturday and takes your personal connections to a new level. This is going to help you attract love if single, express the bond of love if in relationship and smooth out any issues that may have been plaguing you. Venus also rules income so any business you want to do with agents, attorneys or business partners should go well. If you need to find someone to represent your interests in a money making endeavor, seek them now. The luck today comes to you via a trip, legal matter, media, publishing, marketing, or educational interest and is tied to this other person so open up. Sunday will bring the need to talk things out or make a decision involving a love interest, child or creative project and the money situation. 

Your ruling energy changes signs moving into the arena of work, health and pets on Saturday so you will feel your love is best expressed while working or with your co-workers, in the enjoyment of your pets or while out getting healthy. If single you may meet love in pursuit of these endeavors or see sparks fly with a co-worker, employee, healthcare provider, gym mate, or dog trainer, to name a few examples! Income is focused in these areas as well so it’s a great time to smooth things out financially through the efforts you make at work or to a better fitness. The luck today comes through other people’s money, a loan or settlement, etc, or through sexual attractions or divorce. Sunday brings the need to talk about or make decisions involving home, family, moves, real estate, roommates, or other security arenas as you address your needs. 

Venus is giving you a preview of what is about to so powerfully change in your life via true love, kids and/or creative projects as she slips into this energy field on Saturday. She lays the way for Neptune who will follow on Feb. 3rd. This marks a period of more attractions, love, beauty, and income flowing through these areas and should smooth out any issues you have had here up to this point. This is an amazing time for single Scorpios so don’t be surprised if someone shows up over the next weeks ready to sweet you off your feet. If you are already in relationship this is going to be more romantic and dreamy than you have experienced in a while. Luck comes through partnering or the representatives that help you financially in the creative end. Sunday brings an important decision or talks that stress a bit, likely this involves something you are developing behind the scenes or some karmic connection or institution you are dealing with. 

Venus moves into the home over the next few weeks starting on Saturday which marks a lovely time to rekindle love or to pursue new love through dinners at home or parties you throw at your place. Income is also in this area so you may earn more easily through home business or spend on home repairs or decorations that please. The luck here today is all about work and efforts you make here or anything you do that involves your pets or health at home. Moves, real estate deals, roommate situations, or dealing with mom is improved under this same transit. Sunday brings the need to have a talk or make a decision about income, somehow a friend, group, social activity you want to participate in or have been asked to get behind, an internet, astrology or charity interest, or aspiration is in the mix. 

If someone asked you how you would describe what love means to you, what would you say? Do yourself a favor and try to answer that out loud before you finish reading this forecast because it may be evolving. Venus has moved into your communications arena as of Saturday and she will be doing her best to get you to really think about love over the weeks ahead. What do you need from a lover, what do you think you bring via love and affection to another, is there anything you would like to change? This is a lucky influence so the more you think about love the more you can express your needs, attract love to yourself, meet new love interests, take current love to another level, make decisions, or write out what is in your heart. Venus helps you attract now so get ready! As if that is not enough, she opens up to Jupiter today in your house of true love helping you bridge that gap. Venus also rules income and here it will help you come to agreements, sign contracts, meet or interview, or sell or pitch ideas that bring income. Sunday is about a talk or decision coming up that stresses a bit over your needs, identity, physical presence, or body issues and a big goal or career matter.

Aquarius, Venus is moving into your money maker on Saturday and you should be in for a few weeks of smooth sailing on the income front. This is a great time to smooth things out with any earning issue, to attract the money you need to make through your charm and presence, and to connect with women that may be beneficial to your bottom line. Love may flower while earning or you may find you are receiving gifts from admirers during this transit. There is luck playing out at home or tied to property today so put energy into home business or spending on beautifying your surroundings. Sunday brings the need to talk things out or make a decision from behind the scenes or in secret involving your feelings about someone far away or a trip, a legal issue, ceremony, educational matter, or some media, publishing or marketing issue. The hidden side of this could become an issue so work through it now. 

Venus enters your sign on Saturday and begins to open you back up to love or help you attract money in an easier manner over the weeks ahead. This is the energy of beauty, charm and attraction so knowing that you are now channeling it on top of your innate charm and beauty should give you a clue to how powerfully alluring you can be now. Spread it about, enjoy yourself, and find ways to pamper yourself, get that new haircut or makeover, wardrobe or spa treatment, you deserve it and you should be quite happy with results during this period. The luck today involves the talks or meetings you have, writing, agreements, or anything involving brothers, sisters, neighbors, vehicles, short trips, or local activities. Sunday brings the need to talk things out or make a decision about a friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity project, social occasion, or aspiration. The aspect is stressful so it may stress or motivate you and will stir emotions over some big financial, divorce, sexual, or powerfully changing scenario.

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ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY COPYRIGHT 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDThursday nights at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern on CBS Radio:
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